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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh159 - Becoming the Beast God


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

The hairy mammoth suddenly stopped moving, but the area around him was still roiling with powerful energy. q8bAVQ

He looked dazedly at the bear on his nose. It was like he’d been given a shock.

Xiong Ye was still in a bit of pain from getting hit, but it was still bearable. At this moment, he was only worried about Zhou Ji, “Zhou Ji!”

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Zhou Ji had said before that he would lose consciousness and kill people at random whenever he fought. Because of this, Xiong Ye was actually a little scared right now.

Zhou Ji was too strong, and he couldn’t beat him… However, if he didn’t stop him, those who didn’t know what was going on and had only come to watch the show might all end up dead. J6y1zZ

Xiong Ye didn’t want to see that happen.

“Zhou Ji, stop fighting and calm down.” Xiong Ye tried again.

After falling into a frenzy, Zhou Ji had no awareness of his actions at all until Xiong Ye’s voice rang out.

The tip of his nose was full of Xiong Ye’s scent, and he could hear Xiong Ye’s voice in his ears.


The haze in his mind abruptly disappeared. Zhou Ji woke up and saw Xiong Ye lying on his nose.

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He couldn’t remember what had taken place before, but he could sense that Xiong Ye’s aura was a little shaky.

He hadn’t hit Xiong Ye earlier, had he?

Zhou Ji could feel that there was still a lot of energy in his body that hadn’t been used up yet. He shouldn’t have come back to his senses at this time already, yet it had happened. It was very surprising to him, but he didn’t have time to care about this now. “Xiong Ye, are you alright?” jKDs2U

“I’m fine.” Xiong Ye said and smiled at Zhou Ji.

Since Zhou Ji was able to talk, it meant that everything was fine… Xiong Ye was in a great mood at the moment and felt that… Zhou Ji’s problem didn’t seem to be anything too bad?

Didn’t they see that he’d only had to shout Zhou Ji’s name a few times for him to come to his senses?

Just as he thought this, Xiong Ye sensed a stream of energy entering his body and running through it. etEQo8

He was no stranger to this situation and understood that Zhou Ji was checking his body. Now, he simply lay there quietly on Zhou Ji’s nose.

Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji had both calmed down, leaving those who had heard the conversation between them in a foolish daze.

They had previously all watched as Zhou Ji beat down all of those Beast Kings with a single stroke of his trunk.

The people of the Beast God Temple may say that this person was the Beast God, but in the eyes of many people present, this huge elephant was more like a devil. DtE6R8

Yet as a result now… The tribal chief of the Big Bear Tribe, Xiong Ye, had called this giant elephant Zhou Ji?

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These people had all heard of Zhou Ji’s name. After all, they had often spoken about the Big Bear Tribe in recent days, and whenever they spoke about it, they would definitely bring up the tribal chief Xiong Ye and his mate.

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They’d actually heard Xiong Ye call that huge elephant ‘Zhou Ji’.

Was that Zhou Ji? How could that be?!

These people subconsciously looked over at the Big Bear Tribe and discovered that the people of the Big Bear Tribe were all very calm and didn’t show any surprise.

Those who were closer to them even heard people from the Big Bear Tribe discussing Zhou Ji, “Zhou Ji actually hit Xiong Ye. Do you think Xiong Ye will be angry?” PoS 1C

“Zhou Ji should have done it by accident. Xiong Ye probably won’t be angry, right?”

“Before, it was always Zhou Ji riding Xiong Ye. I didn’t think we’d ever see Xiong Ye riding on Zhou Ji’s nose one day…”

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The people who heard these words: “……” Rnb68l

They used to wonder why the people of the Big Bear Tribe indulged Zhou Ji so much, but now they understood.

They admired him for being so strong!

No, it wasn’t just a matter of strength…

While Zhou Ji was still checking over Xiong Ye’s situation, the old priest suddenly came forward to kneel at Zhou Ji’s feet. He said, “Beast God up above, please bless me!” xaZh i

Zhou Ji: What was this? Why was this person shouting ‘Beast God’ at him?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Was it because he showed his strength, and this person now also felt that he was the Beast God’s messenger?

Zhou Ji felt very helpless about this. After all, there was no Beast God in this world!

He was just thinking this when the old priest unexpectedly came up to try and hold his legs to kiss his feet. 6zTHWO

When he discovered this, Zhou Ji immediately brought Xiong Ye with him and jumped a step back. He then watched as the old priest who had failed to grasp his leg showed regret, kowtowing as he said, “Beast God, I’m your loyal servant who is willing to offer up everything for you…”

Zhou Ji: “……”

Zhou Ji was momentarily at a loss. The others were the same, and for a while, only the old priest’s voice could be heard as he called out to the ‘Beast God’. “Great Beast God, your coming is my glory…”

Before, when the priests of the Beast God Temple had knelt down under the old priest’s leadership and called out to the Beast God, some people who had come a bit later on hadn’t heard it. Others who’d seen and heard it had thought that they’d made a mistake and perhaps the old priest was just praying to the Beast God? EFZmDf

But now that the old priest was acting like this… It was clear that in his eyes, Zhou Ji was the Beast God.

Zhou Ji… was the Beast God?

Let alone the other tribes, even the people of the Big Bear Tribe were confused.

