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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh136 - Three Beast Kings


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Zhu Yan was unwilling to believe what he’d just heard. rtja3e

Having just one Beast King would already make the Big Bear Tribe very, very powerful. How could they have three Beast Kings?!

Those were Beast Kings! Beast Kings!

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However, Hai Feng’s words were spoken in all seriousness, and he couldn’t deny them.

Also, what Hai Feng said had also made sense––if that Zhou Ji wasn’t a Beast King, why else would Hai Feng listen to him? EjNRlK

It was no wonder that even a Beast King like Hai Feng had to walk on his own. On the other hand, that Zhou Ji had people carrying him… it turned out that he was even more powerful than Hai Feng!

Zhu Yan felt incredibly stifled, but then he thought about Xiong Ye.

That Xiong Ye was also rumored to be a Beast King, but what was he doing?!

He was a Beast King, but he hunted by himself and dealt with his own prey. He would even go and pick birds and devil frogs to catch when he went hunting… UQ1k9i

How could there be a Beast King like that in this world!

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Couldn’t they act a little more like Beast Kings?

Seeing that Zhu Yan’s face kept shifting between green and red, Hai Feng took him to a room and locked him up along with the people Zhu Yan had led with him to attack the Big Bear Tribe.

Zhou Ji had told Zhu Zhan to deal with matters in the Giant Pig Tribe, and told him to keep an eye on these people so that they wouldn’t make trouble for Zhu Zhan… FdjdCp

“You guys be good and stay here. If you dare to escape, I will throw you out of the tribe!” Hai Feng said.

These people all nodded their heads. They definitely wouldn’t dare to try and escape.

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These people had all watched as Zhu Yan and Hai Feng interacted, and they had also heard their conversation. Three Beast Kings… They really didn’t plan to try and do anything at all now!

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“Ktf kliv obgfra lr rjlv ab yf vfrbijaf… Po atfrf qfbqif jgf kliilcu ab rajs lc beg Xljca Ulu Kglyf, kf’ii tjnf atgff Dfjra Blcur lc beg Xljca Ulu Kglyf!”

“These three Beast Kings are very good-tempered. They’re actually very easy to get along with.”

“I never thought I’d see a Beast King in my life, let alone three Beast Kings!”

…… w0PVte

They were full of complaints before, but now they couldn’t muster up any anger.

This Big Bear Tribe had three Beast Kings. Previously, they were clamoring to kill them, but this tribe hadn’t tried to kill them in retaliation. They were really treated very well!

They even started to feel that the people of this Big Bear Tribe were particularly kind.

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No wonder Zhu Zhan kept saying ‘our Big Bear Tribe’, and Zhu Zhu couldn’t wait to join the Big Bear Tribe… So this was why! tr9dw7

They also wanted to join the Big Bear Tribe!

Previously, Zhu Yan was able to forcefully keep himself from spitting out blood, but at this time he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

Zhou Ji was unaware of what was happening with Zhu Yan.

He had used his spiritual strength to sweep the area, and after finding that the surroundings outside were quite safe, he wrapped an arm around Xiong Ye and went to sleep. viVURw

They slept particularly well, and by the time they woke up, it was already early morning of the next day.

After they completed another round of bed exercises, they snuck outside to take a bath.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At dawn, the people of the Big Bear Tribe got up one after another and started to make breakfast. Hai Feng had even gone out to bring back two very large dinosaurs in the morning.

When Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye came out of the house, Hai Feng started, “Zhou Ji, you like to eat birds, right? I caught you a big bird.” In order to keep himself safe in case the nine Beast Kings of the Beast God Temple came over to make trouble for him, he definitely had to build up a good relationship with Zhou Ji! gpsd8B

“This isn’t a bird.” Zhou Ji said. “This is a Quetzalcoatlus. It’s a type of dinosaur.”

“I thought that this was a bird because it could fly… I’ll go and catch you another bird!” Hai Feng quickly said.

“No need.” Zhou Ji refused him. “This Quetzalcoatlus looks pretty good.”

“As long as you don’t mind!” Hai Feng replied. FQNupa

The weather was very good that day, but houses during this era didn’t have any clear glass windows, so the interior of the houses weren’t very bright. Zhou Ji stayed just outside of the house and asked someone to come over, “Go find Zhu Zhan and tell him to clean up the tribe. Take all the excrement and dump it outside.”

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“Yes!” The person from the Big Bear Tribe acknowledged this command, then immediately went to find Zhu Zhan.

After that, Zhou Ji told people to start processing the Quetzalcoatlus.

Zhu Yan and the others who hadn’t eaten all day yesterday and were finally only let out today watched as Zhou Ji sat in a chair and ordered people to do this and that. They also watched as Hai Feng treated him with the utmost respect… and they were all full of awe. Fsz6e

They couldn’t even afford to hate a powerhouse like that and could only blame Zhu Yan for not seeing things clearly and causing them to offend such a person.

“Zhou Ji, I brought some mushrooms back from outside.” Xiong Ye, who had taken the time to slip out and explore the surroundings, had some mushrooms with him.

The people of the Giant Pig Tribe looked at Xiong Ye with reverence.

This young tribal chief was also a Beast King, but he was so humble… What a good-natured, likable Beast King! KYDedt

Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji didn’t know what these people were thinking. The two of them made some food to eat, then Zhou Ji turned to Xiong Ye and said, “Turn into your animal form, and I’ll brush your fur for you.”

Although Zhu Yan’s house was very big, Xiong Ye was too big to be comfortable staying indoors in his animal form now. He couldn’t stretch out his body, so it was better to brush his fur outside.

“Alright!” Xiong Ye immediately shifted into his animal form.

A huge brown bear appeared suddenly, and Zhu Yan, who had had some leftover doubts before, instantly shut up. wXncK9

A brown bear of this size was definitely a Beast King!

He was still sighing over the fact when he saw Zhou Ji take out a comb to begin brushing Xiong Ye’s fur.

Zhu Yan: “……”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Previously, he had felt that although the other two Beast Kings hadn’t acted much like Beast Kings, at least Zhou Ji seemed like one. But now? J9Qeh1

This Zhou Ji, as a Beast King, was actually personally brushing someone else’s fur!

Could these Beast Kings of the Big Bear Tribe act anything like proper Beast Kings?

While all of this was happening in the Giant Pig Tribe, the Beast God Temple was currently entertaining the other various Beast Kings.

The Beast God Temple’s food was very delicious. For example, they would put a lot of spices on the roasted meat. GD7gTE

The several Beast Kings at the scene were all very satisfied with the food, and only the Rhinoceros Beast King ate extremely slowly, but everyone was already accustomed to this situation.

Everyone knew that the Rhinoceros Beast King was a strange one and didn’t enjoy eating meat. He liked to turn into his animal form to just gnaw on grass!

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He seemed to have eaten up one of the orchards in the Beast God Temple this morning, so it was normal that he didn’t have the appetite to eat meat now…

“Why hasn’t the Elephant Beast King come yet?” Someone asked this question as they ate. gR2zBl

“He comes and goes like a ghost, and he’s always the last to arrive every year.” The others didn’t care about it at all.

The Rhinoceros Beast King wasn’t concerned at all as he slowly chewed on his meat––he had no friendship with Xiang Tian.

As he chewed and chewed… Someone suddenly came in from outside and told him, “Rhinoceros Beast King, someone from your tribe came here looking for you!”

Juurensha: ZJ and XY, doing their lovey dovey couple stuff right in front of their prisoners…
xiin: ZJ’s world only really has XY in it…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

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