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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh163.1 - Extra: Back to the Tribe


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Zhou Ji flirted with Xiong Ye, and then once again swallowed him up whole. rYOg w

He’d become more and more fond of these nighttime activities lately!

The next day, they left the Grass Tribe, leaving behind a lot of unfinished meat and taking with them all kinds of vegetables harvested from the Grass Tribe. When they left, the tribal chief of the Grass Tribe didn’t come to send them off.

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Last time, it had been because he’d had diarrhea. As for this time… He’d been too excited last night and couldn’t sleep. He’d taken some herbs in order to sleep and then couldn’t wake up in time the next morning…

Zhou Ji hadn’t thought that the Grass Tribe would have herbs that allowed people to sleep so well… Zhou Ji took some with him when they left. ZVxNkB

When Zhou Ji and the others had come to the Beastman Continent from the wild forest, they had crossed over near the Beach Tribe’s territory. This time, they didn’t need to stop over by the Beach Tribe, so Zhou Ji decided to cross the river in the area near the Grass Tribe. After crossing the river, they would head straight back to the Big Bear Tribe.

After leaving the Grass Tribe, they walked quickly and soon came to the river that separated the wild forest from the Beastman Continent.

The river was very large, and there were some huge crocodiles gathered by the river. One of the crocodiles swam towards them immediately as soon as they saw them.

Hai Feng immediately grew excited and ran towards the crocodile. hKO24x

When the crocodile saw Hai Feng, it suddenly turned around and swiftly swam away, as though Hai Feng was some sort of man-eating monster… Fine, Hai Feng was really a crocodile-eating whale.

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Hai Feng still wanted to go after it, but Zhou Ji stopped him, “Crocodiles aren’t tasty. Why do you want to go catch it?”

Because he disliked that crocodile! Hai Feng thought this in his heart, but ultimately didn’t go after the crocodile. Instead, he looked at Zhou Ji, “Zhou Ji, are we crossing the river now?”

“Yes.” Zhou Ji confirmed. sZeyC0

Hai Feng hadn’t been in water for a long time and was really happy seeing that long stretch of water. When he heard this, he immediately turned into his animal form and plunged into the water so that he could swim along the river bank.

Regardless of whether it was crocodiles or any other creatures living in the water, they all fled however they could.

The people of the Big Bear Tribe were very calm when they saw this scene. However, those who had followed them from the Beast God Temple and hadn’t been involved in the High Priest’s kidnapping of Zhou Ji and had therefore never seen Hai Feng’s animal form were all momentarily stunned.

This animal form was way, way too big! Rpszwl

Not only that, it looked like… like a fish!

Of course while they were all stunned, the Tiger Beast King didn’t feel the same way.

As soon as the Tiger Beast King saw Hai Feng’s animal form, he could feel a little bit of pain in his body. The fear of being smashed into the ground swept over him again.

Being crushed like that was really too painful! HkhB1X

At the time when he’d been crushed, not only had he wanted to vomit, he’d also wanted to expel everything out the other end. Everything in his body had been about to be forced out…

Hai Feng’s animal form was really shocking even to those who had seen it many times.

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However, on this day, one of the priests looked carefully at Hai Feng and suddenly spoke up, “Why do I feel like this animal form is a little familiar?”

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“P tfjgv ws ojatfg rjs yfobgf atja atfgf kjr bcmf j qbkfgoei uljca yfjra atja ilnfv lc atlr glnfg ktb qegqbrfis kfca jujlcra atf qfbqif bo atf Dfjra Xbv Kfwqif. Obgv Ljl’r jclwji obgw ibbxr j yla ilxf atja uljca yfjra.” Ktlr qglfra mbcalcefv, “Yo mbegrf, Obgv Ljl’r jclwji obgw lr wemt yluufg atjc atja uljca yfjra. Tbeg jclwji obgw lr wemt, wemt yluufg.”

