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What Should I Do if the School Bully is Interested in MeCh34 - Come on, Your Boyfriend Will Carry You


The basketball match went on as scheduled.

Ji Liao was class twelve’s representative in drawing lots, and unfortunately, he drew class six. He sensed a storm brewing between the two opposing groups. mpV4QC

When he came back, he saw Chen Li Wen and Li You Xin trembling and close to crying on each other’s shoulders.

Though Gao Sheng wasn’t in the match, class six was notorious for playing dirty, so they were still worried that class six would take the opportunity to retaliate during the match. They urged Ji Liao to be careful and put safety first before anything else.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

In the audience, Lin Jiang was chatting continuously with He Cheng Ming. “That group of scum from class six are especially fond of dirty tricks. I think it’ll be quite dangerous for class twelve.”

He Cheng Ming gave him the side-eye, meaning for him to shut his mouth. 6EVH1o

Gu Ming Ren witnessed this scene just as he came over and sat between the two of them unhappily. Ever since he forcefully kissed Lin Jiang in the cinema at that time, Lin Jiang hadn’t shown him a good attitude. Lin Jiang felt that Gu Ming Ren must be sick, wanting to compete in everything with He Cheng Ming. He Cheng Ming engaged in homosexual practices, so he had to so as well. If he wanted to, then fine. But why did Gu Ming Ren have to involve him? He wasn’t gay!

Damn it. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became, so he simply got up and walked away. His eyes scanned the surroundings and landed on class six’s Meng Yao Yao.

She was being harassed by Gao Sheng, and upon seeing Lin Jiang coming over, she quickly signalled for help.

Lin Jiang struck a heroic pose and stopped in front of Meng Yao Yao. “Oh, Sheng Ge, you haven’t recovered from your injury.”


His tone was full of sarcasm, reminding Gao Sheng not to forget the pain even after the wound healed.

Gao Sheng lifted his head and recognised He Cheng Ming’s follower. He thought how unlucky he was and gloomily returned to his seat.

Meng Yao Yao flashed Lin Jiang a smile of gratitude.

The smile was so devastating that dumb-straight-guy Lin Jiang was embarrassed and his heart pounded. Ug50BG

Gu Ming Ren’s eyes reddened at this sight, and he crushed the mineral water bottle in his hand.

He Cheng Ming saw enough and patted him on the shoulder. He forced a laugh and said in a consoling manner, “It’s tough.”

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Then he got up with a bottle of water in his own hand, walked to the court, and in front of everybody, gave it to Ji Liao.

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Ji Liao was almost frightened to death by her. He accepted He Cheng Ming’s water and gulped down two mouthfuls to calm himself, then asked him to hurry back to his seat. There was still a teacher there!

“You little thing with no conscience,” He Cheng Ming said with a “ha,” then deliberately passed by the class six players, giving each of them a warning look, as if to say, whoever dared to make any dirty moves later, don’t blame him for his impoliteness.

The three boys from class six swallowed and looked at each other. QvktH3

Half an hour later, the match started.

Chen Li Wen was the main player from class twelve, supported by the other two. They cooperated well and scored two three-pointers in a row. As for class six, they were probably a little timid after He Cheng Ming’s warning, which affected their performance. They lost steadily and became less confident as they played. At the last minute of the game, Ji Liao’s dunk earned them the final points and class twelve won the match.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

The whistle blew. Compared with not passing last year’s preliminary match, they had at least won a game this year. Li You Xin and Chen Li Wen were beyond excited and promised to treat him to a celebration at the barbecue place outside the school.

At such a happy moment, Ji Liao didn’t want to ruin their happiness, so he agreed. k6xdaG

After some thought, he decided to send a Wechat message to He Cheng Ming to explain the situation.

He Cheng Ming saw the message and raised his brows, feeling that his wife had been heading towards the right path recently, even reporting his itinerary to him. So he happily “consoled” Gu Ming Ren again.

After the event was over, Ji Liao was taken away by the two people.

