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What Should I Do if the School Bully is Interested in MeCh62 - Still Don’t Think It Was Ugly Enough, Is That It?


Back in the room, He Cheng Ming beckoned him to start another game.

After Li Si Ran came in, she sat aside and started chatting with her friend on WeChat, asking her if she knew what kind of connections Gu Ming Ren had. She wasn’t knowledgeable in this and knew nothing besides being able to see that he was well-dressed and had aristocratic traits. oX 8e4

Her friend quickly replied with a row of exclamation marks, and in an outburst, told her that he was a figure at the top of the pyramid, belonging to a really powerful family and not at the same level as a rich second generation like Lin Jiang!

If she could pair up with Gu Ming Ren, she wouldn’t have to do anything else in her life and just try her best to be extravagant.

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It was like a pheasant transforming into a phoenix, reaching the sky in a single flight.

Li Si Ran’s eyes widened and she gripped her phone, shaking uncontrollably. She hadn’t expected to inadvertently hook such a big fish! 0pCM3

Her gaze turned toward Gu Ming Ren who was standing upright. His thin lips were slightly pursed and on the high bridge of his nose, a pair of gold-framed glasses were perched, unable to cover his fierce and enchanting eyes. Li Si Ran seemed to be bewitched by those bright eyes and her heart thumped violently, almost as if she had fallen in love without hesitation.

Gu Ming Ren held the cue in his hand and sensed an intense gaze on him. He looked up and finding that Lin Jiang’s idiotic girlfriend was gazing at him with starry-eyed infatuation, he felt an inevitable sense of irony.

Then, he curved his lips expressionlessly.

This move left Li Si Ran with unlimited wild thoughts, even wanting to break up with Lin Jiang immediately to pursue the person in front of her.


In the end, a shred of reason pulled her back. After calming down, Li Si Ran decided to wait. She didn’t want to be in the position of not picking up the watermelon and also losing the seed.

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When she came in earlier, she hadn’t closed the door, leaving about a twenty-centimetre gap. He Yue Jin and Zhao Mei Lan stood nearby. From their point of view, they could clearly see He Cheng Ming with his arm around Ji Liao, with his chin propped on his shoulder in a happy mood. From time to time, he even bit the other boy’s ear, looking extremely intimate. Something was said, making He Cheng Ming suddenly burst into laughter and Li Jiao glared at him with bulging cheeks.

This was already beyond the interaction of normal friends.

Zhao Mei Lan felt like she had been struck by lightning and wanted to rush over immediately to separate them, but was stopped by He Yue Jin. InBTpL

She trembled and saw the imposing man call over his assistant, telling him to check on Ji Liao’s background and how many rooms He Cheng Ming had booked yesterday.

Zhao Mei Lan unconsciously tried to stop him. “Yue Jin.”

The man turned, giving her a look that offered no room for comment and those fierce eyes made Zhao Mei Lan step back in fear.

He Yue Jin had an indifferent expression which did not reveal happiness or anger. His gaze stayed at the ring on his son’s finger for a few seconds, then he strode away. 6710VS

He was waiting for a result. If He Cheng Ming was just playing with men, he didn’t mind and even felt that the boy was only following his nature, as one should not waste their youth. Contrary to what one might expect, each generation was better than the previous.

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But if he wanted to smear the He family name, then it wasn’t the same.

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Itjb Zfl Ojc kjr nfgs uelias jcv wjvf tlw j meq bo afj. yAREQC

The mobile phone on the table rang suddenly. She glanced over and saw that the call notification showed a woman’s English name.

He Yue Jin picked it up, got up and walked aside, deliberately avoiding her before he answered the call. Zhao Mei Lan looked at his expression and seeing the indulgent look on his face, she knew that it must be the perfume vixen from before!

She immediately panicked and her fingernails dug into her palms. Now, He Cheng Ming had become her only way out.

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Zhao Mei Lan turned to leave the room, then went straight to the place where they were previously playing pool. Finding it empty, she immediately asked someone to check He Cheng Ming’s room number and getting the universal card key, she opened the room door. W5OBon

When she looked in, she saw Ji Liao snuggled in her son’s embrace, the two of them having fun gaming.

Zhao Mei Lan’s eyes were red with anger. She walked over to pull Ji Liao up and scolded, “You shameless thing! You could be a normal man but you had to become a vixen who’s neither male nor female.”

Seeing this, He Cheng Ming immediately grabbed her wrist, pushing her away fiercely and covering Ji Liao’s ears.

The words were too harsh and he didn’t want Ji Liao to hear it. IjQW1u

Zhao Mei Lan collapsed pitifully on the floor and started crying, disregarding her image. She complained sullenly to He Cheng Ming, “Xiao Ming, can you help Mom? Your father has some other woman outside. If you also leave, Mom will really have nothing.”

As if she had suffered serious harm, she cried bitterly.

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This display made He Cheng Ming hesitate for a moment. “Then divorce him.”

Zhao Mei Lan stopped her tears, looked at him incredulously and exclaimed, “How can I? If I divorce your father, what will you do? What about your future? You know Mom did it all for you.” DStl8W

With that, her gaze shifted to Ji Liao, expressing deep resentment. If it wasn’t for this vixen, her son would always be outstanding. He would grow up outstanding and become an outstanding successor. He was to be blamed for everything, this thing that was neither male nor female!

Zhao Mei Lan fixed a death glare on Ji Liao. Then she stood and with a raised hand, rushed forward without warning.

There was a “smack” sound. He Cheng Ming had taken a step forward to block him and was slapped till his head was turned aside.

