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Shh, There's a Beast in the Imperial PalaceCh7 - Go Home and Hold the Lion!


At this time, the beastmen empire.

Gu Yanzheng led the main starship and landed on a certain planet in the beastmen empire. He accepted the invitation of the beastmen empire’s foreign minister and attended the welcome dinner at the state hotel. DioQb9

The dinner hadn’t started and Gu Yanzheng hadn’t even eaten yet when he smelt the faint scent of wine. Who was pouring alcohol in his backyard? Gu Yanzheng’s hand on the major general’s military belt paused as his quantum computer finally received the first brief message from his robot housekeeper a few galaxies away.

“Reporting to Master, the second master is in place.”

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Gu Yanzheng’s heart beat rapidly and his entire body felt as if it was in a caldera, hot magma flowing in his blood.

For years, he could see the scene where his naughty lion blew himself up in front of him every time he closed his eyes. 10 thousand arrows piercing the heart wasn’t enough to describe this type of heart tearing pain. uBHFAq

He had fallen to his knees and mobilized his dry energy core, desperately gathering the healing ability that had been exhausted. However, he couldn’t find any traces of Chi Jun’s body. The power of an energy core explosion of a metal powered person was very strong and the body of a seventh stage ability user was blown away. Gu Yanzheng hated himself for not being strong enough, hated himself for not reacting as quickly as his lion and hated himself for unscrupulously spoiling the lion for the past few years.

In the past, they were trapped by zombies and talked about who would die first and who would die later. His lion firmly believed that living was harder so this hard task was left to Gu Yanzheng. However, once this happened, Gu Yanzheng found that he didn’t want to live alone. If he hadn’t seen the crack in time and space that was opened by the explosion and if it wasn’t for his mental ability that firmly told him Chi Jun’s spiritual fluctuations still existed, he probably wouldn’t be alive anymore.

Before the time-space crack closed, he jumped in resolutely. He fell into this time and space crack and his body was almost ruined by it. He was inserted into the ground for half a year before he barely recovered. Then he went all over the star empire to find his big lion. He had been looking for so long and even went to several galaxies. He didn’t think that his lion would find his home.

Gu Yanzheng took a deep breath. After signing the bilateral agreement, he wanted to go home and hold the lion! Gu Yanzheng used the special line of the military department to contact the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs and requested a diplomat. The preliminary work of establishing diplomatic relations was complete and the signing of the agreement could be handed over to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They were willing to receive the task.


Gu Yanzheng had just taken care of this matter when he received a second message from the robot housekeeper. Once a connection was established, transmitting information across galaxies was much faster. Therefore, Old Iron’s second message didn’t take as long as the first one. The transmission speed even exceeded the previous one.

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*** BtSdok

Meanwhile, the little lion who finally managed to stand upright swayed as he held the bottle and stumbled forward. At this time, the ginkgo tree branch grabbed his front paw, rolled the little lion onto his soft belly and brought him to the tree.

Then the ginkgo branches covered the drunk little lion. The little lion felt the familiar arms of his big ginkgo and waved his legs happily, screaming twice. The big ginkgo tree listened to the sound and shook, moving the branches closer to the little lion.

The wrapped little lion couldn’t bear it. He stared with hazy eyes and whimpered as he used his paws to pull at the branches over his face. After two calls, the little lion remembered that he should speak well, not use lion roars. Then a soft voice spoke to the tree. “Yan Zhengzheng, very itchy. You also hold… too tight.”

The robot, who hadn’t yet left the tree, looked up at it. Udhs1L

Old Iron, “…”

It was none of his business! He would record it and send it to the major general! Some time passed and Chi Jun couldn’t manage to remove the ginkgo leaves on his face, so he yawned with the leaves in his mouth. The big ginkgo also seemed to realize that his behaviour was a bit abnormal and no longer touched the face of the little lion. He slowly rocked the little lion.

The little lion opened his mouth and licked his teeth. He hugged his empty bottle and slept in the rocking ginkgo branches. A long time passed before the big ginkgo reluctantly carried the little lion in the direction of the bedroom. It was late autumn in the capital and the outside was very cold. It wasn’t suitable for sleeping.

The ginkgo placed the little lion on the big bed, pulled at the quilt and gently covered him. The little lion in the quilt turned over, let go of the bottle and hugged the ginkgo branches with two paws. P4tYnX

A few galaxies away, the major general looked down at his empty palms, still feeling the soft and warm touch of the little lion. His eyes were extremely soft. Then he brought together his wood and healing abilities on the little lion sleeping on the bed.

