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Shh, There's a Beast in the Imperial PalaceChapter 38.3


In accordance with the little prince’s commands, the royal guards thoroughly investigated the whereabouts of the major general and only found that Major General Yan had driven his suspension car to a small planet before disappearing. No traces of him could be found.

The royal guards were very frustrated. Chi Jun’s news couldn’t be found and the major general’s news was also unclear. VCijJz

Fortunately, they had other gains and could tell something to the little prince. It was that at Beast Imprinter Certification Centre, Major General Yan had personally taken a youth to receive the beast imprinter certification.

The name of this youth was Chi Jun.

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It was hard for the royal guards to interfere with the national patent office but the Beast Imprinter Certification Centre was full of personnel, making it easy to get the personal information of one or two people.

Therefore, Chi Jun’s personal information was given to Su Chimo. The first time he saw how the name was spelt, Su Chimo was naturally shocked. ZmYK1b

Travelling far and wide to look for something, only to find it easily?

Could this be the Chi Jun of the two patents that he was looking for? Then after a moment of surprise and shock, he sneered. Such a young man had just received the beast imprinter’s certification.

The certification process took so long and it was obvious that his gift for imprinting cards wasn’t great. It was impossible for him to be the empire’s best beast imprinter who got the two beast pattern patents. This teenager at best happened to have the same name as the best beast imprinter in the empire. The empire had hundreds of billions of people and there were all types of strange names and countless people with the same name.

The little prince that his previous idea was ridiculous. The young man’s information was clean and simple. However, there were two points that made the little prince explode. gsYcZ4

First, he came from the same wild star as Yanzheng. Second, this man’s eyebrows, brow and chin were slightly similar to Su Chimo’s.

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The little prince’s eyes flashed. Then the first time Yanzheng saw him, that surge of madness and eagerness was only because of the similar appearance? In the end, who was Yanzheng seeing through his and the young man’s appearance?

Yanzheng’s final choice was this Chi Jun because the boy was more like the person that Yanzheng wanted? The little prince raised his lips dismissively. At the end of the day, the teenager was just a substitute. A person with a humble identity from the wild star, who even needed the major general to buy for the beast imprinter certification fees, what qualifications did he have to compare to the noble prince? The little prince felt it would be easy to deal with this young man.

The little prince sent a message to Chi Jun’s quantum computer. It was a simple sentence that seemed to be full of goodwill on the surface but reading between the lines, it was filled with contempt and ridicule. sOiIS6

Chi Jun didn’t have a lot of information disclosed and had no real contact on his quantum computer apart from Chen Shu. That’s why Chi Jun thought Chen Shu was contacting him for an urgent matter and subconsciously opened the message.

The words made Chi Jun suddenly widen his eyes. This clearly wasn’t Chen Shu. Chi Jun stared at the unknown contact that suddenly appeared on his computer. He was mystified.

What did it mean by ‘as a noble beast imprinter, even if your talent isn’t outstanding, you should have enough self-respect, even if it means moving forward penniless. Don’t stoop to selling your soul and your body.’

When did he sell his soul and his body? Did he sell himself to the zoo after becoming a big lion? Even if he wanted to go to the zoo to eat free meals, didn’t it depend on the zoo’s food being good enough? IX7ca6

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Ktfgfobgf, tf vlvc’a rfii tlwrfio. Ktfgf kjr bcis bcf qfgrbc tf mbeiv rfii tlwrfio ab…

Jtl Aec ibbxfv rlifcais ja atf ylu ulcxub jgbecv tlw. Qjr atlr ragjcufg rjslcu atja tf rbiv tlr ybvs ab Xe Tjchtfcu obg rajg mblcr?

Ktf qfcclifrr qjeqfg ktb kjr jmaejiis glmt, qbkfgoei jcv kbgat afcr bo yliilbcr bo rajg mblcr, “……”

Wasn’t this man afraid of being funny? Or was his big ginkgo being looked at by others? r7 bJG

Gu Yanzheng had always been prominent in a crowd. Don’t talk about a distinguished lineage. After all, in the days of the apocalypse, society was reshuffled and family background was in the past. His appearance and momentum was like a sharp blade, allowing everyone to see his strength. It was difficult to ignore his existence.

Combined with his ability to cure injuries, grow plants and vegetables, purify water sources and build a tree house anywhere, he was simply a mobile treasure trove and perfect in the apocalypse.

That’s why there were many people after his big ginkgo. In particular, those who were lucky to survive but only had the ability of ordinary people, loved to go after Gu Yanzheng, regardless of whether they were male or female.

