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Stop Bothering Me, EmperorCh16 - Rules


At first, he had thought that Si Dashu had come to pick him up, he never thought that Song Zicheng was also in the car. Song Xiao was a little astonished. “Dad, why did you personally come and pick me up?”

Before, when he had studied in school, it had always been a manservant who had come to pick him up, while father waited at home for him to return and pay his respects. vqBwTd

Song Zicheng, who was reviewing data, raised his head, coming into contact with his son’s pleasantly surprised gaze, and suddenly felt a little sad. Parents picking up their child after school, wasn’t this a very normal thing? It’s just that his child used to be foolish; seeing this father was the same as not seeing him, so he felt a little discouraged, and didn’t want to come fetch him anymore. If he thought about it, he had really treated this child unfairly.

“That paparazzi had just job-hopped into this newspaper publication, bringing a lot of tabloid materials from his previous company, so both companies are currently filing a lawsuit.” Si Dashu, who was sitting in the front seat, handed over the results of the investigation to Song Zicheng.

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“Xiaoxiao, dad is preparing to sue that newspaper company, this weekend the lawyer will come to our home, there’s a few documents that need your signature.” Song Zicheng was very busy even on weekends, so he arranged the matters ahead of time.

Song Xiao looked at the information in his father’s hands. It was a blue folder, with newspaper clippings, a situation report, and a bunch of other things, but he couldn’t see it clearly. 4KsNGp

“Dad, let me see it ba.” Song Xiao saw that Song Zicheng had finished reading it, then opened his mouth to make a request.

His previous reincarnation became the champion at the age of fifteen, after becoming the champion, he took responsibility over his own matters, the matters within the house, his father’s generation had also called him over to discuss. After he became an official and went to the capital, if there were any major matters in the family, they would quickly send a letter to him, letting him help make a decision. So, Song Xiao didn’t feel anything wrong with wanting to see his father’s company’s document.

Song Zicheng was a little surprised, but still gave him the document in his hand, thinking it to be a child’s curiosity, but unexpectedly Song Xiao had really solemnly read through it.

This data must have been made by the legal department of the company. The analysis in it was extremely thorough. Song Xiao couldn’t understand the modern laws, but reading through it, he more or less knew the method to handle this situation correctly. The data not only listed out the newspaper company’s blame and chargeable articled in detail, it had also analyzed the discussion on the internet.


Because Song Xiao didn’t really know how to use a computer, the news on the internet that he knew were all a few words he overheard here and there from his classmates, but he didn’t clearly understand what had happened, so he attentively read through the screenshots of the discussion, his brows knitting.

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“The people on the internet are all speaking drivel, you don’t need to mind it,” Song Zicheng saw his son’s expression was a little bad, then hurriedly explained, “You don’t need to care about this, dad will properly handle it.”

“The discussion of these people, were they incited by someone?” Song Xiao was silent for a moment, then suddenly spoke up.

“That’s right.” Song Zicheng nodded, then was astonished. His son who used to live in a vacuum space, unexpectedly was able to discover a conspiracy afoot. pEjIRw

“The discussion online, what does dad plan to do?” Song Xiao raised his eyes, looking Song Zicheng in the eye. This era’s information circle was very fast, so rumors can also spread out quickly, the so-called three men makes a tiger, to allow this discussion to continue developing was very dangerous.

“The website that had posted the news had already deleted the post, but the remaining anonymous discussions aren’t easy to manage.” Song Zicheng sighed. The internet had recently risen in China less than a few years, so the control of this aspect wasn’t as strict, so it was very hard to investigate the one responsible.

“If rumors cannot be stopped, then we should use false to control the false,” Song Xiao pointed out those comments defending Qiu Mingyan, even discussing to the extent of Song Zicheng’s moral standing’s issue. To treat the ignorant masses who blindly joined in on the fun without knowing the actual facts, the best method was to release an even more shocking piece of news to divert their attention, “It just depends on whether dad is… willing to abandon.”

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Song Zheng was only two years younger than Song Xiao, an illegitimate child from Song Zicheng’s extramarital affair. If this point was broken out as news, not only would Qiu Mingyan’s ‘dating after marriage’ position that she had just earned fall apart, even Xinghai Entertainment would receive a big blow.

“The matter of Song Zheng being your little sister, you must not let outsiders know,” Song Zicheng’s face turned cold, “Don’t meddle in this, and furthermore, you cannot release any remarks on the internet. Dad will resolve this as quickly as possible, I won’t let you feel wronged.”

Song Xiao faintly responded with a sound. He could not tell what his father’s intention was in defending that mistress. He had read through the politics textbook, it had spoken of the current marriage system, there could only be one husband and wife, there could be no concubines. That meant, even if that woman was living in their home, she could only be a mistress that could not be seen in public view.

Song Zicheng looked at his son who had turned his head to look out of the window, and felt a bit upset. aVRSof

At that time he was confused in his mind, but never expected Qiu Mingyan to conceive and even give birth. At that time, he had repeatedly sworn to Song Xiao’s mother that he would never allow that daughter into the family clan. These few years, Song Zheng had tearfully told her classmates that she had no father, so he also felt like he fell short for her, but in the end the one he had let down the most was Song Xiao’s mother.

The two of them didn’t speak anymore while on the road. Si Dashu got off the car halfway, and they returned to their own residence. When they were on the elevator, it was just the father and son.

“Dad, I won’t say anything about how many lovers you look for, except for one point. If you want to remarry, you must find an appropriate match,” Song Xiao said in a severe tone. These days, seeing people’s reaction, it seemed that Song Zicheng marrying Qiu Mingyan didn’t violate any laws, but to Song Xiao, raising a mistress to the status of a wife simply was a joke.

