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Shh, There's a Beast in the Imperial PalaceChapter 39.2


In addition, this bounty reward caught the attention of the military department.

After the national treasure-class figure went to the asteroid belt, the military department assigned a special mission to the Special Intelligence Service, setting up an intelligence team responsible for collecting information about Chi Jun in the asteroid belt. It was just gathering information and not interfering with Chi Jun’s behaviour, so this wasn’t a breach of contract. bRdF M

Shortly after the bounty reward was posted on the asteroid belt, they received information about the national treasure beast imprinter. Seeing Chi Jun’s name, the group of officers turned green and their heartbeats shot up to 160 beats per minute.

Wasn’t he just looking for a rare alloy card? How could he fight with the star thieves?

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The group of staff members suddenly felt some regrets. They had forgotten something. The national treasure was only 18 years old this year…

It was an inflammable and explosive age. Why did they sign the license for 180 weapons? Did it embolden the young beast imprinter master to face the star thieves? IHfa85

Of course, he was also great to be able to wipe out the 10th ranked star thieves group in the asteroid belt. It wasn’t something that ordinary people could do with these weapons alone. However, even if the annihilation of the star thieves was useful, it was better to cover up with a fake name. It was even okay to use the cover of a mercenary group. Why use his real name to appear on the reward points list?

In the end, this person who was a national treasure didn’t know how to keep a low profile. In case there were star thieves who wanted revenge…

The staff didn’t dare think about it!

The military ownership of the asteroid belt was in the hands of the imperial royal family and they couldn’t insert their hands. Otherwise, they just needed to station a few elite teams there and the asteroid belt would absolutely be cleaned up, all star thieves destroyed.


The staff members were sad. They were normally used to making big decisions. This relationship with a small but important person felt very difficult.

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Of course, it was because at this time, the insects and beasts were in hibernation and the imperial border area was relatively peaceful and stable. The staff members had nothing to do for a while and were bored!

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“Tjchtfcu lr bc njmjalbc jcv veglcu atf njmjalbc, tf mjc vb bcf bg akb jvvlalbcji ajrxr jibcu atf kjs.”

“Tjchtfcu’r ragfcuat jibcf wjxfr la qbrrlyif ab filwlcjaf jii atf atlfnfr lc atf jrafgblv yfia. Pa rtbeivc’a yf vloolmeia obg tlw ab qgbafma Jtl Aec.”

“Yanzheng is an army commander and has the rank of major general. Won’t he feel it is overkill to protect a beast imprinter?”

“Don’t say that. After all, this is involving the military force of the entire empire.” rlS3X0

“If Yanzheng protects Chi Jun in the name of an individual, this shouldn’t be considered a breach of contract.”

This idea was suggested and the staff members immediately decided to find Yanzheng. Thus, a secret military order was sent to Major General Yan who was on leave.

Meanwhile, Gu Yanzheng and Chi Jun were using the law enforcement captain’s advice to find someone to repair the starship. Gu Yanzheng frowned undetectably once he heard the specific chime for a military secret order.

He was on vacation. There wasn’t a war happening. In addition, he was going to buy the banned genetic drugs to study ways to treat his lion’s side-effects. He wasn’t free! dTtN6r

Gu Yanzheng had an impulse to directly delete this order. However, the general staff of the military department wouldn’t send such an urgent military order if there wasn’t something desperate.

Gu Yanzheng frowned and in the end, he opened the secret order. The order was simple. It was a message accompanied by a 3D photo.

-Yanzheng boy, you aren’t young and should start a family. Do you want to take advantage of your vacation time to go on a blind date?

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The words exuded a type of message between the lines. Gu Yanzheng had never seen the general staff of the military department issue instructions before in such an affectionately humorous tone. Gu Yanzheng’s footsteps pause and the corners of his mouth slightly twitched. There was no war so was the staff members idle enough to grow mushrooms? The eight armies had so many single soldiers. Did they plan to help everyone? 3NIurp

Gu Yanzheng was about to turn off this secret order when the photo attached emerged. The image of the teenager that appeared in front of him couldn’t help being familiar. It was taken from his quantum computer.

His big lion…

Gu Yanzheng smoothly decided to execute the command. Then new contents emerged on the order. It was a dense group of words and the tone was cautious.

Gu Yanzheng glanced over it. BT4 Zv

In short, the staff members told him that the man in the photo was called Chi Jun and he was very important to the empire. He might double the national power of the empire in the next few years and was a national treasure. He was currently working in the asteroid belt and they wanted Yanzheng to protect him as a private citizen. It was best not to expose his military status or to limit Chi Jun’s personal freedom.

They understood the requirements of this request and gave Gu Yanzheng an offering.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At the end of the text, they also made it clear. This was only a private request. If Gu Yanzheng wasn’t willing to accept then he could refuse. Regardless of whether he accepted or not, it should be treated as the highest military secret.

Gu Yanzheng squinted. If he refused, would they find ways for someone else to come? The condition to not limit Chi Jun’s personal freedom in the original contract was to prevent the military from excessively interfering in Chi Jun’s life. Obviously, he can block the military the moment he agreed. 6Ic2CQ

Gu Yanzheng gave the military department a definite answer. He signed the application with his name and added the Third Army commander’s seal.

The staff members patiently waiting saw Gu Yanzheng’s reply and were relieved. They were comforted that the national treasure was safe. Then they saw another file that Gu Yanzheng sent along with it. The contents of the document solemnly stated that Yanzheng didn’t need a disguise to do this task.

The chief staff members soon understood. Eh? No! They didn’t want him to really go on a blind date! As a commander, shouldn’t he be able to tell that the blind date was a cover? Even if he had this matter, the person hadn’t agreed. Where did he have to confidence to submit a military marriage application?

‘We don’t approve, don’t make us approve!’ 7vUqLj

Then they sent a secret order asking him to maintain a certain distance from Chi Jun but it was useless. They didn’t receive a single response.

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“Becoming a wild horse on vacation!”

“Disregarding the military’s orders must be punished!”

“That’s right!” vIUo8Q

Thus, according to military rules, the military department punished Yanzheng with tens of millions of military achievement medals. Anyone else would fall straight from the top. However, this was the major general with a trillion. This penalty wasn’t even one hair on a cow.

The staff turned to look at the 3D photo of the young man. He was handsome and looked like he had an active spirit. There was a feeling of willfully flying to the sun and the staff thought of him as really young.

They thought of Yanzheng and then this child’s temperament. A 28 year old mature man with no expression and very cold eyes that forced the hot-blooded soldiers to be frozen. Once he raised a hand, he ejected a cold power that rejected people thousands of miles away.

He might be a giant among men but… the age difference was 10 years! Yanzheng dared to act in front of such a small green onion! The staff members inexplicably wanted to pull out their knives. tUwcke

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