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Shh, There's a Beast in the Imperial PalaceCh30 - Turning Over the Book for Amusement


There were still some obstacles between different power systems.

Gu Yanzheng’s strong spirit was enough to let him remember the line on the page but after reading a few pages according to his lion’s rhythm, the lines stacked together and made him a bit dizzy. He had to turn away from the sight. The patterns in the books were so complicated that the stroke of each line was as thin as a strand of hair. 6zojV3

However, the little lion sat on the table and stared at the books with relish. From time to time, he would urge Gu Yanzheng to quickly turn the pages.

The thick books were a physical version of the beast cards. For example, the patterns fell layer by layer on the paper, just like when they were originally imprinted on an alloy card. Every page only recorded part of the texture, making it easy for beast imprinters to question and understand. The lines on dozens of pages could be combined to form a complete beast pattern.

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One beast card needed a few beast pattern lines at least and many had more than hundreds of thousands of lines. Therefore, in general, the thousands of pages of a book only recoded a complete high-grade beast card. They were also the high-grade beast cards where the interference patterns had been removed and they were publicly disclosed.

In other words, the standard combat card used by the military would probably have thousands of pages if recorded in this way. If it was the seven star battle card used by the military commanders, it would probably exceed tens of thousands of pages. hebs4L

Of course, the combat power was also very strong. It was equivalent to the large warships that the empire had spent a lot of manpower and material resources on, but consumed far less resources than the warships. This was why senior beast imprinters could enjoy certain privileges. Similarly, it was conceivable that the production of a powerful beast card with more than 10,000 pages would require a lot of energy from the beast imprinter.

Generally speaking, this type of combat card was produced by a combination of seven star beast imprinters. However, even if there was a tacit understanding, it wasn’t the same power system and a combat card produced collaboratively would have some damage to it.

Therefore, the means to simplify the beast patterns, reduce the number of beast imprinters working together to create a combat card and finally, even let a beast imprinter complete a high-grade beast card independently had always been the goals pursued by beast imprinters.

For Chi Jun, the daily battles during the apocalypse allowed him to master precise control of his metal ability and he had an absolute advantage compared to the beast imprinters of this era. Once he looked through these books, the inside of his head started to automatically disassemble the lengthy structure of these beast patterns. Basically, after reading a book, the texture of this beast card was reduced by 20% by him.


Therefore, Chi Jun was happy and instructed his big ginkgo to turn the pages very quickly. Other beast imprinters often pondered on the pages of the books, trying to remember and understand the beast patterns disassembled on the pages.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In terms of frequency, some wouldn’t even turn a page in half a day. The person over there chose dozens of books and flew through them like he was playing while holding a pet. This behaviour was initially scorned by the other beast imprinters.

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Therefore, in the short awards ceremony, the major general’s calm and deep eyes and beautiful, cold face under the military cap made the empire’s people remember him immediately.

The beast imprinters who studied in the beast pattern library were highly motivated and hard-working. It could be said that Major General Yan was the benchmark of their lifelong efforts. Once they saw the person who was reading the book…

What slow reading? Their heart of gossip suddenly burned. This person had been heating up the empire for the past few years with his military merits. Major General Yan, what made him spent a lot of time in the beast pattern library? Was he turning over the books for amusement? In addition, what about the pet with the lion hat?

Major General Yan turned the pages casually while the pet stared at the book on the table with intense eyes. YRa1FW

At the same time, the Star Network once again heated up after being silent for a few days thanks to the major general’s absence. Major General Yan appeared on the Capital Star and suddenly showed the behaviour of an extremely leisurely life. There must be a life-changing event! Moreover, the empire’s people knew that the little prince was very talented in beast imprinting. He had taken over the Royal Beast Card Research Institute when he was 18 years old.

Thus, people thought that Major General Yan making such a move wasn’t unreasonable. Unfortunately, in order to main the royal line, the imperial family had never been monogamous. The major general, if only he could hold on… there were better candidates in the empire for him!

Of course, the people familiar with this matter were disdainful about the gossip. For example, Chen Shu and Song Bohao, the organization that retreated from the outsourcing business and Old Iron who was still building the house.

Half a day later, Lion Chi’s curiosity was greatly satisfied and once he entered the suspension car, he changed back to a person as he wished. Chi Jun was full of high-grade beast patterns and wanted to try it on a few blank alloy cards. T7ptYX

Just then, he received an appointment notice from the Beast Imprinter Certification Centre. The random tester was already in place and he could do the test to become a five star beast imprinter in another half an hour. If he missed this time, he would need to make another appointment.

