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Stop Bothering Me, EmperorCh18 - Date


Song Xiao was originally looking at the cars on the road. He had seen these signs on the car two days ago in the English textbook, but was uncertain of the specific price levels. When he heard the sound of a car nearing, he turned his head to look.

The door opened, and the handsome young emperor was wearing a black long sleeve shirt today. Both of his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, and there weren’t any ornaments on his shirt, only the top two buttons were open, exposing a slender neck and a bit of his collarbone. ckBaFW

The morning sunlight of early autumn was warm, which gilded Yu Tang’s handsome face with a layer of gold. He wasn’t a dynasty’s ruler anymore, only a handsome high school student. Between them, there was no longer a barrier of establishing a country and the rise and fall of a clan. Song Xiao’s eyes curved, this was very good.

Yu Tang saw that his family’s empress was staring at him and proudly raised the corner of his lips, then when he was three steps away from Song Xiao, he reservedly stopped his footsteps.

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“Good morning, Your Majesty.” Song Xiao had already come up to meet him before he stopped walking.

“Good morning.” Yu Tang looked behind him. It was seven thirty in the morning, and the district’s people haven’t awakened yet, with only the security guard in front of the gate curiously glancing over. MbogxF

Retrieving his gaze, Yu Tang turned around and opened the car door. “Get on.”

Song Xiao obediently climbed in, sitting inside, and asked Yu Tang who came in. “Where are we going?” After asking this, there was a sudden rumbling from his stomach.

“You haven’t eaten breakfast?” Yu Tang frowned. This fool, even if he was itching to see his husband, he should still eat breakfast! Just when he was about to open his mouth to chide, another rumbling sound came from his own stomach.

“You also haven’t eaten?” Song Xiao raised his eyes to look at him.


Yu Tang dryly coughed, ordering the chauffeur to go to a Cantonese morning tea store.

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A city has a river running through the city, and this Cantonese morning tea was by the river. The flowing, clear river was visible through the window. Because the price was expensive, and it was the weekend, not many people came here to eat breakfast.

The two of them picked a table by the window. Yu Tang took the menu and directly picked several dishes, Mingqian Longjing tea as the tea served, and without asking Song Xiao what he wanted to eat, he returned the menu to the waitress.

The chauffeur and Dugu An who came along as part of their job sat at another table. When the chauffeur saw Yu Tang’s behaviour, he was immediately a little astonished. This eldest young master had always been tyrannical, but treating a classmate to eat yet not letting him see the menu, really was… vduLPQ

Before leaving, the madam had specifically ordered, it was rare that the eldest young master had a good relationship with a classmate, so he must properly get along with him.

Dugu An expressionlessly drank a cup of tea, and while the chauffeur was distracted he had eaten three of the jianbings that were served free of charge by the restaurant.

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“Xiao An na, aren’t they your classmates? Why don’t you sit with them?” The chauffeur looked at the empty plate for jianbing, pulling the corner of his lips. This idler was someone the eldest young master had picked up two years ago, insistent on living in their home, and don’t know how the eldest young master persuaded the family, in any case, now everyone had accepted this weird fellow, raising him as an adopted son.

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“Qtja’r kgbcu?” Snfc atbeut atf sbecurafg yfobgf tlw tjv cb fzqgfrrlbc, klatlc tlr fsfr atf mtjeoofeg rjk vffq mbcafwqa.

Geue Cc lucbgfv tlw, ralii vglcxlcu atf qba bo afj ecali la kjr vgs.

Song Xiao held the drinking glass with both his hands. The crystal, translucent glass had a pair of handles shaped into a swan’s neck, the greenish yellow tea seemingly more captivating when it passed through the glass. Even though using a drinking glass for Longjing tea was a little inappropriate, this didn’t affect Song Xiao’s good mood in the slightest.

Jingyuan emperor had to attend to a myriad of affairs daily, but still remembered that he liked to drink Mingqian Longjing, liked eating prawn dumplings and crab roe dumplings, after a thousand years, he still hasn’t forgotten. PRbDYW

After eating breakfast, the two of them moved to the Bookstore Building.

A city’s Bookstore Building was five stories high, each floor extremely vast. As long as you thought of a book, you could find it here. Moreover, there was a dining area in the building, so many people who liked reading books spent an entire day here.

The vast number of books was much more varied when compared to Great Yu’s library pavilion. When Song Xiao saw it, he exclaimed in astonishment, then happily ran to look at the guide map.

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Yu Tang stood by his side, slowly approaching, and acting as if it was an accident, he touched Song Xiao’s hand which was hanging by his side with the back of his hand, wanting to reach out, and yet hesitantly curled his fingers. gytde

“Your Majesty, let’s go here first?” Song Xiao pointed at the section selling textbooks and reference materials, and turned to look at Yu Tang.

Yu Tang still had a serious and stern appearance, and was unable to deny him anything as he nodded. And then, he took Song Xiao’s hand. “This place is too big, don’t stray away from me.”

