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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh94 - Guerrilla Warfare


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Ma Xiao soon shared the information he had obtained about the Big Bear Tribe with Hu Tian. dz4PhY

From Hu Tian’s point of view, Ma Xiao’s information was much more reliable than the chaotic mess of information that he had received before.

It made sense; if the people of the Big Bear Tribe were really very strong, they should have killed off Hu Tiao and the others immediately when they met them. They wouldn’t need to pretend to run away, then come back to ambush and kill them, right?

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As for taking down the Barosaurus, Mao Huo had seen very little of the entire process back then and was in fact not very clear about the specifics of the situation.

The dinosaurs they had worked so hard to gather and had wasted precious herbs on had ended up as the Big Bear Tribe’s meal. Once he realised that, Hu Tian’s mood quickly soured. VrcUPz

“Gather three hundred people and bring them with me to the Big Bear Tribe!” Hu Tian ordered.

“Yes!” Ma Xiao who had been suffering from diarrhea these past few days responded––there must have been a problem with that piece of smelly meat that the Big Bear Tribe had given him to eat. He had been going to the toilet so much that his chrysanthemum hurt!

The Giant Tiger Tribe had over two thousand people even if they didn’t include the slaves. Of these people, around one thousand of them had decent fighting power.

However, it was impossible for Hu Tian to bring all thousand of them with him when he went to fight against others. He needed people to stay behind and take care of the elderly and weak in the tribe, and more people were required to keep an eye on the slaves and take charge of the hunting.


Generally, he would lead several hundred elites to deal with the tribes they had set their eyes on.

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Hu Tian led his people and pushed forward quickly. He had already begun to think about what he would do after he had occupied the Big Bear Tribe’s territory. And at this time, in the place where pottery was fired, someone had finally accumulated enough experience and managed to successfully create better pottery.

It was just that they were all a little ugly.

Zhou Ji was still very satisfied with this result. He turned around to leave and no longer concerned himself with pottery. g506wy

Previously, he would use his spiritual powers to keep an eye on the pottery every time it was being fired, but there was no need for that anymore… In any case, the requirements for the fire when making pottery wasn’t very high, and it would be a success regardless of whether the fire was a few hundred degrees or a thousand.

They had finished moving, and Zhou Ji no longer needed to watch over the pottery. So he was now very free and went outside to explore, bringing back some plants to plant in their yard every day.

While he was outside wandering around, Xiong Ye was at the front lines of the hunting every day.

He was doing this in order to help the tribe save up a little more food for winter, and it was also for the sake of storing up more food for himself and Zhou Ji during the winter. Also… his appetite usually grew particularly large when fall came. 2wcxis

As a brown bear, he was used to eating a lot in the fall and fattening himself up.

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Xiong Ye’s size blew up like a balloon being filled with air.

Ca olgra, tf tjv rlwqis ugbkc lc rlhf klatbea lcmgfjrlcu lc ulgat, wjxlcu tlw ibbx qjgalmeijgis rilw. Dea ribkis, tf rajgafv ab olii bea jcv rajgafv ab ibbx meaf jcv ueiilyif… Yo mbegrf, atf jvpfmalnfr meaf jcv ueiilyif kfgf yflcu erfv ys Itbe Al, ktb rffwfv ab yf j yla yljrfv.

In the eyes of everyone else in the tribe, Xiong Ye appeared very powerful and extremely strong, and if he was to go up against Xiong Qi or Shi Li now, he might be able to slap them to death with one move. 8e7IlV

When they went out hunting and encountered horned dinosaurs that were over a few hundred kilograms in size, Xiong Ye was able to knock off their spines with one blow.

Xiong Ye didn’t seem to be ill at ease with the changes in his body at all… He now understood why Zhu Zhan had originally had the guts to bite down on the neck of the Barosaurus. If he were to come up against a Barosaurus now, he might also want to go up and fight against them to see how his strength was in comparison!

Medium level Beast Warriors were already so strong. He didn’t know how strong high level Beast Warriors would be, and it was said that there were even Beast Kings above that…

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“In the outside tribes, a medium level Beast Warrior can become the tribal chief of a medium sized tribe. If a tribe has a high level Beast Warrior, they can be considered as a chief for a large tribe. Of course, above the large tribes are the giant tribes. Those giant tribes usually have a Beast King or once had a Beast King.” Zhu Zhan told Xiong Ye more about the outside world. ozZGf0

He wanted to bring Xiong Ye over to his side.

If Zhu Zhan were to go back, he would have to cross the huge river that was home to many terrible beasts. He wouldn’t be able to cope with it all by himself.

It would be best if he could lure a few powerful people to go with him.

As for Zhou Ji… If Zhou Ji was willing to go with them, perhaps the Beast God would take Zhou Ji into account and let them pass through the river safely? Rg5NWy

Zhu Zhan, who hadn’t really believed in Zhou Ji before, already had no choice but to believe in him.

Zhou Ji had planted barley in the yard that he called his home. That barley had clearly been planted later than the tribe’s, but it grew much faster than the tribe’s barley. Not only that, the plants that Zhou Ji dug out and brought back from outside were always able to survive!

