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Shh, There's a Beast in the Imperial PalaceCh17 - Large and Small Pets


The little prince Su Chimo had just laid down when something slammed through the window of his bedroom. He was shocked and sat up on the bed. Then he saw that something dark and sticky had splattered after breaking through the window. He only had time to look at it when a stench broke up. Su Chimo instantly couldn’t breathe and fainted.

Thus, an alarm sounded throughout the palace. Following the disappearance of the last experimental produce, the imperial palace once again entered a state of high security. RTXSnu

However, last time the guards didn’t know what the palace had lost. This time, they knew that some type of smelly and unidentified object had been thrown into the little prince’s room.

At this time, Su Chimo’s face was blue. His exposed skin was wrinkled from all the water. He might’ve taken several baths and sprayed nearly two bottles of perfume but the stench seemed to contaminate his body. Every time he breathed, he felt like the stench was still entering his nose and he was about to vomit.

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At this point, the eyes that the people of the empire called angelic were full of gloom. He had been in a bad mood recently since his father told him that the last clone in the imperial palace was missing. Since his body had used too many genetic drugs, the new set of clones that had been created from his extracted cells all had problems. There was no cell differentiation and it was impossible to raise there.

Therefore, the disappearance of his last clone body meant he would no longer have a safety factor when using genetic drugs to improve his physical and mental strength. His physique and mental strength might always be stuck at the A-grade and his dream of an SSS potential would be impossible. 7keisI

Su Chimo didn’t understand why some people were born with good physical and mental strength. His physical and mental strength had been a poor F-grade and he struggled to reach A-grade. If he could recapture that clone body, increase the experiments, analyze the cause of the beast ancestral gene and solve the side effects…

Or if he grasped Major General Yan, whose physical and mental strength were SSS-grade…

“Your Highness, the unidentified object that fell into your room has undergone testing and analysis. It is soft in texture, simple in composition, doesn’t have the ability to attack and doesn’t adversely affect your body. It isn’t a biological bomb. After removing some soil components, the rest if more like some king of organism after ingesting food. The remaining residue should be caused by indigestion.” The chief guard tried to be euphemistic as he explained the situation.

Su Chimo’s long eyelashes lowered to cover up his eyes. Then he heard the guard’s words and was puzzled. “Residue?” lLAerY

“Yes, Your Highness.”

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Therefore, the guards calculated based on the angle and strength and determined it was excretion that had fallen from a high altitude. No aircraft had been passing over the imperial palace at the moment. The final findings were based on the ingredients of the so-called excrement. oVDcGY

The culprit should be a large flying animal who often ate star squid. In other words, it was a natural disaster. When the bird was passing by, it didn’t intend to excrete the residue of its digestive organs.

The imperial family was always praised by the imperial people for its noble and elegant qualities. It was impossible to pursue responsibility with a flying bird.


Meanwhile, Chi Jun was nestled on the sofa and studying the intermediate alloy card. x8Nf6Y

This type of alloy card was obviously better than the previous low-grade alloy card. The density was higher and the metal components more complicated. Some metal components contained a powerful force that Chi Jun had never touched before when he was on Earth. He felt it was very novel.

His current level of power might be much worse than using the apocalypse but he could still grasp all metal within a few hundred metres. These rare metals containing power obviously wasn’t from the planet he was currently on.

Chi Jun guessed that the metal of this seemingly simple alloy card might come from countless planets. Chi Jun rubbed the alloy card and felt that there was a way to use his metal ability in this world, although using the metal ability in this way was really too delicate. Chi Jun didn’t rush to imprint something on this blank intermediate alloy card. He decided to go to the imperial library tomorrow to first study the high-grade beast patterns.

After carefully putting away the alloy cards, Chi Jun completed some of the five star beast cards that he needed. The patterns were completed and Chi Jun cleaned up before gesturing to Old Iron whose lights were flashing. hw9HCs

Old Iron slipped over. “Master.”

Chi Jun leaned against Bonsai Gu standing at the edge of the sofa and spoke while touching the branches of the bonsai. “Old Iron, can you contact your family’s major general?”

Old Iron quickly nodded his round head. The second master had finally remembered to contact the major general! Chi Jun played with the ginkgo branches while bowing his head near Old Iron. “Can you help me send a message to the major general?”

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“Master, please say it.” Old Iron was very excited and his lights flashed rhythmically. Therefore, the bonsai standing next to Chi Jun and the major general who just started the return journey heard the message that the robot housekeeper had forwarded. dgflGN

“Major General, can I ask if you need a gardener? I’m handsome, hardworking, don’t speak much and very intelligent.”

Gu Yanzheng looked at the words that contained a strong personal style and moved to pat his big lion. Then he returned a message to the robot housekeeper. “No need.”

Chi Jun tried to judge the character of the major general from the simple and powerful reply. Then he had the robot housekeeper send another message.

“Mr Major General, do you need a driver? It doesn’t matter where you want to go or how high you want to fly.” Kxz972

Gu Yanzheng smiled and replied again, “No.”

This lion couldn’t open the suspension car. What was a driver? Was he relying on his ability? Chi Jun was poked by the dry response that Old Iron passed along and turned to the bonsai standing next to him.  “This major general has too few words.”

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Bonsai Gu, “…”

Chi Jun turned his head and had Old Iron send a message again. a8XAoP

“Mr Major General, do you need a bodyguard? I can use guns and block guns.”

Gu Yanzheng saw this sentence and his mouth twitched. He had to keep his family’s lion at home, doing nothing but playing with the tree son and imprinting beast cards. Wanting to block a gun? Dream on!

Once again, Major General Yan responded simply. “No need!”

Chi Jun grabbed the ginkgo branch and was worried. It was estimated that he would be kicked out when the major general came back. Thus, Chi Jun racked his brains. onNzw8

“Mr Major General, do you need a large or small pet? Soft and fluffy, can shoot but can’t touch.”

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Gu Yanzheng, “…”

Yes, there was still a final bottom line. Don’t sell your beast form to an unknown person. Chi Jun waited a long time. Just as he thought the major general was shaken, he received a response. “No.”

Chi Jun was really stunned and wrapped the ginkgo branch around his palm. IoLGbv

“Mr Major General, then what do you need?”

This time, Gu Yanzheng thought about it seriously and gave a very solemn reply. Chi Jun looked at the message that Old Iron passed over and blinked. “Mrs Major General?!”

Chi Jun let out two screams before standing up. One month should be enough for him to dig out the big ginkgo. “Old Iron, find me 20 shovels.”


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