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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh178 - Parallel World (9)


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

“What are you doing?” Xiong Ye stood up abruptly, his brows drawn into an even tighter frown. SI8ZVu

“Kissing you.” Zhou Ji said. He wasn’t a frivolous person, but he had recently been drinking often. He watched dream Zhou Ji flirt with dream Xiong Ye every day and then accidentally ended up doing something like this in the present.

Now, he took in Xiong Ye’s reaction, and felt that he could kiss him a few more times in the future…

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“Don’t do such a thing again in the future!” Xiong Ye said, “And… you should go back to live in the tribe…”

“I’m not going back.” Zhou Ji started laughing, “And even if I go back, as long as I tell Hu Yue that I like you and want to pursue you, Hu Yue would probably also support me.” h1gu i

Xiong Ye: “……” Was Zhou Ji actually so shameless?

“Xiong Ye, you’re a Beast King. I can’t beat you, and it’s impossible for me to do anything to you… What does it matter if I stay?” Zhou Ji said, “Besides, you’re single now, and I’m also single. There’s no need for you to refuse my pursuit.”

Xiong Ye looked at Zhou Ji. Zhou Ji was a little older than him, but he was very well-maintained. There would probably be many people who would believe him if he said he hadn’t reached thirty. Not only that, Zhou Ji was also very attractive.

The attentive gaze that Zhou Ji used to look at him also made him feel that Zhou Ji must like him very much. S3kl 7

If he still had a mate, he definitely couldn’t allow Zhou Ji to continue following him, but he no longer had a mate… Xiong Ye said, “You can stay, but don’t do this kind of thing in the future.”

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Xiong Ye left soon after he spoke. Zhou Ji looked at his back and had an urge to laugh. Xiong Ye was obviously feeling a little awkward… In fact, he could flirt with Xiong Ye more often in the future.

Xiong Ye didn’t know what Zhou Ji was thinking. He hurried back to his room and subconsciously touched his face.

He had always been very rough, and bumping into people was a very common thing, but this kind of kiss had never happened before. GYV4oC

Why would Zhou Ji do something like this?

Xiong Ye really couldn’t understand, but he didn’t think about it for long––he took out a crystal core and began to cultivate.

The Beast God Temple had given him many crystal cores. He had to cultivate hard!

While Xiong Ye was cultivating, Zhou Ji, who’d realised that the dough wouldn’t rise for a while, went to find the High Priest. r3YWsu

The High Priest was counting crystal cores and was preparing to send them over to Xiong Ye.

This was a request from the Beast God.

These crystal cores would have originally been collected and stored away by the people of the Beast God Temple after splitting out a portion of them for the various Beast Kings.

Ordinary beastmen couldn’t directly absorb the energy in these crystal cores, but after they became stronger, they could absorb part of the energy. It was a very slow process, but because of this, these crystal cores were very precious. ln9PGe

However, this year… this year, all of the crystal cores that the Beast God Temple had received were all given to Xiong Ye.

Zhou Ji appeared quietly in front of the High Priest as he was counting.

“Your Majesty!” The High Priest was a little excited when he saw Zhou Ji and wanted to kneel.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Lbkfnfg, Itbe Al rabqqfv tlw, “Rb cffv ab xcffi… P mjwf tfgf atlr alwf yfmjerf P kjr ibbxlcu obg sbe.” nD16u8

“Qtja vlv Tbeg Zjpfras cffv wf ab vb?” Ktf Llut Uglfra jrxfv.

Itbe Al rjlv, “P mjwf tfgf ab afii sbe… P qijc ab ifjnf klat atf Dlu Dfjg Kglyf.”

High Priest: “……”

Zhou Ji had indeed only come to inform him of this and left soon after. 6BdNfW

The High Priest watched him leave and wanted to cry but had no tears. After that, he immediately began to consult with the others and decided to teach more about farming to the people of the various tribes.

They had to keep the people of the Big Bear Tribe here. It would be best if they could keep them here until next year’s Beast God Sacrifice.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Did the people of the Big Bear Tribe know how to take care of His Majesty The Beast God? Could the people of the Big Bear Tribe prepare delicious food for him to eat? Your Majesty The Beast God, you absolutely can’t go to the Big Bear Tribe and suffer any hardship!

The High Priest took action immediately. ntLd1l

At the same time, Zhou Ji made many steamed buns for Xiong Ye. He also prepared soy milk.

He added a lot of sugar into the soy milk. The Xiong Ye in his dream liked sweets, and the Xiong Ye of the present also liked them.

Xiong Ye came over after Zhou Ji finished making the steamed buns. There was nothing unusual in his expression.

Zhou Ji laughed and brought the soy milk over to Xiong Ye. “Xiong Ye, this is soy milk. I added a lot of sugar to it. Give it a try.” 0c 7gs

“You put in sugar?” Xiong Ye was a little surprised. He knew of sugar, and knew that it was very precious. The Beast God Temple had served them a sweet dessert when they had welcomed them before, but they’d never had it since.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“There was sugar in the ingredients that came in today.” Zhou Ji said.

Xiong Ye could indeed smell a sweet scent. He found it a little strange that the people of the Beast God Temple would send them sugar, but he still took a sip of the soy milk.

He immediately liked that kind of sweet taste. azBCHf

After that, Zhou Ji suddenly took his hand and asked him gently, “Do you like it?”

If Zhou Ji had done this to anyone on Earth, anyone with a brain would know that they’d just been flirted with.

However, Xiong Ye didn’t know.

In this place, everyone was very casual. Holding hands or giving kisses was something that very few people would do. They would simply sleep together if they were interested in someone. N4bmKk

This was particularly true for Xiong Ye.

