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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh180.1 - Parallel World (11)


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Zhou Ji had gone out to pick mushrooms. VCmiwG

During this season, after the rain, there was a type of delicious mushroom that grew on the mountains nearby. It tasted good boiled or baked, so he’d decided to go and pick some.

He had a lot of seeds on hand, but he really didn’t have any mushroom spores. After all, the spores were too small… Of course, he could use his powers to produce more mushrooms whenever he found some.

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Yet as a result, he had just gone out and hadn’t traveled far when he saw Shi Li.

Zhou Ji acted like he hadn’t seen him and continued on his way. AkdB2E

However, he hadn’t expected that Shi Li would reveal his killing intent after seeing him and directly make a move…

It wasn’t the first time that Zhou Ji had been suddenly attacked by someone like this.

He had lived during the apocalypse before he transmigrated over. During that time, human beings looked out for and helped each other, but there were also many people who killed other people for the sake of food and resources.

During that time, there were also many people who had tried to sneak attack him in order to kill him. npaV9R

After transmigrating over into this world, he had also encountered many crises.

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It could be said that when Shi Li started to make his move, Zhou Ji had already realized what was happening.

He felt a little helpless after discovering the attack.

Shi Li actually wanted to kill him… He wasn’t afraid of Shi Li, but in the current situation, his identity would be exposed as soon as he resisted! Og7Aha

Recently, Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye’s feelings for each other had been developing very nicely.

After Shi Li had tried to make trouble for him a few days ago, Xiong Ye had probably felt guilty about it and had started to treat him better. He no longer tried to hide when Zhou Ji flirted with him, and Zhou Ji was confident that he would be able to get together with Xiong Ye within a year. Next year, during the Beast God Sacrifice, they could even become mates.

After all, there were very few people across the entire Beastman Continent who were like him:  of an appropriate age, handsome, cooked delicious food, and had also seen a lot of the world and had a wide range of knowledge to talk with Xiong Ye about.

However, if his identity was exposed… eiFdkT

Shi Li came in with a killing move. Zhou Ji sighed, then dodged.

Shi Li looked at Zhou Ji in surprise and attacked again.

“Shi Li, what exactly are you trying to do?” Zhou Ji asked him.

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“Yo mbegrf P’w agslcu ab xlii sbe.” Vtl Ol vlvc’a tfrlajaf ab gfqis. Pa tjv regqglrfv tlw atja Itbe Al mbeiv jnblv tlr jaajmx, yea tf bcis atbeuta atja la kjr vef ab tlr bkc mjgfifrrcfrr––tf tjvc’a erfv jcs bo tlr qbkfg lc atf qgfnlber jaajmx. odhExg

It wouldn’t happen again now… Shi Li’s killing intent surged and mixed with powerful energy as it pressed towards Zhou Ji.

He could already see what Zhou Ji would look like when he died.

After he’d become a Beast King, he’d gone and killed the people who’d been disrespectful to him. At that time, those people had been unable to put up any resistance and had been directly crushed into a meat patty.

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Of course, he didn’t want Zhou Ji to end up the same way. After all, if Zhou Ji turned into a meat patty, it wouldn’t be easy for him to deal with Zhou Ji’s corpse. 78DX9B

A flash of ruthless ambition flashed across Shi Li’s eyes.

“Why are you so stupid…” Zhou Ji sighed again, then took off his robe and tossed it aside. These clothes were from Xiong Ye and should be preserved well. Also, he didn’t want to be left with nothing to wear later on.

In fact, it wasn’t a bad idea for him to expose his identity. He could allow Shi Li to sober up a bit, and also let Xiong Ye know that he hadn’t gone after him because of his strength.

With heaven and earth as his witness, he was much more powerful than Xiong Ye! RzmOrP

Other than that… well, after being served for so many years, he actually wasn’t very used to acting humble and having to pretend to be someone with a lowly status.

Shi Li was rather puzzled when he heard Zhou Ji’s words. Zhou Ji even said that he was stupid… was there something wrong with this person?

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He was just thinking about this… Shi Li discovered that Zhou Ji’s figure had suddenly grown in front of him, and he’d abruptly become a huge elephant. Shi Li’s animal form had become very, very big after he’d become a Beast King, but the animal in front of him was even bigger than he was.

At the same time, a huge wave of energy pressured him and forced him to freeze in place. Xqvf2Y

Wasn’t Zhou Ji a waste? An ordinary person? Why was he like this now? Shi Li couldn’t believe everything that was happening in front of his eyes. At the same time, he was sent flying by the trunk of the elephant in front of him.

When Shi Li ran into Zhou Ji, Xiong Ye was at the place where the Big Bear Tribe had settled.

A month had passed since the Beast God Sacrifice.

Although the people of the Big Bear Tribe learned slowly, they all worked hard and split up the work. Everyone was learning the same thing, and by this point, they had almost finished learning everything they needed to know. d31nL4

Xiong Ye had come over today in order to arrange for their departure.

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“Although there is a lot of knowledge we haven’t learned from the Beast God Temple yet, we can come back next year to learn the knowledge we haven’t learned yet. Also, there are people in the big tribes within our territory that have some of this knowledge. When the time comes, we can find some of them to come by and help or teach us.” Hu Yue said.

Over the years, Hu Yue had always been by Xiong Ye’s side and had experienced many battles. She was now a medium level Beast Warrior, and not only that, she was also in charge of many things in the Big Bear Tribe.