They had always thought that Zhou Ji was very powerful and was the Beast God’s messenger. However, they didn’t think that Zhou Ji was even more amazing and had directly become the Beast God. WISk3X

“This can’t be! It’s impossible! How could he be the Beast God?” A voice suddenly rang out. People looked over and discovered that the person who was shouting was Shi Li.

Shi Li’s current situation… could perhaps be described as the last ray of light from a dying star?

The crystal core in his body simply couldn’t bear Zhou Ji’s beating at all. It had already shattered a while ago, and beastmen without crystal cores would die.

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Shi Li knew that he was about to die, but his fear of death was nothing compared to the fear he felt when he realized that Zhou Ji was the Beast God. 5Dkqwa

After all, he had already experienced death once a long time ago. But for Zhou Ji to be the Beast God… If that was true, his faith in the world would completely collapse.

He had always felt that he was beloved by the Beast God and therefore unique, but if Zhou Ji was the Beast God, then he would have lived his life like a joke.

When people were about to die, they would think about their past. At this moment, Shi Li thought of many things, especially things regarding his previous life.

At this time in his previous life, he and Xiong Ye as well as the remaining warriors from the Big Bear Tribe had still been wandering around in the wild forest. They had lived a very difficult life and wouldn’t arrive at the Beastman Continent until a few years later. FVkhQw

At that time, the Beastman Continent wasn’t the same as it was now.

The Beast God Temple that he later came into contact with was not the same as it was now.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Could it be that all of that had changed because of Zhou Ji?

Additionally, he had once entered the Beast God Temple and felt the Beast God’s presence. Had that person also been Zhou Ji? dvTQP

In his previous life, Xiang Tian had died, but maybe Zhou Ji hadn’t died the way he’d thought he had and had instead become the Beast God?

Those Beast Kings who weren’t so young anymore had all been unwilling to bring up Xiang Tian. Was it because Xiang Tian had died a dishonorable death or was it also related to Zhou Ji?

Shi Li thought through many things, but the more he thought about, the more difficult it was to accept it.

“This is impossible…” Shi Li stared fiercely at Zhou Ji. BOkb3X

“It’s true, this is the Beast God! It’s exactly the same as what my teacher said!” That old priest stared feverishly at Zhou Ji, “Your Majesty the Beast God, this person actually dares to look at you with such eyes. Even dying wouldn’t be enough for him to atone.”

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Zhou Ji had already figured out what was happening now.

The people of the Big Bear Tribe had only regarded him as the Beast God’s messenger, but this person from the Beast God Temple was directly treating him as the Beast God.

This was… a little too much! sfO38e

However, at the moment, this situation was in his favor. And there was Shi Li…

Zhou Ji looked at Shi Li who was acting like he was crazy.

He had previously speculated that Shi Li had been reborn. Now that he saw Shi Li’s current appearance, he became even more certain.

If that was the case… Zhou Ji gave Shi Li some energy and used his spiritual strength to roughly mend the crystal core in his body to ensure that he wouldn’t die immediately. CzGinv

He still had things he wanted to ask Shi Li and didn’t want Shi Li to die for the time being.

However, he didn’t want Shi Li to live well… Zhou Ji directly knocked him out.

Zhou Ji had already finished checking Xiong Ye’s situation. Because he had only hit him once and hadn’t been trying his hardest, Xiong Ye suffered a little injury but hadn’t been hurt much. He’d already healed Xiong Ye while he had checked over his body.

Since Xiong Ye was now fine, he now needed to deal with a series of problems caused by his previous random beatdown… 6U3KI5

Zhou Ji’s eyes swept over Hai Feng and the Rhinoceros Beast King. “My clothes are in the valley. Help me get them and also bring over Xiong Ye’s clothing.”

Zhou Ji was really not used to communicating with others using his animal form.

Hai Feng was long used to obeying Zhou Ji’s words, and so was the Rhinoceros Beast King. The two of them immediately left to pick up the clothing while Zhou Ji set Xiong Ye down.

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He wanted to use his nose to give Xiong Ye a kiss, but he suddenly discovered that there was the blood of other people on his trunk. He took his trunk back immediately and curled it up, a little depressed. d6t Xq

Xiong Ye didn’t notice this, but he came over to Zhou Ji’s side and stroked Zhou Ji’s fur. “You’re really big… Can you turn a bit smaller?”

Become smaller? Of course Zhou Ji wanted to satisfy Xiong Ye, but… was he able to shrink?

Zhou Ji was just thinking about it when he found himself getting smaller.

It turned out that animal forms could get bigger and smaller… Was it because he’d become a bit stronger, and the crystal core in his body had turned black? cUC JP

Zhou Ji had known long ago that his strength exceeded that of the Beast Kings, but he hadn’t tried to study his animal form since then and hadn’t known until now that there were such benefits to becoming stronger.

He made himself about the same size as Xiong Ye and was rubbed up against several times by Xiong Ye, just like how he had stroked Xiong Ye before.

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It felt very comfortable.

Zhou Ji’s eyes narrowed slightly in pleasure, and his nose swung freely. uRJwkz

At this time, the High Priest and his party came over. Not only that, the High Priest had woken up from his faint.

Seeing Zhou Ji, the High Priest immediately knelt down and wept, “Beast God, please forgive me. I was blind and tried to harm you…”

Alright then, his identity as the Beast God was pretty much confirmed now.

Juurensha: Aww, XY cuddling with a mammoth is cute. 
xiin: how many of you didn’t see that coming? the fact that ZJ was the Beast God… WON4YC

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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