“Now that you mention it, it does look a bit familiar.” The Ape Beast King said. “I had also gone out to watch the excitement when that giant beast was being hunted. At the time, I was only a medium level Beast Warrior…”

When Hai Feng heard this, he broke out into sudden laughter, “You all finally remember! Yes, you’re right. I’m that giant beast! You wanted to kill me at the time, but I didn’t die. Are you all very surprised?”

The priests of the Beast God Temple: “……” pimyCP

Ape Beast King: “……”

Hai Feng continued, “You guys are a bit much. You even forgot about me. Before, I was always afraid of being discovered by you guys, but as a result, you guys forgot about me!”

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Hai Feng felt very depressed. He’d been so afraid that the people of the Beast God Temple would find him and make trouble for him, which was why he’d been hiding by Zhou Ji’s side the whole time. But what was the result? The Beast God Temple had actually forgotten about him! Forgotten about him!

These people were so hateful! 8CFpiV

How could they just forget about him?

Someone finally remembered him, but they only felt that he looked a little familiar, and he had no choice but to reveal his own identity.

When he thought of this, Hai Feng continued, “However, even if you guys discovered this now, you can’t catch me! I’m now one of the Beast God’s people!”

“……” Zhou Ji was left a little speechless. “Don’t talk nonsense. Xiong Ye is my person. You’re just a follower.” cQI 6s

“Follower is fine too! Haha!” Hai Feng felt very proud. He’d originally felt very dissatisfied when he’d been forced to become a follower by Zhou Ji, but now, he felt that being a follower was great and gained him double the respect.

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He was the Beast God’s follower!

Zhou Ji felt that Hai Feng was really a bit silly.

The people of the Beast God Temple were also a little speechless, “Back then, we thought that it was an evil monster and didn’t know that it was a beastman at all…” They had lost a lot of people trying to deal with Hai Feng back then. If they’d known that it was a beastman, they wouldn’t have gone to fight him at all! r9IhHD

No matter what the facts were, Hai Feng was still very excited after his identity was exposed, and the huge whale twisted its tail in the water.

The crocodiles that had escaped far away continued swimming away for their lives, and many people on the shore were splashed by the water he flipped up.

Zhou Ji, who had used energy to block the water from splashing onto him, said, “It’s time to set out.”

They had originally ridden on Hai Feng’s back in order to cross the river. They hadn’t had so many people when they set out and had managed to fit onto Hai Feng’s back, but now there were many more people and it wouldn’t be possible for all of them to settle down on his back. cTMUA

Hai Feng said, “The people of the Beast God Temple can’t come up onto my back. Those Beast Kings can’t come, either.” He was a Beast King himself and didn’t want to be ridden by other Beast Kings!

As for the people of the Beast God Temple… He had a grudge against the people of the Beast God Temple!

Hai Feng’s demand wasn’t excessive, so Zhou Ji certainly wouldn’t object to it. He was also too lazy to involve himself in so much.

The people of the Beast God Temple were all stunned, “Then how will we cross over?” A5ebN3

The river was very, very dangerous. How were they supposed to cross to the other side of the river if nobody carried them across?

“Swim over! Don’t worry. Swimming behind me is very safe.” Hai Feng said.

The priests who seldom exercised and were already tired enough to collapse from the previous walking: “……”

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Fortunately, the Beast God Temple had also arranged for some high level Beast Warriors to follow the Beast God. kKNy63

These people also needed to swim across and could provide them with some assistance on the way…

The priests of the Beast God Temple could only dejectedly take off their clothes, and then, as Hai Feng carried Zhou Ji and the people of the Big Bear Tribe across the river, they held a piece of wood and swam behind them.

The people of the Big Bear Tribe couldn’t help but sympathize with them a little––these were priests and high level Beast Warriors!

But now, they were being treated worse than them… Y7SzjJ

However, it had originally been these people who had insisted on following them back…

“Zhou Ji, it’s not very good to have the priests swim across like this, right?” Xiong Ye asked. In fact, they could wait a little bit and build a raft out of bamboo or something.