Song Xiao blinked. It wasn’t like he was a child, could he still be kidnapped by people? Without waiting for him to react, the emperor had already dragged him away.

The two of them walked in front while holding hands, the devoted hidden guard pushed the cart behind them, helping them hold the books. dO5X79

The slender and flexible hand was almost the same feeling as their last incarnation, except it was a little more tender compared to after their marriage. When the Song champion was seventeen, he dare not and could not touch, but now he could finally touch thoroughly. Yu Tang grasped that hand, unable to resist lightly rubbing it.

Because the sales of reference books were very popular, it was on the first floor. Song Xiao was pulled by the emperor around the reference books section for a turn, and was still unable to find the book he wanted to buy.

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“Your Majesty, what reference book do you want to buy?” Seeing that they were about to turn to the end, Song Xiao couldn’t help reminding him.

“Who said zhen wanted to buy a reference book?” Yu Tang gave him a baffled look. 8WqrZ

“……” Song Xiao drew up the corner of his lips, if you weren’t buying reference books then whadd’ya strolling for?

Yu Tang looked around, then expressionlessly dragged Song Xiao to take the elevator to the second floor’s children books section.

His Majesty the emperor bought Song Xiao a collection of multi-colored encyclopedia, and a set of ‘Complete Interpretation of Phonetic Writing for Primary School’.

The two of them kept strolling from the children books section to the fifth floor’s modern novel section. The little cart in Dugu An’s hands was quickly becoming full, while Song Xiao still high-spiritedly threw books in. dOVF C

In the poetry section, he even discovered ‘Junzhu’s Collected Work’, which was actually Song Xiao’s poetry and parallel prose he had written before he died.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“They didn’t give me royalties at all!” Song Xiao knew that authors here could receive no small amount of author’s remuneration.

“Seventy years of copyright protection, it’s been a thousand years already.” Yu Tang looked at his puffed up cheeks, like a little squirrel, and couldn’t help curving his lips.

Yi?” Song Xiao suddenly gasped in surprise, and pulled out a book with exquisite binding from the bestseller novels. The book was called ‘Xiaotang Under The Moon’, on the paper sash was written ‘Huangye Wanhe, the popular writer of the Jinhe creativity network, an annual masterpiece, narrating the poignant love story of the Jingyuan emperor and the male empress!’ NDWOTv

“This is historical fiction?” Song Xiao overturned the book, behind it was the written recommendations by a few famous authors.

How Boundlessly Lacking: I’ve personally seen Wanhe flipping through historical data with millions of words, this book is definitely worth reading.

Little Butterfly Under The Moon: A particularly touching story, the ending has people sobbing endlessly. I hope very much that the two of them could be reborn, continuing their previous fate.

…… Zi7ljk

“It was written very well.” Yu Tang silently put this book into the trolley. He won’t tell Song Xiao, he had actually read this book online already, and had even given the author quite a few thousand rewards.

Crash! A trolley suddenly rushed over, Yu Tang’s eyes were sharp and swiftly pulled Song Xiao over, letting the trolley run into the bookshelf.

Fortunately the bookshelf was sturdy enough, and hadn’t knocked down the books. A young woman wearing casual clothes hurried over. “Sorry, just now I tripped…” While speaking, she suddenly stopped.

Yu Tang ignored her, pulling Song Xiao and was about to leave. jfgVm8

“Hold on, are you Song Xiao?” That woman didn’t even want the trolley, in two or three steps she followed after them. “Excuse me, I’m a reporter from the Taiji Newspaper, could I ask you a couple of questions? Are you against Qiu Mingyan entering the household?”

Because the woman’s voice was loud, a lot of people were already looking over. Yu Tang protected Song Xiao behind him. “Auntie, this is a public setting, please pay attention to your disturbance!”

“I’m just twenty-seven, calling me auntie, ai ai…” Without even finishing, the trolley she had discarded suddenly barreled over, immediately knocking the back of her knees, and her entire body fell into the trolley.

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Dugu An darted over like a ghost, using his own trolley to casually bump into hers, sending the reporter smoothly sliding far away in the wide bookstore hall. k dXt8


The author has something to say


Little theater eDSNWE

Xiaoxiao: Your Majesty, this book wasn’t written that correct ah

Fish Tang: How is it not correct

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Xiaoxiao: You see, this wrote that the Jingyuan emperor did it seven times in a night.

Fish Tang: (╰_╯)# xBPdJF


Pure dating chapter _(:з」∠)_


Baobao Notes qkQMn0


If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

I’m crying it’s so sweet that Yu Tang’s plan for a first date was to bring Song Xiao to somewhere he would absolutely l o v e, the goddamn bookstore. SX is my spirit animal.

Also, food! I attached some images bc I like pretty food, hope y’all like it too.


Translator's Note

jesus so this tea is like around 1,848 to 2843 USD let’s eat the rich

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

a sound at the end of a sentence

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

the what was kinda informal, dialect-like, so I used this

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