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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh165.1 - Extra: Working Together


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

When Zhou Ji returned to the Big Bear Tribe, the people of the Big Bear Tribe gathered together and stood at the entrance to the valley in order to meet him. QgRnWs

They all wore simple animal hide skirts and revealed their tanned and strong upper bodies, looking at him with eager eyes.

It was probably because at the start, he hadn’t cared about the people of the tribe when he first arrived. Later on, in order to make the lives of the people in the tribe better and to make himself more comfortable, he’d put on an act and become a fraud, and therefore hadn’t had much in-depth contact with them. In any case, when he now saw these people look at him with reverent gazes, he was able to accept it well.

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He was already used to receiving this kind of look recently. Having more people do the same was nothing.

Zhou Ji was very calm, but others weren’t so calm. This also included the people of the Beast God Temple who were behind him. 7uqZSA

Xiong He had learned about Zhou Ji’s identity and also knew that there were many priests from the Beast God Temple in the group. At first, he’d been in a daze, but he’d slowly begun to accept it after a period of time.

After that, he became proud––their Big Bear Tribe was so powerful! The Beast God even descended into their tribe and chose someone from their tribe as a mate!

He definitely couldn’t let others look down on his tribe!

Xiong He was thinking about this, so when he led the way, he purposely led everyone to look at the place where the Big Bear Tribe made pottery and raised dinosaurs.


These two places were places they would hide from some people when they came, but at this time, they were places that must be used to show off.

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When the group passed by, the first thing they saw was an extended livestock farm!

Dinosaurs grew very quickly, and the dinosaurs they raised last year had already matured this year. These dinosaurs were all herbivores and since they’d grown up behind a fence, they had no thoughts of going out. Now that it was spring, they began to contentedly start laying eggs.

So, the people of the Beast God Temple came across the scene of big dinosaurs leading small dinosaurs to leisurely eat grass behind a fence. VTHcj7

Everyone knew how to farm in the Beastman Continent, but nobody had thought of raising dinosaurs before!

The priests of the Beast God Temple had originally looked down on the Big Bear Tribe a little, but they were now stunned.

“Dinosaurs can be raised?” A priest couldn’t help but ask.

“Of course!” Xiong He said. “This is something the Beast God taught us!” BDxh L

The people of the Beast God Temple looked at Xiong He enviously, then glanced at Zhou Ji. Their gazes became even more fanatical than before.

After walking through the livestock area, they arrived at the place where pottery was fired.

The open space here was larger than it had been when Zhou Ji left. There were more houses built next to each other, and many people were busy working…

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“This is where we fire pottery!” Xiong He continued. jP78Md

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“Lbk ibcu vbfr la ajxf obg sbe ab wjxf j qlfmf bo qbaafgs?” Vbwfbcf ogbw atf Dfjra Xbv Kfwqif jrxfv.

Could it be that pottery was fired piece by piece? Xiong He paused slightly, then said, “We fire pottery once every ten days. Now, we make about ten pieces of useful pottery every time.” Xiong Ye had told them to build on their experience, and they had done just that!

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The people of the Beast God Temple: “……” They didn’t want to talk anymore! They would fire pottery once every two or three days, and it was already a really good result if they could create one or two useful pieces! oSRsTQ

And these houses of the Big Bear Tribe looked very good! Each and every one of them were tidy and neat!

After seeing the place where pottery was fired, they came to the place where the Big Bear Tribe planted crops.

According to Zhou Ji’s demands, the people of the Big Bear Tribe had divided up the land into several blocks, making paths between them where people could walk. There were even people weeding regularly…

When they looked over now, those long lines of tidy crops creating large green grids really looked very good. 1tS4Yr

The people of the Beast God Temple really didn’t want to talk anymore––the small tribes of the wild forest were almost more advanced than they were! They themselves weren’t that particular when they farmed!

This was all because they had the Beast God!

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They also had to cling to the Beast God’s thigh in order to get the Beast God’s favor and learn more things!

Because of what they’d seen along the way, the people of the Big Bear Tribe were still full of excitement and hadn’t calmed down by the time they arrived at the gate to the valley where the Big Bear Tribe lived. 2Udayj

Of course, the people of the Big Bear Tribe were even less calm.

After all, Zhou Ji’s group of people looked really different!

The priest thought that he really shouldn’t have been intimidated by Lang Sha and his group. When they were compared to Zhou Ji and the others, those people with Lang Sha were nothing!

Those people were really too rural! 0Jm9YV

The priest was now a little disdainful of Lang Sha and his group.

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As for the other people of the Big Bear Tribe, although they didn’t speak because everyone around them was so serious, they were already amazed internally––the clothing worn by the people in this group were really too beautiful!

Some of the people in the group had grown up with them, and they were very familiar with each other. However, these people had now seen more of the world, were wearing clothes, and looked very outstanding.

Why hadn’t they also gone out to trade for salt back then? Wr6S0q

Those who originally weren’t strong enough and couldn’t go were alright, but those who actually had enough strength to fight for the right to go were all full of regret now.

Xiong Bai was incredibly upset.

She could have gone with them, but because she hadn’t wanted to see Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji getting close and intimate, she hadn’t gone. Now, she was really remorseful.

The only thing that made her happy was that amongst the people who had returned with Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji this time were quite a few people that were not only attractive, but also tall and strong. MX4z0i

Xiong Bai felt that she now had a chance to find a new sweetheart!

However, regardless, everyone arrived at the valley.

