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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh181.3 - Parallel World (End)


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Zhou Ji left the cell after he finished all of this. ozPil5

The High Priest was waiting for him outside. When he saw Zhou Ji, he immediately asked, “Your Majesty, about this Shi Li…”

“Xiong Ye should be coming over tomorrow. You can let Xiong Ye take him away and tell him that he’s already been punished.” Zhou Ji said.

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“Yes, Your Majesty.” The High Priest replied.

That evening, Zhou Ji didn’t go back to where Xiong Ye stayed and instead went back to the place he’d lived in for decades. dobO02

He used to wear rough clothing in order to hide his identity in front of Xiong Ye, but now that his identity was exposed, he no longer needed to continue dressing this way.

Zhou Ji decided to put on his best clothing before going to find Xiong Ye.

After tidying himself up and carefully fixing up his appearance, Zhou Ji went out to find Xiong Ye at dawn the next day.

And then, he discovered that it was a little inconvenient to have his identity revealed––when he went out that day, everyone from the Beast God Temple was staring at him! sqlZVu

Not only that, the High Priest even volunteered to help him wash and cut vegetables.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Ji: “……” As far as he knew, the High Priest had never cooked before. Having someone like that help him wash and cut vegetables… This wasn’t helping him at all. Rather, it was making trouble for him.

Zhou Ji didn’t hesitate at all before refusing.

It had already been over a month since Zhou Ji had started cooking for Xiong Ye, and Xiong Ye had already learned how to help out. Compared to asking the High Priest to help him, he preferred to have Xiong Ye’s help instead. BJVaQ1

Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye made that day’s breakfast together.

He no longer needed to hide anymore, so he made a lot of food this time and ultimately finished it all, together with Xiong Ye.

His appetite was actually quite good.

After eating, he said, “Shi Li can no longer be a Beast King in the future, but he can leave… You can send him off.” tsSgam

Xiong Ye was stunned for a moment, then said, “Thank you.”

Xiong Ye led Shi Li away from the Beast God Temple, making very rapid progress.

Along the way, Shi Li continued to angrily hurl abuse at him, “Xiong Ye, shouldn’t you be apologizing to me? You were with Zhou Ji since long ago, right? I was the one who has been fooled all this time!”

“I never thought that you were such a person. It’s really disgusting!” RWeGy6

“You harmed me on purpose! You and Zhou Ji both harmed me! You deliberately didn’t tell me about his identity!”

Xiong Ye listened to this for a long time. At the start, he didn’t say anything, but now he finally spoke up, “Zhou Ji is very powerful, which is why something happened to you… However, if Zhou Ji hadn’t been so strong, you would’ve already killed him by now, right?”

Shi Li was stunned.

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“Shi Li, conduct yourself well in the future.” Xiong Ye set Shi Li down, then left without looking back. SfJv6d

He hadn’t done anything he needed to apologize to Shi Li for, but Shi Li had.

Without him, Shi Li might never even have had the chance to grow up. Yet what happened in the end? Shi Li had promised to stay with him all his life, but he had also changed his mind when he didn’t need Xiong Ye anymore.

He didn’t care about these things. After all, he had been willing to do all of those things in the past, and he had also sacrificed for him willingly. He couldn’t put the blame on others.

However, he couldn’t always continue this kind of relationship with Shi Li. XSGd0d

Also… It was already very magnanimous for Zhou Ji to be willing to let Shi Li go.

Shi Li really hadn’t thought that Xiong Ye would leave just like that.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Vtl Ol’r fzqgfrrlbc ogbhf bc tlr ojmf. 3DhOam

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It had already been a long time since he’d gone hunting. He hadn’t roasted his own meat for over ten years, either. Yet now, he needed to do all of it himself?

That was bad enough, but his strength had also weakened. The him of right now might not even be able to beat an ordinary carnivorous dinosaur!

How would he live in the future? cypXwF

Shi Li regretted it now. He regretted ending his relationship with Xiong Ye.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In fact, he actually knew that there was no way there had been anything between Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye while he had still been mates with Xiong Ye. If he hadn’t ended his relationship as mates with Xiong Ye, Xiong Ye would definitely have been good to him forever.

Xiong Ye had always been like that.

And if he was still tied to Xiong Ye, even if Zhou Ji liked Xiong Ye, he wouldn’t be able to do anything, and might even had ended up giving him more benefits. n8mKTZ

However, he’d broken up with Xiong Ye.

