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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh156 - Giant Elephant


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

The two Beast Kings who attacked were close to the Beast God Temple. 36YlNG

After they attacked, two other Beast Kings traded glances before turning into their animal forms as well and pouncing at Xiong Ye.

In this relatively small valley, five huge animals suddenly appeared, roaring loud enough to shake the sky. The humble houses built by those who fired pottery were soon trampled to pieces.

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Xiong Ye would never be able to win one against four… Shi Li felt that Xiong Ye would certainly be defeated soon.

However, this thought had only just surfaced when he saw that the Rhinoceros Beast King shift into his animal form. bUsnDl

A regular giant rhinoceros that wasn’t even a junior Beast Warrior could weigh ten to twenty tons. With a Beast King…

A huge giant rhinoceros that was on par with or even slightly bigger than Zhou Ji’s previous animal form appeared!

The Rhinoceros Beast King was obviously on Xiong Ye’s side. After he took on his animal form, he didn’t hesitate to go for the Beast Kings who had attacked Xiong Ye.

Fighting broke out instantly, and what made people shocked was that Xiong Ye and the Rhinoceros Beast King were able to take on two people each respectively and not fall.


In fact, it wasn’t very surprising. The Rhinoceros Beast King’s animal form was too big, to the point where ordinary lions and tigers wouldn’t be able to hunt him down even in groups. It made sense that the Beast Kings would be unable to beat him down for the moment. Of course, the Rhinoceros Beast King’s attack power was very mediocre, and he couldn’t beat them either.

As for Xiong Ye… Xiong Ye had been taught to practice using his energy every day by Zhou Ji, and his control over his energy was far beyond that of ordinary people. Although he couldn’t beat the two Beast Kings, he could still avoid them and wouldn’t fall to a disadvantage.

There were still a few other Beast Kings by Zhou Ji’s side, as well as the people of the Beast God Temple. At this time, they were all surprised as they watched the battle. Some of them even sucked in shocked breaths.

Regardless of whether it was Xiong Ye or the Rhinoceros Beast King, they were both too strong! WOZCne

Zhu Yan and Ma Shan stood behind Zhou Ji and tried to make themselves smaller.

They were very glad that they hadn’t chosen to throw their lot in with the Beast God Temple earlier.

Xiong Ye was so powerful already, and Zhou Ji was even stronger than Xiong Ye… What if Zhou Ji could fight against three Beast Kings on his own?

They definitely couldn’t betray the Big Bear Tribe. They had to make sure to hug the Big Bear Tribe’s thighs tightly! r9TSY2

Zhu Yan and Ma Shan were only looking at the surface of things, but Zhou Ji could see deeper––if they continued fighting, Xiong Ye and the Rhinoceros Beast King would lose.

Those two Beast Kings couldn’t beat the Rhinoceros Beast King, but they could still leave small injuries on the Rhinoceros Beast King’s body. On the other hand, because the Rhinoceros Beast King’s body was too big and heavy, he couldn’t attack these two people. In the long run, the Rhinoceros Beast King would be done for when he ran out of energy.

As for Xiong Ye…

Xiong Ye was able to dodge at the start because the two Beast Kings did not have any tacit understanding about how to cooperate together. Once they fought for longer, and their cooperation improved, Xiong Ye would likely fall to a disadvantage. Let alone… There were still Beast Kings standing near the people of the Beast God Temple who hadn’t made their move yet. w2P4dg

“Tiger Beast King, Ape Beast King, could it be that you don’t want that cultivation method?” The High Priest looked towards the Tiger Beast King and Ape Beast King who hadn’t yet attacked.

There had originally been eight Beast Kings on the Beastman Continent, and then Shi Li had shown up, so there were now nine. However, Xiang Tian was already dead, so in reality, there was still a total of eight Beast Kings.

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After removing the Rhinoceros Beast King, who was helping Xiong Ye, from the list, as well as Shi Li who couldn’t use his energy, there were six Beast Kings left.

Now, four of them had already gone up to fight, leaving the Ape Beast King and Tiger Beast King on the fence. FjVWSL

The Ape Beast King didn’t say anything after hearing the High Priest’s words, but the Tiger Beast King narrowed his eyes and looked at the people who were fighting a fierce battle up ahead. “Unexpectedly, the Big Bear Tribe really had such a cultivation method…”

XIong Ye had long been used to cultivating anytime and anywhere. At this moment, he had begun to absorb the energy from their surroundings. However, while Xiong Ye’s actions couldn’t be sensed by medium level Beast Warriors or high level Beast Warriors, the Tiger Beast King could feel it.

