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What Should I Do if the School Bully is Interested in MeCh37 - That’s My Life


Mindlessly, they had walked to the business district. Because of the festivities, it was decorated in vibrant colours and cheerful Christmas songs were playing on a loop.

There was a girl with a Santa hat handing out leaflets to passers-by, saying, “There will be artificial snowfall at eight tonight in the business centre. If interested, you can read about it.” K8uEeY

Ji Liao and He Cheng Ming were handed a leaflet. The girl’s eyes brightened, her smile became sweeter and she added, “It’s great for couples to watch together!”

Ji Liao’s face was slightly red as he took the leaflet silently. Examining it, he memorised the time and place.

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Their city was near the South Coast and it almost never snowed. Even if it was colder than usual, there was only frost, so it was quite rare.

However, He Cheng Ming’s mind was not on this at all. He had been thinking about Ji Liao’s previous jealousy, deducing that the reason must be because he didn’t give him the flowers. But in actuality, he was afraid that he would freeze. Holding onto the flowers, his hands would be chilled compared to how comfortable they would be shoved into his pockets. 2wJBSb

So now, he wanted to buy a gift for Ji Liao to express his love.

Looking at the shopping guide map, he pulled him to the second floor.

Men’s wear section.

He Cheng Ming visited several trendy brands. Ji Liao thought that he wanted to buy clothes and even gave some advice. But in the end, he kept quiet. WSo0eQ

This was not the kind of price range he could be picky about.

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Although he already knew that the other boy’s family had money, when it became a specific number in front of him, it was extremely pretentious.

“Do you like it?” He Cheng Ming asked him.

Ji Liao froze. Was it for him? 1mFJHi

He quickly shook his head. “No.”

He Cheng Ming hugged his waist and said with a smile, “This is my brother’s brand. Don’t help him save money.”

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Ji Liao had a suspicious expression on his face. His brother’s shop again? What was the matter with his brother, opening a restaurant beside the school and a trendy brand in the business centre? Was it such a casual thing to straddle industries?

“Gbc’a vfmflnf wf.” Lf ogbkcfv, offilcu jr atbeut tf kjr yflcu qijsfv. UNaenc

Lf Jtfcu Zlcu ofia gfjiis juuglfnfv. Vfflcu atja Al Oljb vlvc’a yfilfnf tlw, tf kfca ragjluta ab atf rabgf wjcjufg lc-mtjguf. “Pr ws ygbatfg lc abvjs?”

Ktf rabgf wjcjufg tjv wfa atf rfmbcv mtliv bo atf Lf ojwlis rfnfgji alwfr jcv cbvvfv joafg gfmbuclrlcu tlw. “Lf’r tfgf yea lc atf rabgfgbbw. Pr atf rfmbcv sbecu wjrafg ibbxlcu obg tlw?”

When Ji Liao saw this, he realised it was true and was about to stop him when he heard He Cheng Ming say, “Help me call for him.”

The store manager immediately tasked a salesgirl to do it, and Ji Liao swallowed his words. ajiEfd

“Your brother, then, I,” He was in a panic. He never expected to meet one of his family members.

“It’s okay. My brother knows.” He Cheng Ming took his hand as if he was making a vow, which made him feel slightly more at ease.

It wasn’t long before He Mu Sheng arrived. He was about thirty years old, handsome and tall with deep features. He wore a tailored suit, just like the British aristocrats of the last century.

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He Cheng Ming called out to him “Ge,” then introduced them to each other, “This is Ji Liao.” uDVRWE

Ji Liao was too nervous and just stared blankly. He Cheng Ming reminded him softly, “Call him Da Ge.”

Ji Liao unconsciously obeyed and said, “Da Ge.” After that, he wanted to bite his tongue off.

When He Cheng Ming heard, he laughed loudly and pinched Ji Liao’s face. He was so adorable.

The man looked at He Cheng Ming’s smile and raised his eyebrows. Usually at home, his expression was never even half as good — but now in front of Ji Liao, he was laughing so happily. uTwL20

He shifted his gaze to the fair and clean youth, and as his eyes swept over him, he felt nothing special about him.

“Why are you looking for me?” He Mu Sheng spoke in an indifferent tone.

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He Cheng Ming replied with a question, “Why, do I need a reason to see my big brother?”

