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What Should I Do if the School Bully is Interested in MeCh27 - It Doesn’t Matter as Long as I Like You


Lin Jia Sui didn’t expect Xu Xiao Jing to show her dislike directly.

She had always been treated like a princess at home, doted on by her family members. In school, she had always been a monitor with good grades and good looks. Naturally, she was envied by her classmates and cherished by the teachers. When had she ever been so publicly criticised? sW8Cxj

Her face had turned red from Xu Xiao Jing’s words but she couldn’t endure her tone of voice. Bracing herself, she said in a loud voice, “Xu Xiao Jing, it’s none of your business! Did I say anything about you?!”

“I’m righteous and awe-inspiring, so what if I can’t stand seeing you make a mountain out of a molehill? So you’re allowed to bully honest people, but I’m not allowed to dislike you?!”

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Xu Xiao Jing, with both arms across her chest, seemed reasonable with her words.

The honest person, Ji Liao, was tangled up in the middle with a stupefied expression, unsure of why the two girls were quarrelling. DsoNGx

“Will the two of you stop fighting?” He tried to make peace in a low voice.

But both of them ignored him.

Lin Jia Sui was not a match for Xu Xiao Jing in this area of expertise. She was speechless, yet refused to admit defeat as she sneered, “Xu Xiao Jing, don’t tell me you like Ji Liao! This morning, I saw the two of you being sneaky in the corridor outside. Young love affair?!”

As soon as this was said, the whole class exploded; everyone had an unbelievable expression coupled with a look of sudden realisation. Pondering over recent events, Xu Xiao Jing seemed to have actually gotten closer to Ji Liao. 3Oti59

In her eyesight, Lin Jia Sui was relieved to see that everyone seemed more inclined to her side.

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“Oh, this is hilarious. The few sentences I spoke to Ji Liao suggest love? Even with such thoughts and awareness, you’re still the class monitor. Really, Lin Jia Sui, I feel really embarrassed for you!”

Xu Xiao Jing laughed, and instead of getting angry or embarrassed for being exposed, she appeared arrogant and full of vigour, causing Lin Jia Sui to feel angry and aggrieved.

She didn’t know how to react and was so anxious that her eyes became red. With a “bang,” she put down the books on Ji Liao’s desk, and ran back to her seat with her head lowered as she cried. QS0GJ3

The surrounding students reacted and went up to comfort her.

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Xu Xiao Jing disdainfully fired another shot. “White lotus.”

Al Oljb: “…”

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Finally, the two girls were dismissed while Ji Liao stayed behind to receive some guidance.

Ji Liao felt wronged. He had only forgotten to bring his composition book and obviously didn’t do anything wrong, but he somehow became the main culprit. TPM2iU

At the other end of the office, Lin Jiang was also enduring an admonishment – he was caught sleeping in class again. Alas, he sighed internally and felt that the classroom regulations were getting stricter.

Bored, he looked around and saw Ji Liao, then heard Ji Liao’s form teacher advising him not to start dating too early. His ears perked up immediately. What? Two girls quarrelled over him?!

What the hell?!

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Lin Jiang felt like he had just witnessed something big. He didn’t expect Ji Liao’s market value to be so high! Wrong. Wasn’t Ji Liao together with Ming Ge? Then, did this mean Ming Ge was…being cheated on?! Gn3zxP

Lin Jiang was shocked. He quickly admitted his mistake to the teacher and rushed back to the classroom.

“Ming Ge!” His voice reached before he did.

He Cheng Ming was used to him making a fuss about nothing, and didn’t bat an eyelid.

Lin Jiang clicked his tongue, then ran to him. “Do you know who I just saw in the office? Ji Liao!” 4ixuNs

He Cheng Ming gained interest and looked at him.

“I heard Ji Liao’s form teacher say that Ji Liao was involved in an early affair! The other person was a friend of Meng Yao Yao’s who joined us at the KTV. What was her name? Oh yeah, Xu Xiao Jing!”

