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Shh, There's a Beast in the Imperial PalaceCh52 - That is Me


Chi Jun raised his head, clear black eyes staring brightly at the group of reporters. “Hello everyone, I am Chi Jun.”

The clear voice immediately made the reporters come to their senses and they tightly grasped the video board. If it wasn’t for Master Chi sitting next to Major General Yan, the reporters would probably frantically flock to the young man to ask all types of questions. sAwcpC

At the same time, on the simultaneous live broadcast of the Star Network, countless people also dropped open their mouths.

“I remember, did someone bet a hundred bananas or cucumbers?”

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“Major General Yan’s 18 year old fiance really turned out to be the famous Master Chi?’

“18 years old… this is 18 years old!” eKdx0m

“Major General Yan is really gentle. His eyes are full of pampering for Master Chi. Ah, I’m really dead!”

“I want to secretly say that Master Chi looks more worthy of Major General Yan than the scandal-plagued prince who is sinking into the mud!”

At this time, a large group of military officers holding teacups. They gathered together in front of the oversized 3D imaging camera of the military department and watched Chi Jun’s press conference live. They didn’t seem nervous at all about the news that Chi Jun would release next. After all, they had thought about it. Chi Jun just wanted justice and they all supported him!

“To be honest, that kid Yanzheng is elegant and handsome. His aura is different when he is next to Chi Jun.” rCEDXA

“The age difference might be relatively large but it isn’t unacceptable.”

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“Chi Jun is natural and unrestrained and he doesn’t have stage fright at all.”

“I don’t know who will act as witnessed for them when they get married.”

The moment this topic came out, the staff were lost in thought. There couldn’t be 100 marriage witnesses… DHjNSr

Then they must think of ways to handle the other 99!

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At this point, the conference site.

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“It is true. I do want to sue the emperor and prince. I have filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court and I believe it will go to trial soon.”

Chi Jun paused and turned to look at the person next to him. Gu Yanzheng raised his eyebrow and held Chi Jun’s hand. Everyone was so upset that it felt like their hearts, spleen, stomach and lungs were going to explode.

…Don’t show off. This wave of dog food was eaten by people all over the empire! Master Chi, talk about what your lawsuit is about!

Looking at the silent venue and each pair of wide eyes, Chi Jun spoke slowly, “The contents of the lawsuit have nothing to do with the emperor and prince’s attempt to capture me and send me to the asteroid belt to replace the hostage…” mu4HcN

Chi Jun turned to look at the sitting Gu Yanzheng. “You might know it now but the reason why the prince was captured by the star thieves was that the star thieves mistakenly took the prince thinking he was me.”

The reporters nodded silently. They had felt it was a bit difficult when the prince’s distress video came out. From one point of view, the prince could indeed be a scapegoat. Nevertheless, everyone knew that countless commercial ships had been hijacked by star thieves and people had died at the hands of star thieves.

The star thieves running rampant through the asteroid belt was the root cause of the kidnapping.

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“I am sorry about this because I didn’t know. During my time in the asteroid belt, I destroyed the seventh ranked star thieves group and stayed at XX Resource Star to repair my damaged starship. Then I repaired the beast cards of the law enforcement team for the nearest route. As to why the star thieves mistook the prince for me, I believe the trial of the star thieves’ leaders will make it clear.” QAS2d7

“After, I received news that the Royal Guards were trying to catch me in the asteroid belt and the law enforcement team I repaired the beast cards for was detained. For my sake, they received the charge of treason.”

“Inexplicably bearing such a crime, the members of the law enforcement teams must be physically and mentally tortured.”

“I blamed myself. For many years, the law enforcement team didn’t get any decent beast cards yet still fought against the star thieves. After I repaired their beast cards, their first battle against the star thieves led to them wiping out the fifth ranked star thieves group. Such fighters shouldn’t be vilified or bear malicious slander like treason.”

“I couldn’t turn a blind eye to this so I asked Yanzheng to take me to the asteroid belt’s meteorite field to help rescue the rescue soldiers save the prince from the star thieves. This was what happened in the asteroid belt.” 7DFYlv

All the causes of the asteroid belt incident were revealed by Chi Jun and the people watching the live broadcast were boiling over.

“It turns out that Master Chi personally entered the dangerous situation and saved a person from what he self-inflicted. Master Chi is too noble!”

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“In contrast, I want to say that those who charged the law enforcement team with treason in order to exchange the hostage are truly despicable!”

“What noble royal family? Hahaha!” yAmgKo

In the meeting room, Chi Jun continued. “For the star thieves kidnapping incident, the relevant departments will naturally investigate. I believe that some people will naturally be punished so this isn’t why I sued…”

The moment these words were spoken, the reporters and people watching the live broadcast pricked their ears. What else did the royal family do that was even more unbearable for Master Chi? A big staff officer of the military department suddenly put down his cup and slightly frowned, earnestly waiting for Chi Jun to say his real reason.