He was now surrounded by plants, and there wasn’t even a path… He didn’t know how he was supposed to go on in the future.

After Shi Li was driven away, the men and women who’d chosen to follow him either went to find someone else, or returned back to their own tribe.

As for Shi Li’s younger brother… Zhou Ji didn’t do anything to him, but he was so scared that he left his woman and children behind and ran away on his own. qL2xuy

That woman and her children had nowhere to go. Finally, Hu Yue took pity on her and allowed her to stay with the Big Bear Tribe. After that, this woman didn’t say anything and chose another man in the Big Bear Tribe to get together with.

Her actions were pretty straightforward.

After dealing with Shi Li’s affairs, the Big Bear Tribe finally left the Beast God Temple.

The High Priest didn’t want Zhou Ji to leave, but Zhou Ji… he was tired of staying at the Beast God Temple. eUX3aK

Compared with staying at the Beast God Temple, he was more willing to go and travel around everywhere.

However, he didn’t mind bringing some of the people from the Beast God Temple with him. On one hand, these people could take care of him, and on the other hand… the him from his dream had soy sauce to cook with, tofu to eat, and also had many other things to enjoy… he wanted the people of the Beast God Temple to help him make those things.

There were also words. He still had decades left to live. Of course, he could also promote some of these other things.

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His Majesty The Beast God, who used to lie there lazily in the temple all day and didn’t want to do anything, was now full of energy and only rarely lay there doing nothing. 45ykFa

Of course, his diligence was mostly used on Xiong Ye.

The Zhou Ji in his dream was able to get Xiong Ye without having to chase him, but he wasn’t so lucky.

Xiong Ye was a little hesitant after he learned of Zhou Ji’s identity. Zhou Ji could only continue his efforts in pursuing Xiong Ye.

He also quite liked doing this. rAXJW2

He was a man and should be the one pursuing his own mate!

A year went back almost in the blink of an eye.

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Spring returned to the land, and it was once again time to hold the Beast God Sacrifice.

By this time, Xiong Ye’s territory had already undergone great changes. yTDdlX

At this time last year, the Big Bear Tribe only had had several dozen people. Now, they had over a thousand, and these people’s lives were going very well.

Hu Yue was no longer young, but she’d still managed to find someone else to spend her days with. Xiong An had also found a woman, and his woman was even pregnant. Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye had also finally gotten together.

Half a year ago, Xiong Ye had finally agreed to be with Zhou Ji.

He wasn’t a person who liked to put on pretenses. Zhou Ji was really very good to him, and he also liked Zhou Ji very much, so he naturally wouldn’t make excuses and put up false obstacles for no reason. lV8n b

After the two of them cleared the air, they started to live together. Now, they were no different from an old husband and wife pair.

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Back when he’d left the Beast God Temple, Zhou Ji had already stopped dreaming. Now, one year later, he sometimes even wondered if he had dreamed of himself in another world at all.

No matter what, that dream had helped him and allowed him to have a mate. In this world, he was finally no longer alone.

“Your Majesty The Beast God, your sedan chair is ready!” Two high level Beast Warriors from the Beast God Temple came over to Zhou Ji and reported respectfully. CJKwZY

“Bring me over to take a look.” Zhou Ji said.

The two of them soon led Zhou Ji to a large sedan chair and said, “Your Majesty, this sedan chair was made out of a single piece of wood. It’s very big and rainproof. You and the Bear Beast King will definitely be able to sit inside comfortably!”

“Not bad.” Zhou Ji was very satisfied.

“Your Majesty, let us carry the sedan chair for you when the time comes!” The two of them hurriedly spoke up. 2tPY4m

However, they had only just finished speaking when others also spoke up, “Your Majesty, I’m stronger than they are! Let me lift the sedan!”

“I’m at your service, Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty…”

…… hwjJaV

Zhou Ji: “……” The people of the Beast God Temple were amazing. They were even fighting over who would carry the sedan chair!

These high level Beast Warriors didn’t know what Zhou Ji was thinking and were still squabbling amongst themselves.

There were many advantages to working for His Majesty The Beast God!

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It had to be known that many of them had only been medium level Beast Warriors when they came down to the Bear Beast King’s territory with the Beast God. Gjbeky

Yet as a result, His Majesty The Beast God had obtained some plants from who knows where. After they ate them, they had become high level Beast Warriors.

Not only that, His Majesty the Beast God had also taught them a lot of knowledge… He was really worthy of being the Beast God!

Now, being allowed to carry His Majesty The Beast God was a supreme honor!

