Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh86 - Ripe Barley


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Xiong Ye also felt like he was getting stronger and stronger, and he greatly enjoyed this growing feeling of strength. TXfGOi

Zhou Ji was so amazing that he had to become stronger in order to match him. Only in this way would he be able to protect Zhou Ji and protect their tribe.

Although the Giant Tiger Tribe hadn’t made a move for the time being, Xiong Ye didn’t dare to relax.

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Who knew if they would suddenly decide to come by?

Now that he had the Giant Pig Tribe to act as training partners and help him become stronger, he couldn’t ask for anything more! hVAdf1

If it weren’t for the sake of this training, how would he be willing to give up the precious sugar that Zhou Ji had given him?!

Xiong Ye looked seriously at the two people from the Giant Pig Tribe who were across from him.

In the past, he had only been able to make the energy run through his body and cultivate when he was alone and in a quiet peaceful state. After he had started running out of energy during his fights with the Giant Tiger Tribe, in order to win, he had figured out how to absorb the energy from his surroundings during battle…

The first few times he had done this, he had been beaten up several times because his attention had been divided.


However, after a few more attempts against the Giant Pig Tribe members, he was slowly getting the hang of it!

And now, he could cultivate while fighting against two people from the Giant Pig Tribe.

When the people of the Giant Pig Tribe had first started sparring Xiong Ye, they had all held back because they were concerned that the people of the Big Bear Tribe would be unhappy if Xiong Ye got hurt in the process. However, after Xiong Ye grew stronger and stronger, they let themselves go all in when they fought against him.

There were two of them fighting against him this time. These two also had a level of tacit understanding between them due to their time as comrades, which made the fight much more difficult for Xiong Ye. t7d2OE

Before long, Xiong Ye’s leg had been bitten, and when he tossed that man away, the man still managed to tear off a chunk of flesh and blood with him.

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At first, Xiong Ye had been at a disadvantage; after all, he was only one person while his opponents were two.

He was beaten down several times, and if it were someone else, they would probably have lost.

However, Xiong Ye was a strange one. He could cultivate, so even though he was beaten down, he didn’t admit defeat! Not only did he refuse to admit defeat, after lying down on the ground for a while, he could jump right back up and continue to fight!

The two people from the Giant Pig Tribe, “……” x34iUI

This again! Why was it like this again!

Exactly how had this Xiong Ye grown up? Why was his endurance so good?

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In a normal situation, if someone was beaten down like this, they should admit defeat. Yet every time this person was beaten down, he could climb back up again, and every time he got back up, he would continue to fight…

Both people from the Giant Pig Tribe were feeling increasingly desperate. 2Y8J6d

They couldn’t kill Xiong Ye, but if they simply beat Xiong Ye into the ground, Xiong Ye would soon just climb right back up…

In the end, the ones who were exhausted and couldn’t get back up would be them!

While the people of the Giant Pig Tribe who were fighting against Xiong Ye felt helpless, the people of the Big Bear Tribe were all cheering, “Xiong Ye! Get up!”

“Xiong Ye, defeat them!” KFVgk0

“Xiong Ye! You can do it!”


Hou Shi and the others were all looking on in a daze. They were newcomers who hadn’t seen Xiong Ye and the people of the Giant Pig Tribe fight before, and now that Xiong Ye was being beaten up like this, people were still shouting out support. They were a little worried as they asked, “Xiong Ye is about to lose. Why are the people from the Big Bear Tribe still cheering?”

Was this Big Bear Tribe stupid? Based on the current situation, the one who was defeated was clearly Xiong Ye! usHGfy

“Xiong Ye will win.” Hou Shi’s son Hou Bao was full of confidence in Xiong Ye and his eyes glittered with the strength of his worshipful gaze, “Big brother Xiong Ye can’t be beaten down!”

Hou Shi: “……” Looking at Xiong Ye’s current appearance, it was obvious that his strength had been exhausted. How could he continue to fight?

Hou Shi was thinking along those lines when he saw Xiong Ye, who had been knocked down again, climb right back up and charge towards the two men from the Giant Pig Tribe.

At the end of the match, it was the people from the Giant Pig Tribe who could no longer continue to get up. After having been thoroughly exhausted by Xiong Ye, they finally chose to give up. gPISh5

The two of them turned into their human forms at the same time and said, “No more, no more. We admit defeat!”

This Xiong Ye’s endurance was too good!

Hearing that these two people had admitted defeat, Xiong Ye fell to the ground and began to pant. He had a lot of wounds on his body; the blood made his fur clump up, and he looked very miserable.

The former slaves who had just joined the Big Bear Tribe saw this scene and felt some pity towards Xiong Ye––Xiong Ye had suffered such serious injuries, would he be alright? tb8qmE

Hou Shi also asked this question.

Hou Bao explained, “Big brother Xiong Ye will be fine. He’ll be recovered by tomorrow!”

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Hou Shi didn’t really believe him. He had fought so fiercely and suffered so many injuries that he would need at least two days to recover. How could he be fine by tomorrow?

The next day, he saw Xiong Ye running and jumping around as he went out with the hunting team. On the other hand, the two men who had fought against him were obviously tired and were low in energy with bruised and swollen bodies. deIOgZ

This Xiong Ye was really too powerful!

Hou Shi was full of admiration, and then… He suddenly realized, if Xiong Ye was given another few years to grow, wouldn’t there be hope that he could surpass Hu Tian?

While Hou Shi was thinking about such matters, he was following everyone out to cut and gather grass.

The people of the Big Bear Tribe were raising some dinosaurs, and those dinosaurs ate a lot of grass every day. Their task of cutting grass to feed them was very important! cekHr

But they were glad to endure such hardships.

Since they were raising so many dinosaurs, it meant that the Big Bear Tribe wouldn’t lack for food even in winter, right?

And Hou Shi’s current view of the tribe’s situation was cemented even further when he saw the small mountain of earth eggs that they had harvested!

After the earth eggs were put away, they added fertilizer and ploughed the ground before planting another crop of earth eggs. When they were done with all that work, they thought they could have a breather, but then the barley ripened! dpzOi3

The barley was finally ready for harvest!

Zhou Ji couldn’t help but be a little excited when he saw the golden stalks.

Although the food that could be made with barley was more limited than that of wheat, he had been dreaming of barley for a long time.

Xiong Ye also missed barley. After eating the flatbread last time, he had been eagerly looking forward to eating it again! Io7pgu

Those who had eaten or seen the flatbread before were all looking forward to having barley, but those who had just come to the Big Bear Tribe felt more curiosity than excitement towards it.

The barley that grew at the end of these stalks was really small!

Even the smallest earth eggs were the size of a fingernail, but this grain was even smaller than that. How were they supposed to harvest it and eat it?!


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