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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh163.2 - Extra: Back to the Tribe


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

“Your Majesty, where have you been?” The priests of the Beast God Temple all made their way over. 4p7MFQ

“Walked around casually.” Zhou Ji said.

“You should bring people with you so that they can help you do things, Your Majesty. How could you and your mate carry these kinds of things?” This person went on. He appeared very distressed as he looked at the sunflower heads in Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye’s hands.

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Zhou Ji: “……”

“There are seeds in this flower. You can take them out and try to stir-fry them in a pottery pot with the shells on.” Zhou Ji directly gave them the sunflower heads so that they would stop staring at them all day long. ZJml2I

“Yes, Your Majesty!” The priests were finally given something to do from Zhou Ji and happily left holding the sunflowers.

Zhou Ji began to prepare lunch.

After swimming over from one side of the river to the other, Hai Feng opened his mouth wide and spat out a lot of fish. Some of these fish were still moving and jumping… Zhou Ji picked out a few and decided to eat fish.

Steamed fish was the simplest, and pickled fish wasn’t difficult either… In any case, there were people to help him clean the fish, so Zhou Ji also picked out some fish that were about the size of a finger and had them dig out the intestines and remove the heads. After that, he added some salt and fried them in a pot filled with oil. GVkr2s

He liked to eat fried fish like this when he was a child because the bones of small fish that were fried this way were especially crunchy, and he could chew and eat the entire fish without having to spit out the bones. They were also very tasty.

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Zhou Ji fried up a plate of small fish and finally discovered the taste was really pretty good. After that, he gave Xiong Ye half a plate to eat.

Xiong Ye was particularly satisfied. “This oil is really something good. A lot of food that wasn’t very tasty before becomes really tasty after frying it in oil!”

In the past, this kind of small fish would become dry and tasteless when boiled in a stone pot. If they were roasted, they would become charred remnants if one didn’t pay attention, and he’d never figured out a good way to eat them. J6dfF1

“Indeed.” Zhou Ji said. Seeing that there was still quite a bit of oil in the pan, he picked up a larger fish and placed it inside the pan to fry it up.

The people around them all craved the food they could see being made, but the food that His Majesty The Beast God made could only be eaten by the Bear Beast King.

The people of the Beast God Temple could only watch in silence.

The people of the Big Bear Tribe were much calmer. Someone also said, “Before, in the tribe, His Majesty made hot pot for us. It was really delicious!” 7W6A5N

“That was hot pot blessed by the Beast God. No wonder our lives became better and better!”

“I’ve eaten other things that His Majesty made before, heehee…”

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The two sides looked at each other, and then the other group of people turned around and ran.

These people were from a small tribe nearby. They usually survived by depending on gathering and hunting, but sometimes they would ‘earn a little extra’ by robbing the people who had come over from the other side of the river.

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Generally, the number of people who came over every time was quite limited, and they would be wounded from the crossing, allowing their tribe to rob them successfully. Sometimes, they would not only rob them, but also abduct people and bring them back. That way, their tribe could become stronger. 5qa0rx

Today, when they learned that someone had crossed the river, they had gathered their people and rushed over, but now…

This group of people who had just crossed the river had more people than they did, and most of them were wearing clothes. Not only that, they had no wounds on their bodies, and there wasn’t any smell of blood…

The words ‘not easy to provoke’ were clearly written on the faces of everyone in this group!

How could the people of this small tribe manage to get away safely? 2YdVNR

Zhou Ji ordered, “Catch them. Ask them where we are and teach them a lesson.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Some people answered him. In the end, that group of people who had tried to rob them not only failed at stealing anything, but they all ended up being caught.

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There was nothing that could be done. These people simply weren’t good at picking targets…

After they left the riverside, the group had approximately figured out where they were, so they began to head for the Big Bear Tribe. 9xmb6k

During this journey, other than being carried and teasing Xiong Ye, Zhou Ji had something else to do––eat sunflower seeds.

Although the sunflower seeds that the people of the Beast God Temple had fried up weren’t as tasty as the sunflower seeds of various flavors that he’d eaten in his previous life, they were still adequate, and Zhou Ji enjoyed them very much.

It was inevitable for them to encounter rainy days during the trip, but to Zhou Ji, who had already begun to use his energy at will, this wasn’t a problem at all!

Zhou Ji could very easily turn his recliner into a palanquin that rain couldn’t get into at all. And because his new reclining chair was quite large, he could also call Xiong Ye over to sit with him and take advantage of the opportunity to tease him a bit. 8gZHuf

Xiong Ye: “……” After spending more time with Zhou Ji, he felt that he’d been led astray. Now, no matter what he saw, he would second guess it, and when Zhou Ji spoke, he became even more skeptical.

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It was all in order to avoid being teased in a moment of carelessness.

Well, fine. In fact, he quite enjoyed Zhou Ji’s teasing, and he didn’t dislike the ‘exercise’ they did at night…

Everyone made their way along and finally came near the Big Bear Tribe’s territory. ajqvtQ

At this time, the priest of the Big Bear Tribe was entertaining people from another tribe.

