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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh164.2 - Extra: Glorious Homecoming


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

These people were also looking at Xiong He, and they all felt very uncomfortable. eEyKa3

They wanted to reprimand Xiong He and tell him not to call out the name of the Beast God, but after they’d done it earlier and made the people of the Big Bear Tribe turn ‘silly’, Zhou Ji had told them to pay more attention and stop talking nonsense…

“Who are these people?” Xiong He asked. Those priests might not speak, but he wanted to talk.

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“They’re priests from the Beast God Temple?” Zhou Ji replied.

“All of them?” Xiong He was shocked. Ijo8h4

“All the ones dressed in white robes.” Zhou Ji said.

Xiong He glanced over and found that there were twenty people wearing white robes. He almost fainted from excitement. “These people… are all priests?”

“Yes.” Zhou Ji nodded.

“Zhou Ji, you’re too amazing!” Xiong He burst out in tears––he hadn’t expected that Zhou Ji would think of him while he was outside and bring back so many priests!


Did that mean he wouldn’t have to be a priest in the future?

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Zhou Ji: “……” If it weren’t for the fact that these priests always looked at him like this recently, he wouldn’t be able to withstand Xiong He’s enthusiastic gaze!

Zhou Ji and the others continued on.

Xiong He hadn’t been bombarded by the fact that Zhou Ji was the Beast God, and enthusiastically asked the people of the Big Bear Tribe about their experiences along the way. ZjMez5

The people of the Big Bear Tribe began to talk.

“So, Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji are really Beast Kings?” Xiong He asked.

“Yes!” The person from the Big Bear Tribe replied. “Not only a Beast King…”

The people of the Big Bear Tribe wanted to tell him about Zhou Ji’s identity. After all, Xiong He would learn about this matter sooner or later. 48BwxF

However, even before they could speak, Xiong He slapped his thigh and said, “Our tribe actually has two Beast Kings now. How awesome! This way, we don’t have to be afraid of that Mountain Wolf Tribe anymore!”

“Mountain Wolf Tribe?” Xiong Ye immediately inquired, “Is there a tribe that wants to deal with our tribe?” He and Zhou Ji had been gone for a long time. If the Big Bear Tribe had encountered trouble during this period of time, he would feel very guilty.

Xiong He said, “That’s not the case. They’ve just run here all of a sudden and told us to give them pottery and other things as tribute. What gives them the right!”

“So that’s what happened. Are they in the tribe now?” Xiong Ye asked. ztHInS

“Yes.” Xiong He replied.

“Then let’s go back quickly.” Xiong Ye said. Their tribe hadn’t been developed for long, and other than Zhou Ji and him, there were no other powerhouses in the tribe. If the Mountain Wolf Tribe suddenly started looking for trouble, he was afraid that the people of the tribe wouldn’t be able to cope.

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“Cigluta.” Wlbcu Lf rjlv. “Ofa’r ub!”

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Lf rajgafv gecclcu jr tf rqbxf. tH4yrZ

Dea fnfc yfobgf tf mbeiv gec j ofk rafqr, tf rjk Wlbcu Tf bnfgajxf tlw jcv vlrjqqfjg rkloais lcab atf obgfra.

Wlbcu Lf: “… Wlbcu Tf gecr rb ojra cbk?”

“Lf’r j Dfjra Blcu joafg jii.” Wlbcu Hl rjlv.

“Then, can Zhou Ji run that fast too?” Xiong He asked. VQqg0t

“He should be able to go faster than Xiong Ye.” Xiong Qi said. “Oh, right, Xiong He, in the future, you shouldn’t call His Majesty by name.”

“What Majesty?” Xiong He was puzzled.

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“It’s His Majesty The Beast God! His Majesty Zhou Ji!” Xiong Qi said.

Xiong He didn’t quite understand, so Xiong Qi explained, “When we arrived in the Beastman Continent and went to the Beast God Temple, we learned that His Majesty wasn’t actually the Beast God’s messenger, but the Beast God!” 0udNCg

Xiong He: “……”

Another one fell into a daze.

The Big Bear Tribe.

The Big Bear Tribe now had no shortage of people, but Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye had taken away the top fighters of the Big Bear Tribe, and the remaining people were unable to catch any large prey when they went out hunting. 6NMqEm

Coupled with their large population, they often weren’t able to hunt enough prey to eat.

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However, they hadn’t gone hungry. After all, they had barley, earth eggs, and some other plants that could be used to fill up their stomachs.

It was just that in this situation, they couldn’t bring out any meat to serve the Mountain Wolf Tribe. This particular day wasn’t a hunting day for the Big Bear Tribe.

The priest asked people to dig up some fresh earth eggs and prepared to cook them together with smoked meat for the people of the Mountain Wolf Tribe. Y8h7eE

They had planted the earth eggs at the start of spring when the weather had warmed up a little, and they hadn’t grown very large yet. He was a little reluctant when he asked people to dig them up, but even though they took out such things, the people of the Mountain Wolf Tribe were still unsatisfied when they saw it. “You plan to entertain us with such things? Are you not giving us meat?”

“Sorry, there isn’t enough meat in our tribe…”

“Can’t you go hunting? Why are you all so useless!” Lang Sha said. As he spoke, he even picked up an earth egg and threw it at the priest.