“You can take turns, two people each day.” Zhou Ji finally said. 1nuwkV

The high level Beast Warriors finally stopped arguing.

A few days later, Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye sat together in the sedan chair, then led the people of the Big Bear Tribe to the place where the Beast God Temple was located.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

They were going to attend the Beast God Sacrifice.

Zhou Ji had originally not wanted to go, but the High Priest had sent over a lot of people to invite him. He even said that if he didn’t want to go, he would hold the Beast God Sacrifice in Xiong Ye’s territory… That was too troublesome, so Zhou Ji ultimately still decided to go. 6antN1

The sedan chair swayed as it moved and slowly made its way to the Beast God Temple. When they arrived, they attracted the attention of many people.

Not all of the tribes knew about the matter of the Bear Beast King getting together with the Beast God. After all, many tribes had already left the Beast God Temple when this took place last year.

However, at this time, everyone had gathered together at the Beast God Temple, and this matter had naturally become known by everyone.

Now that the people of the Big Bear Tribe had arrived… how could everyone not be curious? omDfbH

“I wonder what His Majesty The Beast God looks like…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“The Bear Beast King must be very attractive.”

“They’re coming down from the sedan chair!”

“The one in the white robe must be the Bear Beast King, he’s so good looking…” Uoerv5


Last year, Shi Li had been very flamboyant during the Beast God Sacrifice. In contrast, Xiong Ye had been very low-key, and many people didn’t recognize Xiong Ye. This time, they had identified the wrong person.

Zhou Ji, who was dressed in a white robe, smiled widely at Xiong Ye, “Someone praised me for my good looks.”

Although Xiong Ye’s listening ability was good, there were too many people around them, and he couldn’t hear other people’s whispers at all. He had a blank expression on his face, and he thought for a moment before saying, “You were always good looking.” lbM7 i

“Oh really… Are you willing to become mates with the good looking me?” Zhou Ji asked.

“Yes.” Xiong Ye replied.

“Since you’re willing, let’s have a mating ceremony during the Beast God Sacrifice a few days from now.” Zhou Ji said.

“Mating ceremony?” Xiong Ye was a little dazed. zNWitJ

Zhou Ji spoke of it often, and he now believed that the Beast God didn’t exist. However, in the eyes of the people of the Beast God Temple, Zhou Ji was the Beast God.

The mating ceremony was supposed to be held with the Beast God as witness. How could it be held?

He’d originally thought that he and Zhou Ji could just be together directly, and that there wouldn’t be any mating ceremony at all…

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“Yes, a mating ceremony. We’ll hold a grand mating ceremony.” Zhou Ji said. Other people had ‘wedding ceremonies’ when they were married, so he naturally wanted to have one too! aidbIJ

Very soon, it was the day of the Beast God Sacrifice.

This year’s Beast God Sacrifice was different from that of previous years.

On that day, the people of the Beast God Temple watered the flame flowers that were further away from the Beast God Temple in order to make them bloom, but they didn’t water the flame flowers near the Beast God Temple.

The flame flowers that grew around the site of the Beast God Sacrifice remained as flower buds. jrfydm

Zhou Ji had asked people to use the flame flowers to create dyes and made two robes that weren’t very uniformly colored, and weren’t very red, but were still bright and unique. He and Xiong Ye each wore one, then stood together in the middle of the field.

The High Priest stood in front of them. He didn’t say ‘Beast God up above’ or other similar words and merely asked, “Are you willing to become mates, stay together regardless of age and sickness, and be together forever?”

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“I’m willing.” Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji both spoke in unison.

At this moment, all the flame flowers around them suddenly bloomed, and some other flowers and plants also began to grow wildly, making the entire Beast God Temple appear very beautiful. Even the stone slabs that didn’t have any soil near them suddenly had plants growing out and blooming flowers of various colors. WtdOcE

This scene was so magical and amazing that everyone outside went down to their knees.

Xiong Ye saw this and was a little surprised as well––Zhou Ji always said that he wasn’t the Beast God, but this move… was he really not the Beast God?

The High Priest’s legs were even more soft at this moment, and he very much wanted to kneel. However, as the host of this mating ceremony, he couldn’t kneel.

As he willed himself to remain standing, the High Priest felt that his life was complete! 6Mjz9V

He had actually presided over the Beast God’s mating ceremony!

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He definitely had to learn how to read and write so that he could write a book and record this day! He wouldn’t stop until he’d written a hundred thousand words!

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