If he had known that he would be called over just to prove something to Ji Liao, He Cheng Ming would have been taught a lesson. IKLXZR

Although this big brother did not share the same mother with him, the relationship between the two of them was all right.

Especially three years ago when his brother had helped him.

The man sneered, obviously not believing in He Cheng Ming’s pretext but not pursuing it either. He looked at his wristwatch and asked, “Let’s eat together?”

When he said this, his eyes were on Ji Liao. vSpgId

Ji Liao was frightened by his meticulous and serious expression; he swallowed and didn’t dare to reply.

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He Cheng Ming gave a “tsk” sound and stood in front of him protectively, frowning, “Can you not put on that face? You’ll scare people, you know?!”

He Mu Sheng was speechless. Although he grumbled, “How impudent,” he coughed twice uneasily and his facial expression wasn’t as stiff as before. He Cheng Ming was satisfied and asked him where he wanted to eat.

He was still in school. Although he had a lot of pocket money, it was nothing compared to He Mu Sheng. With the “take whatever you can get” attitude, he didn’t reject the offer. YBJG3E

Ji Liao was unable to say anything and could only follow the brothers with his head down.

The three of them went to a Chinese restaurant, which wasn’t cheap.

Ji Liao behaved well and listened to the two of them making arrangements. When he sat down and felt He Mu Sheng’s gaze stop on him, he smiled at the man awkwardly.

He Mu Sheng nodded slightly without any expression on his face. JEDAB6

In fact, the two brothers were very similar: both were cold.

It wasn’t long before the dishes were served, and He Cheng Ming introduced them to Ji Liao one by one, talking and laughing. He seemed to have become a boy in love, which He Mu Sheng was both surprised and envious towards.

In a flash, he was already thirty.

In the past, he once had a similar opportunity. Unfortunately, he was unable to marry his beloved and was forced to break up. He was the sacrificial lamb of the family and had married someone whose family was equally powerful. This was the price of being an heir. cmVpg7

So three years ago, when He Cheng Ming begged for his help, he had helped.

Something he couldn’t achieve for himself, he hoped that his younger brother could get it in his place…

After a simple meal, He Mu Sheng went to settle the bill. Before leaving, he attracted He Cheng Ming’s attention and said some heartfelt words, “He seems like a good boy. Think carefully and make sure you don’t hurt him when the time comes.”

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In a family like theirs, it was easy to take care of a lover, but difficult to acknowledge their identity. Yrz9UI

He Cheng Ming turned resolute and nodded. “I know. Don’t worry.”

He had been persistent for three years and couldn’t possibly give up.

He Mu Sheng was reassured and looked at Ji Liao again. He thought that this youth was too soft, and with He Cheng Ming’s arrogant attitude, he wasn’t sure if he would bully him. So he added, “You should be more restrained. Don’t injure him.”

He Cheng Ming was stunned at first before realising that his brother had said something vulgar. Why did everyone think he couldn’t be trusted? RZtMbo

“Do I need you to say it? That’s my life!”

When Ji Liao walked over, he heard this and his heart shook. He Mu Sheng left and He Cheng Ming went to the store to collect the clothes.

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There were two hoodies of different sizes, which he carried with joy and would treat them as a couple set.

The two of them waited until eight that night. The business centre was full of people and artificial snowflakes fluttered down; their surroundings were filled with cheers, accompanied by Christmas carols. HZzGlQ

Ji Liao looked at the person beside him and asked, “Will you always like me?”

He Cheng Ming replied without thinking, “Of course.”

Ji Liao kissed him. “Me too.”


Translator's Note

Big brother

Translator's Note

没大没小 literally reads as no big no small, but means not showing respect for an elder.

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  1. Wait, im confused. Does HCM remember everything now? he remembers that he is responsible for JL’s dad dying, but does he remember that JL pushed him down that hill? If he remembers being ‘persistent for 3 years’, doesnt he remember bullying JL severely enough for JL to try to maim him? Is he deciding that the bullying and the pushing down the hill cancel eachother out, and theyre just dating now?Does he remember his parents, and he’s just cold to them? Cause he remembers an incident from 3 years ago that his older brother helped him with

  2. oh damn lol disregard my comment, i have ABSOLUTELY mixed up sbim with fdasp hahaha