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A total of seven people from the Giant Tiger Tribe had come to the Big Bear Tribe this time. The person leading them this time was no longer Mao Huo, but another person who Hu Tian trusted deeply. fXtkPu

This person’s animal form was a hippopotamus. His form was very large, and his fighting power wasn’t low. As for his name, he was called Ma Xiao.

Ma Xiao was just like his name and always had a smile on his face no matter who he met. He had a good temper and very easily created goodwill with everyone. However, he wasn’t actually a good person. In fact, not only were his methods quite cruel, he was also very clever.

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Hu Tian had assigned him this task this time precisely because of how clever he was.

The information they had received from the Big Bear Tribe was mixed and confusing; Hu Tian wanted to figure out exactly what was going on. SOaZPu

Ma Xiao and his team pushed on and began to observe the Big Bear Tribe’s territory after they entered the vicinity.

The Big Bear Tribe occupied a very good location. It was completely viable for them to spend the winter here, but it all depended on the Big Bear Tribe’s situation…

Ma Xiao had Mao Huo stay behind, and brought two of his younger brothers with him to head into the Big Bear Tribe’s territory early in the morning.

Within the Big Bear Tribe’s territory, many trees had been cut down. It seemed that they were already prepared for winter––a lot of firewood was required to make it through winter!


They liked this kind of tribe… Before, when they took over the Green Hill Tribe, the tribe had also collected a lot of food and firewood, which meant that they wouldn’t need to gather it themselves.

Ma Xiao was continuing forth when he encountered a group of people.

“Who are you?” asked Xiong Qi, dressed in ragged animal hides and looking a little sloppy.

“Hello everyone. I’m here from the West Hill Tribe and came to trade for salt. May I ask what place this is?” Ma Xiao asked. p5zALU

“This is the Big Bear Tribe.” Xiong Qi replied, “Where is the West Hill Tribe? I haven’t heard of it.”

“We live on the west side of the big snowy mountain.” Ma Xiao said, “We are a tribe that is nourished by the spring water from the big snowy mountain!”

There was a big snowy mountain about a month’s travel away from where the Big Bear Tribe was located.

Nobody in the Big Bear Tribe had ever been to the big snowy mountain, but some of them had seen it from afar, and Xiong Qi was one of them. fv6FPR

“Is it the big snowy mountain over there?” Xiong Qi pointed to one direction and asked them curiously.

“Exactly!” Ma Xiao agreed, “My name is Ma Xiao. What’s your name?”

“My name is Xiong Qi.” Xiong Qi told the other party his own name.

Ma Xiao had asked the people of the Green Hill Tribe about the Big Bear Tribe before coming here and naturally knew of Xiong Qi. He had heard that the Big Bear Tribe always sent Xiong Qi to the Green Hill Tribe to trade for salt every year. nadOKt

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Xiong Qi might seem a little brainless from Zhou Ji’s point of view, but in comparison to the rest of the Big Bear Tribe, Xiong Qi was already considered pretty smart. At the very least, he had been outside before and had seen the world a bit. He could scrape by and pull off acting like he didn’t know that the people in front of him were from the Giant Tiger Tribe. xrScRJ

Both sides had their own secret thoughts, but they still managed to have a smooth conversation.

Xiong Qi asked them why they hadn’t brought any goods with them when they came out to trade for salt, and they replied that they had encountered the Giant Tiger Tribe and had been previously robbed.

“Those people from the Giant Tiger Tribe are really bad! I went to trade for salt, and they actually robbed me before, too!” Xiong Qi said, “They’re a bunch of assholes and villains, and will be eaten by dinosaurs sooner or later!”

Xiong Qi had spoken similar curses before, but he felt especially happy doing it this time. 6PaLJ2

Ma Xiao: “……”

There was no doubt that Ma Xiao was unhappy hearing his own tribe get cursed like this, but he couldn’t show it and even had to add a few words, “They’re really too much!”

“Not just that! They’re even more disgusting than dung worms!” Xiong Qi insisted. Dung worms were a type of insect that liked eating dinosaur or human feces, and was one of the things they found the most disgusting and annoying in the world!

Ma Xiao’s expression turned a little strange, but he still said, “Yes!” ENCtwu

Xiong Qi used to feel that it wasn’t easy to put on an act, but after seeing Ma Xiao’s reaction… He suddenly began to love acting.

Xiong Qi continued, “Like you, I’ve also been robbed by the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe before!”

Hearing this, Ma Xiao immediately used this point to try and improve his relationship with Xiong Qi, asking Xiong Qi to bring him into the Big Bear Tribe.

Xiong Qi brought him there. thviqf

The priest had told him to come out and look for Ma Xiao in order to have him bring Ma Xiao to the tribe.

The areas around their tribe where they fired pottery, raised dinosaurs, and planted earth eggs and barley were all places they couldn’t let the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe see. They needed to lead them away from those places.

Xiong Qi bypassed those forbidden places they couldn’t let the outsiders see as he led them to the Big Bear Tribe.

They could easily detour past the places where they fired pottery and raised dinosaurs, but  Zhou Ji’s house was too close to the tribe and couldn’t be avoided. c6DJZI

Ma Xiao noticed the high fence made out of wood at a glance, but he couldn’t see what was beyond it because the fence was too high.

