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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh177 - Parallel World (8)


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Xiong Ye had only decided to split up with Shi Li. He really hadn’t thought about looking for someone else afterwards. gYOxZz

He was different from Shi Li. He never placed much importance on his physiological needs.

Why did he need to find someone else to deal with something he could solve himself?

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Rather than finding a lover who could solve physical matters, he would like to find a partner who he could talk to and spend his whole life together with.

Of course, this partner had to be male… In his early years, Xiong Ye hadn’t discovered this. However, after a long time, he’d realized that he only liked men. jme1Hd

When he was young, there’d only been Shi Li around him, so he’d naturally had deep feelings for Shi Li. However, later on, all kinds of things had destroyed Shi Li’s feelings for him. Shi Li treated him worse and worse, and his feelings for Shi Li had gradually faded as well.

Right now, he was a little sad about Shi Li wanting to leave, but it wasn’t too bad. It was just that within this short period of time, he wouldn’t be interested in accepting others, let alone people who were decades younger than he was.

Now that he was being ‘marketed’ people who were twenty or thirty years younger…

Looking at these people who’d been sent over by others, Xiong Ye spoke straightforwardly, “I don’t need someone by my side. You can go back if you want to, or if you don’t want to, you can stay with the Big Bear Tribe. Of course, the tribe won’t give you preferential treatment because of this.” WOGTwn

These people were very young. If they weren’t fixated on him… Xiong Ye was willing to let them join the tribe.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Those who had been sent over had basically all chosen to go back if they had a higher or better identity in their own tribe, but those who had a lower identity in their own tribes had chosen to join the Big Bear Tribe.

There were suddenly many more people in the Big Bear Tribe.

Zhou Ji’s heart felt a lot more comfortable when he saw this situation. eWRYhi

After making arrangements for these people, Xiong Ye said, “I have something else to do. I’ll leave first.”

He said this and was about to leave. After taking a few steps, he stopped again and looked at Xiong An. “Xiong An, I see you as my child.”

Xiong Ye was very clear that Xiong An only had feelings of respect and worship for him before. However, he might start thinking about other things if Hu Yue spoke more to him about it. He didn’t want to see this situation happen, so it was better to make things clear earlier.

“Tribal chief, I’ve already grown up! I can definitely be your lover.” Xiong An said. He had always worshipped Xiong Ye, and he really wanted to be with Xiong Ye. Even if it wasn’t as mates, just being a lover would be good! Kq8r6k

“I’m already old.” Xiong Ye said. “You’re still young. Live your life well and find someone you like to be together with.”

Xiong An subconsciously replied, “Yes, Tribal chief!” After he finished speaking, his face was full of chagrin.

XIong Ye laughed lightly and left directly––as expected, he was still a child!

Zhou Ji saw this happen and hurriedly followed behind him. He also said to Xiong Ye, “Xiong Ye, you aren’t old.” After becoming a Beast King, he could live to over a hundred. Not only that, Xiong Ye was in fact not old at all. arBwjR

“Thank you.” Xiong Ye laughed.

Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji returned to the residence that the High Priest had prepared for them.

This was a very quiet place. It was also inside the Beast God Temple’s territory, allowing them to avoid a lot of harassment.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When they went back, Zhou Ji made many delicious dishes as usual. p7fbXr

He made this food not only for Xiong Ye, but also for himself.

He used to cook meals for himself in the past, but he’d always felt that they were tasteless. Now that there was Xiong Ye here, these meals tasted more delicious.

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Lf kbeiv jikjsr kjca ab fja atja obbv ktfc tf vgfjwfv. Rbk atja tf tjv alwf, tf vfolclafis tjv ab wjxf la! i82Jcf

Xiong Ye cheered up again after eating the delicious food.

Xiong Ye had refused all the people who were offered to him, but Shi Li was different.

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The day he was released from his relationship with Xiong Ye was the day of the Beast God Sacrifice. He hadn’t done anything then, but he’d accepted two young beastmen the next day, one male and one female, who had been sent over by others.

These two beastmen were both young adults. They were very attractive and well maintained and were definitely better than Xiong Ye… Shi Li hadn’t been so excited in a long time! l65y23

He and these two people were intimate for the entire night, and he felt very refreshed the next day.

After that, he tried a lot of everything. Men, women, fat people, thin people; he slept with them all.