“In that case, we’ll leave in two days.” Xiong Ye said. clzXPB

“Alright.” Hu Yue said.

The two of them exchanged a few more words and started discussing the Beast God Temple.

Hu Yue said, “I’ve always thought that the Beast God Temple suppressed the ordinary beastmen. Unexpectedly, that wasn’t the case. The priests are all very good people.”

Xiong Ye nodded. faM SP

Along the way, they had encountered a lot of danger and malice. He was very grateful to the Beast God Temple for their kindness, and what moved him the most was how the Beast God Temple didn’t hold back any secrets and taught all kinds of knowledge to everyone.

“By the way, Xiong Ye, how are things with you and Zhou Ji?” Hu Yue suddenly asked.

When it came to Zhou Ji, Xiong Ye replied, “Pretty good.” He felt that Zhou Ji was quite good. Zhou Ji had originally been a member of his tribe and knew his roots. He could cook delicious food, and he was very good looking. It was probably because he’d lived in the Beast God Temple for such a long time, but Zhou Ji also knew about many things and could talk to him about anything… He had already started to consider getting together with Zhou Ji.

“It’s good if you think that he’s good, but there’s one thing I should tell you…” Hu Yue’s brows drew together in a frown. ql96Kg

“What is it?” Xiong Ye asked.

Hu Ye explained, “We’ve been farming recently, and I remember that Zhou Ji said that he had done this kind of work… I asked around about him in private, but ultimately, nobody knew him.”

“Did you ask everyone?” Xiong Ye asked.

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“I asked a lot of people, and they all said that they don’t know this person. You can ask Zhou Ji about it later. If he lied to you, you should take some more time to consider things.” Hu Yue said. She’d only gone to inquire about Zhou Ji in order to know more about him. She hadn’t thought that she would learn that nobody knew Zhou Ji at all. Tegn Z

Zhou Ji may have lied. He may not have been farming at the Beast God Temple like he’d said before, but it didn’t matter. As long as he went back with the Big Bear Tribe, he would be a person of the Big Bear Tribe.

She was just afraid that everything Zhou Ji had said before might turn out to be false.

Xiong Ye nodded, “I’ll ask him.”

Hu Yue continued, “It doesn’t matter if his strength is poor, or if he didn’t stay in the Beast God Temple before, but if he has a mate or a child and only aimed for you because of your status as a Beast King, then you should maybe reconsider it.” r8gcJZ

Xiong Ye’s heart sank when he heard Hu Yue’s words. He didn’t care if Zhou Ji had approached him just because he was a Beast King, but if Zhou Ji had another mate or even had children…

Thinking of how Zhou Ji might have used the same intimate behavior that he’d used on him with others, Xiong Ye felt a little unhappy.

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As the two of them spoke, a strong wave of energy suddenly came in from outside. The huge pressure made fear rise up from the bottom of Xiong Ye’s heart, giving him a feeling that he couldn’t match up to it at all.

Who was that? XWFK4V

Could other Beast Kings actually be so strong?

Others could also feel what Xiong Ye was feeling at the moment.

Because Xiong Ye hadn’t left, the old Ape Beast King and Ox Beast King had also remained behind at the Beast God Temple.

In recent days, they had become friends with Xiong Ye and obtained some benefits from the Beast God. xWubwR

The Beast God could manipulate plants and procure some plants that were good for their health. Now, the Beast God had sent some such plants to them.

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The Ox Beast King and Ape Beast King ate them and now felt that they were refreshed and revitalized. They would definitely be able to live for a few more years.

Following the Beast God was a good decision!

Today, the Ape Beast King and Ox Beast King had gotten together to talk about the benefits they’d obtained from the Beast God. The Ape Beast King spoke emotionally, “Unfortunately, we’re already old. If we were younger and could still vie for the Beast God’s favor…” OUe0h

The Ox Beast King interrupted him, “The Beast God wouldn’t be interested in you even if you were younger.”


“You’re not attractive.” The Ox Beast King didn’t even hesitate before making this statement.

Ape Beast King: “… In fact, I was pretty good looking when I was younger.” obncqI

“Were you as attractive as Xiong Ye?” The Ox Beast King asked.

Ape Beast King: “……” He’d always thought that between Shi Li and Xiong Ye, Shi Li was the better looking one, but unexpectedly, that wasn’t the case any longer.

After the Beast God had taken care of him for a while, Xiong Ye had immediately become more attractive.

Of course, the most attractive thing about Xiong Ye was his temperament… his temperament was very pure. 62TsIQ

The two of them were just chatting with each other when a powerful wave of pressure suddenly appeared… They looked at each other, then said in unison, “It’s the Beast God!”

Other Beast Kings had also remained at the Beast God Temple.

Shi Li and Xiong Ye hadn’t left, and neither had the two old Beast Kings. Some of the remaining Beast Kings were concerned with their families and tribes and had already left, but others had chosen to stay.

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And these people were all doing various things at this time. One of the Beast Kings was currently struggling over how much importance the Beast God Temple had placed on Xiong Ye recently. Before, it was clear that the Beast God Temple had paid great attention to Shi Li; why had they suddenly changed their minds and started to value Xiong Ye instead? dPrOtx

No matter what these people were doing, when they felt this powerful pressure, they immediately jumped up and rushed to the place the pressure originated from.

If it was a powerful dinosaur, they should work together to kill it.

If it was a powerful beastman… how could there be such a powerful beastman in the world?


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