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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh157 - Beast God


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

In the Beastman Continent, beastmen’s animal forms would become bigger and bigger as they became stronger, but there was no way for them to get smaller. JBXuK7

This was universally acknowledged fact.

However, Zhou Ji was currently shrinking!

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Of course, in the current moment, he himself didn’t realise this at all. He was in a frenzy; what could he possibly know?

The High Priest was stupefied. Another priest who’d followed behind the High Priest was also stunned. “This… how could this be…” veA5dU

“Father!” Shen Yue rushed over to tug on the High Priest, wanting the High Priest to hide somewhere, but the High Priest didn’t react at all and continued to stand there stiffly.

“High Priest!” The guards also called out fearfully and went over to pull the High Priest to the side. They were afraid that they might end up beaten into meat patties by the giant elephant in a moment of carelessness.

However, they’d worried for no reason.

The giant elephant focused on the Beast Kings and was clearly ignoring them for the moment. xRJrXn

The guards of the Beast God Temple pulled the High Priest into a corner. They’d wanted to escape and get out of the valley, but the Beast Kings were fighting at the entrance leading into the valley.

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Rocks from the mountains around them rolled down one after another, smashing down onto the ground. The aftershocks of the battle between the Beast Kings was powerful enough to send people flipping over or even grind them into meat patties. Since that was the case, trying to escape would definitely be fatal!

The people of the Beast God Temple could only hide in the corner and regret their actions.

They had never ever imagined that the Big Bear Tribe would turn out to be so powerful. IKn5cv

Xiong Ye was already very powerful, but then a Hai Feng who could knock other Beast Kings dizzy suddenly came out of nowhere.

Hai Feng was already enough to shock people, but in the end, there was still Zhou Ji!

Even if the Big Bear Tribe had a cultivation method, based on the current situation, that cultivation method wasn’t something they could obtain!

They’d definitely gone insane. Why had they tried to deal with a tribe that had the power to allow people to cultivate into Beast Kings?! YaPCpj

They had the ability to cultivate into Beast Kings. How could they not have some real skills to show for it?

With this in mind, the people of the Beast God Temple glared at Shi Li angrily––if it hadn’t been for Shi Li, they would’ve never thought to do this.

Not only were the people of the Beast God Temple regretting their actions, even the Beast Kings who were fighting against Zhou Ji now were all feeling more and more regret.

They regretted like crazy, regretting that they’d listened to Shi Li’s words and actually opposed the Big Bear Tribe. jSrFmW

The Rhinoceros Beast King was so clever. He didn’t do anything too foolish and was willing to call that Beast King from the Big Bear Tribe ‘father’ in order to become good friends with the Big Bear Tribe!

He must have done it because he’d known that the Big Bear Tribe wasn’t so simple.

But what about themselves? They’d actually gone out of their way to cause problems with the Big Bear Tribe!

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At this moment, the Ape Beast King even wanted to cry. h76gco

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Why hadn’t he listened to him?!

The Ape Beast King was already full of regret, but he didn’t dare to stop fighting at all. ZSzkMw

The six Beast Kings did their best to force a draw against the giant elephant in front of them. If any of them made a single mistake… this giant elephant would certainly kill them all.

This Zhou Ji had previously said that he’d originally only wanted to kill Shi Li… Wasn’t the meaning behind those words that he now intended to kill them all?

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In the eyes of these Beast Kings who didn’t know that Zhou Ji had gone into a frenzy, Zhou Ji was now planning to kill them one by one. He looked like he wouldn’t stop until they were all dead!

In such a situation, they would be hunted down even if they escaped! They might as well go ahead and fight instead! i18jaG

The fighting was deadlocked like this, but it was clear that it wouldn’t continue that way.

Because these Beast Kings were keenly aware that… Zhou Ji was absorbing the energy from their surroundings.

This was too unbeatable! How could it be like this!

This man was already very powerful, yet he could also cultivate! 6clVdt

Even if the energy that this person was absorbing couldn’t match up with the amount of energy he was using up in order to deal with all six Beast Kings, it definitely gave him more endurance. If he could hold on for longer than they could, they’d be done for.

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These Beast Kings were all in states of despair.

The Tiger Beast King even shouted, “Your Lordship, I didn’t mean to offend you. As long as your Lordship is willing to let me off, I’m willing to obey you in the future!”

The giant elephant showed no reaction at all when he heard this. Instead, he took advantage of the way the Tiger Beast King had slowed down in order to speak to swipe at him with his trunk. 75wRFQ

The Tiger Beast King gathered up his energy and continued to fight. The other Beast Kings were also dejected––it seemed that this person was determined to kill them all!

All of this was because of Shi Li!

They had still been speaking with Xiong Ye and trying to become friends with the Big Bear Tribe that morning, hadn’t they? If it hadn’t been for Shi Li, how could they have ended up like this?

“Shi Li! Come out here!” The Ape Beast King roared. GiB5wH

Shi Li refused to come out!

Shi Li only wanted to run away now!

In fact, the person who was most unable to accept the present situation at the moment was Shi Li.

Zhou Ji had clearly been very weak and didn’t even have an animal form. How come he was now so powerful to the point where his strength was above that of so many Beast Kings? cHxp4D

This was too terrifying and too incredible!

There had obviously been no such thing in his previous life!

In his previous life, Zhou Ji had been forced to give up the cave he lived in after his mother’s death and had lived in a broken shed for two months before being taken away by the Elephant Beast King who had showed up out of the blue.