“What kind of place is that?” Ma Xiao asked.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Some of the people from the Green Hill Tribe escaped from the Giant Tiger Tribe. We couldn’t fit them into our valley, so we planned to build some houses and have them live there.” Xiong Qi said. “We even made a fence to keep the dinosaurs away!”

Ma Xiao listened to his words and immediately said, “You guys are really good people!” He had originally thought that the people of the Big Bear Tribe would kill the slaves who would be nothing but a waste of food. Unexpectedly, they actually allowed them to stay… How foolish! tLnMI5

Thinking that a fence like this would be able to keep the dinosaurs away was also quite foolish!

While they were talking, they had already arrived at the entrance to the valley where the people of the Big Bear Tribe lived.

Ma Xiao knew that the people of the Big Bear Tribe had a valley, but he was still quite surprised when he saw it. He liked it a lot.

A place like this really wasn’t bad at all! Xpalq4

Their Giant Tiger Tribe couldn’t wander around forever… This place was very rich in resources. Perhaps they could absorb the Green Hill Tribe and Big Bear Tribe tribal lands into their strongholds and settle down here?

While Ma Xiao was thinking about these things, he had already been brought into the valley.

There were many people in the valley. They looked… Very thin and bony. Of course, there were some who looked a little stronger, Xiong Qi amongst them, but there really weren’t that many people like that!

Mao Huo must have been mistaken when he said that the people of the Big Bear Tribe were very strong before. If this tribe was really powerful, why would everyone look like this? E9RWKZ

Ma Xiao’s eyes flashed, showing a trace of disdain.

“Hello, visitors from the West Hill Tribe!” The priest came up to welcome Ma Xiao and his people.

“Hello.” Ma Xiao began to chat with the priest and soon learned of his identity.

It turned out that this Big Bear Tribe really had a priest! 5Cwf7E

But this priest… Didn’t seem to have any ability at all. As for the tribal chief of the Big Bear Tribe… Xiong He’s strength wasn’t bad, but Ma Xiao really didn’t respect such a limited amount of strength!

Within the entire valley, there was only Zhou Ji who could make Ma Xiao spare a few extra glances.

After all, Zhou Ji’s appearance… Looked like he was doing very well.

Based on what Fu Xiao had said before, there had once been someone who came to the entrance of the Little Brook Tribe and claimed that their father was a powerhouse… Could it be this person in front of him? GyhpTU

Ma Xiao’s gaze fell on Zhou Ji’s clothes, which looked different from everyone else’s.

“Who is this? What is he wearing?” Ma Xiao asked very directly.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“This is Xiong Ye’s mate. Xiong Ye is the strongest person in our tribe.” The priest said, “He’s wearing clothing.”

The priest pointed to Xiong Ye as he spoke, leading Ma Xiao to see a young man covered in wounds. He had a large bite wound on his shoulder, which probably happened when he was bitten by a dinosaur while hunting. KpwBTZ

That was the strongest person in the tribe?!

And he had even found another man to be his mate… This was too hilarious!

Ma Xiao pressed down the contempt in his heart and showed an awestruck expression instead, “That clothing looks very special. Where did it come from?”

“I made it.” Zhou Ji laughed. He sat down in front of Ma Xiao, then took a piece of vine out of his pocket, tearing it open to reveal the plant fibers inside. He began to weave and demonstrate, “It was made like this.” OlNMdz

Ma Xiao: “……” This clothing was originally made out of such worthless vines…

“Your skin is very pale and looks very good.” Ma Xiao said.

“Yes. I’m doing very well. I have a very powerful mate.” Zhou Ji smiled as he looked towards Xiong Ye.

The ‘weak’ Xiong Ye, who was lying down on the pile of hay, immediately returned his smile. Y7JTdK

The two sides began to chat just like this. Ma Xiao spoke about some matters regarding the West Hill Tribe and also learned many things from the Big Bear Tribe. He even figured out what had happened before with the Little Brook Tribe.

“I found out that those people weren’t from the Little Brook Tribe, so I tricked them by saying that we had a powerhouse in our tribe before running away… After running for a while, we decided to save the people of the Little Brook Tribe and went back for them. As a result, we had just managed to let the people of the Little Brook Tribe out when the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe came back…” Zhou Ji recounted what had happened back then, “The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe were really strong, and we lost a lot of people before managing to kill them all!”

“You guys are so amazing.” Ma Xiao said.

“Yes, there are many powerful warriors in our tribe!” Zhou Ji agreed, “We saved the people of the Little Brook Tribe and obtained a lot of salt… But we can’t trade it with you because we don’t have enough to use ourselves.” aiuQ7g

Ma Xiao showed a regretful expression even as inwardly he became even more contemptuous of the Big Bear Tribe.

He had also thought that the Big Bear Tribe would be very amazing, but it was in fact a very ordinary primitive tribe.

Mao Huo must have been mistaken when he first came here to investigate!

While Ma Xiao was thinking about this, the priest spoke up, “Sigh, let’s not talk about the dung from the Giant Tiger Tribe. Those good-for-nothings.” Oup d2

Xiong He followed suit, “They’re even worse than dung!”

Xiong Qi continued, “The people from the Giant Tiger Tribe are all bastards!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiong Bai added, “They all eat dung.”

…… 42DULp

Everyone spoke up and added their two cents, cursing the Giant Tiger Tribe to bloody shreds.

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Translator's Note

马笑 – Hippopotamus in Chinese is 河马 (River Horse), this man’s name is Horse Laugh.

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