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Chi Jun was a powerful metal ability user and handsome. This also attracted the attention and pursuit of many people. However, he had a long way to go when compared to Gu Yanzheng. ER6C93

Since the apocalypse, the two people were inseparable yet there were miscellaneous people who kept trying for a chance encounter or a hero saving the helpless. It was simply annoying.

Then Base A encountered a small wave of zombies. The people inside gathered to resist the death tide and once the zombies were resolved, Chi Jun gazed at the protective wall, the light of the sunset over the ginkgo tree that became a man and then the thousands of watching survivors.

The deep feeling of possessiveness in Chi Jun’s heart meant he didn’t hesitate to reach for the other person’s collar and pull his person to him in broad daylight. He hooked his arms around the man’s neck (on tiptoe) and then gnawed at the other person’s mouth. He gnawed on the lips and then was dropped underground by his partner.

In the days that followed, Chi Jun was pleased to find that almost everyone in the base was discouraged. No one dared to follow them. Even those who had been eagerly sticking to his big gingko didn’t cause any conflicts or contradictions. When doing tasks, they even created a variety of conditions for the two people to be alone. Some patients didn’t mind Chi Jun sitting on the sidelines while they received Gu’s healing. wlUCXe

Therefore, there was a time where Chi Jun was very smug about his domineering kiss. Except for that tiptoe action!

It was sensible to declare ownership and the two people got along in a quiet manner. He only discovered the truth later on. He went on a mission with people he got to know and learnt the truth after casually drinking in a cellar.

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His action of going on tiptoe for a ‘domineering’ kiss was actually a primer. He detonated the entire base and made people madly covet and pursue his big ginkgo even more. Just as something was about to explode, Gu Yanzheng was idle beside Chi Jun at night and stomped his foot on the ground. Then numerous plants burst into the residence of each person, clearing giving the entire base a message.

If anyone tried to stir things up in his relationship with Chi Jun, he would take his lion away immediately. That’s why the entire base withered with fear and was afraid to do anything. UdWavu

Base A was the country’s largest survivor base and had a large number of ability users. Their combat ability naturally wasn’t weak and they could support Chi Jun and Gu Yanzheng in terms of combat ability.

The main thing was the Gu Yanzheng’s dual healing power. In addition to healing wounds and appeasing negative effects, he could purify the zombie virus, whether it was soil, water or people initially infected. This was what the entire base depended on for survival.

That’s why the people of Base A had to behave well from that day on. They saw the two people and wished for them to love each other forever. They had become quite comfortable over the years and was with his old ginkgo for a long time. Now someone suddenly tried to come between him and his big ginkgo, making Chi Jun feel very complicated.

He was confident that his big ginkgo wouldn’t look at others emotionally or physically. However, the thought of someone unknown watching his family’s big ginkgo with a different mind made him very uncomfortable. His mood became violent and he was angry. He wanted to, wanted to… turn into a big lion and scratch his back. KDlabk

Mother’s eggs, who didn’t know that a lion had the strongest sense of territory? The side-effects of the beast ancestral gene triggered and his irritation became very violence. The small fire became a volcanic eruption.

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Meanwhile, Gu Yanzheng was controlling the starship and heard a warning from the weapons console. He turned his head to tell Chi Jun and didn’t see his family’s lively and handsome Chi Jun. Instead, there was a big lion with sharp teeth and roaring like his territory was infringed on.

Gu Yanzheng immediately put aside the star pirates that the scan noticed outside. An alarm suddenly rang throughout the entire starship. Of course, no one could hear it apart from the two of them. The most important thing at this point should be to issue a rescue alert to the interstellar escorts.

However, the man and the lion didn’t play by the rules. The big lion heard the alarm and sprang in Gu Yanzheng’s direction, his paws subconsciously… crushing the starship control panel! The entire starship lost control and power, coming to a standstill in the star field. 8VS2dC

The big lion was restless. His big ginkgo was being admired by others! The starship he just bought was ugly! Such an ugly starship was being attacked by star thieves!

He became angry and wanted to explode.

Gu Yanzheng looked at the destroyed starship control system, “…….”

In any case, he first had to appease his big lion. Countless ginkgo branches burst out and wrapped around the big lion, the dual abilities entering the lion’s body and tying up the energy core. 8zK PR

At this time, Chi Jun still maintained half his reason and opened his mouth, roaring at Gu Yanzheng, “Yan Zhengzheng, you let go!”

His mood of wanting to fight was really high! Gu Yanzheng looked at his big lion who had war-like eyes. He had to admit that no matter how serious the illness or the consequences, he couldn’t refuse any of Chi Jun’s requests.