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After that… after another two or three years had passed, the Elephant Beast King died. ZCY6td

They had still been wandering around the wild forest when the Elephant Beast King had died so they didn’t hear the specifics of the situation. They only knew that by the time they’d arrived at the Beastman Continent, nobody mentioned Xiang Tian anymore, and there was no news of Zhou Ji at all.

He’d always believed that Zhou Ji had died.

However, Zhou Ji was clearly so powerful. Why had he died?

Or was the current Zhou Ji not the same one as the one from his previous life? ZeyPEc

Shi Li felt dizzy and couldn’t accept everything in front of him.

However, he was confident that he would not fail in this.

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The Beast God had given him a chance to start over again and definitely wouldn’t let him die.

The Beast God was protecting him from up in the sky. He would definitely be saved from danger! 39kQN7

While Shi Li was thinking about the Beast God, the High Priest was currently muttering, “Beast God up above… Beast God up above…”

The High Priest was chanting when the plants that had sprouted in the valley suddenly grew out like crazy, reaching maturity and blossoming in an instant.

This valley was the place where the Beast God Temple fired pottery. The soil in this valley was especially suited for making pottery.

Although the requirements towards the soil used to make pottery wasn’t very high, soil that was suitable for making pottery was certainly not suitable for farming. DZq34o

Additionally, they’d constantly been digging up soil from this place… There had been no plants here previously.

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Now, however, plants had grown out of thin air. There were vegetables amongst these plants, as well as vines. The vegetables were crushed almost as soon as they emerged by the various Beast Kings, but those vines actually began to attack the Beast Kings who were surrounding Zhou Ji…

Zhou Ji had actually brought these plant seeds with him. Now, he subconsciously used them as a means of attack.

However, the others didn’t know this. In the eyes of the people of the Beast God Temple, it seemed that even the plants were helping Zhou Ji. h6ctgd

The High Priest had originally already been staring at the scene with wide eyes, but now his eyes grew even wider.

Shi Li took in this situation and said, “Don’t worry. We’ll be fine. The Beast God will protect us!”

The High Priest looked at Shi Li with blood shot eyes, “Beast God…” He suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, spraying it directly on Shi Li’s face.

Shi Li’s face was covered in blood, and he was just about to express his displeasure when the High Priest toppled backwards and fainted. rHx7uY

It was definitely because the High Priest was old, and his health wasn’t good… No wonder the High Priest from his last life had been a different person!

While Shi Li was still thinking about this, the Tiger Beast King who had already been crushed twice by Hai Feng could no longer hold out. He was smashed in the face by Zhou Ji’s trunk and flew out, passing out just like the High Priest.

The Beast Kings surrounding them saw this situation and all experienced the feeling of ‘my life is over’. They were afraid, very afraid.

Finally there was a Beast King who couldn’t stand it anymore and attempted to escape. eW9QSZ

Once one of them fled, the others also began to flee––if they continued fighting like this, they would definitely end up dead. Since that was the case, it was better to try and escape.

If they split up to escape, Zhou Ji might only be able to catch one or two of them. Perhaps at that time, some of them might actually be able to get away!

As for the future… if there was nothing else they could do, they could just hide, hide for the rest of their lives!

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As long as they survived, even if it meant that they had to hide in the wild forest, they were willing to do so. XtEHNS

No, no, they couldn’t go to the wild forest. That was Zhou Ji’s back yard!

Other than the Tiger Beast King who had already been beaten, the other five Beast Kings scattered and ran off in different directions. However, they had only just run off when one of the Beast Kings who was slightly behind ended up being smashed down by a trunk.

Then… Zhou Ji went after the fastest Beast King, discovered that his shrunken animal form couldn’t catch up, and slowly became bigger as he ran, growing bigger the further he ran…

In order to avoid causing a disturbance and affecting the Beast God Sacrifice when they fought against Xiong Ye after catching Zhou Ji, the High Priest and Shi Li had chosen to lead everyone to the place where the Beast God Temple fired pottery. Yr2F7h

This place was very far away from the Beast God Temple and the place where the Beast God Sacrifice was held, however, the disturbance caused by so many Beast Kings fighting was really too big.

Back at the Beast God Temple, the priests who were holding the Beast God Sacrifice as well as the beastmen who were participating in the event all felt the disturbance and sensed that something was wrong.

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“What exactly happened?”

“Is the Beast God angry? I can feel the earth trembling!” LApwhR

“Exactly what’s going on over there?”

“Is the Beast God trying to tell us something?”


These people were all very confused as they exchanged glances with each other and then collectively chose to head in the direction of the disturbance. Ydtfrk

Today was the day of the Beast God Sacrifice!

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They had only just prayed for the Bast God’s blessing!

Now that there was such a disturbance, would it be the Beast God’s will at work?

The priests of the Beast God Temple didn’t know about the High Priest and the Beast King’s plan to ambush Xiong Ye, and also went with them to the back of the Beast God Temple. w Jsm9

After walking for a while, they suddenly saw a Beast King fleeing in the distance.

“That Lord Beast King, what is he doing?” Someone wondered. They were still puzzled when they saw a big elephant chasing after the Beast King.

That big elephant grew a little bigger with each step until it finally became huge. Not only that, the plants around him began to grow crazily, eventually trapping the Beast King that was up ahead.

Then, the huge elephant caught the Beast King and beat him unconscious with his trunk. adzXNW

The priests of the Beast God Temple were all shocked and dazed for a while. One of the high-ranking old priests amongst them suddenly fell to his knees. “Beast God! It’s the Beast God!”

Only high-ranked priests from the Beast God Temple would know the legend of how the Beast God could grow both larger and smaller, and cause flowers to bloom with every step.

Juurensha: Ah, everything comes full circle


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