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What Should I Do if the School Bully is Interested in MeCh82 - Dad Said He Wants to Hold His Grandson This Year


On Saturday, after Ji Liao sent the address to Jiang Qi, he led Meng Yao Yao out of the house.

Confused, Meng Yao Yao grabbed her small bag and followed. “Where are we going?” Being quite down recently, she had not been in the mood to go out. She had even less desire to be the third wheel and eat dog food. izud9E

Ji Liao said, “The Jiejie that previously saved you turned out to be He Cheng Ming’s sister-in-law. She wants to meet you.”

He didn’t mention psychological guidance as it might be a sensitive subject, so he treated it as going out to make a new friend. It was a good way to relieve their boredom as well.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Jiang Qi Jiejie?” Meng Yao Yao turned her head to seek confirmation and she seemed to be in high spirits.

She remembered that Jiejie. When she had saved her, she was valiant and beat Gao Sheng up until he was scared to bits. It was really cool! HIn kg

Ji Liao saw her interest and his tone became lively. “Yes, that’s her.”

Meng Yao Yao had helped him countless times, so he wanted to help Meng Yao Yao in whatever he could. Good girls shouldn’t have to bear any suffering.

The two of them reached the entrance of the community and before long, they heard the engine of a motorcycle. A modified version of a Harley-Davidson stopped in front of them.

The owner’s long legs touched the ground and she took off her safety helmet, then smiled brightly at Ji Liao. “Didi, we meet again.” Nearby, Meng Yao Yao screamed like a fangirl, “Jiang Qi Jiejie! Is this your motorcycle?!”


God knew how much she loved the other girl’s motorcycle. The overall shape was domineering, the contours were fashionable and sleek, and the sound was aggressive. It must be crazily exciting to ride!

“Yes, how is it? Cool right?!” Jiang Qi patted the head of her precious motorcycle.

Meng Yao Yao nodded, a look of yearning on her face. “It’s fantastic!”

Actually, she loved extreme sports. She liked the liveliness, the fervour and the feel of her blood boiling. But Meng Yuan had always treated her like a princess. In order not to disappoint him, she could only continue acting like a princess and squashed her wild inner feelings. Occasionally, she listened to rock music and carefully maintained her real interests. 4BCO6G

The girl looked quiet and gentle. Jiang Qi hadn’t expected her interests to be so full of life and as cool as hers!

“Let’s go. Jiejie will bring you for a ride.” She hadn’t forgotten that the true purpose of today was to resolve the other girl’s depressed psychological state.

Jiang Qi helped Meng Yao Yao to put on the safety helmet and indicated for her to sit.

Ji Liao was a little worried and felt that it was dangerous. His appearance of wanting to say something, then hesitating, made Jiang Qi’s heart itch. As expected, it was still the little milk dog that was adorable. Besides knowing how to kiss, He Mu Sheng that old man was really uninteresting! 8cDK0d

He asked her to move in, but in the end, wasn’t he working late every day and not home? Was he trying to fool her?!

Thinking of He Mu Sheng, Jiang Qi felt herself simmering with rage and she twisted the throttle fiercely. The motorcycle let out a roaring sound and she assured Ji Liao, “Jiejie has a licence. Don’t worry.”

She sped off.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Leaving Ji Liao dishevelled. sXoQW2

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“Qtfc vlv sbe ufa lc abemt klat tfg jujlc?” Lf Jtfcu Zlcu kjr rilutais ectjqqs jcv defralbcfv tlw.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

He had gone behind his back to meet Jiang Qi secretly!

Ji Liao was panicky. “That’s not important. First, call your brother to ask him.” YId3UW

Recently, He Mu Sheng had been dealing with matters following He Yue Jin giving up his position. After the announcement, the He group shares had been affected, so he was making a great effort in the discussions of a new project. If the project was successful, the national popularity of the He group would reach the next level.

Due to this, he had already been working late for three to four days and today was the finalization date.

When he received He Cheng Ming’s call, he had just finished signing the contract. Hearing that Jiang Qi had again gone to meet Ji Liao, he was very unhappy and said, “What’s the matter with you? Can’t control your wife?”

He Cheng Ming laughed. He finally understood how Ji Liao had felt earlier and realised that he and his brother’s mode of thinking were the same. VItkYl

“Ge, you’re a president. Can you focus on the main point?”

He Mu Sheng handed the contract over to the secretary for filing, then went to his office to get his coat and prepared to leave. “Yes, she won first place in the amateur motorcycle championship.”

This what was he had found out after looking at Jiang Qi’s information. She had been studying abroad for three years. Besides studying, her hobby was motorcycles. Occasionally, she would do some freelance work on the runway and most probably encountered many muscular hunks, who were very different from the little milk dogs that she liked.

So the boy that Jiang Qi mentioned the other day that she liked was probably Ji Liao. Bn5TrX

He Mu Sheng hung up the phone and went to his car in the parking lot.

Jiang Qi increased the speed to 120km/h, the motorcycle flying along the shoreline and the strong wind whizzed past. Meng Yao Yao hugged her waist tightly, both afraid and delighted.

“Hold tight.”

Jiang Qi was enjoying herself immensely and accelerated to 160km/h. Meng Yao Yao felt like she was about to fly and cried out happily. The anxiety and gloominess of the past few days were thrown to the back of her mind leaving only the clear sense of freedom and an intense heartbeat. LVdxsv


She was happy and felt her horizons broaden. There was no place for unimportant little things.

Jiang Qi gradually slowed down and stopped by the side of the road. She saw a small shop beside the road and went over to buy two popsicles. After giving one to Meng Yao Yao, they leaned against the sea wall while they ate.