“What are you talking about?” The High Priest asked.

“That Xiong Ye is cultivating.” The Tiger Beast King explained. zcraNF

In fact, the Tiger Beast King wasn’t the only one to notice this. The other Beast Kings had also noticed, and Shi Li had as well.

Shi Li had said that Xiong Ye had a cultivation method in order to deal with Xiong Ye. He hadn’t expected Xiong Ye to really have one!

How could Xiong Ye have that cultivation method and be using it now?

Could it be… Xiong Ye had also been reborn? 8zwaYu

That should be it! But so what if Xiong Ye had been reborn? The Beast God was on his side, so there would be no good ending for Xiong Ye!

Many thoughts flashed through Shi Li’s heart while the Tiger Beast King finally chose to attack Xiong Ye at this time.

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Wlbcu Tf vlvc’a atlcx aklmf yfobgf mjiilcu bea, “Ljl Mfcu!” UbiK8I

Qtja Ljl Mfcu?

Ktf qfbqif bo atf Dfjra Xbv Kfwqif kfgf j ilaaif qehhifv, yea atfc atfs cbalmfv atf wjc ktb tjv jgglnfv klat Wlbcu Tf gertlcu abkjgvr atf Klufg Dfjra Blcu jcv ifjqlcu tlut eq.

What was this fellow trying to do?

These people were still confused when the saw a giant animal ten times the size of the Rhinoceros Beast King appear out of nowhere, pressing down towards the Tiger Beast King. EMvDkr

The Rhinoceros Beast King trembled a little when he saw this scene.

He could feel some residual pain in his body as soon as he saw Hai Feng’s animal form.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

As for the Tiger Beast King… One moment of carelessness left him crushed into the dirt.

The people of the Beast God Temple felt like they were going crazy. 1tjpsF

They had thought that they only needed to deal with one Beast King, but then the Rhinoceros Beast King went up to help out!

Then, they thought that they only needed to deal with two Beast Kings, but unexpectedly another Beast King showed up!

What kind of animal was this new Beast King? Why was his animal form so big?!

“That… that looks like a fish?” Shen Yue was a little stunned. n8OQX1

The High Priest was just as stunned as his daughter was.

Even Shi Li was completely dumbfounded at this moment––exactly what was this? Who exactly was this person?!

Shi Li had seen a lot in his last life, but he had never heard of a Beast King with a fish shaped animal form. He also had no impression of the name Hai Feng.

Because of this, although he’d known that there was such a person in the Big Bear Tribe before, he hadn’t taken him seriously at all. UYV5ET

After learning that this man wasn’t actually the Rhinoceros Beast King’s father, and only had a superficial relationship with the Rhinoceros Beast King’s son, he no longer concerned himself with this person.

How could a person who waited on Zhou Ji all day long be a powerhouse?

Yet as a result, he really turned out to be a powerhouse!

This honest and loyal looking middle-aged person had practically left the Tiger Beast King unable to climb back up again with a single move. By the time the Tiger Beast King had gotten back to his feet, he had already turned back into his human form and leapt up again… o5USVt

The Tiger Beast King was crushed down once again.

Zhu Yan and Ma Shan both looked at Zhou Ji in admiration.

The people of the Big Bear Tribe were really too powerful!

One of their Beast Kings hadn’t even made a move yet, but they were already able to draw even against so many others. oh3RWc

The people of the Beast King Temple were beginning to panic..

Xiong Ye’s strength had exceeded their expectations, and Hai Feng’s presence scared them.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When that giant animal slammed down on the Tiger Beast King, they could feel the earth trembling and almost couldn’t stand up stably.

Now, only the Ape Beast King and Shi Li were still staying out of the fight. XAzW2y

Shi Li had told them before that he couldn’t attack and was very useless in a fight. As for the Ape Beast King… He was good friends with the Rhinoceros Beast King and might never join in at all.

The High Priest was a little anxious.

Shi Li was even more anxious. He suddenly went over to Zhou Ji, pulled out a stone knife, and pointed it at Zhou Ji’s neck. “Xiong Ye, stay your hand!”