Chi Jun took a breath before saying, “I want to play some video records for you. I’m sure you will understand why after seeing the videos. The videos can cause discomfort so minors and sick people should be careful.”

At this point, Gu Yanzheng turned to look at Old Iron standing behind the scenes. Old Iron came forward and showed a video of the cloning and illegal genetic drug experiments that he had collected. amc3OD

The first 3D scene was of a child. For the media, this child was very familiar. It was the prince when he was young. Then a closer look revealed that the child was somewhat different from the prince of the empire. In the blink of an eye, there were countless children, each looking like the prince when he was young.

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Numerous reporters were stunned, asked their own cameraman questions and hastened to adjust the lens. Be sure to record the next video clearly. This might be the deepest explosion of the royal family in centuries.

Time passed in the experimental record. Shortly after the prince tested his physique and mental strength, the cloning experiment began. A total of 2,100 clones were bred at one time. More than 2,000 clones were labelled as experimental materials and put into various illegal genetic drug experiments. The goal was to find genetic drugs that didn’t have side effects on the prince, as well as determine the precise amounts of the genetic drugs that the prince could tolerate.

In the next experiment, the children received various genetic drugs in batches. In the process, there was the constant death of clones… bVjsvU

The video showed the experimenters coldly recording the various deaths. Then they would bring another clone, adjust or add to the dosage of the illegal genes and continued the experiment. From beginning to end, the many eyes of the children seen through the experimental video recording were simple and confused.

They suffered from all types of illegal genetic drugs, screaming and staring painfully at the world outside the transparent, sealed cabinet. Even through the 3D video, people could feel that these clones had self-awareness! They weren’t unconscious objects! They were longing for the outside world!

Several videos passed and the people on the Star Network started crying. Yet the venue’s video playlist showed that there were thousands of video recordings! This was a massacre…

In the long silence, people started to think about what the prince had shown to the public over the years. SyiMkG

After being measured with F-grade physical and mental strength, his physical and mental strength had improved year after year. Finally, he reached the A-grade physical and mental strength at the age of 18.

All along, the image of the prince was tenacious, pure and sincere. In order to improve his physical and mental strength, be bravely endured the side effect of genetic drugs. The royal family had been guiding the people to be proud and adore such a heir! Now it turned out that all the genetic drugs that prince was injected with came from the death of these clones!

Of course, there are individual people who did a last-ditch struggle. Perhaps this wasn’t the fault of the prince. After all, the cloning experiment began when he was only a child. Perhaps the prince wasn’t aware that he grew up on the blood of others?

Imperial law stipulated that a person who reached the age of 16 would be liable for crimes. The prince was now 18 years old. How long had he been involved? The emperor’s actions were evidence. What role did the prince play in it? 6aWJpT

The rest of the videos naturally couldn’t all be played.

Chi Jun looked at the reporters in the venue and spoke slowly, “All the experimental videos have been submitted to the prosecution as evidence. I am doing this for the suffering and death of the clones. The emperor and the prince should be responsible for the illegal cloning and illegal genetic drug experiments they have carried out for the past 18 years.”

There was no sound in the venue for a long time before someone suddenly said, “Master Chi, we support you!”

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The next moment, there were more voices of agreement that echoed. SWwMdJ

Behind the scenes, Old Iron looked at the tearful child and his data fluctuated. The child was crying without any sound. He simply opened his eyes and watched the recorded video with water constantly falling down like broken beads.

Old Iron knew that this was the method for humans to express their emotions. This type of water release contributed to physical and mental health. Still, he looked at the water and his data was very uncomfortable! It was just that his two masters were doing business and he couldn’t call them over here.

Old Iron was feeling helpless and couldn’t wait to find a way to get some artificial tears to accompany this child. Then the child blinked, raised his arm and pointed his finger at a scene playing in the venue. Then the child’s clear, moist voice said, “Brother Iron, that is me.”

These words stunned Old Iron and made his data bounce. Old Iron turned to see. The one that the child was pointing to was being pressed by five robotic arms! It made Old Iron furious. He wanted to send his data to a few years ago to tear apart those rotten robotic arms! 6xVDr1

The child’s voice continued to ring out, “That is 0029 over there. He liked to quietly hold hands with others. That is 0087 who slept with his eyes half open. That is 0125. He could tap out a nice sound with his fingers. That…”

Old Iron’s data was very uncomfortable, as if there was something emerging from his data. His body moved first as he raised his arm and picked up the child, hugging him tightly.

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The suddenly hugged Lingqi’s words stopped and the raised arm slowly fell. For the first time, he didn’t reject Old Iron being close to him.

…Apart from tree father and lion father, Brother Iron’s cold embrace seemed very comfortable. W91PDN

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