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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh155 - Fight


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

The day before yesterday, when Shi Li had decided to deal with Xiong Ye, he’d gone to the High Priest. After consulting with the High Priest, they prepared to first catch Zhou Ji in order to draw out Xiong Ye and then catch him as well. z8ekpd

As for why they hadn’t told the other Beast Kings about this until now, and then informed them all at the same time… that was done in order to prevent the Beast Kings from informing the Big Bear Tribe or getting pulled over to the Big Bear Tribe’s side after learning about the matter.

The destructive power of a Beast King couldn’t be underestimated. Every Beast King they didn’t need to deal with counted.

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Of course, although all the Beast Kings were on their side now, both Shi Li and the people of the Beast God Temple were on guard against the Rhinoceros Beast King, including even the Ape Beast King who was friends with him.

Things had proceeded smoothly, but the scene in front of him made Shi Li unhappy. G84pDK

Zhou Ji might have been caught, but he still looked like a boss!

“What’s going on here? Why didn’t you tie him up?” Shi Li demanded.

“Lion Beast King, he’s very weak and also didn’t resist. There’s no need to tie him up, right?” The person who had been responsible for capturing Zhou Ji spoke up.

“I’m not worried about what’s most likely to happen, it’s the unexpected that I’m worried about!” Shi Li said. “Tie him up!” GhdTCU

The people who’d gone to catch Zhou Ji didn’t think that anything would happen. After all, Zhou Ji had been very well behaved.

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But Shi Li had told them to tie him up… that person picked up the rope and headed towards Zhou Ji.

Zhou Ji stood up and asked Shi Li, “Why have you captured me?”

“We’ve captured you in order to have Xiong Ye hand over the cultivation method that can allow people to become Beast Kings!” Shi Li stated. XQp9M6

Zhou Ji heard this and was surprised inside even though none of it showed on his face––how could Shi Li know about the matters concerning cultivation?

Nobody other than him and Xiong Ye knew about this.

“What method can allow you to cultivate to become a Beast King?” Zhou Ji asked.

“Unexpectedly, Xiong Ye didn’t tell you about it. It seems like he doesn’t like you that much!” Shi Li began to stir up trouble. He really hated the feelings that Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji had for each other! lKyX54

Zhou Ji: “……” This cultivation method was clearly something he’d come up with.

Zhou Ji felt more and more that something wasn’t right with Shi Li. He had originally planned to leave, but now he had changed his mind.

Although the other side had many Beast Kings, to tell the truth, he wasn’t that afraid.

He guessed that Shi Li should have used the cultivation method to persuade these Beast Kings to deal with him. u0ihgO

These Beast Kings might be very strong, but they weren’t anything he couldn’t deal with.

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If nothing else worked, he could just go ‘crazy’ and then fight against these Beast Kings.

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Zhou Ji wanted to say something, but Shen Yue came in just then, “Everyone, the Bear Beast King has been called away by Zhu Zhan and went back to the market. I’m afraid he’ll soon discover that Zhou Ji is gone.” dsbp8Y

The High Priest heard this and immediately said, “Let’s follow the original plan and go quickly!”

Beast Kings caused a huge disturbance when they fought. According to the original plan, they would bring Zhou Ji to a place they’d chosen and then lead Xiong Ye there later.

Xiong Ye would soon discover that Zhou Ji was missing. They couldn’t delay any longer.

“Tie Zhou Ji up and take him away.” Shi Li said. EcfTIP

“No need to tie him up. Just take him!” The High Priest said. Tying people up would waste time!

As soon as the High Priest finished speaking, Zhou Ji sat back onto his recliner and was immediately lifted up by Zhu Yan and Ma Shan who had also been brought along.

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This worked out well. The High Priest led them away.

The others had no opinion on this, and only Shi Li, who still had to walk on his own two legs, found the scene very unpleasant. GM42FN

He could only walk by himself while Zhou Ji was carried by others!

At this time, Xiong Ye had indeed discovered that Zhou Ji was gone.

“Where’s Zhou Ji?” Xiong Ye had followed Zhu Zhan back to see the completely deserted residence. He suddenly started to become anxious.

“I don’t know either. Zhou Ji told me to bring everyone and come find you… Did something come up, and he left to go deal with it?” Zhu Zhan was actually quite calm when he discovered that Zhou Ji was gone. NUg57C

Zhou Ji was very strong. In his opinion, nothing would happen to him.

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“Let’s go look for him!” Xiong Ye said. He wasn’t as optimistic as Zhu Zhan was. Although Zhou Ji was very strong, using his strength required him to pay a huge price!

If possible, he hoped that Zhou Ji would never need to use his power.

Xiong Ye found the rest of the people of the Big Bear Tribe and started to look for Zhou Ji, but couldn’t find him at all. However, he learned from the people who had traded with Zhou Ji for soybeans that Zhou Ji had been carried off. iVv72m

“I stayed here to stand guard and didn’t participate in the Beast God Sacrifice. I saw someone carry Zhou Ji away.” That person said.

“Carry?” Xiong Ye was stunned. Why didn’t this person say that he’d been caught?

“Yes. They used your reclining chair to bring Zhou Ji away. They headed in the direction of the Beast God Temple.” This person said, “I saw how Zhou Ji looked, he seemed fine.”