After the salt team had left, the priest had prayed daily for them to come to no harm and that they could come back soon.

As a result, he waited and waited, but only half of the salt team had come back!

Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye had become Beast Kings? And they planned to go to the Beastman Continent to take a look? JpSynW

The priest felt that all of this was a little unbelievable and was almost like a made up story.

He couldn’t help but wonder if Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji were dead, and the people who had come back had only said this in order to prevent him from feeling sad…

However, Zhou Ji was the Beast God’s messenger. How could he die?

Every day, the priest worried and lost more hair. He was about to go bald. AwdJCz

The other person who was losing hair like him was Xiong He.

After Xiong Ye left, Xiong He began to work as the tribal chief again. He was very satisfied with this and very happy with life––he didn’t want to become a priest!

However, he’d rejoiced too soon.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The priest had decided on him, and even if he’d become the acting chief, the priest still forced him to memorize things. So… he now not only had to do the work of a tribal chief, but he also had to learn how to be a priest. FQxGY

Xiong He felt that this was too terrible. He endured and endured and was really about to explode!

However, even before he exploded, he started to lose hair…

As a brown bear, it was quite common to shed when the weather turned warm. However, this year, not only did he shed a particularly large amount of fur, the amount of fur that grew back had reduced by a lot.

Xiong He was caught up in the fear that he would become a bald bear. mZzEtT

And that was when people from other tribes started coming to their tribe.

Back then, there were tribes other than the Big Bear Tribe who went to the Green Hill Tribe to trade for salt. After the Giant Tiger Tribe destroyed the Green Hill Tribe and no longer traded salt with others, these tribes had encountered no small amount of trouble.

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This year, they sent people out again to trade for salt, but not only that, they had also heard about the Big Bear Tribe.

Eventually, the people of two separate tribes joined together and arrived at the Big Bear Tribe. ghertv

The Big Bear Tribe happened to have a lot of salt and finally traded them some salt.

These two tribes hadn’t seen much of the world. After trading for salt with the Big Bear Tribe and seeing how prosperous the Big Bear Tribe was, they couldn’t help but talk about it when they went back. After that, more tribes came to know about the Big Bear Tribe.

Today, it was people from another tribe who had arrived at the Big Bear Tribe.

The team who had come this time consisted of about fifty people, and the core of this team was a chubby, dark-skinned, twenty-something year old youth. RVnJoh

As soon as he arrived at the Big Bear Tribe, he said, “Didn’t they all say that the Big Bear Tribe is very prosperous? It doesn’t look like it.”

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The dark-skinned youth was very snobbish and acted as though he looked down on the Big Bear Tribe.

This person… looked like he wasn’t simple! The priest didn’t dare to offend these people, but this person looked far worse than Zhou Ji and couldn’t even be compared with Xiong Ye. He couldn’t find anything to compliment this youth with, and he could only say, “In fact, we can’t be considered prosperous.”

The fat, dark-skinned youth continued, “You still have some self-awareness… Oh, right. Why are you so rude? We’re from the Mountain Wolf Tribe, yet you didn’t arrange to have your entire tribe come out to meet us when we arrived?” BPMfp7

The priest: “……” Was it not enough that he, as a priest, came out to greet them personally? Where exactly was this Mountain Wolf Tribe? They actually wanted them to call out their entire tribe to greet them?!

“Our Mountain Wolf Tribe is a very powerful tribe. My father is someone who can kill your entire tribe on his own!” This dark-skinned fatty continued to speak.

The people of the Big Bear Tribe who had once gone to the Little Brook Tribe with Zhou Ji to trade for salt: “……” This sounded a little familiar. Zhou Ji seemed to have said something like this back then?

However, when Zhou Ji had said it back then, he had been especially convincing, and they couldn’t help but believe it. This person’s words… they were really unable to believe it. W0s8d7

Compared to Zhou Ji, this person was dark-skinned and fat, and he looked like he was used to getting dirty and doing work.

“Is that so?” The priest asked in a very dry voice.

“Of course it’s true. My father is a high level Beast Warrior. Your tribe definitely doesn’t have any high level Beast Warriors, right?” The dark-skinned fatty continued to speak, “However, it’s pretty good that you guys can make pottery. My father appreciates you very much and is willing to allow you to join our tribe and come under our protection as long as you hand over a portion of your pottery and salt.”

Priest: “… Where is your tribe?” Fg819L

“A place to the north that is twenty days of travel away.” That dark-skinned fatty replied.

A tribe twenty days away from the Big Bear Tribe could protect the Big Bear Tribe? The priest was left a little speechless, but this group of people looked very powerful and he didn’t dare to offend them.

While he was debating what to do, someone suddenly came in from outside. “Priest, Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji and the others are back!”

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Juurensha: Ah wolf tribe boy, you picked a bad day to come over.
xiin: endless stream of people sending themselves over to get their faces slapped…

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