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What Should I Do if the School Bully is Interested in MeCh33 - Tell Him You’re My Boyfriend


Ji Liao wasn’t trying to deliberately hide the truth — he just felt that it wasn’t good for it to be too well-known. Moreover, their situation was unusual and there was no need to let it be discovered by everyone.

So he said vaguely, “Friends.” 5K1Dr2

Boyfriend could be counted as a type of friend, right? He felt slightly guilty.

However, Chen Li Wen didn’t doubt him in the slightest and had an envious expression on his face.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Last year, he had once said in private that He Cheng Ming loved being a cool, pretentious prick. He didn’t know how his word spread, but on that night, when he was riding his bicycle home, he saw He Cheng Ming walk towards him. Thinking that he had come to beat him up, he quickly turned to flee, but unexpectedly, there was a flight of stairs that led down to the other side of the bend, and he couldn’t brake in time.

If it wasn’t for He Cheng Ming catching up and holding on to the back seat of his bicycle, he could have rolled down together with his bicycle. ZUGlIH

Although, in the end, he had still fallen and broken a bone, at least he survived.

So he was very grateful to He Cheng Ming. Unfortunately, most of the people in school believed the rumour and insisted that He Cheng Ming had beaten him up, which caused him to be admitted to the hospital. In actuality, he had fallen by himself.

The two of them practised playing ball for a while. Ji Liao was sweating profusely, so he took a while to recover before leaving. When he exited the basketball court, he saw someone leaning against the wall not too far away, waiting for him.

Walking over, he smiled and said softly, “Why haven’t you left yet?” rCdhef

He Cheng Ming shifted his gaze from his phone to Ji Liao’s body and looked at the injury at the corner of his mouth. A week had passed and it was already healed.

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For the last seven days, he couldn’t kiss Ji Liao because of this wound. Now, he couldn’t wait anymore.

Holding him in his arms, he lowered his head to pry open the other boy’s mouth, then hooking the tip of his tongue, he intertwined and sucked repeatedly. Ji Liao felt faint from the kiss, and both of his legs became weak, causing him to lean into the other boy’s arms.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

But this kiss gradually changed and felt never-ending. The other boy was demanding, intense and impatient, causing Ji Liao to feel an odd oppression and fear, and he forcibly broke it off. RaQE0K

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He Cheng Ming looked at his pitiful expression, grasped his shoulder and laughed, “What are you aggrieved about? Ji Liao, do I not treat you well enough?”

Ji Liao froze and sensed the seriousness of the situation. But he couldn’t understand what he had done wrong to make the other boy suddenly feel this way again. lfvTCz

The conversation he had with Cheng Li Wen flashed through his mind. He looked up abruptly. Could it be…

“Did you hear it?” He whispered.

He Cheng Ming didn’t deny it but felt that he was really pathetic. Even after hearing Ji Liao deny their relationship, he still couldn’t bear to leave and stood there waiting for him.

“Sorry, don’t be angry,” Ji Liao said hurriedly, his hand grabbing He Cheng Ming’s shirt uneasily. “I’ll tell him tomorrow that we’re a couple — tell him you’re my boyfriend! Okay?” SnjwGD

He Cheng Ming was stunned and thought he had heard wrong.

When his brain finally reacted, his heart was filled with the noise of drums and firecrackers. His face drew tight with pride trying to control it.

But this type of happiness was really uncontrollable. Even if he tried his best to press his lips together, his smiling eyes would still show.

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So he stopped trying to suppress his smile. He wished he could pick Ji Liao up and kiss him crazily, but he was afraid that his drastic behaviour would frighten him. Hence, he forced himself to calm down. Then he bent his head, looked at him earnestly and asked, “Can you repeat it again, Ji Liao, what am I to you?” He was really afraid that he had heard wrong. Bn9LQ

Ji Liao knew that his anger had dissipated, so he refused to say it again. Humph, this player, changing his attitude so quickly! He was so grim earlier, and now he was so passionate.

He Cheng Ming hugged him and started being mischievous, deliberately teasing him, “Baby, I beg you, could you say it again please?”

Ji Liao couldn’t bear his husky voice. He was afraid that his heart would soften, so he quickly covered his ears.

He Cheng Ming chuckled softly, then blew on the side of his neck. Ji Liao was ticklish and laughed while trying to avoid it. He heard the boy’s hoarse voice ask, “Am I your boyfriend?” crph9Y

Ji Liao couldn’t outlast him and could only say unreservedly, “Yes yes yes!”

With bright eyes, He Cheng Ming looked at the person in front of him, overjoyed. Without restraint, he picked him up and held him face-to-face. Ji Liao was shocked and hugging his neck tightly, he exclaimed, “What are you doing?!”

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“Trying another position.” With that, he kissed Ji Liao’s mouth and wanted to follow that with a French kiss. However, the other boy didn’t cooperate with him and kept trying to avoid him. He Cheng Ming was using both hands to carry him so he couldn’t do anything about it. He tsked and put Ji Liao down.

“You just…” Before Ji Liao could finish, his mouth was blocked and, in the end, could only utter unintelligible sounds. XjNS5

This time, He Cheng Ming was extremely tender as if he wanted to cherish this boy.

When the two of them left the school, Ji Liao’s mouth was swollen.

He Cheng Ming was grinning like a fool. He held his hand tightly, constantly asking whether he was cold or hungry. Ji Liao also had a floating feeling and went as far as to tell him that he was nagging!

However, our school bully wasn’t angry at all, he even enjoyed being chided by his wife. OMotLU

“Then I’ll shut my mouth,” he said indulgently.

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Against the cold wind and under the darkening sky, they walked on the street. Ji Liao was silent for a while, then having thought of something, he asked the person beside him, ” Last time, in the hotel, why didn’t…didn’t you continue?”

Normally, when they hugged and kissed, he could always feel the other boy’s rising passion, itching to eat him up. Last time, it was such a good opportunity. Why did he give up?

He Cheng Ming looked at him meaningfully, then raised his eyebrows and asked, “Why, little rascal, disappointed?” FHyW e

Ji Liao’s face flushed red as it was an uncontrollable physiological reaction. But he was exceptionally resolute and hummed in response.

A boy’s desire, compared to a girl’s, was stronger. Dating him would mean wanting to do intimate things with him. So he didn’t understand why He Cheng Ming stopped going further, which made him feel insecure. Did it mean that he didn’t like him enough?

“Eh? Having lots of courage today?”

Ji Liao’s answer went beyond his expectations. He Cheng Ming had originally wanted to bluff his way through or change the subject, but seeing the other boy looking at him persistently, it seemed like if he didn’t give a reason today, Ji Liao wouldn’t let the matter drop. He sighed and thought to himself: he had also endured it with great difficulty! SrhkMX

“I was afraid that you would have regretted it.” Touching Ji Liao’s head, he replied tenderly.

Especially since he didn’t know about the truth behind Ji Qing Wen’s incident, he didn’t want to entice him into having sex so soon. Ji Qing Wen was like a sword lying between them — if they weren’t careful, both of them might get hurt.

“I wouldn’t have regretted it,” Ji Liao said in a muffled voice.

He had made his decision, so there was nothing to regret. 5DK8Py

When He Cheng Ming heard his words, he deliberately touched Ji Liao’s hip and said jokingly, “Then shall we go and get a room now?”

“Hooligan!” Ji Liao glared at him and ran away quickly.

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