Gu Yanzheng retracted the ginkgo branches on the outside but didn’t withdraw the dual abilities, reading to appease his big lion if the energy core showed signs of exploding. Chi Jun felt Gu Yanzheng’s dual abilities and didn’t feel restricted. Rather, he was more emboldened.

…Gu Yanzheng’s power was his unbridled dependence. ESHXJM

The big lion’s paws pressed hard against the alloy floor of the starship cabin and his metal ability rushed through the entire starship. He didn’t use the control panel’s main control system but the entire starship was under his control.

Then the starship with 180 offensive and defensive weapons, that looked like a fat sheep and attracted attention from three warships, quickly turned into a huge lion with all sorts of weapons. This was a scene that had never been seen by the star thieves of the asteroid belt.

The empire’s starships didn’t have such a transformation function. Unless it was a legendary, nine star combat card that took multiple nine star beast imprinters to create!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

There was a moment when the star thieves thought they had made it! A nine star combat card was expensive enough to add up to all the assets they had plundered from the asteroid belt over the years. uR8opd

The star thieves headed towards the fat sheep without making a hijacking declaration or threat… only for the lion to launch an attack. Lion Chi grinned, exposing sharp animal teeth. He shook his man and waved his paws on the floor of the starship. As Lion Chi moved, the lion-shaped starship flexibly and smoothly dodged the ion gun attack of the star thieves and then all the equipped weapons precisely locked onto the star thieves’ warships.

There were 180 weapons. They might only be to civilian standards but the combined attack force was amazing. For a time, a variety of lights flashed in the warp channel and there was a very fierce battle.

Chi Lion shook and his eyes were extremely bright. After several laps of jumping and evading, Lion Chi pounced directly on one of the warships. The metal ability covered it and destroyed the central control system, paralyzing the entire warship. The remaining two warships immediately changed their tactics and retreated quickly. Then countless mechanical beasts rushed out of the starship and encircled the lion-shaped starship.

Lion Chi roared and waved his paws. His method of killing created in the apocalypse instantly ripped through the siege of mechanical beasts. The metal ability gathered around the huge lion paws and hit the origin of these mechanical beasts, destroying the patterns imprinted on the mechanical beasts. huUdwD

Once a few beasts staggered, their masters panicked but weren’t quick enough to save their lives. The mechanical beasts melted back to the beast cards and their bodies were exposed to space, killing them instantly. The culprits who caused thousands of bodies to float in space finally suffered the consequences.

They didn’t know what type of opponent they had met even when they died. Such a powerful force caused the remaining warship to turn and flee. However, before it could gain any distance, the giant lion pounced on it and captured the starship. The group of star thieves hiding inside the starship shivered and almost pissed themselves out of fear.

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If they knew how strong this fat lion was, how quickly would they have run away? They should’ve turned back! Still, it was too late. It was too late to get rid of the blood of innocent people on their hands.

Gu Yanzheng sent the alarm once the last warship was destroyed by Chi Jun. The Star Field’s Law Enforcement team was on the way here. The thieves waiting in a panicked state would experience something more terrible than death when exiled from these stars. yVkPec

Meanwhile, the big lion was unable to turn the lion-shaped starship back to a sea urchin and lay on the ground. His metal ability was exhausted and he now had no strength.

Gu Yanzheng reached for his big lion’s head and slowly rubbed it. His dual abilities nourished the energy core that had been depleted of power. The big lion turned his head and stared at Gu Yanzheng with beast eyes. Then a paw patted Gu Yanzheng’s arm and he raised his head to lean it heavily against Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder. He only faced a few starships yet he collapsed…

Meanwhile, the Star Network had a legend about his big ginkgo resisting an insect wave. The contrast was too obvious. The gap was wider than it was in the last world.

The big lion lay his head on Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder and didn’t want to talk. Gu Yanzheng supported his big lion’s head and spoke objectively, “It will take some time to restore your ability to its peak. Don’t worry.” tWb85J

The big lion simply slid down and lay on Gu Yanzheng’s lap. His days of overwhelming Yan Zhengzheng were clearly still far away…

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The big lion yawned, closed his eyes and wanted to dream. Dreaming was beautiful and everything was easy to achieve.

…Gu Yanzheng rubbed his back. Once the big lion slowly turned back into a person, Gu Yanzheng covered his body with clothes and hugged this person.

Gu Yanzheng’s low voice rang in his ears, “Junjun…” DdRf95

Chi Jun opened his eyes, broke free of Gu Yanzheng’s arms and stood up! He pulled at the clothes that were falling from his shoulders and turned to leave. At this same time, his face was burning.

Break up! This man knew that he had righteously rejected this nickname since he was five years old!

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