Zhao Mei Lan only felt her palm burning. When she looked up, she saw that she had actually hit her own son! Immediately feeling a heartache, she cried out, “Xiao Ming! Why are you so stupid?!” nCLgXH

She wanted to move closer to check on him but was blocked by Ji Liao’s body.

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When he heard that smack, his ears rang, showing how much strength she had used.

Ji Liao’s eyes were wet seeing He Cheng Ming’s red face. There were even areas in his skin where sharp fingernails had sliced open, leaving long and thin bloodstains.

Ji Liao quickly took tissue paper for him to wipe. He Cheng Ming took his hand and seeing his distressed expression, he said with a smile, “It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt.” Y12RM9

This scene sorely hurt Zhao Mei Lan’s eyes. Wasn’t this acting like she didn’t exist?!

She went up again and grabbed Ji Liao’s arm forcefully, not wanting the boy to break away from her easily. The person she had always thought was weak and easily bullied suddenly became serious and angry. Ji Liao looked at her and felt that she was being too much.

“Auntie, please go out.” He was already being very polite.

Zhao Mei Lan felt his words were ridiculous and asked him, “Do you know whose property this is?! The whole ferry is mine. You’re asking me to go out?!” PoxDH1

Her expression showed disdain and she felt that Ji Liao was a fool.

“Auntie, according to the rights and interests of customers, I have already rented the right to use this room. Without consent, no one else has the right to enter. I can report this to the police right now.”

With attention to detail, Ji Liao recited the rules of customer rights and interests from a political textbook, intimidating her for a moment.

Of course, she wasn’t afraid of Ji Liao reporting it to the police, but of making a bigger fuss about the matter. He Yue Jin was now still calm, making her very uneasy. 7zHkUb

But Ji Liao’s words had a very obvious loophole. After a slight pause from Zhao Mei Lan, she mocked, “Ah, did you rent it? I’ll tell you, even if you went through your entire family’s fortune, you wouldn’t be able to get onto this ferry. What customer rights and interests are you talking about and who are you trying to scare?!”

Ji Liao didn’t know how to argue and was blocked in an instant. He looked frustrated but unable to vent and He Cheng Ming wanted to laugh but immediately restrained himself. Then he stepped up and said coldly, “I rented it. You can get out.”

This son was going to be the death of her! Helping the vixen to speak out!

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“Xiao Ming, I’m your mother!” She attempted to bring him to his senses. wYEmdu

He Cheng Ming was annoyed and without saying anything, he held her arm dragging her out forcefully. Zhao Mei Lan resisted desperately but was still thrown outside the door. Seeing him slam the door, she took out the master card but found that the safety chain was used to secure the door from inside.

Zhao Mei Lan was about to bang on the door when she heard a stern voice behind her. “Still don’t think it was ugly enough, is that it?”

She turned and saw He Yue Jin’s tight expression. Her legs weakened instantly and she fell to the ground.

He Yue Jin ordered his assistant to bring her back to the room. cmQSNP

Ten minutes ago, Ji Liao’s information had been sent to his desk.

As it turned out, he was Ji Qing Wen’s son. He still had some impression of Ji Qing Wen and remembered that he was a very hard-working man who did things in a very steadfast manner. At first, he had thought quite highly of him and even offered to help him study architecture abroad. But the offer was refused because he didn’t want to be apart from his wife and child.

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At that time, he felt that this man wouldn’t amount to anything.

Later when the accident happened, he didn’t want that call to have been from Zhao Mei Lan because her son liked the man’s son. 26PKT8

He Yue Jin had also just found that out that stupid woman had secretly asked a doctor to dispense medicine for his son! It had almost made his gifted son a fool and it had been concealed from him for three years. It was such a disaster.

Compared to Ji Liao, his gifted son had behaved beyond his expectations.

According to the data, He Cheng Ming had been in touch with the stock market for a year. With half a year of manipulation and He Mu Sheng’s support, they had made a profit of nearly a hundred million yuan as of yesterday. This was all through He Mu Sheng’s private account.

It seemed like his older son would be amazing with a single feat the moment he tried. GlHKs6

With the two of them joining hands, they unexpectedly gave him a sense of fear.

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He Yue Jin was past fifty and his eyes had been muddied by the business world, but they were still bright.

He motioned to his bodyguard to knock on the door.

Inside, He Cheng Ming sat on the sofa while Ji Liao gently wiped the five-fingered slap mark on his face carefully with a moist towel. Pd8j2Q

At the same time blaming him verbally, “Why did you help me block it?”

He Cheng Ming smiled sloppily, saying without a hint of seriousness, “How could I willingly allow you to suffer such pain, baby? Hubby would feel such heartache.”

In anger, Ji Liao pressed down hard and He Cheng Ming hissed, taking in a breath of cold air. It scared Ji Liao who quickly came closer to blow on the wound. He Cheng Ming took the opportunity to encircle him, placing him on his legs while teasing him gently, “Look at you. Why do you need to do that? In the end, doesn’t it hurt your own heart?”

Ji Liao felt helplessly injured but seeing the boy’s red face, he couldn’t bear to blame him. He decided to let it be and find another chance for revenge the next time. C UTnZ

Right then, there was a knock at the door. The bodyguard at the door said, “Second young master, the president is looking for you.”

Hearing this, He Cheng Ming immediately restrained himself from any facial expression and asked Ji Liao to stay in the room. Then, he got up and undid the safety chain.

He leaned against the door with an indifferent expression, meeting He Yue Jin’s unfathomable eyes. With a look, he knew that the man had found out.

Unfortunately, it was already too late. iQm9gB

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