In front of them was the deep blue sea, the surface sparkling under the scorching sun and the waves overlapping, the sound of which was surprisingly calming. Opf18H

Jiang Qi said, “Your name is Yao Yao, right?”

Meng Yao Yao nodded quickly. Jiang Qi was practically like an idol to her now.

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“Ji Liao said that you’ve been in a bad mood recently. Is it because of what happened last time?” Meng Yao Yao bit her lip. “A little bit. I’m afraid.”

Especially during the nights, she would be unable to sleep and always felt very disgusted. Although she didn’t get the worst of it, the moment during which he tore her clothes had left a deep impression on her. CsF9qy

Jiang Qi took a bite of her popsicle and asked, “How about now? Do you feel better?”

Unhappy matters accumulating in the heart would form a kind of imprisonment which could be set free with appropriate de-stressors.

“Yes, a lot more relaxed.”

Meng Yao Yao stood on tiptoe and took a deep breath. The salty scent of the sea breeze made its way into her nose. LWAxh7

Jiang Qi suggested to her, “If you have time, you can learn some self-defence skills.”

Father Jiang had let her learn Taekwondo when she was young and said that in this way, she could protect herself when she grew up. Unexpectedly, it had led her down the path of no return towards that of a heroine. As a result, she felt that she wasn’t a good match for He Mu Sheng. There had been various instances of financial imbalance and assentation. Two days ago, he’d even had her “kidnapped” and sent over.

It was really terrible.

Just when she was thinking about He Mu Sheng, he called and asked right to the point, “Why aren’t you at home?” Jiang Qi was startled. “Are you back?” jU5dKL

The man hummed and ordered, “Come back immediately. I want to see you within half an hour.”

Such an overbearing tone of a president. Jiang Qi rolled her eyes and replied, “Sure, wait.” She hung up the phone. Beside her, Meng Yao Yao said, “Do you need to go back?!”

Jiang Qi waved a hand. “Don’t worry.”

Men couldn’t be spoiled or they would really think they were emperors. OAiy0t

Meng Yao Yao didn’t say anything. She used her phone to take a photo with Jiang Qi and exchanged WeChat contacts with her, thinking that she could go for a ride with her another time. She liked this Jiejie — it was a worship kind of like.

The two of them chatted randomly and discovered that they shared many interests. So they found a coffee place and had their afternoon tea.

In the evening, Jiang Qi sent Meng Yao Yao back to the community, then went home. Oh, no, it was He Mu Sheng’s home.

At this time, it had been three hours since He Mu Sheng had called her. 9 I5QM

Jiang Qi arched her back and opened the door to find that there seemed to be no one at home.

Throwing her keys aside, she felt tired and decided to go to the room to lie down. In the end, just as her bottom touched the bed, the bathroom door opened and He Mu Sheng emerged with his upper body bare and a white bath towel around his waist.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Jiang Qi turned away immediately. She was still a young lady without any sexual experience! What did this old man want?!

“Why are you in my room?!” In order not to share a bed with him, she had deliberately stayed in the other bedroom! Ri4Vdh

He Mu Sheng laughed contentedly and walked over to lock the door, his actions smooth.

Under his blazing eyes, Jiang Qi was unable to escape his scrutiny and retreated back. Her palm touched a wallet. Turning her head to look, she saw that it was her wallet from high school.

Her heart thumped.

He Mu Sheng had already started walking towards her. The man was tall and handsome, the type that was slender when clothed but brawny in the buff. The visual impact was so strong that Jiang Qi couldn’t help but swallow. wXY1S

“Dad wants a grandson.”

While saying that, he knelt beside Jiang Qi and pushed her down onto the bed.

Jiang Qi was stunned. “Whose dad? Yours or mine?”

He Mu Sheng let out a soft rumble of laughter. He put a large hand on her waist and said in a hoarse voice, “My dad.” kM3chm

Jiang Qi resisted for a moment but unable to compete with the strength of a man, she was quickly subdued. Panting, she looked at the wallet next to her. Inside hid a secret.

In its dark folds was a photo of He Mu Sheng.

She had actually liked He Mu Sheng before, but at that time, he had a girlfriend. She didn’t dare to bother him and silently kept his photo in her wallet. Later, He Mu Sheng had come to her for the arranged marriage and she agreed with a tiny bit of hope in her heart. But after waiting for over a year, there was no progress.

She had truly wanted to divorce He Mu Sheng because she didn’t want to wait any longer. 79Tnrd

It was also true that she liked little milk dogs. But didn’t the beauty of love lie in the fact that it didn’t have standards and types?

Afterwards, the man held her waist. Jiang Qi’s face was scarlet and she asked stiffly, “Did you see it? That photo.” He Mu Sheng swallowed and he hummed with a muffled, hoarse voice.

Jiang Qi was so embarrassed that she wanted to flee but her waist was held tightly by the man. He Mu Sheng leaned over to kiss her and said, “You’re the woman who best knows how to play hard-to-get.”

Jiang Qi blushed, not daring to say a word. She did use a strategy to force him. v6e Zi

“However, I congratulate you, Ms. Jiang. You’ve caught me.”

He Mu Sheng was open and candid. Like was like. If he didn’t like someone, they didn’t have a chance to enter his bed.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Pulling the blanket over their heads, he once again turned his body to hold Jiang Qi down and said flirtatiously, “Dad said he wants to hold his grandson this year.”

Jiang Qi the next day: “He Mu Sheng, you’re fucking inhuman!! My A4 waist is going to break!” CbtXyw

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  1. the brother are sooo similar and i feel like even tho their relationship wasnt that bad to begin with i feels like they got closer .

  2. I kinda like their pairing. I’m glad HMS found that wallet with his picture inside. I’m also glad that she didn’t go back right away as he ordered her to. He can bring stability and maturity to her life and she can bring liveliness and laughter to his.