Since Zhou Ji had been carried away, everything was probably alright… had the Beast God Temple discovered Zhou Ji’s status as the “Beast God’s messenger’ and come to snatch Zhou Ji away? doKilf

Xiong Ye’s eyebrows  rose, and he immediately ran off to the Beast God Temple. After he’d gone a few steps, he came back and dragged Hai Feng with him.

“Xiong Ye, I don’t want to go to the Beast God Temple…”

“Are you sure you’re not going to go?” Xiong Ye asked.

Xiong Ye looked cold at this moment and was a little scary… Hai Feng thought of Zhou Ji’s means and immediately changed his mind, “I’m going!” eRnK0Q

Zhou Ji had beaten him almost to death back then, before he also killed a giant Beast King level monster. Soon after, he was even able to fight again. This had all happened in the sea, which wasn’t a familiar terrain for Zhou Ji. If it was on land, Zhou Ji would be able to fight three Beast Kings off all on his own so escaping would be an even simpler matter.

Since that was the case, he had nothing to be afraid of.

Xiong Ye and Hai Feng ran quickly towards the Beast God Temple, only to be stopped halfway there and told that Zhou Ji had been taken to another location.

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Xiong Ye and Hai Feng immediately ran off in that direction. FV65ni

The Beast God Temple was built next to the mountains. To the north of the Beast God Temple was an endless mountain range.

Zhou Ji was brought to a very large valley.

This valley… When Zhou Ji first arrived, he felt that the soil here was especially suitable for pottery. In fact, this really was the place that the Beast God Temple used to make pottery, but nobody was here today. All the workers here had gone out to participate in the Beast God Sacrifice.

Along the way, Zhou Ji kept observing Shi Li while simultaneously pondering over Shi Li’s affairs. dPdgC

After recalling the details of Shi Li’s situation, he realized that it was very likely Shi Li was like him and had also transmigrated into the world.

No, if Shi Li had transmigrated, he would have no way of knowing that Xiang Tian was his father, and Shi Li’s attitude towards Xiong Ye… On one hand, Shi Li was unwilling to become mates with Xiong Ye, but on the other hand, he was unwilling to watch him get together with Xiong Ye.

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Zhou Ji suddenly thought of a possibility––rebirth.

Although Zhou Ji didn’t read many novels back in modern times, he still knew about things like transmigration and rebirth back to one’s youth. Shi Li’s situation was a little similar to a rebirth. fd rm9

If that was the case, then it made sense for Shi Li to know how to cultivate––he must have heard of it in his previous life.

Hold on… Zhou Ji suddenly realized something was off. He could actually feel Shi Li cultivating!

Shi Li was already a Beast King, and the movement of energy from his cultivation was quite big. He could clearly sense that the cultivation method Shi Li was using was the initial version he’d first taught Xiong Ye.

Zhou Ji: “……” MC4yDO

If Shi Li had been reborn… could it be that he’d taught Shi Li how to cultivate in his previous life?

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Had there been a problem with the him from Shi Li’s previous life?

Also, if that was the case, why didn’t Shi Li know about his strength?

Zhou Ji couldn’t quite figure it out and simply stopped thinking about it. He would make sure to capture Shi Li and interrogate him properly. 8aU7B

With this in mind, Zhou Ji looked at the Beast Kings and said, “Everyone, do you really want to fight against the Big Bear Tribe?”

These Beast Kings all ignored Zhou Ji––Zhou Ji was too weak, and they didn’t pay any attention to his words at all.

“I definitely don’t plan to.” The Rhinoceros Beast King said.

“Rhinoceros Beast King, are you sure you don’t want a cultivation method like that?” Shi Li asked. 5UitFp

“I think that the cultivation method is something you made up.” The Rhinoceros Beast King said. “Could it be something that you made up in order to borrow our strength and deal with the Big Bear Tribe?”

That had indeed been the case, but Shi Li spoke righteously, “I’m doing this to help all of you!”

The Rhinoceros Beast King was unwilling to fight against the Big Bear Tribe, but the other Beast Kings had clearly been tempted.

Zhou Ji stood up and prepared to make his move. gItH1r

This place was very good. He could deal with everyone right here.

However, even before Zhou Ji could start, he heard Xiong Ye’s roar.

Xiong Ye’s arrival speed had taken the Beast God Temple and even Zhou Ji by surprise.

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The huge brown bear kicked over a tree to the entrance of the valley and rushed towards Zhou Ji, Hai Feng following behind him. 61JAaU

“Zhou Ji, are you alright?” Xiong Ye asked.

“I’m fine… I was just about to do something.” Zhou Ji said.

“Don’t do it!” Xiong Ye didn’t hesitate to refuse, “I’ll do it!” He couldn’t bear to have Zhou Ji attack!

Zhou Ji didn’t refuse him. Vvelyp

Letting Xiong Ye practice was also a good thing.

Zhou Ji thought this in his heart, but when the people of the Beast God Temple and the Beast Kings heard this, they all thought that he’d gone crazy.

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Zhou Ji had said that he was just about to attack?

Who did he think he was? He actually dared to fight against them? d0MEOG

“Catch Xiong Ye, and you will obtain the cultivation method!” Shi Li said. As soon as he opened his mouth, two of the Beast Kings pounced on Xiong Ye.

Shi Li felt a little relieved when he saw this scene.

He’d just known that the Beast God was watching over him… he’d succeeded!

After Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji were killed, his future would be smooth and wonderful! eUQkjb

Juurensha: Ahhhh that’s not going to work Shi Li

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