While sitting in the open-air restaurant, he realised that this was the first time he was having barbecued food with classmates other than Yu Jin, and he relaxed and felt happy. MikHq6

The three boys ordered a few bottles of beer to drink.

To hinder the cold weather, the boss changed it to their home-made fruit wine. It wasn’t strong and went down easily.

Ji Liao had only drunk a little bit but felt very hot. After that, he didn’t dare to touch it again.

As Chen Li Wen chewed on a chicken wing, he chatted idly about their last match and felt that class six played like crap. As he spoke, the topic shifted to the girls in their class and he expressed how Xu Xiao Jing was great. The shout of encouragement that she gave before the match boosted their strength. GpyrPz

Suddenly thinking of the mutual dislike between Xu Xiao Jing and Lin Jia Sui, Chen Li Wen lamented, “Xu Xiao Jing is quite good, but too strong. How could anyone hold her?”

Li You Xin added, “I think she’s quite cute.”

Chen Li Wen immediately smelled the scent of gossip and looked at him with a wicked smile, “Do you like Xu Xiao Jing?!”

Li You Xin admitted frankly, “So what if I do?” wMzSKU

Chen Li Wen praised him and gave him a thumbs up.

Li You Xin paused, then looked at Ji Liao and asked, “Ji Liao, you don’t like Xu Xiao Jing, right?”

Without any hesitation, Ji Liao replied, “Don’t like.”

He was sending a Wechat message to He Cheng Ming, who had said that he would come and pick him up later. 5GjNHQ

Li You Xin was relieved. That time when he had heard Lin Jia Sui disclose it, he thought he had lost his love before it even started.

Later, when he played ball with Ji Liao, he realised that the two of them didn’t have that kind of relationship. Xu Xiao Jing never went to look for Ji Liao, but instead, it was He Cheng Ming from class two that often came.

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Seeing Ji Liao holding his phone with an expression of overflowing love, he couldn’t help but ask, “Who are you talking to? Girlfriend?”

Ji Liao lifted his head, hesitated for a moment, then said, “Boyfriend.” ODbTIE

Chen Li Wen nearly shoved the fish into his throat.

Quickly spitting it out and coughing twice, he looked at Ji Liao in shock. “What did you say?”

At this time, He Cheng Ming arrived, striding towards them gracefully.

Ji Liao bade farewell to the two of them, then stood up and left. He Cheng Ming took his hand naturally while Li You Xin looked on until his eyes almost fell out. WFRLcU

Taking a while to recover, he turned towards Chen Li Wen. “That was He Cheng Ming, right?”

Chen Li Wen gave a weird nod.

Ji Liao looked smart and loveable, but he was unexpectedly a big shot’s man!

He was scared to death. TgWqDp

Ji Liao’s heart was still pounding. Earlier, when he had said “boyfriend,” he was actually really nervous! He was afraid that Li You Xin and Chen Li Wen would look at him with a peculiar expression, so when he saw He Cheng Ming approach, he left the table immediately.

This way, even if they had any opinions, he didn’t have to face them.

He Cheng Ming seemed to sense his worries and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

Ji Liao shook his head, and in hindsight, felt that his ankle was hurting. He stopped and rotated his ankle, then felt fine again. yiTSsu

“Sprained it?” He Cheng Ming looked at him, then squatted down. “Come on, your boyfriend will carry you.”

“No.” Ji Liao was startled. He wasn’t a girl!

He Cheng Ming grabbed his legs, pressed his back against him and stood up.

Ji Liao was afraid to fall and unconsciously encircled his neck. Gy5T 9

“Baby, do you want to murder your husband?” He Cheng Ming couldn’t breathe.

Ji Liao relaxed his hands slightly but his body was still ramrod straight.

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Until he was spanked on the bottom. Then his mind went blank and his entire face flushed red.


Translator's Note

冤家路窄 meaning enemies on a narrow road, or unable to avoid enemies

Translator's Note

Was originally in English.

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