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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh167.1 - Extra: Honeymoon


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Xi Shi’s animal form was that of an Elasmotherium, or plate-toothed rhinoceros. tkFy 7

Plate-toothed rhinoceros were very large and were no smaller than that of the elephants of the Elephant Tribe. When he was a child, he’d always been proud of his animal form.

But he later found out that there were giant rhinoceroses in the world.

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Although plate-toothed rhinoceros were large, they were a far cry away from the giant rhinoceroses.

What was so great about a giant rhinoceros? Weren’t they just a bit bigger? Their heads didn’t even have a long horn, and their combat effectiveness certainly couldn’t stand up to the sharp teeth of the plate-toothed rhinoceros! dzjebX

Fine, the giant rhinoceros was powerful. In some situations, a larger body mass was enough to crush someone smaller. That was bad enough, but a high level Beast Warrior appeared in the Giant Rhinoceros Tribe during the time when he was still a medium level Beast Warrior.

And when he’d finally become a high level Beast Warrior, the other party had become the Rhinoceros Beast King.

There were many high level Beast Warriors, but only a very limited few could become Beast Kings. Xi Shi was quite down-to-earth and didn’t think that he had the ability to become a Beast King, so he’d patted his butt and left the Beastman Continent for the wild forest––he simply wouldn’t compete with the other party!

Even if the Rhinoceros Beast King was more powerful than he was, only the people of the Beastman Continent knew about it. In this wild forest, he was the boss! 1IR Ek

Xi Shi had a good time in the wild forest. After becoming mates with the beauty of the Mountain Wolf Tribe, he was even happier and didn’t want to go back to the Beastman Continent at all.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Rhinoceros Tribe that he’d been born in was one of the Giant Rhinoceros Tribe’s affiliated tribes. He had to obey the Giant Rhinoceros Tribe when he was in the Beastman Continent, and he simply didn’t want to!

After spending twenty years in the wild forest, the only thing that left Xi Shi dissatisfied was the fact that his son wasn’t ideal. He could overlook the fact that he was ugly and weak, but he also liked to eat and was too lazy to work…

Yet now… who did he just see? lH3W6s

He saw a giant rhinoceros!

If he wasn’t wrong, this giant rhinoceros… should be the animal form of the Rhinoceros Beast King who he’d been compared to from a young age!

Was the Rhinoceros Beast King actually at the Big Bear Tribe?

Xi Shi immediately looked over at the person of the small tribe who’d led the way, “You said that Lang Sha is in the Big Bear Tribe. Are you certain?” glb1p5

The person from the small tribe had fallen into a daze after seeing the Rhinoceros Beast King’s animal form in the distance. They didn’t even hear Xi Shi’s question.

Xi Shi slapped him on the head and asked again. The person finally woke up from his daze and said, “I’m certain! At the time, Lang Sha said that he would come to the Big Bear Tribe to obtain some pottery for you…”

Xi Shi’s dark expression turned pale at once.

He understood his own son. His son had a bad temper and liked to bully people. He would offend people as soon as he spoke… 3206yL

If his son had really gone to the Big Bear Tribe, then he probably hadn’t done anything good.

If the Big Bear Tribe was nothing but a small tribe like he’d thought they were, then he believed that his son would be alright. After all, the people of a small tribe wouldn’t dare to offend him.

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Dea cbk… Ktf Etlcbmfgbr Dfjra Blcu kjr lc atlr Dlu Dfjg Kglyf.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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His son couldn’t be dead, right?

He only had this one son!

Although he knew that he definitely couldn’t beat the Rhinoceros Beast King, Xi Shi still charged towards the Rhinoceros Beast King. icHPLC

He was going to avenge his son!

Because the Rhinoceros Beast King’s animal form was so big, he rarely turned into his animal form. Today, he was in his animal form only because he’d caught a very large prey.

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It was inconvenient for him to return with the 20-ton prey in his human form, so he simply turned into his animal form, bit down and held the prey in his mouth, and easily brought it back.

After he brought it back, he set it down on the ground and waited for others to come up and deal with it. OkdorF

This kind of hunted prey was processed and distributed by Xiong He and the people he brought with him, but the internal organs were different…

Xiong He took out the viscera that were popular among the tribe, such as the liver and heart, then gave the intestines and the rest to the people of the Mountain Wolf Tribe directly.

There was excrement in the dinosaurs’ intestines, so they let the people who were in charge of dealing with dung handle it. Besides… they didn’t like to eat dinosaur intestines, so the people of the Mountain Wolf Tribe could eat it themselves.

Lang Sha had been appointed to drag back the intestines. As he did so, he spoke to the people beside him, “I’m really sick of eating intestines. I want to eat meat!” umS0f1

“Young chief, we also want to.” The other people of the Mountain Wolf Tribe said.

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If dinosaur intestines were washed carefully with salt or something, they would taste pretty good. However, they didn’t have salt!

Therefore, it always tasted a bit strange when they ate it.

In the Mountain Wolf Tribe, these things were eaten by the elderly and weak. Yet now, they had also fallen to the point of having to eat these… 0jDHlX

However, they didn’t dare to disdain it. They were even grateful for it.

After all, they weren’t going hungry…

Lang Sha was about to deal with the intestines in his hands when he suddenly saw a plate-toothed rhinoceros charge in their direction…

“Dad! Dad!” Lang Sha exclaimed in surprise––his father had come to save him! HenWJ4

That plate-toothed rhinoceros that was charging towards them suddenly stopped in place and stared at Lang Sha.

Lang Sha had tears in his eyes, “Dad! Dad, you’ve finally come to save me!”