The Beastman Continent was very open minded about this, and the strong were respected… When Shi Li expressed his preferences, he was immediately approached by countless people.

The smaller tribes left quickly after the Beast God Sacrifice, but the larger tribes didn’t leave immediately because they had to trade for some crop seeds with the Beast God Temple and learn how to farm these plants from the Beast God Temple. 3DL6MO

Now, the story of the Lion Beast King having passionate love affairs spread among these people very quickly.

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The Big Bear Tribe was a small tribe. Although they had a large territory that came with many people, the people of the Big Bear Tribe weren’t familiar with planting and farming at all. However, Xiong Ye had learned how important these things were from Zhou Ji, so… the people of the Big Bear Tribe naturally stayed behind to learn them.

And with such a delay, they naturally heard all kinds of rumors about the Lion Beast King.

So, when Xiong Ye went back, he was stopped by Hu Yue once again, “Xiong Ye, do you know about Shi Li?” hpVOiz

“What is it?” Xiong Ye asked. After they’d split up, he had no longer paid attention to Shi Li––recently, the Beast God Temple had suddenly sent him some crystal cores, and he’d started to focus on cultivating.

He liked cultivating.

“Although telling you may make you sad, maybe a short pain is better than long drawn-out pain…” Hu Yue looked at Xiong Ye, “Shi Li has been doting on many people recently.”

“Oh…” Xiong Ye stilled for a moment. He hadn’t expected that Shi Li would find someone new so soon. However, when he thought about it carefully, he wasn’t surprised at all. C9ddlv

Shi Li had had these thoughts for a long time, hadn’t he?

“Xiong Ye, with Shi Li acting like this, the people outside will think that you were abandoned by Shi Li… Even if you don’t find a mate for the time being, you can still give others a try.” Hu Yue, “A good many tribes have sent people over again!”

Many tribes sent people to both Shi Li and Xiong Ye. The Big Bear Tribe had suddenly obtained several dozen new people.

“No need.” Xiong Ye said. KD5ubJ

Hu Yue pressed, “But Shi Li…”

“My life has nothing to do with him. I just want to live well.” Xiong Ye said.

Hu Yue saw that Xiong Ye was insisting and finally stopped advising him on this.

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However, during dinner that night, Zhou Ji spoke up and asked, “Tribal chief, why don’t you want those people?” In his dream, Xiong Ye had gotten together with Zhou Ji very soon after he and Shi Li had broken up. However, it was clearly very different in reality here. NKrJcC

Xiong Ye had always been easy-going, and he had recently built up a good relationship with Zhou Ji, so he was naturally willing to answer Zhou Ji, “I don’t want to casually find someone. What would be the difference between me and those dinosaurs if I really act like that?”

Zhou Ji was surprised, then said, “Then what kind of person do you want to find, tribal chief?”

Xiong Ye thought about it and said, “I want to find someone I can spend my days with.”

Zhou Ji had originally thought that Xiong Ye would say that he didn’t want to find anyone or something similar. After all, Xiong Ye had refused many people not long ago. However, Xiong Ye hadn’t done so. kxdbys

Xiong Ye wasn’t young anymore. It could be seen from a glance that he’d experienced a lot, but at this moment, he had hope in his eyes and looked a little pure.

Zhou Ji’s heart was touched.

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When he’d come into this world, he’d never thought of finding a partner because he’d found that the people of this place were very pragmatic––who would talk about feelings when the basic needs of food and clothing hadn’t even been resolved?

However, the case was that he wanted to talk about feelings. nJuxk

This evening, Zhou Ji once again slept at Xiong Ye’s place.

He dreamt again.

In his dream, Xiong Ye cultivated a black crystal core. His animal form could become larger or smaller, and Zhou Ji in the dream made him shrink in order to flirt with him.

They were already so old, yet they were still so sticky and shameless! 1kentx

It was also really enviable.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was still very early when Zhou Ji woke up. The sky was still dark.

He was a little jealous when he thought of how the Zhou Ji in the dream had been to so many places, had eaten a lot of delicious food, and was also accompanied by his lover.

Fortunately, he also had his Xiong Ye. qL be4

His Xiong Ye? Zhou Ji chuckled lightly.

At the start, he had just some good feelings towards Xiong Ye, but after getting along together for a period of time, he liked Xiong Ye more and more.

