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Shh, There's a Beast in the Imperial PalaceChapter 40.3


As a result, Shen Cong outside was even more bewildered. He didn’t know how he suddenly flew out of the spacecraft and how he survived in space. Then after a moment of blankness, Shen Cong activated his battle card.

His worry about Chi Jun settled down as he saw the small aircraft’s closed door. In this case, it was impossible even if he wanted to send back Master Chi. Then he woke up and remembered that Chi Jun had also annihilated a group of star thieves? aeduEj

Shen Cong waved the mechanical rhino’s hooves in the direction of the small aircraft before rushing in the direction of the alarm. The little lion looked at the bonsai. Bonsai Gu operated the small aircraft far away.

This was a small group of star thieves. This was probably testing the waters so there were no large warships, only a few small warships. Meanwhile, the law enforcement team rushed over with a dozen mechanical beasts and carried out a battle.

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Shen Cong felt a burst of anger and unhappiness in his heart. Throughout the years, he had seen many people killed by the star thieves. Now that his beast card was repaired, Shen Cong wanted to tear them apart. The oversized mechanical rhinoceros, which had just been repaired by Chi Jun, ran over.

For a while, the law enforcement team was shocked. Two years ago, their seventh team had been the most powerful against the star thieves until their captain’s beast card was destroyed. The later replacement cards were limited. 1aGyJ5

Now their captain suddenly appeared with a mechanical rhinoceros! It was so exciting! They were just feeling excited when they saw their captain’s rhino turned into two, two into four and it continued to double until there were 16 mechanical rhinos collided with the star thieves’ ion guns.

The law enforcement officers, “……”

They seemed to be hallucinating! Wasn’t their captain’s rhinoceros only able to make a maximum of four copies? How did it suddenly become 16?

In the end, it was a military standard combat card. The 16 rhinoceros might only have one way to attack but they had numbers. The one dozen star thieves had no way to escape. There was a back and forth bombardment and over half of the star thieves’ mechanical beasts were destroyed.


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The star thieves could no longer get involved in the star routes near XX resource star!

The rest of the law enforcement officers were encouraged and immediately rushed up. They might not have enough strength but they were inspired and showed even stronger fighting power. Finally, Shen Cong’s seventh law enforcement team killed 24 star thieves and captured nine. 4jq3DT

It wasn’t considered a major battle. It was just a small group of star thieves who came to explore the situation. Still, it had been so long since victory that the law enforcement team couldn’t help shedding tears! They had long experienced chasing powerlessly after the star thieves’ buttocks and had been in pain. The law enforcement team were also soldiers and had the ambition to protect the safety of the public.

Meanwhile, Shen Cong cried straight at the mechanical beast that had returned to its rhinoceros state. He hadn’t experienced such a battle in a long time. Under his mental control, his mechanical rhinoceros stimulated the beast patterns and suddenly became 16 mechanical rhinos. His heart almost burst.

Chi Jun was truly the master who could enhance the combat power of the entire empire by several times! He could save the entire asteroid belt!

Shen Cong controlled his emotions and gave orders to everyone on the law enforcement team. Everything that happened in this battle needed to be kept secret. They couldn’t disclose any information apart from the final outcome. Otherwise, they would bury an opportunity to restore calm to the entire asteroid belt. XOnkY4

The law enforcement team had long abhorred the star thieves. They didn’t know what their captain was hiding but they weren’t willing to give up such an opportunity. They naturally agreed to the captain’s command.

Therefore, Shen Cong sent a report to the XX Resource Star. The alarm was lifted, the star thieves annihilated and the navigation restored. The nearby cargo starships who were turning around couldn’t believe it. Once the law enforcement team destroyed the star thieves and there was the announcement about their arrest, the cargo ship’s businessmen eagerly continued their journey.

Meanwhile, the asteroid belt’s Star Network once again exploded.

“Today on the route near XX Resource Star, a small group of star thieves was wiped out!” bNMq5B

“I seem to see the dawn of the asteroid belt. The asteroid belt is about to usher in a tomorrow with no star thieves!”

“This time it might be due to the law enforcement team but I inexplicably feel that Chi Jun is a blessing of the stars!”

“The name Chi Jun really carries power!”

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“……” UlLwV

The star thieves were feeling differently compared to the euphoria of the people of the asteroid belt. The small group sent out to find information was destroyed. Then what happened on the route near XX Resource Star? Some people were eager to try and some people were thoughtful. There was a large surge of cargo starships near the XX Resource Star and the star thieves’ eyes were hot as they wondered if they should take this chance.

Meanwhile, Lion Chi inside the small aircraft was satisfied to see his repaired and strengthened mechanical beasts. He turned to look at the bonsai in front of the driver’s seat and raised his chin slightly. “Isn’t it very strong?”

Bonsai Gu nodded while operating the aircraft. Lion Chi jumped to the window of the aircraft, his tail waving.

However, Gu Yanzheng wasn’t very happy at this time. His little lion had transformed into a lion because he was worried about the law enforcement captain… OFCIBY

Lion Chi watched the gingko leaves operating the aircraft and raised his paws to rub his nose, mouth inexplicably widening. He let out a slightly funny and adorable lion laugh.

Bonsai Gu was stunned and stretched out his ginkgo branches, only to stop moving. He wanted to become a big ginkgo and pick up the little lion. It was just that the current environment didn’t allow it. It would be troublesome to destroy the aircraft.

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As Bonsai Gu was stiff and hesitant, Lion Chi jumped forward in the weightless environment and hugged Bonsai Gu. He turned around in the air and rubbed the lush crown vigorously with his paws.

Then Chi Jun laughed as he exclaimed, “Yan Zhengzheng, you are jealous!” dJyLbs

They had been together for so long yet this was the first time he had seen his family’s big ginkgo show anger towards someone.

The rubbed Bonsai Gu, “…….”

No, he wasn’t! As an army commander, he couldn’t stand a deserter! Military law was strict and this type of person would be directly kicked out! In addition, it was with the excuse of protecting Chi Jun!

Lion Chi laughed and held the bonsai as he lay on his back in the weightlessness of the aircraft, leisurely flicking his tail. JsuEZm

At the same time, on the other side of the planet, Gu Yanzheng looked upat the sky. He wanted to rub his weightless little lion.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The little lion seedling on his shoulder looked up at the sky. The sun papa was asleep and the moon mama was out. There wasn’t anything good to look at? Slightly dazed…

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    At the same time, on the other side of the planet, Gu Yanzheng looked upat the sky. -> looked up at