He and Shi Li had met each other when they were young. At first, they’d gotten along with each other like ordinary brothers. Later on, they became mates before getting more intimate. However, the Big Bear Tribe had been very poor at the time, and it was impossible for them to have the leisure to enjoy any romance when they couldn’t even have enough to eat every day.

To Xiong Ye, the most romantic thing was Shi Li giving him the tastier parts of the meat.

Later, the Big Bear Tribe was attacked by the Giant Tiger Tribe. They lost their home and had no time to talk about love and romance. Even later, Shi Li began to have other thoughts. D23NzY

To sum it up, Xiong Ye had never been ‘flirted with’ before.

However, that didn’t stop him from feeling a bit strange… Xiong Ye took back his hand and frowned again.

Zhou Ji saw this and very naturally picked up a steamed bun to put into his hand, “Try the bun I made.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiong Ye reflexively took a bite out of the steamed bun. JDTPqo

Over the next few days, Xiong Ye always felt that something was strange––Zhou Ji stuck to him very closely…

For example, in the morning, Zhou Ji picked a bouquet of flowers for him.

“Is this very delicious?” Xiong Ye asked. Was this flower edible? Otherwise, why would Zhou Ji give him flowers?

Zhou Ji laughed, “This flower isn’t delicious. I’m giving it to you because it looks good.” 1G2D3t

Xiong Ye: “……” What was the use of having something that looked good?

However, there was no denying that he was very happy.

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At noon, Zhou Ji made an entire table full of dishes for him.

This was a very normal thing, but Zhou Ji sat next to him and wrapped up all kinds of dishes with the wraps and handed them to him to eat… q9O mc

That evening, Zhou Ji came to his room with some ointment.

“What is this?” Xiong Ye couldn’t help but ask.

“This is good for your body. I’ll rub it in for you.” Zhou Ji said.

“I don’t need…” K6MDwN

“Try it. This medicine is very effective.” Zhou Ji said.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I’m in good health and don’t have any injuries…”

“This ointment will make your body feel even better.” Zhou Ji insisted. “I’ll apply it for you.”

“I’ll do it myself.” 9CVjgF

“There are places you can’t reach.”


Xiong Ye didn’t know what was going on, but he knew that somehow, unknowingly, he and Zhou Ji were getting closer. For example, Zhou Ji would rub ointment onto his face and back every day.

He felt that it was a bit troublesome, but he couldn’t deny that this ointment felt very comfortable when it was rubbed onto his body. wFQm1U

These days, the people of the Big Bear Tribe had been learning all kinds of knowledge from the people of the Beast God Temple. Xiong Ye attached great importance to these things and would naturally go to have a look.

And then, the people of the Big Bear Tribe were able to witness Zhou Ji’s courtship of Xiong Ye.

Hu Yue stared at Zhou Ji for two days, but didn’t block Zhou Ji’s attempts or try to seek Zhou Ji out to talk to him. However, two days later, she silently stopped some people who wanted to offer themselves up to Xiong Ye.

She even went so far as to give Xiong Ye some advice, “Since Zhou Ji likes you, you might as well be together with Zhou Ji… He’s much better to you than Shi Li was!” r1vJm7

Xiong Ye didn’t speak.

Hu Yue continued, “He’s not young, but he looks good. He’s very weak, but he cooks very well. In fact, it’s very good this way, I feel that you should find someone like this.”

Hu Yue was speaking secretly with Xiong Ye, but Zhou Ji could hear all of this through his spiritual strength.

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Although Xiong Ye wasn’t young, he was very tender when it came to emotions. With the help of people like Hu Yue, Zhou Ji felt that he would definitely be able to catch Xiong Ye. 02jwbk

Xiong Ye’s affection for Zhou Ji was indeed increasing.

He was already older but had never been taken care of like this. He naturally liked Zhou Ji, not to mention that he was attractive, and he wholeheartedly liked him…

Zhou Ji’s only drawback was that he always liked to do strange things to him. He would always hold his hand, and not only that, he would always try to kiss him.

XIong Ye always felt a little unaccustomed to it, but he didn’t hate it. Eftw0N

Zhou Ji: “……” His Xiong Ye was too naive and didn’t even realize he was being flirted with.

The relationship between Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji was progressing very well.

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It could be said that their relationship grew over time, and with the passage of time, the two of them became more and more intimate. At the same time, Xiong Ye’s appearance also grew better and better.

Zhou Ji’s ointment was really good for Xiong Ye’s body. Not only could it remove scars, it could also improve his skin. KDJeAQ

Of course, even the best ointment wouldn’t be able to make Xiong Ye’s skin as good as Zhou Ji’s, but it could make him look a bit younger.

Therefore, when Xiong Ye and Shi Li accidentally encountered each other in the Beast God Temple, Shi Li was shocked.

The people of the Big Bear Tribe had stayed behind and had never left in order to learn all kinds of knowledge from the Beast God Temple. Shi Li also hadn’t left, but this was because life at the Beast God Temple was too comfortable.

He didn’t have people of his own, so he might not be able to live a life like this if he went to his own territory. 9ngszk

It was just that… He’d thought that Xiong Ye would be very sad after they separated, and had even expected him to look very haggard. Yet as a result, Xiong Ye had gained weight, and his overall presence had improved?

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What was this?

Shi Li inexplicably felt a little unhappy. And what made him even unhappier was that he could see a young man by Xiong Ye’s side, standing very close to Xiong Ye’s body.

Shi Li momentarily fell into a daze. 0O6R5z

Xiong Ye… had he actually found someone else?

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