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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh91.2 - Collective Acting


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

When Xiong Ye woke up the next morning, he smelled the scent of meat and discovered that he was lying in bed. bNMho8

He seemed to have fallen asleep in the kitchen. Why was he on the bed now? Had Zhou Ji moved him into bed?

He was very heavy. Zhou Ji must have spent a lot of effort to get him into bed…

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With that thought in mind, Xiong Ye sat up from the bed.

The wounds on his body had improved by a lot. Although they were still very painful, it wasn’t to the point where he couldn’t move… Once he came out of the bedroom, he arrived at the dining room and noticed the roasted meat set out on the table. 72fAi

“You’ve woken up. Have something to eat.” Zhou Ji brought out the plants that he had gathered yesterday and placed them in front of Xiong Ye. “Eat.”

If plants that were filled with energy were used in cooking, they would lose at least half of their energy content. This was the case even if Zhou Ji used his spiritual powers, so it was best to eat them raw.

“These things are raw.” Xiong Ye was a little confused. Had he offended Zhou Ji somehow? He had made him drink so much medicine yesterday, plus now Zhou Ji was telling to eat grass, and it was even raw!

“These things are good for your health.” Zhou Ji gave Xiong Ye a kiss. “Hurry and eat it.”


Xiong Ye was in a daze from the kiss and immediately ate it obediently.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As soon as he ate it, he realized that something wasn’t quite right.

After he had become a medium level Beast Warrior, he was able to sense both the energy in his body and the energy around him much more clearly. When he ate these plants, he could feel that the energy in his body had increased slightly.

These plants were indeed very good for the body. vj1uD2

After realizing this point, Xiong Ye was no longer against eating grass. He soon ate the large basket of grass that Zhou Ji had prepared for him before moving on to eat meat.

Just then, Zhou Ji suddenly spoke up, “I think the Giant Tiger Tribe might come to attack the Big Bear Tribe just before winter comes… What do you think of that?”

“What do you mean?” Xiong Ye didn’t understand.

“Do you want the Giant Tiger Tribe to not come here, or do you want them to come?” Zhou Ji asked him. ypYrNh

Xiong Ye said, “If it was before, I definitely wouldn’t want them to come. But now, I wish that they would come so that we can make it so that they’ll meet their ends here!”

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“That’s a good idea.” Zhou Ji agreed.

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The priest immediately spoke up when he saw Zhou Ji, “Zhou Ji, quickly come and tell me what you think of this chamber pot.”

“Very ugly.” Zhou Ji was very honest.

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Priest: “It’s indeed a little ugly, but it should do the job… Zhou Ji, bless this chamber pot so that it will be a success.” P zt5g

Zhou Ji used his spiritual powers to scan the chamber pot and knew that it was most likely impossible for it to successfully make it through the firing process. However, since the priest wanted it so badly…

Zhou Ji picked up the chamber pot and helped out by reshaping a few key areas.

“Zhou Ji, thank you!” This chamber pot would definitely come out properly with Zhou Ji’s help! The priest then asked, “Oh, right, Zhou Ji, how is Xiong Ye doing?”

“He’s fine now. He even became a medium level Beast Warrior.” Zhou Ji replied. CBDAxl

“He’s become a medium level Beast Warrior?!” The priest was both surprised and elated. He placed his hands together and said, “Thanks to the Beast God for giving our tribe a medium level Beast Warrior…”

Zhou Ji was already used to the people of the tribe involving the Beast God in everything, but he didn’t want to continue the topic, “Priest, I came to find you for something.”

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“What’s the matter? Did you discover something new, or do you want to make something?” The priest looked at Zhou Ji with eager eyes.

Zhou Ji said, “It’s like this. The Beast God told me that the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe will come to our tribe tomorrow.” 8KuY21

“What!?” The priest was in shock. If the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe were on their way here, they needed to get ready to fight immediately!

“Relax. It’s not the fighters that are coming. They sent people to come investigate and spy on us for information.” Zhou Ji said, “They might even hide their identities when they come.”

The priest’s expression turned solemn. “I understand… Zhou Ji, what do you think we should do?”

“The Giant Tiger Tribe… If we go against them now, we won’t necessarily lose.” Zhou Ji said. HR1N7p

If they were fighting on flat ground, and everyone from the Giant Tiger Tribe fought against the people of the Big Bear Tribe all together, the outcome was uncertain.

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After all, the Giant Tiger Tribe had many more people than they did.

But if they really fought, the situation wouldn’t be like that!

If the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe wanted to attack them, they needed to come to them. This was their home, and they could always come up with ways to kill the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe! 7zHscd

“I also don’t think we’ll lose. Since that’s the case… We’ll just find a way to lead the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe here so that we can kill them all off!” The priest said.

