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Once Hu Tian died, the hundred or so people from the Giant Tiger Tribe that were left behind weren’t anything to be afraid of. Tc869i

In fact, those people had already scattered and had begun to flee even before Xiong Ye and the others started to attack.

Xiong Ye had been afraid that his people would be injured when the Giant Tiger Tribe people were all gathered together, but now that they were scattered…

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Xiong Ye led everyone to chase them down.

During this pursuit, they pushed on as they chased and soon arrived at the place where the Giant Tiger Tribe had settled down. KdeNoF

This place used to belong to the people of the Green Hill Tribe, but it had now changed owners.

The Green Hill Tribe was built next to a mountain. They had a large cave as well as many low, round huts. These huts were covered with branches and leaves and were very small, but they still provided shelter against the wind and rain.

In addition to these, the people of the Green Hill Tribe had made a wall out of dirt and stone.

They cherished everything about their tribe; regardless of whether it was the wall that surrounded their tribe, or the huts inside, they were all very well taken care of. But at this time, many of the huts that the Green Hill Tribe had worked so hard to build had already been destroyed, and the wall they had built had been destroyed.


Early this morning, Hu Tian’s younger brother, Hu Yun, woke up.

He tossed out the woman that he had messed around with the night before, then watched coldly as that woman was dragged away by the people of the tribe, stretching as he yawned.

“What is there to eat this morning?” After he finished yawning, he asked this of the people gathered at the entrance to the cave.

“There’s roasted meat.” Someone said. Very quickly, some slaves brought over the roasted meat. 6MRHtp

They had taken the most tender part of the dinosaur to make this roasted meat. Hu Yun quickly got up from inside the cave. At his side, several of the people from the Giant Tiger Tribe were currently toying with a female slave.

“I wonder if the Big Bear Tribe has been taken down yet.” Someone sat down in front of Hu Yun, “I’m already tired of staying in this place, and I’m also sick of the people in this place. I really want to go to the Big Bear Tribe and play around.”

Hu Yun was also quite interested in the Big Bear Tribe, “They’ve definitely taken it down! The Big Bear Tribe should be very interesting. Those women whose animal forms are bears should feel pretty good.”

Hu Yun and that person began to discuss the Big Bear Tribe. J1sSBd

They didn’t place any importance on the Big Bear Tribe at all. After all, Hu Tian had personally made a move, and he had never failed before.

Since they were talking like this, the rest of the Giant Tiger Tribe couldn’t help but think about the future.

One of the women from the Giant Tiger Tribe kicked away one of the male slaves who was servicing her, but who wasn’t doing it with enough force. “Really, there’s no power at all… I wonder if the men of the Big Bear Tribe are energetic enough.”

“If you want energetic, you should come to us! The energetic men of the Big Bear Tribe will definitely have all been killed off by the tribal chief.” One of the men from the Giant Tiger Tribe spoke up. XRTeLt

“If you guys weren’t so ugly, would I have to go look for others?” That woman replied.

“Aren’t you ugly, too?” That man was disgruntled.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“That’s why the men that I find acceptable in the tribe won’t return my affections!” That woman said.

These people were still discussing when someone ran in from outside, “Mao Huo is back!” 4ZBbp2

“He’s back? Did he come to report the news?” Hu Yun asked cheerfully.

The man who had come to report looked stiff, “Mao Huo, he… he…”

The man’s expression was very bad, and Hu Yun immediately realized that something wasn’t right, “What’s going on?”

“Is the tribal chief back?” Mao Huo’s voice sounded, and Hu Yun looked over, only to discover that Mao Huo seemed to be in a very bad state, his body littered with wounds. 4 Vzu0

Hu Yun’s expression changed, “What happened to you? Also, wasn’t my brother with you?”

Mao Huo’s expression became even uglier when he heard Hu Yun’s words.

Hu Tian had left the team and run ahead first. He had thought that Hu Tian had returned a long time ago. But in the end… Hu Tian actually hadn’t returned?

If Hu Tian hadn’t returned… It couldn’t be that he had already lost his life, right? 6FudP0

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Mao Huo’s face was pallid white, “The tribal chief left first, he…”

“Qtja fzjmais lr ublcu bc?” Le Tec jrxfv jujlc.

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“It’s true.” Mao Huo lowered his head and laughed bitterly.

Everything that Mao Huo had said was indeed true.

After Mao Huo came back, a number of others from the Giant Tiger Tribe staggered in one after another at different intervals––they had fled separately, and quite a lot of them had escaped.

Most of these people were injured when they limped back to the tribe, and if they weren’t wounded, they were still in a sorry state. Even though that was the case, they were all still full of hope when they returned. sen3l8

As soon as they came back, they would all begin to ask for news of Hu Tian.

They all felt that Hu Tian could help them get revenge!

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But then, Hu Yun told them something that made them despair––Hu Tian hadn’t returned!

“How could the tribal chief not have returned? You must be mistaken!” 4Uq62

“The tribal chief was clearly the first to head back!”

“Where is the tribal chief?”