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“There’s nothing wrong with it. They’ve lived a privileged life for so many years and should experience the hardships of life.” Zhou Ji said. “Suffering some bitterness is good for them, and can help hone them.”

The people of the Big Bear Tribe nodded and felt that the Beast God made sense. 0gma6n

However… why didn’t the Beast God need to experience any bitterness?

Zhou Ji continued, “Xiong Ye, as my mate, it’s not very good to be constantly staring at a group of naked people, right?”

Xiong Ye: “??” When had he been staring at a group of naked people?

Wait a moment, he was looking… Zhou Ji was referring to the people swimming behind them? Ey ok0

Those priests and high level Beast Warrior were all very particular and were all still wearing pants! On the other hand some of the people of the Big Bear Tribe who were on Hai Feng’s back were wearing nothing but an animal hide skirt.

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“Since you like looking, you can look more at night when there’s only the two of us.” Zhou Ji was still talking. The ancients weren’t wrong. Having enough to eat and wear would lead to lust; now that he didn’t lack for anything and his life was getting better and better, he began to spend all day thinking about how to flirt with his little bear.

Xiong Ye: “……”

Since there were people behind them, Hai Feng went at a slower pace and actually went so slowly that it took them a long time to reach the opposite shore. xqnJZf

The wild forest and the Beastman Continent were only separated by a river, but when they came back to the wild forest, the people of the Big Bear Tribe were very happy––they were back!

People even started to think about home, “I wonder how the tribe is doing.”

“I kind of miss my children!”

“The salted meat that I left in my cave probably can’t be eaten anymore…” xFytOU


While the people of the Big Bear Tribe started to reorganize themselves by the river, Zhou Ji had suddenly discovered something. He stood up and said, “Xiong Ye, let’s go over there.”

He had used his spiritual powers to scan the area out of habit when they’d arrived at the shore, and Zhou Ji had discovered that there were signs of human activity by the riverside.

Of course, the fact that there were signs of human activity wasn’t why he wanted to go over there and walk around. It was because he’d discovered something to eat nearby, and it was something he was very interested in––sunflower seeds. H7oZ5s

Zhou Ji walked over with Xiong Ye in tow.

The people of the Beast God Temple were still lying there on the shore, and nobody followed them.

The two of them were relaxed and at ease, and Zhou Ji soon found what he’d been looking for––a couple of sunflowers.

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Xiong Ye looked at the sunflowers in curiosity and then said, “These flowers are very beautiful.” uVwB5q

“They’re not bad.” Zhou Ji replied, then directly used his abilities.

The sunflowers matured immediately, and Zhou Ji took out the seeds one by one. After that, he scattered some of the seeds and sprouted them again.

Following the same method, Zhou Ji was able to create a lot of mature sunflowers.

However, how these sunflower seeds should be stir-fried was a problem he didn’t know the answer to… Were they directly stir-fried in a pan, or did they need to be dried first? If he wanted them to have more flavor, should he soak them in salt water beforehand? jM6IZG

When he thought of this, it all seemed very troublesome. Zhou Ji immediately decided to have others people have a go at it instead.

As for himself… He could try and use energy to squeeze out the oil and make some sunflower oil.

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Zhou Ji took down all the centres of the sunflowers and tied them together with vines. They were just about to leave when he found that some people had come over.

The people who’d come over appeared to be a gathering team filled with the old, the weak as well as children. When they saw Zhou Ji and the others, they were quite surprised, “Who are you?” gy1wxV

“We’re just passing by. We’ll be leaving soon.” Xiong Ye said.

“Oh…” Those people answered and didn’t say much more.

However, Zhou Ji still felt that something was off…

After he’d walked for a while with Xiong Ye, Zhou Ji used his spiritual powers to scan over those people and learned that they were talking about them, “Those two people just now were wearing clothing!” LdKyr

“They must have come from the other side of the river!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Go back to the tribe and tell the tribal chief about it. If we can catch those two people, we’ll be rich!”


Zhou Ji: “……” XUEZNf

Zhou Ji didn’t do anything about it and returned to the riverside.

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