After that, the priest went off to work.

Zhou Ji stopped concerning himself over this matter after he had informed the priest about it. Instead, he went back to their own home and began to teach Xiong Ye how to recognize words once again.

There was no written word in this place, so Xiong Ye hadn’t taken it very seriously when he had first started to learn. After he learned how to write their names, he had no longer wanted to learn any more. XH90wv

Zhou Ji had been occupied with building their house and hadn’t forced Xiong Ye to learn. Now when he tested Xiong Ye on the things he had taught him before, he discovered that Xiong Ye had remembered their names very well, but had basically forgotten most of the other words.

Zhou Ji rather helplessly rubbed his head, then said, “Xiong Ye, I’m going to teach you some fighting styles today.”

“What fighting styles?” Xiong Ye was filled with anticipation as he looked at Zhou Ji.

“The way of fighting between two tribes…” Zhou Ji said. “To sum it up, it is to retreat when the enemy moves in, disturb them when they’ve settled in, fight them when they’re tired, and then chase them when they retreat.” Jqd6Nw

Zhou Ji explained these phrases that summarized the tactics of guerrilla warfare to Xiong Ye and even provided him with some examples.

This fighting style was very suitable for use between tribes in the primitive era.

Sure enough, after Xiong Ye listened to him, he looked at Zhou Ji in both amazement and delight, “Zhou Ji, you’re too smart! How could you be so smart!”

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Zhou Ji’s mood was quite good from the praise. Xiong Ye then added, “Tell me more about something else!” tcgKiB

With that, Zhou Ji began to speak about more fighting styles.

Xiong Ye listened particularly carefully. After listening, he said, “I now feel that it’s useful to learn how to write and recognize words… I want to record all of these things down so that every generation of the Big Bear Tribe can learn them!”

“Then you need to focus on learning properly.” Zhou Ji felt a little guilty after saying this.

It was useless if only Xiong Ye learned how to read and write. If he wanted people from the future generations of the Big Bear Tribe to know of these things, it would require everyone from the Big Bear Tribe to learn how to read and write! qErheX

“I’ll definitely study seriously.” Xiong Ye’s expression was determined.

Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji stayed at home all day. In the evening, they decided to go outside and bring back the food they were allocated for the day.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Recently, the tribe had given everyone a share of food every day. Meat was given out on hunting days, and on days where there wasn’t a hunt, they would give out earth eggs or other plants.

As a result, they were given a shock when they arrived at the valley. yAWn5L

The valley looked… A little miserable.

The people who had been living in the place where pottery was fired had originally been slaves. At the moment, they were all staying in the valley, and not only that, the people who had started paying attention to their cleanliness due to Zhou Ji’s influence, had now covered themselves in mud and dirt.

Although they had fattened up slightly after coming to the Big Bear Tribe, at the end of the day, they had still suffered a lot under the Giant Tiger Tribe, and their appearance gave others the impression that their quality of life was very terrible.

That could be overlooked… but all of the powerful, fat, and robust looking people from the tribe were all missing! f3v0zd

Even Xiong He had made himself dirty, and the priest had put on his old robes. Food and other things had also all been hidden…

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The priest had clearly decided to pretend to be poor and weak!

Zhou Ji very quickly understood the priest’s intentions––if the Big Bear Tribe appeared to be too rich in resources, the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe would probably be afraid to launch an attack. However, if the Big Bear Tribe appeared to be very mediocre, the situation would play out very differently.

“This… What’s going on?” Xiong Ye was a little dumbfounded. CtQJzN

The priest said, “The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe are coming. We’ll let them see how poor and weak our tribe is so that they have the guts to come and attack us.”

“The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe are coming?” Xiong Ye was still confused.

“Zhou Ji said so. The Beast God was the one who informed him.” The priest excitedly told Xiong Ye all about what Zhou Ji had told him before.

Xiong Ye looked towards Zhou Ji in surprise when he heard this. No wonder Zhou Ji had suddenly asked him about the Giant Tiger Tribe that morning! It turned out that the Beast God had told him that the Giant Tiger Tribe was coming! TdJ5jl

With that in mind, Xiong Ye immediately asked, “Do I need to do anything? Smear some mud on my face?”

“No need.” The priest looked at Xiong Ye, “How about this. Find a pile of hay to lie down in. You can pretend to be seriously injured.”

The wounds on Xiong Ye’s body… Were actually quite intimidating.

Juurensha: Wow, even the Big Bear Tribe learned a bit of subterfuge!
apricot: ahhhh, Zhou Ji has passed his Scamming People 101 skills onto the tribe ^_^ bVH3Ba

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