Xiong Ye was stunned, his movements slowed… If the two Beast Kings who had been attacking him hadn’t had their attention caught up by Hai Feng and had already also slowed down, he might have really been injured! Huwo9p

Shi Li continued, “Xiong Ye, if you don’t stop now, I will kill him!”

Xiong Ye’s eyebrows wrinkled, and his movements became even slower. At this time, Zhou Ji suddenly turned his head to look at Zhu Yan and Ma Shan. “Quickly run away, get out of the valley.”

Zhu Yan and Ma Shan were already used to obeying Zhou Ji’s words. At this time, they didn’t hesitate and ran off immediately.

The people of the Beast God Temple wanted to chase after them, but for better or worse, Zhu Yan was also a high level Beast Warrior and wouldn’t be so easy to chase down… And based on the current situation, it seemed that there was no need to pursue them? 09dAq3

They didn’t give chase.

“Zhou Ji, it turned out that you’re also a good person. You’re still looking out for others, but right now, you should be worrying about yourself first!” Shi Li sneered, and suddenly said, “Xiong Ye, you’d better stop quickly. If you don’t stop after I’ve counted to five, I’ll cut off Zhou Ji’s arm.”

“Xiong Ye, take the Rhinoceros Beast King and Hai Feng with you and leave immediately.” Zhou Ji’s voice was very calm.

Xiong Ye instantly understood what Zhou Ji intended when he heard Zhou Ji’s words, “No. You go!” J5eMpH

“None of you can leave.” Shi Li said. “One, two…”

Shi Li had just started counting when Zhou Ji spoke again, “Go, quickly!”

Xiong Ye didn’t want Zhou Ji to attack others, but Zhou Ji had already made up his mind and was unwilling to leave…

He began to back away. 5JMBuD

Shi Li’s eyes opened wide in shock when he saw this scene, and he even forgot to keep counting.

Xiong Ye was supposed to be desperately willing to do anything for his mate, but now… He was actually trying to leave!

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He was planning to leave Zhou Ji behind and go!

How could that be?! WScfYi

Even the people of the Beast God Temple had some difficulty responding to the situation and felt a little bit of sympathy for Zhou Ji.

Sure enough, even if the Bear Beast King usually pampered Zhou Ji, the Bear Beast King wasn’t genuinely interested in him… wasn’t it obvious that the Bear Beast King was going to leave him behind?

“I didn’t think you were like this, Xiong Ye…” Shi Li laughed coldly and slashed towards Zhou Ji’s arm.

He planned to cut off Zhou Ji’s arm. cx0eUC

At the same time, the Ape Beast King who hadn’t made a move the entire time, suddenly charged at Xiong Ye to attack.

“Old Ape!” The Rhinoceros Beast King roared. He’d guessed something from Zhou Ji’s words and had originally wanted to tell the Ape Beast King to leave with him. Unexpectedly, the Ape Beast King actually went to attack Xiong Ye.

Was the cultivation method’s temptation so great?

“Old Rhinoceros, don’t blame me…” The Ape Beast King’s claws were just about to reach Xiong Ye when he suddenly flew up into the sky. LrqInf

Shi Li also flew up into the air with him.

All of this happened within a split second, and nobody could see what had just taken place.

While everyone was still stunned, the Ape Beast King had already fallen to the ground, sending dirt flying everywhere. Shi Li was even more miserable, falling face first into the mud.

By the time the dust dispersed, everyone discovered that Zhou Ji had moved to stand next to the Ape Beast King at some unknown point in time. ErOpX9

Zhou Ji spoke to Xiong Ye again, “Listen to me and leave quickly. Do what I told you to do before.”

Xiong Ye agreed, “Alright!”

Xiong Ye turned around to leave, but he didn’t forget to call out to the Rhinoceros Beast King and Hai Feng, “Rhinoceros Beast King, Hai Feng, come with me!”

Hai Feng didn’t hesitate and followed closely behind. RjV2cf

Although he didn’t know what was going on, he could guess that there was an eighty percent chance that Zhou Ji was about to go into a frenzy.

Zhou Ji would ignore everything once he started fighting, it would be best if he went as far away as possible!

Chrysanthemum Garden.

On the other hand, the Rhinoceros Beast King didn’t quite understand what was going on. However, Xiong Ye was leaving… He thought that Zhou Ji would follow after them and therefore also fled immediately.