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Song Zicheng was taken aback. He never thought his son would say this type of words. Just as his voice fell, the elevator arrived with a ‘ding’, and Song Xiao pressed the button to open the door, indicating for his father to leave first. gt2zUD

“Dad, you’re back!” Song Zheng was standing at the elevator door, sweetly calling out and rushing over.

Song Zicheng frowned. “Why are you here?” He had already made it clear to Qiu Mingyan, not to let Song Zheng appear around him at this time.

Song Xiao didn’t even bother giving this so-called sister a single glance, directly entering the house. Aunt Chen gave him a pair of slippers, then stuck out her lip in the direction of within the house, hinting at that unpleasant Qiu Mingyan’s location.

“Zicheng,” Qiu Mingyan smiled as she welcomed them, then saw Song Zicheng’s complexion was awful, and was a little embarrassed. “I also had no choice, my new house’s address was somehow leaked, so now there’re paparazzi there, if they managed to see Xiao Zheng then we’re finished.” hpmHix

While she was speaking, Song Zicheng’s phone rang, it was Si Dashu urgent voice that came out. “Boss, there’s been a mishap, you’d better hurry up and look at your email.”

Song Zicheng hung up and opened his mail, turning to walk upstairs.

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Qiu Mingyan hesitated for a moment, then followed after him.

Song Xiao went upstairs to change into comfortable clothes, took the juice offered by Aunt Chen, then sat on the sofa and started to watch TV. XV2dk9

At the very beginning, he was particularly amazed by this thing that could project images, later he realized that he could understand many things from it, and then started to like watching TV.

Song Zheng looked at Song Xiao’s arrogant appearance then got annoyed. Before when Song Xiao was dim-witted, she could bully him as she pleased, but ever since he hit his head, he suddenly became a particularly annoying person. Whenever she caught sight of him, she would be in a bad mood. Grabbing the remote control on the table, she changed it to show Korean soap operas.

Song Xiao was watching societal news, the dignified anchor abruptly turned into a pair of sobbing man and woman, and he immediately frowned.

Right at this time, the handphone on the table rang. KPSLxn

Song Zheng looked at the handphone, and her eyes instantly turned red. That was America’s newest handphone on the market, and there weren’t any in the country, it couldn’t be bought with money. Someone had sent it to Song Zicheng, she asked for it quite a few times but never got it!

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The phone screen that was as beautiful as a black crystal displayed ‘Emperor’ two large words. Song Xiao was startled for a moment then picked up the call.

“Have you reached home?” Yu Tang’s voice emerged, and because he was still a youth, the current emperor’s timbre was a little less magnetic as compared to when he was thirty, but was more clear and bright, but still really nice to listen to.

Hearing that familiar voice, Song Xiao couldn’t help curving his eyes. “I’ve reached.” Modern society had this particular convenience, even if they were separated by thousands of miles, he could still hear the other side’s voice. xGBasJ

“This is my phone number, I directly helped you store it, if you have anything you can call me.” Yu Tang looked at the neighborhood outside the car window, memorized the location, then raised his hand, indicating for the chauffeur to continue driving.

“En.” Song Xiao responded with a sound, for some reason he felt that his heart was a little ticklish.

Yu Tang listened to this obedient ‘en’, and exposed a smile, switching hands to hold the phone. “Tomorrow come out to buy reference books ba, I’ll let you pick out a few books.”

“Okay,” Song Xiao unthinkingly agreed, “Where do we meet?” 9xIfHv

“I’ll pick you up.”

Hanging up the phone, Song Xiao had an impulse to roll around the sofa. Even though he restrained himself, the smiling expression at the corner of his lips couldn’t be controlled. This was something his former incarnation couldn’t even beg for when he was dreaming. Those days when Yu Jintang had gone to war, his torment and nightmares were never ending.

“Oh, dating already?” Song Zheng sneered. “Puppy love isn’t anything good, if dad was to know… tsk tsk…”

Song Xiao put away his smiling expression, losing his patience towards this little sister who didn’t know the slightest bit of etiquette, holding his fruit juice and taking a sip. “I saw four people in school, they seem to be very familiar with you.” q3xhns

Song Zheng’s face abruptly changed, tensely gripping the edge of her skirt. He… he remembered?

“Family matters should not be spread outside, if you go and admit your wrongs to father yourself, then kneel before my mother’s memorial tablet for a night, then I will forgive you,” Song Xiao put down his cup of juice. The family had no rules, father was also muddle-headed, so he had no choice but to be the one to establish them. “Or else…”

Looking at Song Xiao’s indifferent manner as he told her to kneel for one night, Song Xiao only felt her blood and temper bubbling forth. “Or what else, who do you think you are?”

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“Or else, for this kind of mistress’s child with improper moral conduct like you, I will never let you into the family.” Song Xiao finished his juice, took his hand phone and headed upstairs. nYrKN

Song Zheng felt that she was about to go crazy from anger.


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Little theatre

‘Son’s Eight Grade Disease Got Worse How To Get Rid Of It’

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Empress Dowager: Son, who’re you calling?

Fish Tang: My young wife 0HmSsK

Empress Dowager: (Jay Chou accent) Oh my, not bad oh, this early and I already have a daughter-in-law

Fish Tang: I found my wife a thousand years ago

Empress Dowager:……


Baobao Note

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Oof this chapter was a bit of a roller coaster for me, at first I was frustrated and unhappy over SZC, and then annoyed at QMY and SZ, then I found SX’s excitement for his date adorable.

Translator's Note

repeated rumors become a fact

Translator's Note

a famous singer, but idk how famous he is outside of Asia

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