The priest dodged and had an impulse to throw one back at him. gBmRxU

The priest was just thinking this when he saw Lang Sha scream as he got hit by an earth egg. He even stumbled back several steps.

At the same time, Xiong Ye’s voice rang out, “Are you unable to hunt by yourself? Why don’t you just say that you’re useless?”

“Who dares to hit me!” Lang Ye covered up his forehead that had just been hit and looked up to see Xiong Ye, “Who are you?”

“I’m the tribal chief of the Big Bear Tribe.” QPXkNA

“Your Big Bear Tribe is so courageous, you even dare to hit me with something…” Lang Sha was enraged and said to the people by his side, “Teach this person a lesson! Right, and help me take off his clothes! I want to wear them!”

“Yes, young chief!” The people of the Mountain Wolf Tribe acknowledged, and a few of them immediately charged at Xiong Ye.

“Xiong Ye, be careful!” The priest said. After that, he didn’t know what had happened, but the people of the Mountain Wolf Tribe all fell to the ground while Xiong Ye stood right where he’d started.

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The priest was still a little muddled, but the young chief of the Mountain Wolf Tribe realized that something was wrong––he’d kicked an iron plate! XdBJD4

What should he do when he kicked an iron plate? Lang Sha immediately said, “Stop! My father is a high level Beast Warrior!”

“Oh…” Xiong Ye said. “I’m a Beast King.”

What? Lang Sha looked at this person in a daze and suspected that he’d misheard.

This person said that he was a Beast King? sNc5de

Was he crazy? How could he be a Beast King!

“Xiong Ye, are you really a Beast King?” The priest was full of surprise.

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Xiong Ye nodded.

“My teacher said that Beast Kings are the most powerful. I didn’t expect that our tribe would have someone so powerful!” The priest was very excited, “Hahahahaha!” 8Mx7Ao

The people who had remained in the tribe also came over, “Chief, you’re very amazing. You beat down so many people so so quickly!”

“Tribal chief, you’re finally back! We’ve been waiting for you!”

“What should we do with these people, chief?”

…… hHRNaC

Xiong Ye looked at Lang Sha and the others and said, “Catch them all.”

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“You want to arrest us?” Lang Sha spoke to the people behind him, “Quickly go and show him what strength is!”

After hearing this, some of the people behind Lang Sha immediately turned into their animal forms and prepared to attack. However, some others hesitated––even if the tribal chief of this Big Bear Tribe wasn’t actually a Beast King, he was still a powerhouse, and they couldn’t beat him!

Xiong Ye looked at these people and frowned. SdT9Zi

Having these people messing around here would affect the image of the Big Bear Tribe… He didn’t wait for the people of the Mountain Wolf Tribe to attack and directly knocked these people out.

Priest: “……” How refreshing! How cool!

“What should we do with these people?” The priest asked.

“Toss them outside.” Xiong Ye said. These people were very annoying, but it wasn’t to the point where they needed to kill them, so tossing them outside should be enough. nzUBGF

“Will they come back and cause trouble for us?” The priest was worried. If these people came back to cause trouble, the people who stayed in the valley would be fine, and powerhouses like Xiong Ye would be fine, but those who went out gathering were likely to be attacked…

“Then have them stay and work.” Xiong Ye said. “Our Big Bear Tribe is going to have a lot more people. The current houses aren’t enough for them to live in.”

“Alright.” The priest nodded and had people take the unconscious people back to the cave first.

Seeing this situation, Xiong Ye said, “Priest, I have something to tell you. Don’t get too excited.” BFN Y8

“Is it a good thing or a bad thing?” The priest immediately asked him.

“It’s a good thing!” Xiong Ye said.

“Tell me quickly!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“It’s like this… Zhou Ji is the Beast God.” 7NFVup

“Zhou Ji is also a Beast King, I heard that early on… wait… It seems you didn’t say Beast King, it’s….” The priest suspected that he’d heard it wrong.

“Zhou Ji is the Beast God.” Xiong Ye repeated.

The priest was stunned. After a while, he finally said, “I’m too excited. My heart is jumping a little too fast, and I can’t stand it…”

On the other hand, Xiong Ye was very calm, “In fact, it’s nothing. Zhou Ji is still the original Zhou Ji.” It was just that other than thinking about eating and sleeping all day long, he also thought about one more ‘sleeping’ thing. 29B4Ex

“Zhou Ji has become the Beast God, can it really be nothing?” The priest covered his chest, “Ah, my heart… it’s not listening to me.”

There were many people in the valley today. At this time, everyone who had heard Xiong Ye’s words felt just like the priest. Their hearts were beating too fast, and they couldn’t stand it.

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They had just learned from Zhu Zhan about Beast Kings and were very excited to learn that Xiong Ye was now a Beast King.

Yet as a result, they now actually had a Beast God in their tribe?! e PQO4

However, while some people were excited, others simply wanted to cry.

Yang Ying and Yang Su wanted to cry.

Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye were both people that they’d offended!

Would Zhou Ji spit on them and kill them when he came back? s F2cw

Yang Su was incredibly regretful. If he’d known that things would come to this one day, he would never have spat at Zhou Ji!

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