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Stop Bothering Me, EmperorCh105 - Internet Celebrity


People still remembered the gossip from their high school days, so naturally, those who liked Pudding Gongzi had saved his photos. They already knew that the son of Xinghai Entertainment’s chairman was called Song Xiao. An expert put together Pudding Gongzi, Empress Duanhui, and the hottie the author ran into for a detailed comparison, and the result was astonishing.

The forum called ‘Xiaotang Moon’ had already exploded. 7x6Uw3

Most Handsome Panda In The Universe: Empress… really… reincarnated…

I Don’t Want To Eat Meat: I want to know, who is His Majesty the emperor, next to the empress?

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Most Handsome Panda In The Universe: Could it be Chairman Yu?

The forum fell silent for a moment, before there was a crazy barrage of replies. The Song family had run into some trouble recently, and the very distant Chairman Yu had unexpectedly gotten involved. Most importantly, everyone discovered that Chairman Yu’s Weibo account only followed three accounts. Two were his own family’s company accounts, and the other was Song Xiao’s personal account. D1Bo0

This gossip quickly spread from the forum to Weibo. Everyone was astonished, and gathered to keep an eye on Chairman Yu’s Weibo.

Of course, they were only amusing themselves and simply making blind guesses. To date, photos of Yu Tang had never been circulated, and outsiders had no way of knowing what he looked like. Everyone thought that there was no way there could be such a coincidence in the world. They were both young chairmen and familiar with each other; it made sense for them to admire each other.

It was just that Song Xiao’s Weibo had blown up with countless new fans. These were mostly fans of Empress Duanhui, and there was even a mysterious Weibo account asking to be mutual friends. This account was called ‘Empress Duanhui’s Support Group’.

Whether it was history or fiction, Empress Duanhui was the very first male empress in history. He was such a legend, and because of his personal accomplishments and historical contributions, there were very few vilifying arguments against him.


Song Xiao became an Internet celebrity once more, but this time, he wasn’t particularly unhappy about it. “Just nice, the film is going to be released soon. Maybe I can use this to hype it up.”

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Chief Song, who was already familiar with how the entertainment circle worked, began to stroke his chin and ponder subsequent marketing strategies. Yu Tang paused in happily scrolling through a webpage and slowly raised his head to look at him. “Need my help?”

Song Xiao looked at the emperor’s gleaming eyes and mercilessly refused.

The Yu family’s power in China wasn’t stable yet, and now wasn’t the time to play around. However, it was impossible for His Majesty the emperor to listen to other people. JMQ4Cm

School had already started, and Song Xiao had to return to the capital to resume his studies. Fortunately, he had already obtained a lot of course credits in America, and he only needed to take a few modules in China; a fourth-year generally didn’t need to attend class.

The supervision of the A City office was left to Song Zicheng, who had already recovered, while preparations had already begun for the branch office. Even though A City was also a major city, the resources here weren’t as extensive as in the capital. Of course, Yu Tang would be permanently based in the capital in the future, which was also an important factor.

Secretary Jin had always been responsible for taking care of the chairman’s Weibo account, and had always walked the path of a high-end mogul: all the posts forwarded on the blog had to do with the current state of the global economy or Dayu corporation news. She recently discovered that the chairman would put up posts himself, and that even the blog’s background had switched to an elegant black.

The profile picture on the blog had changed from a bald, old officer into a handsome chairman. Secretary Jin was somewhat flustered, and went to ask Yu Tang about it. eBNT6p

“Look at your taste, are you really a woman? You’re no better than Dugu An.” Yu Tang criticised Secretary Jin, and after carrying on for a while, the blog was then left to Dugu An to handle. As someone who had followed the emperor since young, Dugu An’s understanding of Yu Tang was definitely no less than Cao Gonggong; it was just that he never said anything.