Hu Tian had clearly left first, but he still hadn’t returned… He was most likely dead. jrvfyY

The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe all knew this, but nobody wanted to believe it.

“My big brother will definitely be alright. Isn’t it just a small Big Bear Tribe? How could they harm my big brother?” Hu Yun firmly believed that his brother was fine, “My big brother is the strongest!”

Before, whenever Hu Yun said this, a lot of people would speak up and agree, but nobody did so this time.

Mao Huo and the others all knew otherwise, and they had also said it before––amongst the people of the Big Bear Tribe who had attacked them, there were two people whose strength was similar to Hu Tian. FZ84mJ

“Of the two powerful people of the Big Bear Tribe, one has a pig-type animal form, while the other is a bear-type. They are both extremely powerful! The beastman whose animal form is a bear has an animal form that’s a lot larger than our tribal chief. He can send people to their death with a swipe! And the beastman whose animal form is a pig also can’t be underestimated, he can fight to a draw with the tribal chief…” One of the survivors spoke up, unable to keep himself from trembling a bit as he spoke.

Hu Yun’s expression froze on his face. These people all looked like this… Could it be that something had really happened to his big brother?

Hu Yun was unwilling to believe this, but someone suddenly ran in from outside, “Hu Yun, there’s trouble! There’s a particularly large bear outside!”

Hu Yun followed the person outside and saw that there was an extremely imposing giant bear over four meters tall standing outside of the walls of the Green Hill Tribe. YUlBuT

That bear stood up and glanced at them, then landed back on all fours and roared.

Hu Yun trembled subconsciously.

This bear was too big, too terrifying!

Was this the powerful person from the Big Bear Tribe that Mao Huo had spoken about? kPq7wA

If the powerful people from the Big Bear Tribe were like this, then his brother…

Hu Yun was still thinking when the giant bear turned back into his human form and quickly tied his animal hide skirt back around his waist.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Who are you?” Hu Yun asked. He couldn’t keep his eyes from showing the fear he felt.

“Big Bear Tribe, Xiong Ye.” Xiong Ye said. GKvQx7

Xiong Ye no longer spoke after saying this, so Hu Yun could only ask again, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to give you guys some news… I killed Hu Tian.” Xiong Ye said.

The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe had already guessed this, but now that it was confirmed, it became difficult to accept. Hu Yun didn’t think twice before saying, “Kill him! Kill him!”

For the people of the Green Hill Tribe, Hu Tian was a demon, and they couldn’t wait to eat him up alive, but for the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe, Hu Tian was their hero, the one who had led them to live good lives. jbd lm

There was nobody who didn’t worship Hu Tian in the Giant Tiger Tribe.

Now that Hu Tian was dead… Someone immediately rushed towards Xiong Ye, and others threw spears at him, trying to avenge Hu Tian.

Xiong Ye changed straight into his animal form and didn’t try to hide. Instead, he charged straight at Hu Yun.

There were spears aimed at him, but he dodged most of them, and as for the rest… He grabbed someone from the Giant Tiger Tribe who was charging at him and threw him forward… nPw FH

Some of the spears struck this man’s body and killed him directly, but Xiong Ye was completely fine. He was occasionally struck by spears, but they were unable to break through his thick fur and stop his progress.

His goal was Hu Yun.

Hu Yun also realized this and immediately changed into his animal form.

Hu Yun’s animal form was that of an ordinary tiger, and his size as a tiger wasn’t very big. It was only about as big as Hu Yue. 21AgP9

He wasn’t even a low level Beast Warrior, and his strength wasn’t higher than Hu Yue’s either.

Xiong Ye had been able to win against Hu Yue even when he wasn’t a low level Beast Warrior. Now that he had become a medium level Beast Warrior…

Xiong Ye swiped out with a paw and swatted Hu Yun to death.

After swatting Hu Yun to death, Xiong Ye turned around and ran away. He ran a few steps, then turned back into his human form, “The warriors of our tribe will arrive soon. I won’t fight against you all today and will come back again in a few days!” UcK51x

With that, Xiong Ye ran off.

The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe wanted to go after him, but they didn’t dare to and could only stay behind with ugly expressions on their faces.

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The Big Bear Tribe was very strong… What were they going to do?

“All of the information that Ma Xiao brought back was false! On the other hand, it’s possible that what the people of the Big Bear Tribe had said to Hu Tiao before was true… There really are powerful people in their tribe!” 0vrBMO

“When we fought against the people of the Big Bear Tribe before, we saw some of the slaves that we had driven away… Not only did the Big Bear Tribe not kill these people who are nothing but a waste of food, they also fattened them up. The Big Bear Tribe must be very strong.”

“What are we going to do now?”


Hu Tian was dead, and Hu Yun had also died. The core people of the Giant Tiger Tribe fell apart all of a sudden. USdHkB

At the moment, there were still over a thousand people in the Giant Tiger Tribe, of which about seven or eight hundred of them had decent fighting capabilities. There were a few low level Beast Warriors amongst them, but at the moment, none of them were willing to listen to each other, and they had all started to quarrel.