The people of the Big Bear Tribe used to wash things and divide the meat in the valley, making the valley dirty and smelly, and causing the ground to be constantly muddy. Recently, however, they were used to roasting and eating meat in the place where pottery was fired, and the valley had become cleaner.

Additionally, it was sunny that day, and the sun had dried up the dirt in the valley and made it even tidier. eNRg2Z

When the people of the Beast God Temple went inside, they felt that it was a pretty good place.

At this time, the sun had almost set, and it was time for the Big Bear Tribe to eat. The people of the Beast God Temple had also walked for the entire day and were hungry…

Zhou Ji could see that the priest and everyone were all cramped grouped together, and the people of the Beast God Temple were looking at him, so he said, “Let’s eat first. We’ll have hot pot today.”

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Everyone would definitely be able to get more familiar with each other over a hot and bustling hot pot meal. QinPZB

Zhou Ji was quite confident about this.

The priest’s eyes immediately lit up, but he soon said, “There are no more chili peppers in the tribe.”

The chili peppers they’d planted this year hadn’t matured yet, and the peppers they’d saved up… had all been eaten.

Cough, cough. The people of their tribe all liked to eat chili peppers. They definitely hadn’t all been eaten by him alone! wngsyV

“I have some here.” Zhou Ji had people take out a large bag of chili peppers. He’d grown some on the way back and had them hung on the carry poles of his recliner to dry. Now, he had enough chili peppers for hundreds of people to have hot pot. After all, not everyone enjoyed eating spicy food.

“I’ll go and prepare the pots and ingredients right away! There isn’t much fresh meat in the tribe, but there’s been a lot of vegetables to eat lately!” The priest said. He felt that he couldn’t stop himself from drooling when he saw all the chili peppers.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“There will be fresh meat soon.” Zhou Ji said.

“Are you going to find someone to go hunting?” The priest asked. twXK6F

Zhou Ji nodded, then looked at the Ape Beast King and the others.

The four Beast Kings didn’t need to be commanded. They immediately said, “We’ll go out hunting right away!”

They had already left by the time they finished speaking, their figures disappearing in an instant.

“They run so fast…” The priest was stunned. LwbUtH

“They’re all Beast Kings.” Xiong Ye said. “This matter still needs to be told to the people of the tribe, so as to avoid them accidentally offending the Beast Kings.”

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Although the Beast Kings wouldn’t hurt the people of their tribe in the open with Zhou Ji there, it was too easy to make trouble for someone secretly with the strength they had!

“All four of them are?” The priest’s voice trembled a little.

“All four.” Zhou Ji said. z9IHwp

The priest: “……” He’d thought that it was very amazing and powerful for their tribe to produce a Beast King, but unexpectedly Beast Kings weren’t worth much!

Fortunately, they had the Beast God!

The people of the Big Bear Tribe were busy preparing for the hot pot, and the people of the Beast God Temple were expectantly waiting to eat hot pot.

They’d heard from the people of the Big Bear Tribe that hot pot was a type of food that the Beast God had invented. They finally had a chance to eat it! eWRoOa

The tribe now had many pottery pots, and everyone was preparing to use pottery pots for hot pot. Even when Zhou Ji asked people to stir-fry the chili peppers, they all chose to use a big pottery pot to fry it in.

They poured dinosaur oil that had been saved in pottery jars into the pottery pot, tossed in the chili peppers, garlic, and other seasonings, and stir-fried it all…

The suffocating spicy spell immediately spread out, and although the person doing the task according to Zhou Ji’s requirements was the person in the Big Bear Tribe who liked cooking the most and liked spicy food, they also found it a little difficult to bear this smell.

However, even if he couldn’t stand it, he was still full of excitement, “It smells so good! Really too fragrant!” BRdifH

On the way back, Zhou Ji had seldom cooked spicy food––they had obtained a lot of fresh ingredients, and he always enjoyed their original fresh taste.

And it was precisely because of this that the people of the Beast God Temple couldn’t stand the smell of chili peppers. They were choked, and their eyes filled with tears, and at this moment, they were extremely speechless––how could this terrible smell be called fragrant? Wait a moment, after smelling it for a while, they really started finding it fragrant…

Zhou Ji saw that the people of the Beast God Temple didn’t seem accustomed to the smell of chili pepper, so they told them not to put chillies in their hot pot and first go to other people’s hot pot with chili and try it before deciding if they wanted to add them or not.

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One by one, the pottery pots were set on top of the fire. After the water in the pots boiled, the people of the Big Bear Tribe took out spoons and bowls, taking some of the chili oil that had been fried up and adding it to their pots. fbI43U

The chili pepper oil floating on the surface of the soup was fiery red, and made people hungry when they looked at it––everyone started to eat enthusiastically.

The people of the Beast God Temple went over to give it a try and were all affected by the spiciness. However, after the first taste, they quickly adapted to the spiciness and began to add chili oil to their pot as well.

Zhou Ji felt that it was likely that they were able to adapt so quickly to the spicy taste because they normally ate food with relatively heavy flavors.

Living in a prehistoric society meant that everyone, including the people of the Beast God Temple, would have eaten some strange foods, thereby destroying some of their taste buds. Since that was the case, the stimulation that chili peppers gave them would be reduced. UqD0fr

For example, on Earth, in the beginning, people had eaten chili peppers to cover the bad taste of wild vegetables and to save on salt.

In any case, everyone was able to eat, and that was always a good thing… Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye occupied a pot of their own and slowly began to eat.

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