Xiong Ye wanted a person to spend his days with, and he did as well.

Since that was the case… He should take the initiative! oawDlH

Zhou Ji thought of this and sighed.

The Zhou Ji in his dream was actively pursued by Xiong Ye, but the him of now probably wouldn’t experience such a good thing.

The Xiong Ye of now was a lot more stable and had only just broken up with his mate. He definitely wouldn’t think of pursuing him. Perhaps he wouldn’t even like him… Zhou Ji had better take the initiative himself.

In fact, he’d already taken a very good first step. The following wooing process shouldn’t be too hard, right? W2j4gl

Zhou Ji secretly went back to the temple and brought back a lot of food.

The Xiong Ye of today was different from the Xiong Ye in his dream in many aspects, but there were also many things that were the same. For example, they both liked to eat sweets.

Zhou Ji had gone back this time to bring back the sugar he’d saved up.

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He’d already found wheat, and after countless experiments, he’d cultivated yeast and learned how to make steamed buns. W8ZFzI

He planned to make some steamed buns for Xiong Ye to eat. He could put bean filling or something inside. This could be made by first adding a lot of sugar to the red bean paste, then adding animal fat. It would be absolutely delicious with just one bite.

Of course, in addition to the bean paste bun, meat buns could also be made. Xiong Ye liked to eat meat.

As soon as Zhou Ji started to make food, Xiong Ye came in. He looked a little surprised, “Zhou Ji, what is this?”

“These are steamed buns.” Zhou Ji explained, “This is a dish unique to the Beast God Temple. You definitely haven’t eaten it before.” Steamed buns was a type of food that nobody except him had eaten before. The people of the Beast God Temple had only learned how to make flour pancakes from him. Ly1vi9

“I haven’t had it before… but isn’t it too troublesome to make this thing? It’s enough to casually eat anything.” Xiong Ye was rather surprised to see Zhou Ji making steamed buns.

Zhou Ji was really not afraid of it being too troublesome and was actually willing to make something so complicated.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“It’s not troublesome. The steamed buns will only be finished in the afternoon.” Zhou Ji said. “I’ll make you something else for the morning.”

Zhou Ji began to make dumplings as he spoke. GFN6sW

He wanted to make steamed buns, but he only realized after the dough started to rise that it would take a long time, so he simply went to make dumplings first.

He wrapped the thin dumpling skin around a lot of meat, and each bite was full of flavor… Xiong Ye managed to eat over 100 dumplings on his own.

And the dumplings that Zhou Ji had made were very big!

“Is it delicious?” Zhou Ji asked. 3bNh60

“Very delicious. Everything you make is delicious.” Xiong Ye spoke very earnestly.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Then, would you be willing to spend your days with me?” Zhou Ji asked. “If you agree, I can promise to cook for you for a lifetime.”

Xiong Ye looked at Zhou Ji astonishment.

Zhou Ji didn’t try to hide anything and said, “Xiong Ye, I like you very much. I want to be your mate.” P3vSdC

Zhou Ji’s expression was very serious, and his gaze was especially focused… Xiong Ye let out a sigh, “I don’t want to find someone right now.”

“That’s alright. I can wait.” Zhou Ji said. “Xiong Ye, I’ve been single all these years and have never found anyone else. I know how to farm and know a lot about planting. I can also cook and make delicious food. I also really like you… how about you think it over properly.”

Now that he had confessed, Zhou Ji naturally pointed out all his advantages.

On the other hand, Xiong Ye felt a little awkward when he saw him like this. vsHrLT

In recent years, he had met many people who sent themselves into his arms, but he had never encountered such a serious confession.

If this had been spoken by those who had been sent to him, Xiong Ye wouldn’t care about their words at all. However, this was all said by Zhou Ji.

Xiong Ye suddenly thought about how Zhou Ji had always been very nice to him recently…

So, did that mean that Zhou Ji really liked him? TehSkD

But this was too sudden.

Xiong Ye’s eyebrows wrinkled as he fretted about how to respond. At this moment, Zhou Ji suddenly came up to him and kissed him on the cheek.

XIong Ye only felt something soft land on his face, and a numbing feeling spreading out from his face to his entire body. He stood up abruptly without thinking about it.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

How could this Zhou Ji be so bold? dCaeUc

Juurensha: Ohhh, this was all very sweet. 


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