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Shh, There's a Beast in the Imperial PalaceCh8 - Where did this White Fruit Come From?


Before the little lion lost his health, he didn’t know how to love or hate. There was only one very simple idea in his less mature mind, which was the hope that someone could hug him…

Chi Jun buried himself in the ginkgo branches and didn’t move. Gu Yanzheng stretched out a branch and touched his ears. Chi Jun arched his body forward, burying himself deeper as he slowly told the situation of the little lion to the big ginkgo. ItTwfQ

Of course, he didn’t expect the big ginkgo who couldn’t transform to understand anything. After experiencing the end of the world, he wasn’t so kind. It was just that he felt some pity for the little lion and was unhappy. After saying these things, Ginkgo flipped from the ginkgo branches and muttered to the big ginkgo outside the window. “Yan Zhengzheng, I really want to raise him as a son, love him dearly and spoil him.”

Then the raised child would beat down the little prince who pretended to be a white lotus.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At the beginning of the apocalypse, he and Gu Yanzheng broke through the layers of window paper and carried out the life of husbands with no shame. They killed zombies every day and occasionally thought about the issue of human procreation.

However, Gu Yanzheng was a male plant and couldn’t produce white fruit. He could only plant seedlings. It was possible to split himself into countless ginkgo trees but growing little ginkgo trees was impossible. These were Gu Yanzheng’s words! In addition, Chi Jun was a powerful lion and there was no need to think about it. WbIxPs

At this time, Gu Yanzheng heard his big lion talk about the clone and already sent a lot of energy into his body to carefully examine every part. Last night, the reason why he used his ability to treat the drunk lion was because he found that some of the neurons in the lion’s head weren’t active.

Then it turned out that there was another young consciousness inside it. Gu Yanzheng was selfish and wanted to kill this consciousness that was about to disappear, but now he heard Chi Jun’s wish.

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Son… It wasn’t impossible.. If this was the wish of his big lion.

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Chi Jun froze for an instant, the various thoughts in his head thrown into the clouds. He sprang towards the ginkgo branches, his lion’s face pressed against them. “Gu Yanzheng, where did this white fruit come from? Did you pollinate a female tree?”

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“I’m telling you, if you have spread your pollen widely then you are dead!”

The little lion jumped up and down, waving his paws to pull at the surrounding ginkgo branches.

Far away in another galaxy, the major general laughed as he watched the bouncing little lion and wanted to hug him tightly. Then he thought of the hidden dangers of the beast genes and lost his smile. W7dpsD

The white fruit naturally wasn’t a result of his pollination. It was a dried ginkgo fruit that he picked up in a Chinese medicine store in the apocalypse. It was nurtured by his wood ability and became hydrated.

However, the biggest unresolved problem was that his companion tree body couldn’t talk. If he wanted to pull out the small neuronal pulses that were about to disappear inside Chi Jun’s head, the new carrier of the pulses must be very close. Therefore, the thick ginkgo branch could only hold the white fruit and continue to move towards Chi Jun. He also controlled the other branches to try and form writing.

Chi Jun saw that this damn big ginkgo actually put the fruit, whose tree that bore it was unknown, up to him. He couldn’t endure it for a minute. He hadn’t yet adapted to the flammable and explosive side effects of the beast genes and Chi Jun transformed into a big lion. He licked the thick and beautiful fur around his mouth and roared.

Fortunately, his energy had been exhausted. Apart from the anger and some uncomfortable feelings, there wasn’t a situation where his ability went out of control. Chi Jun’s heavy paws stepped on countless branches as he revealed sharp teeth and threatened, “Old Tree, you might be a tree now and your head is rigid but I will tell you. If you bring the fruit of you and another tree close to me, I will directly swallow it!” JmXl27

He just wanted the clone to be his son, not another tree’s seed! Even if Gu Yanzheng hadn’t deliberately pollinated it.

Gu Yanzheng already noticed that he didn’t have time to explain. Chi Jun’s neuron pulses were obviously stronger than that of the clone. It was smashing down the clone’s neuron pulses and the clone would disappear completely. As a result, more branches emerged and strongly tied up the big lion.

Lion Chi, “…Roar~!”

Wait for this old tree to wake up and he would be dead! The distracted Gu Yanzheng appeased the big lion by stroking branches over his ears as he rested the white fruit on top of the lion’s head. Immediately afterwards, the white fruit sprout. A small bud and long roots emerged and covered the big lion’s head. ThZLye

Lion Chi, “…Roar~!” Get out of the way!

It was constantly receiving energy from the wood ability and the small ginkgo bud grew longer and faster. In a few seconds, it reached the height of two fingers and swayed with three small and green fan-shaped leaves.

At the same time, the healing ability invaded Chi Jun’s head. In order to avoid damage caused by Chi Jun’s excessive resistance, Gu Yanzheng gently put the lion to sleep and carefully touched the neurons inside that belonged to the clone. The neuron pulses were extracted and poured into the small ginkgo bud.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This process was very slow. Gu Yanzheng was certain but he didn’t dare talk big. It took a long time for him to transfer the clone’s remaining neuron pulses. He manipulated his companion from a long distance and conduced such a big… surgery. Gu Yanzheng’s energy was very large. After confirming that the big lion and sapling were safe, he withdrew his neuron pulses from his companion tree. NC6l2s

Unfortunately, transferring the neurons of the clones required full concentration and the branches on the ground hadn’t fully composed words. Therefore, the major general didn’t have time to explain to his lion. He could only wait to recover and then return to his companion ginkgo tree.

Chi Jun woke up after falling asleep and his anger subsided. What was done couldn’t be undone and the small ginkgo fruit had sprouted and grown.

Gu Yanzheng already had a son. He hadn’t expected there would be a day when his big ginkgo would go photosynthesis with another tree. The depressed mood rose. The little lion opened his eyes in a dejected manner and looked up to see the small ginkgo seedling open the small ginkgo leaves to him in the pose of a huge.

…This was the fruit that another tree had given to Gu Yanzheng and had grown into a seedling. The little seedling on the ground moved its thin roots and wobbled to him, firmly holding up the small ginkgo leaves in the same posture. wZMb3p

…It was useless to sell meng. Lion Chi Jun gave this seedling a paw. He could make it fly with a bit of force. However, he didn’t know why but his paws fell firmly in front of the little ginkgo seedling. Thus, the small ginkgo seedling with two leaves clasped the lion paws and swung with satisfaction from a few centimeters high.

Lion Chi, “…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He wanted a little lion, not a little seedling.


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  1. LOL, so funny to read this chapter with misunderstandings all over~!

    Thank you for the update~!

  2. They haven’t even reunited officially yet and they already have a son haha

  3. “Did you pollinate a female tree?” 😂

    This is only the second time I’ve seen a mobile seedling selling mend in bl. (Lessons on Raising a Partner). Still hilarious. 🌱😚

    Thank you.

    (P.S. I think he wants a ‘hug’ or a ‘huge hug’)

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    Thanks for the chapter! The possessiveness, lol. I’m so glad the little one is not permanently gone & that he gets a second chance to be loved & cherished by 2 silly parents, lol. + his new ginko body is a lot better for a peaceful existence than a lion’s.

  5. Omg how sweet. I’m so happy the little lion will get a chance at a real life.

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️

  6. “go photosynthesis with another tree”???? LMAOOO what, my bio knowledge isn’t that great but my dear CJ, that’s not how little baby fruits are made! 😂