At this time, Xiong Ye had arrived at a place not too far away, where the people of the Big Bear Tribe had settled down. He turned back into his human form, covered himself with an animal hide, then said to Zhu Zhan, “We’ll go over there tomorrow and kill a few people!”

Zhu Zhan agreed.

Xiong Ye’s approach towards the Giant Tiger Tribe couldn’t be considered brilliant, but it was really quite interesting. He felt that he needed to learn from it. uqxOB2

In the future… He might be able to deal with his own brothers in such a way.

The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe were frightened for an entire day.

Some of them wanted to stay behind and fight against the people of the Big Bear Tribe, but others wanted to run away, and neither side had the means to make the other party submit. It was at this time that Xiong Ye and Zhu Zhan arrived. They killed off the most powerful people of the Giant Tiger Tribe, then stated that if they continued on like this, their powerhouse would destroy the Giant Tiger Tribe completely when they arrived.

Some people wanted to kill the slaves in order to vent their anger when they heard this, but others immediately rushed up to stop them. “We can’t harm these slaves! If the Big Bear Tribe is really that powerful…” I5HFsU

“They can’t be that powerful! If they were so powerful, why didn’t they come and attack us before?” Someone else immediately argued against them.

If it had been before, the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe would’ve believed these words. Now, however…

“There are some tribes that don’t like to fight.”

“Maybe they originally… were too lazy to deal with us.” oqBHtF

“Those two people are as powerful as Hu Tian. We can’t win against them, and it’s better to quickly leave.”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

There were a lot of people in the Giant Tiger Tribe, and it wasn’t easy for them to all stay together. Before, they had remained unified because of Hu Tian’s strength, but now that the situation had come to this, the tribe was unable to maintain a united front.

After they thought about it, they finally decided to leave. t6SGrM

They had eaten almost all the food available here and were supposed to leave here anyway. Now, rather than staying behind to get killed by the Big Bear Tribe, it was better to run off a little earlier.

The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe packed up and ran away overnight. They didn’t bring the troublesome slaves with them, afraid to bring them along.

The Big Bear Tribe obviously valued those slaves. What would they do if they brought them with them, and the people of the Big Bear Tribe chased after them because of it?

Xiong Ye had threatened and scared them before, precisely because he hoped that the Giant Tiger Tribe would run away on its own. MsRSuP

The Giant Tiger Tribe had too many people, making it very difficult if they wanted to win against them. They also didn’t enjoy killing and weren’t interested in doing things like indiscriminately killing all the men and women, young and elderly of the Giant Tiger Tribe. Since that was the case, it was enough for them to drive off the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe.

As for the slaves… They could save them and then absorb them into their tribe!

The Big Bear Tribe was short of people right now!

The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe ran away, and Xiong Ye led his team of only eighty people and happily entered the place where the Green Hill Tribe once lived. INja4D

The place was covered in the smell of blood and rot, and each and every one of the slaves who had been left in the tribe were in poor condition…

Xiong Ye frowned as soon as he entered. Meanwhile, the people of the Green Hill Tribe had already gone in and found the other survivors of their tribe, clutching their heads as they wailed in grief.

This scene… Xiong Ye sighed internally as he looked on, but he was also incredibly glad at the same time, glad that the Big Bear Tribe hadn’t encountered a catastrophe like this.

“Thank you all!” Sutq9l

“Thank you! ”

“You’re all such good people!”


The rescued slaves knelt down to thank Xiong Ye one by one. 8FUWYw

“Don’t thank me…” Xiong Ye couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed when faced with this situation, but he was also a little happy.

He was truly very happy to have been able to save some of these people.

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Due to this, he even began to worry that the Giant Tiger Tribe would attack other tribes once they left this place.

Should he and Zhu Zhan chase after the Giant Tiger Tribe and kill some more of their powerful fighters? Uz1H5W

While Xiong Ye was still thinking, a man suddenly jumped out from amongst the slaves. He was holding a knife as he struck out at Xiong Ye.

Xiong Ye was caught unprepared, and that knife actually managed to stab into his stomach.

However, his reaction speed wasn’t slow. The knife had only just cut his skin when he turned back into his animal form. With his thick fur as protection, the man could no longer harm him, and was instead slapped half to death with a paw from Xiong Ye.

The man fought desperately but was only able to leave a wound about two or three centimeters long on Xiong Ye’s belly. IhtOAJ

Zhou Ji, who wasn’t far away, was shocked when he first discovered this scene, but he soon relaxed again–-such a small wound didn’t amount to much for Xiong Ye. His injuries had been more serious than this when he fought against the people of the Giant Pig Tribe back at the tribe!

However, Zhou Ji had been relieved too soon.

The person from the Giant Tiger Tribe who had almost been swatted to death by Xiong Ye spat out a mouthful of blood, then began to laugh out loud. At the same time, Xiong Ye’s expression also changed, “There was poison on the knife!”

Nearby, Zhou Ji’s eyes turned red. 2ZN9nH

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