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Shh, There's a Beast in the Imperial PalaceCh72 - Never Easy


The 20 energy stones could be carved in a lazy way and finished in one style. However, the character of Old Qi didn’t allow him to do such an insulting thing. He sat in a large and luxurious hospitality room of the mine and raised a hand to signal to the lion. “Okay, go ahead.”

Lion Chi, “…?” Py1rQd

Qi Hairong explained .”My father means to let you do some actions in the current adult beast form.”

The big lion shook his smooth mane and stood up in an elegant, calm and imposing manner. He stepped forward and opened his mouth to let out a roar. The fragile room shook from it. All the metal objects around him shook twice, including the carving tools that Old Qi was holding.

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Elder Qi and Qi Hairong, “……”

Sure enough, an adult beast and a cub weren’t comparable at all. If this set of actions continued then they probably wouldn’t have a room. The old man took a breath and requested, “Can you hold back your strength?” tW7eEP

The big lion shook his head. It was already his limit to stop his energy core from blowing up. Controlling the overflowing power was still a bit difficult. The old man touched his chin and frowned as he thought deeply. Then he turned his head to the person standing next to the lion. “Do you have any video data?”

Gu Yanzheng nodded. In order to maintain the security of his residence, he had his robot housekeeper record some videos.

“Play some of them.”

Gu Yanzheng started his quantum computer and the recorded videos played. xLAOrC

The old man and Qi Hairong looked at the equipment that was slightly different from their quantum computer and the 3D projection effect. They slightly paused before they saw a pair of lion ears emerge over the wall.

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In the video, a small lion climbed over the wall and went straight to the ginkgo tree that looked hundreds of years old. The little lion pounced on the tree with his paws. The video was HD and allowed them to see the intimate and warm look in the little lion’s eyes. It was as if the tree was his lover!

The old man slightly froze and glanced at the man standing next to him. This equipment, this residence, this tree and this man was by no means simple! The big lion who had never seen himself from this point of view before. ‘…Who is this furry little meatball?’

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He saw the little lion hold the tree close for a while but there wasn’t any re from the tree. The eyes became a bit anxious before the little lion suddenly ran to one side of the grass. exzl42

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The big lion cocked his head in a confused manner. Gu Yanzheng’s low voice entered the big lion’s ear.s “Baby, you know that the roots of the big ginkgo are spread out all underneath the house and further.

The big lion buried his head and raised his paws to cover his head…

So he was caught from the beginning? T6DQyL

After playing a few videos, the old man drove everyone out. He needed a quiet environment to carve. Qi Hairong took the lion and man out of the room. He saw a group standing outside waiting, including the legal team that should’ve gone to rest.

The several leaders looked at the big lion eagerly and wanted to raise up this lion as the god of wealth. These elite lawyers, who were usually expressionless, revealed the same eagerness in their eyes.

Qi Hairong’s mouth twitched. The data of the assembly line wasn’t false. Once these individuals thought about it then it could naturally be seen.

Then Gu Yanzheng said, “Since the carving will take some time, we will leave first. Once the carving is finished, we will come again.” JE39sk

Qi Hairong nodded. “Yes, then I’ll contact you. If there is anything else then come to the mine at any time. I will always be here.”

They left and the leaders rushed over. “Mr Qi…”

Qi Hairong looked at them coldly. “What is it? Is there something?”

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One person asked bravely, “We want to know, is there any possibility of the contract being restored?” p3FiNA

Qi Hairong silently looked up at the sky, his heart bleeding. “It is up to my father after he finishes carving the energy stones. He cancelled the contract and he has to sign it to get it back.”


Letting the old man would probably make things worse!

Qi Hairong sighed and looked at them. “Now I pray that my father will fail with the energy stone carvings.” OY8hnC


It would also be a big problem if Old Qi’s reputation was broken.

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“Or, the energy stone carvings that my father carved isn’t enough.”

“……” de7OHi

Was the lion that powerful?

“If not, we will never get a chance to make any deal with such a powerful man.”


Prince, you don’t have to say anything. Our intestines are now green with regret! Regardless of how much these people felt regret, time passed slowly. Apart from Qi Hairong giving him some meals, no one was allowed to enter the old man’s workroom. MPCxuH

Several of the mine leaders and the elite lawyers consolidated all the data from the cutting and polishing lines and waited for the old man to carve all the energy stones before attempting to re-sign the contract.

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Half a month later, the old man’s door finally opened. The old man was a bit sluggish from carving 20 energy stones.

“Dad.” Qi Hairong reached for his arm. i4bkp6

The old man slightly closed his eyes. “Give it to them. The other things, I will mention when I wake up.”

Qi Hairong nodded and helped the old man to the bed. “Okay, you sleep.”

A big thing would be waiting for him when he woke up.

For 10 days, Gu Yanzheng and the big lion wandered around the entire planet. They found places to play and checked places to determine there were no more silver energy stones. On this day, the big lion didn’t want to go out of the emperor penguin hotel. As a large African lion, it was the limit to wander half a month in a cold environment. VuCP28

He shrank inside the quilt while Gu Yanzheng held him to sleep. Then Gu Yanzheng received a message from Qi Hairong. The big lion raised his head sharply, huge head bulging from the quilt as he stared at Gu Yanzheng.

Gu Yanzheng laughed. “Baby, it is time to pick up the goods.”

The big lion carefully clung to Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder, big head poking against this person’s neck before they cheerfully rushed out of the house. These days, they had left early and returned late at night.

That’s why after half a month, they never encountered the penguin family. This time, they happened to go out a bit late and met the emperor penguin family. RYxMPz

The little emperor saw the giant lion rushing out and was completely muddled. Then his eyes saw the cold and handsome big brother following the lion and he foolishly flapped his wings while opening his mouth.

The big lion rushed past, paws rising to pat the little penguin’s head. “Good morning.”

The little emperor penguin thought, ‘…Who are you?’

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Seeing the man and giant lion speed away, the little emperor penguin’s mind finally returned and he cried, “It isn’t a brother, he is a big uncle…” dy1GVS

Nothing could come from his secret crush!

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