Xiong Ye, Hai Feng, and the Rhinoceros Beast King were all Beast Kings, and the three of them could escape very quickly. Only, it had been completely beyond the expectations of the people of the Beast God Temple and those Beast Kings that they would suddenly try to escape. UJ8n0F

Two Beast Kings immediately wanted to chase after them when they saw it happen, but Zhou Ji appeared before them even before they could begin. He stretched out a foot and kicked twice.

The two Beast Kings were caught off guard and kicked back into the valley by Zhou Ji.

Zhou Ji’s mind was still clear at this time. He showed no signs of madness and even had a smile on his face, but the people of the Beast God Temple and the Beast Kings all had expressions like they’d just seen a ghost.

They felt that they must have seen wrong. 87QZ2b

How could Zhou Ji send a Beast King flying with a single kick?

Wasn’t the Big Bear Tribe’s tribal chief’s mate a very weak person who didn’t even have an animal form?

The High Priest immediately looked at Shi Li––Shi Li had clearly said that Zhou Ji was very weak!

At this time, however, Shi Li was also a little dumbfounded. xjlMRT

He must have made a mistake somewhere––how could Zhou Ji be able to do this?

Or perhaps… the person in front of his eyes wasn’t Zhou Ji at all?

However, the person in front of them really was Zhou Ji! His scent hadn’t changed at all.

These people were still shocked, and Zhou Ji chose this moment to laugh lightly, “I’d originally only planned to kill Shi Li…” 5ywk93

His laugh was very gentle, making people feel like it was spring, with the breeze blowing and flowers blooming, but combined with the meaning behind his words, and the fact that he’d just sent two Beast Kings flying with kicks…

All the people of the Beast God Temple shivered.

Zhou Ji slowly took off his coat, revealing his undershirt and shorts. Only then did the people of the Beast God Temple realize that although he looked very weak, his body was actually corded with muscle.

He wasn’t weak at all! ufi72F

Zhou Ji was tall and strong. It was just that he was a little paler than average and liked to lie down lazily. How was he weak? They’d been absolutely blind before!

“Attack him!” Shi Li said, “He’s deliberately trying to confuse us, don’t be fooled! Hurry and attack him!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Beast Kings around Zhou Ji heard this and felt that they shouldn’t have gotten scared by Zhou Ji’s actions previously. They didn’t hesitate to attack Zhou Ji again, but right at this moment, they suddenly felt a terrible level of pressure emanating from Zhou Ji’s body.

That huge pressure that pushed down on everyone’s heart made them all tremble uncontrollably. Shi Li couldn’t help himself from screaming shrilly, “Who exactly are you?!” PbSeJ3

“I’m Zhou Ji, Xiong Ye’s mate.” Zhou Ji said. He could sense that Xiong Ye had already retreated very far away and continued, “Shi Li, I have a very good temper, but you’ve successfully angered me.”

Shi Li was shocked, and then he felt a sense of killing intent rushing towards him. At the same time, Zhou Ji’s eyes turned red even as he continued to stand there and smile.

“He must be the devil!” Shi Li said.

Zhou Ji didn’t even have an animal form, but he was so strong… he must be the devil!! 3IMbg9

However, this idea had only just come up in Shi Li’s head when the Zhou Ji who he’d thought had no animal form suddenly turned into a giant beast.

It was a huge elephant.

It looked different from an ordinary elephant. It had thick fur all over its body, and its tusks were also extra long.

Of course, the most striking thing about this giant beast wasn’t its long fur or teeth, but rather its size. It was very, very large, unprecedentedly large. pHfK6r

The Rhinoceros Beast King was already very big, but this giant elephant was even bigger.

To the point where it even looked a little bigger than Hai Feng… Although Hai Feng was large, because he was a ‘fish’ and therefore round and fat, he didn’t actually appear so big.

The huge elephant in front of them was different. Its long nose alone looked like a giant python!

The huge elephant roared, then flicked its nose and tossed the Ape Beast King into the sky. dHMJpF

After that, it rushed towards the people of the Beast God Temple.

His attacks were very powerful, but because his animal form was too big, his movements were limited in the valley. When the people of the Beast God Temple and the Beast Kings scattered, it made it difficult for him to quickly catch up to them…

The enraged giant elephant was a little upset about this. He roared again, then suddenly became smaller.

“He… He shrank…” The High Priest stared dumbly at the giant elephant. v53rJs

Juurensha: Oh, can he control it now?
xiin: nope…

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