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What Should I Do if the School Bully is Interested in MeCh10 - Heart Softened into a Complete Mess


“Then send me proper messages. You’re always sending me those types of things…” Ji Liao grumbled lightly and got up to lean against the desk. His eyes swept over the test topic on the table and reached out to close the book, not wanting to his studies.

“But what I’ve said are all true.” He Cheng Ming said shamelessly. With regard to Ji Liao, He Cheng Ming always feared that he couldn’t feel his heartfelt intentions or that Ji Liao would instinctively avoid it, so his words and actions were always frank. It was all to let Ji Liao know that he really liked him. E5aSIA

“You…” Ji Liao felt so stifled, he didn’t know what to say. He was a little sullen as he murmured, “Forget it…so be it.”

He Cheng Ming heard his unhappiness. He thought that Ji Liao still didn’t like him, so he ignored all of his messages. His eyes darkened and he was silent for a long time, before answering with a low hum.

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Ji Liao’s chest filled indescribably with slight annoyance. What was that hum for?!

Two knocks sounded at his door. Ji Liao looked over, and seeing his mother bringing him a glass of milk, he panicked and reflexively hung up on He Cheng Ming. D2hAdT

“Who were you talking to?” Xu Ai Wen came over and put the milk on the desk.

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Ji Liao took a sip and said vaguely, “Someone from school.”

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“From your class?” Xu Ai Wen probed.

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When Ji Qing Wen was still around, Ji Liao was a little chatterbox. Whether it was something small or big, good or bad, he would tell Ji Qing Wen. The relationship between father and son had been especially good. After Ji Qing Wen was no longer around, Ji Liao had grieved for a long time. Later on, it gradually eased, but he was not as lively and cheerful as before.

When Xu Ai Wen would see this, her heart would ache. She had tried to communicate with Ji Liao but realised that she couldn’t. Ji Liao was unable to open up to her completely.

“Not from my class.” Ji Liao looked down. He knew that his mother was concerned about him, but He Cheng Ming…really wasn’t a good topic. AtIdJH

“He’s from Class Two. We have only known each other…for a short time.” He tried to give a slight explanation.

Xu Ai Wen was very happy that he had contributed an additional sentence and didn’t question him further. She urged Ji Liao to drink the milk then go to sleep as she suspected that Ji Liao had not been sleeping well recently, and was always tossing and turning.

“Okay, I will.” Ji Liao replied obediently.

After Xu Ai Wen left, Ji Liao picked up his phone and checked his WeChat. There were no new messages. 2KOmEF

He considered explaining the reason for hanging up the phone, but after thinking about it, he decided not to. Anyway, it wasn’t important.

Quickly finishing the milk, Ji Liao went to bed and fell asleep. His phone was placed beside his pillow and remained silent for the entire night.

The next day, He Cheng Ming appeared at the bus stop as usual.

Ji Liao saw him and walked over. He thought back to Lin Jiang had said about He Cheng Ming despising crowds and having a chauffeur. Wasn’t this tough for him? Ybpjdg

Actually, there was no need for this. It was too troublesome.

So he silently walked towards He Cheng Ming and said softly, “How about you stop coming here tomorrow?”

When He Cheng Ming heard this, his expression became cold. It was the first time Ji Liao took the initiative to speak to him and it was to tell him not to come here any more.

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He took it as Ji Liao’s rejection which was like a knife that had pierced his heart. It was so painful that he felt his internal organs tightening, and he begged in a strained voice, “What did I do wrong? Tell me and I’ll change.” 6rgz T

His pupils quivered in his dark, imploring eyes as he stared at Ji Liao.

He had always been superior, feeling as if it was beneath him to surrender to anyone. It was even more unlikely for him to beg, but Ji Liao was an exception. If their interactions from the past few days had not occurred, he might have been able to accept that there was nothing between them. But now that he knew what it was like to get close to Ji Liao, it was impossible for him to let go.

Ji Liao was stunned. He mindlessly spoke the truth, “You…didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just that you look a little tired. Actually, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t come over…since we can communicate in other ways…”

When the person in front of him bowed his head, his heart softened into a complete mess. yzYJ5W

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