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Just as the topic of Song Xiao and Empress Duahui started to heat up, Yu Tang suddenly posted a photo. It had been taken in his office, and there was a massive bookcase in the background with various high-end English books on display. Wearing a black dress shirt, Yu Tang was sitting in a leather executive chair and looking at the camera with a cold expression. Attached to the photo was the caption: “Boss told me to increase the fans on his blog. After thinking about it until my mind was about to explode, I can only resort to posting the Boss’s photo.” eLxqb

It was a very good photo, and Yu Tang’s grave and stern appearance was vividly displayed. Moreover, that expression, which could ensnare anyone, precisely encapsulated the definition of an “overbearing chairman”.

The fans who had originally been paying close attention to the two of them instantly exploded in a frenzy.

【Ahhhhhh! The emperor ah! Please accept this common woman】 

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【Choking, Chairman Yu really does look like the emperor, ahhhhhh, I’m dying!】  iddqFH

【Long live my emperor】 

【Secretary daren, begging for more pictures ahhhh!】 

This blog post instantly became popular, and a strange topic appeared, called “Emperor Reincarnated Into Overbearing Chairman”.

Song Xiao’s blog was flooded once more. Everyone wanted Chief Song to verify Chairman Yu’s identity, and intensely requested that Chief Song also post a recent photo. WkQJrG

Song Xiao truly didn’t know what to say. He went back to their place listlessly, and saw Yu Tang sitting on a barstool, a wine glass in his hand. Dozens of photos of Yu Tang were spread over the bar counter.

“How can Your Majesty be so wilful?!” When Song Xiao saw Yu Tang’s immensely satisfied appearance, he was incredibly angry. This person had never been this frivolous in the past – why was he acting like a child now, and blindly stumbling his way into the entertainment circle? They were already facing challenges from wanting to grow old together in the future, but Yu Tang was now doing all this. If the discussion online spread to America later, it would be hard to handle the family head.

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“You say zhen is wilfully making trouble?” Yu Tang’s face turned cold and he gripped Song Xiao’s chin, forcing him to raise his head and look at him. “Zhen does things with zhen’s own reasons.”

“Your Majesty’s reason is for everyone to know that you’re the reincarnated Emperor Jingyuan?” Song Xiao glared at him. NH9AW1

Yu Tang didn’t say anything. Drinking a mouthful of the black liquid in the cup, he gave Song Xiao a fierce kiss, forcing him to take it.

Wu…” Song Xiao was forced to take a large gulp as the sweet cola flooded his mouth.

His Majesty the emperor let him go, and finished the rest of his cola. “I want everyone to know that you can only be my wife.”

Song Xiao wiped his mouth and fell silent. He reached out to pick up one of the photos on the table. All of them had been taken in the office, and were pretty good shots. “You looked for a photographer?” djNsAk

“Anyi took them.” Yu Tang’s eyes revealed some pride. “Later, he’ll take a few photos of you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“…” Song Xiao finally understood what Dugu An had learnt while away at the training camp for so long.

Song Xiao couldn’t stop His Majesty the emperor from doing what he wanted, so he might as well just go along with it.

Xiao Zhengqing let him know the release schedule for the film. Song Xiao calculated that they could now go ahead with some plans, so he called together the marketing department, the PR department, and the planning department for a discussion. 8tcXvC

“Currently, it’s popular to queerbait. Since there is this gossip about you and Chairman Yu, we might be able to make use of it.” The head of the planning department was a talented person that Song Xiao had dug up thanks to Xiao Zhengqing’s connections. This fellow started out by filming hilarious online videos, and after two years as a planner, created a successful reality show program and two entertainment programs which were well received. The industry had dubbed him ‘Creative Lunatic’.

The PR head coughed lightly to remind the newcomer to restrain himself. They had never seen an entertainment company use their own boss to create hype before.

Song Xiao, on the contrary, didn’t get angry, and he listened seriously to the planning department head’s suggestion.