The plate-toothed rhinoceros froze.

He’d thought that his son was dead, and had run over to seek revenge only to discover that his son wasn’t dead. What should he do? Us0CPf

Xi Shi stared at his son. At the same time, the people behind him had also caught up.

“Tribal chief… young chief?” The people of the Mountain Wolf Tribe were very happy to see Lang Sha.

“Dad, they had me work every day. You have to bring me back…” Lang Sha started.

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Xi Shi: “……” There was a Beast King here, a Beast King! if his son has died, he could go and fight against a Beast King, but if his son wasn’t dead… if the Beast King was unwilling, he had no way of taking his son away at all! MmZive

He even felt an unknown premonition…

“Are you the people of the Mountain Wolf Tribe?” A young man in his twenties who was wearing a straw hat came up to Xi Shi.

Although Xi Shi was afraid of the Rhinoceros Beast King in the distance, he wasn’t afraid of this youth. He snorted a gust of air out his nose and ignored him.

Then… 7lXhdB

He didn’t know how the young man did it, but he caught him by the horn, pulled on it, and tossed him to the ground.

Xi Shi: “……” His horn hurt!! Also, this person was actually able to do such a thing. Was… was that a Beast King?!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

That young man was Xiong Ye. He held Xi Shi’s horn and smashed him to the ground, then said, “Change back.”

Xi Shi obediently turned back into his human form and lay there on the ground. pw8qnJ

“Are you people from the Mountain Wolf Tribe? Here to save your people?” Xiong Ye asked Xi Shi again.

“I’m the tribal chief of the Mountain Wolf Tribe.” Xi Shi replied awkwardly. He didn’t dare to say that he’d come here to save people. He hadn’t expected that other than the Rhinoceros Beast King, there would be other Beast Kings here. He couldn’t beat them at all!

“Oh…” Xiong Ye said. “You charged over suddenly and trampled over the land our tribe planted. You need to compensate us for it.” Xi Shi had run over from afar and had left large footprints over the fields that had been perfectly fine before, destroying a lot of crops!

“What compensation?” Xi Shi asked. cUArM6

“Stay here and work!” Xiong Ye said.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xi Shi: “……”

Lang Sha, who’d been expecting his father to come and save him, finally had more people working with him. His father was one of them.

Lang Sha’s face was covered in tears for a while. QtDLxS

When faced with a big pile of dinosaur intestines, Xi Shi lifted a foot and kicked his son in the butt, “Stinky son, this is all because of you. Hurry up and work!”

Lang Sha had already been working in the Big Bear Tribe for several months, but he didn’t have to do much work––at the end of the day, he was still a young chief, and the people around him would help him do his work.

However, ever since his father came, he was no longer as relaxed as before.

Because his father didn’t want to work. gZOLmV

His father didn’t want to work, but the things that had to be done couldn’t be left undone… His father watched him and made him work all day long, from morning to night, without a moment’s rest.

Lang Sha felt that he’d been really stupid.

He’d thought that his father had come to save him from this sea of bitterness… But based on this current situation, his father had clearly come to push him into the sea of misery!

Why was he so miserable! I7aZj6

Xi Shi naturally knew what his son was thinking. So… he gave his son more tasks to do.

If it hadn’t been for this child of his, how would he have fallen to this point? This child was absolutely begging to be taught a lesson!

Let alone the fact that he had originally wanted to train up his son!

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Xi Shi felt that having his son do his work was all for the good of his son. iaw1B3

Couldn’t they see that his son had not only become physically stronger, but had also become a low level Beast Warrior after he’d forced him to work hard every day?

This child had been useless before, and it was all because he didn’t do enough work!

That day, Lang Sha worked miserably and even cried out, “Dad! I really can’t do this anymore!”

“You have to do it even if you can’t!” Xi Shi said. Wasn’t it just a bit of physical labor? His son was definitely not unable to do it. He was just being lazy! YkzltM

Lang Sa became even sadder. “Are you actually my father?”

“Don’t judge by animal forms. Based on human appearance, I’m definitely your father.” Xi Shi said. His son was even uglier than he was. He was definitely his biological son!

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Lang Sha: “……”

Xi Baobei passed by, saw this scene, and suddenly felt that his father was really good––his father didn’t force him to work! U0QcNX

The Rhinoceros Beast King passed by, saw this scene, and suddenly felt that his son was really good––his son didn’t harm his own father! Other people’s sons had offended Xiong Ye, and their father even had to pick up dung. What about his son? He’d led him to get to know the Beast God and become the Beast God’s follower.

At this time, Xi Shi was watching over his son’s work as he picked up dung. The Ape Beast King also needed to work, but what about the Rhinoceros Beast King? He just had to spend a little bit of time to catch and bring back a dinosaur in the morning, and then didn’t need to do anything else. He simply taught his son to recite nursery rhymes, “The blue sky is the cloud’s home, the forest is the little bird’s home… the Big Bear Tribe is my home.”

Both the Rhinoceros Beast King and Xi Baobei were very satisfied with their current lives.

Xi Shi glanced at the Rhinoceros Beast King and inexplicably felt a sense of superiority. wo0f5A

So what if the Rhinoceros Beast King was stronger than him. His son wasn’t as good as his!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Even if his son was a little stupid, he was still smarter than Xi Baobei.

He couldn’t compare with the Rhinoceros Beast King, but his son could be compared to the Rhinoceros Beast King’s son!

With this in mind, Xi Shi once again started to oversee his son’s work––he would be able to enhance his strength further if he worked more! xGm83B

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