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Shh, There's a Beast in the Imperial PalaceCh23 - He was Going to Blow Himself Up Again?!



Gu Yanzheng held his family’s lion, gaze turning slightly to the robot housekeeper with flashing lights. His big lion had been so angry that his ability broke out and he didn’t think of this iron lump… YXALaH

Old Iron shrank back silently when he saw it. His master wanted to reset his data to the factory settings! His data might have problems but he vaguely had a feeling that his current data was free and unrestrained! He must never be restored to the factory settings.

Thus, under Gu Yanzheng’s cold eyes, Old Iron hid in the ruins and he even moved his robotic arms, wanting to drill into the ruins. Gu Yanzheng’s big hand pressed against the head of his little lion and his mouth twitched. “Come back!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The little lion under his chin looked up with a puzzled expression. Gu Yanzheng buried his nose in the hot fur of the little lion and looked at the robot housekeeper who came back silently. “Pick up all the things that had fallen outside.”

Old Iron ran away so frantically that he didn’t even say the established procedure ‘Yes Master.’ 1iYkhf

Lion Chi, “…”

It was better for him and his big ginkgo to have this robot housekeeper rather than the major general. They would be sure to take the robot with them when they ran away!

Gu Yanzheng looked down at his little lion’s ears and the shrewd beast gaze when Chi Jun looked at the robot housekeeper. He reached out and rubbed the lion’s head vigorously before raising a hand towards the ruins on the ground.

Chi Jun retracted his gaze and watched his big ginkgo cleaning up the ruins. They had to flee. What was this person doing? SQRJgt

Then Chi Jun saw the two metres high tree body of Gu Yanzheng emerging from the ruins. The elongated branches protected the entire ruins and all the military uniforms inside were intact. There wasn’t even dust on them.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The little lion placed his paws on Gu Yanzheng’s shoulders and raised his head to look into Gu Yanzheng’s eyes. The major general of the empire calmly looked back.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Then who was more obsessed with uniforms? Chi Jun’s lion paws struck someone’s neck. As the branches stretched out to pack up the uniforms, Gu Yanzheng raised a hand to another place. Then a passage heading underground appeared in front of them.

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The little lion had no doubts about how his big ginkgo found this place. After all, the roots of the big ginkgo were deep underground and the major general’s special room was underground. Gu Yanzheng clasped the little lion’s soft belly with one hand while the other hand touched the head. He waved away the fallen waste along the way and strode into the passage.

Lights turned on when they entered. The building aboveground had collapsed badly because the metal was pulled away but there wasn’t much of a problem underground. It was because the underground building was natural and the main material was wood. It looked very solid.

A bit of surprise flashed through Lion Chi’s head. He inexplicably felt that this architectural style was particularly suitable for his family’s big gingko. After walking through a structure that was almost identical to the ground floor of the house aboveground, they came to a well-furnished bedroom.

The little lion twisted in Gu Yanzheng’s arm and the amber eyes stared at Gu Yanzheng. The neat black major general’s uniform, the military cap, the golden epaulettes and collar… kYx5cj

The image was very cold and the expression was calm.

Lion Chi couldn’t help thinking about the time when they killed countless zombies crossing the city and ran to a five-star hotel. At that time, he had wondered if they were any important materials in the hotel when Gu Yanzheng took him to the big bed of the hotel’s presidential suite.

Therefore, it didn’t matter how dignified and forbidding his family’s ginkgo looked. There was always a wasteful brain that was completely different from the exterior.

The little lion stretched out his paws to cover his face. The violent and depressed mood dissipated. He had to mull over it. rLD3aR

Gu Yanzheng reached out a hand and held the little lion’s paws. Before he could open them, the little lion hurriedly cried out, “Wait, Gu Yanzheng, you wait!”

Gu Yanzheng spoke in a slightly hoarse voice. “Okay.”

He kneaded the small paws while walking to the bedside, branches quickly opening the sealed bed. The beast eyes under the little lion’s paws secretly glanced at the quilt that was placed on the bed by the blankets. He pulled out of Gu Yanzheng’s arms and drilled under the quilt.