Their appearances were similar to the characters in ‘Xiaotang Under The Moon’, and Song Xiao had taken part in the making of this Hollywood film. Since his goal was to film ‘Golden Age of Jinghong’ and ‘Xiaotang Under The Moon’, they had to put an ongoing campaign in place. 1yuWoF

“But this will only be possible with Chairman Yu’s permission.” After excitedly sharing his proposal, the planning department head suddenly sighed. He thought that this proposal was especially perfect – the only difficulty was Yu Tang. As a big shot leader from an aristocratic family who had such a lofty identity, he would definitely feel that it was beneath his dignity to participate in this sort of low-end promotion.

If they offended the Yu family because of this promotion, they would lose more than they gained.

“I’ll deal with Chairman Yu,” Song Xiao calmly said. He remarked in his heart that that fellow probably couldn’t wait for this sort of hype ne.

Not long after that, news of the upcoming US release of ‘Delicacies Fill The Palace Hall’ went public, and the media was in an uproar. This was a Hollywood film ah, but the script was unexpectedly based on a Chinese novel! 6EzJfV

The original author, Huangye Wanhe, finally published the news: Since it had to be kept confidential in the early stages, I didn’t say anything this entire time. At the same time, I’m grateful to the film producer, @Xiao Zhengqing, and the film investor, Dayu Capital and @Chairman Yu Tang, as well as the history advisor, @Gentleman Like Bamboo. 

In passing, she reposted the photo of the three of them from last time.

Internet users already didn’t know what to say. Thousands of words couldn’t convey the raging storms in their hearts.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【The things I like have all become one, this miraculous world!】  MxXerQ

【Tell me this isn’t a dream. Momma, hurry up and pinch me!】 

【The reincarnated emperor and empress supported the author’s biography of them and filmed a Hollywood movie. This world is too mysterious, I choose death…】 

The American reaction to the film wasn’t bad. In the end, it was an animated film centred around China, and there were some parts that children couldn’t really understand. However, because of the excellent production and outstanding soundtrack, there were still many adults who were happy to watch it. The fluffy kitty dolls which were the film tie-ins also sold like hotcakes.

This film had yet to be shown in China and it was already this popular. The audience’s expectations were especially high, and many theater chains bought the screening rights early on as well as large quantities of the tie-in dolls. 6hlFsn

While everyone’s attention was on the movie, Song Xiao brought Yu Tang with him as they quietly went to the small town where Song Xiao’s grandfather lived.

“Emperor Jingyuan is an emperor worthy of the greatest admiration. Empress Duanhui is also a historical figure who should be revered. Later generations shouldn’t deny their contributions just because of narrow-minded views.” Qu Lao took out the manuscript for ‘Golden Age of Jinghong’. The old man didn’t know how to use a computer, and had used a fountain pen in his early years to write this monumental work. Later, he even made detailed annotations of the sources for the historical content. “If you want to film it, just take it. As for the copyright fee, just give me one dollar ba.”

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Little Theater KjQHBT


‘Overbearing Chairman And Contract Lover · Disagreement’

Fish Tang: Man, you dare disobey me!

Xiaoxiao: What are you gonna do? zdujt7

Fish Tang: (Holds his chin and forces him to drink alcohol) This is the consequence of disobeying me

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiaoxiao: This cola doesn’t have ice in it, it doesn’t taste nice

Fish Tang: Really? Then I’ll add ice and do it again

Xiaoxiao: Ok w4Kgqb

Anyi: (Silently cuts, then picks up the camera again) Action

Fish Tang: Man, you dare disobey me!

Baobao Notes

Fish Tang, the least overbearing overbearing president there is. DLKhkM

Translator's Note

the word used was 画风, painting style, but that evidently doesn’t fit the sentence

Translator's Note

sell rot. Since fujoshis are called ‘rotten girls’ in chinese, selling rot means selling BL. Kinda like queerbaiting, I guess.

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