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This Zhou Ji had really received the Beast God’s favor.

A new day had arrived. AlTh r

“People of the hunting team, gather!” Xiong Ye shouted. Dozens of people sprang out of the Big Bear Tribe and came towards him.

Currently, there were more people in the tribe, but the amount of people who went out hunting had decreased.

They had no choice, there was too much work to be done in the tribe! They didn’t have enough people!

As for hunting… With Xiong Ye and Zhu Zhan going out to hunt, even if there were fewer people going out to hunt, they still didn’t have to worry about being unable to catch prey. XV5zP9

After the hunting team of over forty warriors entered the tribe, Xiong Ye commanded the team and arranged for them to use various tactics against the dinosaurs.

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Zhou Ji had told him about various ways of training soldiers, and this was precisely what he was doing.

Zhu Zhan, who watched as Xiong Ye commanded his subordinates and tried out several different ways of killing a Triceratops, was full of admiration, “Xiong Ye, how did you come up with so many different ways to hunt?”

He had always felt that strength was the most important thing, and relying on a variety of tricks in order to catch dinosaurs was abnormal and opportunistic, but now as he watched Xiong Ye catch dinosaurs merely by directing others without having to make a move on his own, he felt that his viewpoint had been subverted. Sk1sJE

Even he just considered the following… If someone else used Xiong Ye’s methods to deal with him, Zhu Zhan might fall into the trap and be at the mercy of a group of people who weren’t as powerful as he was.

Although he had joined the Big Bear Tribe, in fact, Zhu Zhan still looked down on the tribe a little. With this however, he no longer dared to look down on the Big Bear Tribe.

“Zhou Ji taught me.” Xiong Ye said.

“Zhou Ji knows a lot and treats you pretty well.” Zhu Zhan said. sIec6

He had previously always felt that Zhou Ji was overly cold and indifferent towards Xiong Ye, and felt that Xiong Ye had been too impulsive. Now, that didn’t seem to be the case?

“Of course Zhou Ji treats me well.” Xiong Ye replied, then abruptly turned into his animal form and sniffed at the air.

A brown bear’s sense of smell was seven times better than a hound, and after he had become a medium level Beast Warrior, it had become even better. At the moment, he could scent something that made him feel like something was off.

After sniffing around for a while, Xiong Ye changed back into his human form, “Someone is coming. They should be people from the Giant Tiger Tribe.” gGHvLX

In recent days, they had arranged for people to patrol around the tribe and had constantly been waiting for the arrival of the people from the Giant Tiger Tribe. Even when they went hunting, they would head in the direction of the Giant Tiger Tribe. Now, they had discovered the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe.

Xiong Ye’s eyes narrowed as he looked in the direction the scent came from, “Let’s not catch dinosaurs anymore. We’ll go catch people!”

The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe hadn’t discovered Xiong Ye and the others, but they knew that they had arrived at the Big Bear Tribe’s territory.

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“There’s a lot of prey here…” rUmRZM

“Xiong Ye of the Big Bear Tribe actually killed Hu Tiao. I have to kill him!”

“I wonder how much food they’ve saved up…”


The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe didn’t take the people of the Big Bear Tribe seriously at all. ntzdEB

As a result, while they were talking, someone suddenly spoke up, “I smell something strange…”

They had many people in their group, which affected their sense of smell. Because of this, it wasn’t easy for them to distinguish the scents in the air… That man had just realized that something wasn’t right when a couple of large nets shot straight at a few people who were towards the back of their group.

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“Who is it?” The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe were shocked while those who had been caught began to struggle, some of them turning into their animal form.

One of the people amongst the group that had been caught was a huge ox. He soon broke away from the net and saved the people around him, but some people had smaller animal forms and couldn’t escape. They were dragged away. 9bMkDF

“Roar!” The man whose animal form was an ox bellowed, then led the others with him to swiftly chase after them.

Most of the rest of the team were still at a loss, “What’s going on?”

“What happened?”

“What’s the matter?” ubRoLj


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Others looked towards Hu Tian, their tribal chief, “Chief…”

Hu Tian’s expression was gloomy, “This Big Bear Tribe might not have a lot of fighting power, but they’re very clever!” These people were attacking them with schemes!

Their team was very spread out. He walked at the front of the team, and the distance between him and the person at the very end varied between seven to eight hundred meters. It was too late for them to give chase. behBml

Now, they could do nothing but wait for those who had chased after them to return.

Hu Tian had the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe gather together, but he didn’t realize that the people who had gone off to give chase were already unable to come back.

When they saw the people of the Big Bear Tribe use such schemes, the first thought of those people who had given chase was that the Big Bear Tribe must be very weak. They also thought that they had to make sure and torture them thoroughly as soon as they caught them.

Yet as a result, after chasing for a while, they actually saw a huge bear that was approximately five meters tall… qBfdnh

This… this was even taller than their tribal chief!

These people were full of confusion as they attempted to escape, but they ended up being knocked unconscious with a single slap.

Juurensha: Welcome to your doom, Giant Tiger Tribe
xiin: student XY putting ZJ’s teachings to use~


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