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Lin Jiang spoke excitedly but He Cheng Ming’s face was cold, and his originally calm eyes were stormy.

Lin Jiang didn’t notice and continued vividly, “And Lin Jia Sui from their class. The two girls quarrelled over Ji Liao! Fuck, what a dramatic…” 0pP2qV

Before he could say “show,” Lin Jiang was frightened by He Cheng Ming’s dangerous expression. He swallowed hard and bolted.

He Cheng Ming’s face was ashen, but he remained silent like the calm before the storm. The students in class two seemed to have sensed his bad mood as they moved away to avoid him.

With difficulty, he endured until classes were over. Then, he sent a message to Ji Liao asking him to wait for him at the library.

Ji Liao went obediently, but the moment he saw He Cheng Ming, he felt that something wasn’t quite right. xKT0id

“Are you angry?” He asked ignorantly.

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He Cheng Ming didn’t answer him; he grabbed his hand and headed inside. Once he found a deserted spot, he pressed against him.

This move was too sudden and Ji Liao pushed him in reflex. Instead, he was pressed against even harder, and he couldn’t help but retort in anger, “Let me go!”

His mood reached its limit, and his heart was full of grievances. Why should he be bullied like this?! hjXkS4

He Cheng Ming leaned down and strongly imprisoned him in his arms, then begged in a low voice, “Let me hold you for a moment, just a moment.” It felt like holding Ji Liao was the only way to make him feel at ease.

Only heaven knew how scared he was when Lin Jiang told him about Ji Liao and someone else being involved in a relationship. He was afraid that those few days of bliss were fake – he was afraid that Ji Liao would, in the end, discover that he preferred girls.

He had always been confident. Only with Ji Liao was he as humble as dust.

Lifting his chin, He Cheng Ming pounced on his lips in a domineering manner, grinding against them more forcefully than any other time. Ji Liao frowned deeply, but didn’t resist him any more. He just accepted it silently, then learned to respond. 9gWHtS

He Cheng Ming was very happy – so happy that he almost smothered him, and it was not until the last second did he finally release him.

“Say you like me, Ji Liao. Say you like me.” He breathed into his ear, inducing him to speak.

Ji Liao breathed heavily. His ears heard but his mouth didn’t respond.

“Why won’t you say it?” He Cheng Ming propped himself up and asked uneasily. po7xFW

Ji Liao avoided his gaze. He didn’t want to say it. Those words were the last retreating path he had left for himself. Even if they broke up, even if he was tricked, at least he could retain a trace of dignity.

He Cheng Ming thought he wouldn’t say it because he still didn’t like him.

“It doesn’t matter as long as I like you.”

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He said it to Ji Liao as well as to himself. FLpUAv

He hugged Ji Liao and buried his head into his neck, breathing in the clean and fresh scent of his body.

Ji Liao felt a little guilty; he hesitated for a moment, then poked He Cheng Ming’s shoulder. When He Cheng Ming raised his head, Ji Liao blinked, pursed his lips and kissed him on the mouth.

He thought to himself, this should be very clear. He allowed He Cheng Ming to kiss and hug him, and now he had taken the initiative. Wasn’t his meaning clear enough?

He Cheng Ming was stunned for a moment, then chuckled, “Why, addicted? Want to do it again?” QFBpbg

Ji Liao: “…”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

Original words used 拿个鸡毛当令箭 literally means using a chicken feather as a token of authority

Translator's Note

早恋 refers to dating at a young age

Translator's Note

Widely used on the web to refer to people who look pure on the outside, but are dark on the inside.

Translator's Note

吃了个大瓜 literally meaning eaten a big melon, but figuratively in reference to 吃瓜群众 which refers to a melon-eating audience or onlookers entertained by a certain scene

Translator's Note

戴绿帽 literally means wearing a green hat, a Chinese phrase for being cheated on.

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