The two people went to the certification centre again. Chi Jun took out the small bonsai and placed it on his shoulder. Then he waved to the big ginkgo and went inside.

The certification for a five star beast imprinter was very simple. There was no beast pattern library and no need to select 10 beast patterns. It was only necessary to imprint a beast card under the supervision of the tester and the beast card needed to contain a high-grade beast pattern. Three blank alloy cards were provided and they would pass once the mechanical beast was successfully activated.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Similarly, other levels above five stars needed this type of certification. The only difference was the number of beast patterns overlapped on the beast card. This wasn’t difficult for Chi Jun. He had already imprinted so many five star beast cards previously, not to mention there were many public high-grade beast patterns in his head. 9f2lcU

Chi Jun greeted the tester, picked up a blank alloy card and imprinting pen and began. After seeing the rules, Chi Jun chose a beast pattern he had seen in the beast pattern library, which was overlapped on more than a dozen low-grade beast patterns.

Three minutes later, Chi Jun passed the test without a doubt and obtained the badge of a five star imprinter. Of course, it was possible for him to gain another star with his ability. However, Chi Jun felt that five stars was good since it brought a commemorative meaning from the apocalypse.

Chi Jun was just walking out of the test hall when he met someone else who came to take the test. Chi Jun glanced over casually and felt this person was a bit familiar. Coincidentally, it was the person who kept buying his five star beast cards from Chen Shu’s store in order to crack it.

Lin Zimu’s expression also changed when he saw Chi Jun. After the failure of the last commission to pick up this child, he struggled to give a higher price to another organization, requesting the kidnapping of this child. The organization hadn’t found the person for four or five days. Then he went out today and directly encountered the person? Then was that organization seriously looking? QBFkpl

As he felt annoyed by the perfunctory organization, Lin Zimu couldn’t help rushing over to grab for Chi Jun’s arm, blurting out without thinking, “What are you doing here?”

The roughness of the action and the madness in his eyes were obvious.

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Chi Jun stepped back and avoided this hand while a thin as silk wire of metal appeared around Lin Zimu’s neck. On Chi Jun’s shoulder, the small bonsai immediately thew out ginkgo leaves and the sharp edges of the leaves cut at Lin Zimu’s sleeves, almost cutting off his arm.

Chi Jun and Gu Yanzheng were masters who struggled in the apocalypse. They might be peaceful and harmless on the surface but they were savage people who killed countless zombies. JOcQ28

Lin Zimu was stiff and cold.

…He had almost lost his right hand that he was so proud of! In fact, he didn’t realize at all that there was a wire around his neck, ready to take his life at any time.

At this moment, he had a clear understanding of the message he received from the last organization. This young man from the wild star might seem simple but his fighting power shouldn’t be underestimated.

Then the door of the VIP room opened. Gu Yanzheng stared at Lin Zimu with cold eyes before reaching out to Chi Jun. “Go back.” brYJpN

Chi Jun silently took back the wire and walked towards his family’s big ginkgo. It wasn’t until the two people left that Lin Zimu’s face paled and he felt like he had walked away from a giant ghost door. The fact that he had just seen with his own eyes made his heart cold.

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The person around the teenager turned out to be the famous major general of the empire, known for his war exploits. What war exploits? It was killing. Once time, Major General Yan alone killed a wave of zerg who invaded the empire’s territory.

This was his concept, a person who could go against an entire army! Major General Yan was an existence that even the imperial family couldn’t ignore.

It was useless even if Lin Zimu was backed by the little prince… 0xb5eV

Lin Zimu suddenly realized that the major general had never concealed his origins. He was also from a wild star and this boy was likely to have long known the major general. This caused Lin Zimu’s body to tremble even more. When carrying to the certification for a five star beast pattern, don’t talk about imprinting the beast pattern. He couldn’t even hold the pen.

The moment he barely came out of the test hall, he received news from the Royal Beast Card Research Centre.

The monarch butterfly beast card had passed through countless people in the research centre and after studyingit for several days and nights, the first result had been achieved. An interference pattern was cracked and it was in the shape of the ancient character ‘Jun.’

In the words of the Royal Beast Card Research Institute, this word resembled an ancient totem and might contain the original power over metal that people initially mastered in ancient times. However, Lin Zimu’s face was white. qnlLv1

This didn’t look like an interference pattern or a totem, it was more like a signature…

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