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A bulge appeared in the white, fluffy quilt. Outside the quilt, a small brown-yellow tail subconsciously rolled back and forth. The major general reached out and gently pinched and pulled it. The little tail shrank back and then a big bulge appeared in the quilt. Chi Jun’s head popped out halfway. iYEBNg

Gu Yanzheng’s eyes deepened, his jaw tightened and his throat subconsciously moved. He reached out to touch his lion’s head. Among the soft black hair, two round lion’s ears moved in a sensitive manner. It was a very strange feeling. Chi Jun was stunned for a while and the ears on top of his head moved a few times at a high frequency. This action naturally had no sense of violation and was completely part of his body.

By the way… what was this?! Chi Jun hurriedly extended an arm from the quilt but before he could touch the strange lion ears on his head, he was bullied by someone. A hot breath came near his head and a kiss fell on the extra parts of his head.

Gu Yanzheng’s low and deep voice was heard. “Baby, you have two lion ears on your head.”

Chi Jun felt heat running down his head and he instantly caught on fire. Then the lips of the big ginkgo moved along the lion ears down the forehead and nose before covering his lips. j75IMY

The familiar taste invaded his mouth and nose. Chi Jun stopped trying to touch the lion ears and grabbed at Gu Yanzheng’s cap. He moved his hand and threw it onto the pillow. His other hand turned to Gu Yanzheng’s uniform and tightly held someone’s tailored military uniform.

The fit…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The moment this word popped in his mind, he was overwhelmed with heat and emotions. Chi Jun hugged the shoulders of his big ginkgo and couldn’t wait to respond. It was too hot and it really felt like his entire body was on fire.

The fire was also passed to Gu Yanzheng but the sudden uneasiness made him pull back from the edge of collapse. He jerked his head up and looked at the person inside the quilt, the situation causing his heart to tighten. 8tLhr2

Chi Jun with two lion ears had a flushed face. The original black and clear eyes had a faint amber hint and his body temperature was hot.

The gold metal in his body gathered together and there was a tendency to blow himself up!

Gu Yanzheng’s blood stiffened and the scene where Chi Jun blew himself up once again reappeared. The healing power that was a mixture of two systems burst out in an instant, shrouding the quilt in a raging manner and wrapping itself around Chi Jun’s energy core.

“Chi Jun!” KEoWmd

Gu Yanzheng screamed loudly and held Chi Jun’s head in his hand. Chi Jun’s consciousness was boiling and he was confused. He heard Gu Yanzheng’s almost torn call and blinked, speaking in a vague manner.

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Gu Yanzheng hugged this person even more tightly, chin pressed against Chi Jun’s head. He firmly stated, ”Good, don’t sleep and there will be nothing.”

More energy poured into Chi Jun’s body and the energy core of metal power was wrapped up by him. It took a while for Chi Jun to realize that something was wrong with his body.

He was going to blow himself up again? What was going on? fJFETl

Just then, cold liquid penetrated his head. It was very small and from the position where Gu Yanzheng’s chin was pressed against his head. If it wasn’t for his body burning, he probably wouldn’t have noticed.

Chi Jun’s heart hurt. The heat that rose up from the kiss retreated as he thought about Gu Yanzheng’s dismayed and sad face when he exploded. Chi Jun struggled from the quilt and tightly hugged Gu Yanzheng’s waist. Rather than looking up, he buried his face in Gu Yanzheng’s neck and choked out, “I’m sorry…”

Gu Yanzheng listened to these words and his arms tightened, his two abilities flowing even more fiercely into Chi Jun’s body.

In the seven years of the apocalypse, the billions of people in the world had shrunk to less than a billion. Zombies were everywhere and they had all seen life and death. They even calmly discussed who would die first but when it actually happened and this person exploded into ash in front of his eyes, the pain made Gu Yanzheng want to destroy the whole world. No matter what happened, it was the past and Chi Jun’s current situation was the most terrible. My5AG

Gu Yanzheng’s brain quickly analyzed the current situation. This violent burst of energy was different from the previous explosion. That one was attacking others while this was attacking himself. It was due to the aftereffects of the ancestral beast gene and the main cause of the aftereffects should be emotions. The thing that just happened pointed to only one thing. Once his family’s lion became emotional, it would trigger a devastating outbreak of the ancestral beast gene’s aftereffects.

Gu Yanzheng gently hugged the man who had shrunk to a little lion and raised the lion’s chin, staring into the amber eyes. “Before your illness is cured, sex is forbidden.”

Lion Chi snorted and raised his paws to cover Gu Yanzheng’s hand. He buried his head in Gu Yanzheng’s military uniform and grinded his teeth. This person was implying that he was the more unrestrained one!


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