After that, Gu Yanzheng incorporated most of his mind into the ginkgo tree, leaving only a small part to deal with the situation in the beastmen empire. Then he saw the message of the robot housekeeper which had a sentence added to the video.

“The ginkgo tree in the backyard is tangled up in the second master. Major General, please return quickly!”

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Gu Yanzheng, “…” wXTm0S


The drunk little lion had a dream. First, he dreamt about his big ginkgo and then he dreamt about many experiences that didn’t belong to him.

He woke up and the experiences had gone deep into his memories. Chi Jun’s eyes were red and his anger was uncontrollable. In the blink of an eye, he became a big lion. The lion let out a roar and his chaotic ability was about to burst.

The ginkgo branches quickly surrounded Chi Jun and constantly sent healing power to appease the big lion’s sudden anger. j1ddGX

Old Iron was close by. Should he contact the family’s doctor or find a…veternarian? A pet doctor probably couldn’t cure this.

The big lion roared and stretched out his hand. His ability instantly controlled Old Iron’s almost pure metal body and he sent the housekeeper outside. Old Iron turned several laps in the air and steadily went outside without any injuries.

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Chi Jun’s anger came fiercely. Fortunately, his last experience meant he wasn’t completely out of control. He controlled a group of metals and twisted it for a long time until his power was exhausted. His emotions slowly stabilized and he lay down on the sofa.

The big lion’s face was still a bit angry. His lion paws stretched for some time before he could control himself enough not to tear the sofa to pieces. He slowed down and finally saw the ginkgo branches that almost filled the room. P42A 0

The big lion suddenly shrank and became a soft little lion that pounced on the ginkgo branches. Gu Yanzheng wasn’t exactly sure of the situation and felt pained as he used the branches to tightly hug the little lion. Chi Jun’s small paws were also tightly wrapped around the ginkgo branch.

The drunken night finally allowed him to see the memories of the original owner of the body and he figured out what happened to the little lion held in the imperial palace. The people of the Star Empire only knew that the imperial family had one heir to the throne. It was the little prince Su Chimo who just turned 18 this year. He was kind and lovely and his talent outstanding. He studied at the Imperial College.

However, they didn’t know that in the imperial palace, there were many people who were exactly the same as the imperial prince. When the imperial prince was two years o,d, his physique and mental strength were only F-grade, which was almost the lowest level.

The emperor knew it was illegal but secretly produced a group of small princes. They were bred to be two years old and only had a vague self-consciousness. They were kept in the depths of the imperial palace and received a variety of genetic drugs to stimulate potential. This was all to develop a drug to increase potential without any side effects. ISdyeb

After more than 10 years of continuous development, stable genetic drugs were successfully developed every year and the potential of the young prince Su Chimo improved again and again. His current physical and mental strength had reached A-grade.

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Meanwhile, the constant bottomless research meant the clones continued to die so the little lion was the last one remaining. In the last experiment, the little lion awakened his ancestral genes and developed the unprecedented ability to control metal.

The emperor was ecstatic but after several tests, it was found that there was a major flaw in the ancestral genes. There were two types of beast transformation phenomena. In the young state, it was very easy to control. In the adult state, the attack power was amazing but it was completely uncontrollable and the metal ability often went out of control.

The loss of most of the researchers meant it was difficult for the research to continue. The emperor was reluctant to give up the opportunity to stimulate the metal ability and didn’t kill this last clone. Instead, the clone was imprisoned in the depths of the imperial palace and numerous mechanical beasts arranged around to prevent the clone from escaping and to temper his ability. DbAoxd

This long-term imprisonment made the little lion more and more violent, resulting in a number of outbursts of energy. The extreme temper also made him more violent. In the last emotional explosion, he became a lion and was attacked by the mechanical beasts at the border. In the end, he was injured too much and lost his life when he was only three steps away from the healing agent.

It was at this time that Chi Jun crossed over and took over the body of the little lion. Chi Jun’s super-strong metal control ability meant he naturally wasn’t blocked by the mechanical beasts deep in the imperial palace and it was easy to slip out.

The lion had been brain dead and the memories were blurred. It wasn’t until last night that the memories were cleared under the healing of the big ginkgo.


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