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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh124 - Grass Tribe


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Hai Feng could swim very quickly. E981NO

However, he was still concerned about the people behind him, so he slowed down his pace, swaying his tail as he slowly swam forward.

It took a lot of time to cross the river that way. As they made the journey across the river, Hai Feng spoke about some matters related to his past, “I used to live in this river. At the time, I would also send people across the river… However, I didn’t carry them on my back. I’d have them follow behind me.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Hai Feng’s voice carried a trace of pride when he spoke, but Zhu Zhan found something strange when he heard this. “So you’re the devil fish who was living in this river thirty years ago and helping the exiled cross the river?”

Hai Feng turned unhappy, “What gives you guys the right to call me a devil!” Those people had called him a devil back then, and he felt particularly aggrieved about it. 10fQaJ

“The Beast God Temple said that they had already eradicated the devil fish. I didn’t expect that you’d still be alive.” Zhu Zhan’s expression was complicated––this person Hai Feng didn’t seem like a devil at all.

“Of course I’m still alive! They hurt me, and then I followed the river to reach the sea. After that, I discovered that life in the sea was even better, and there was more food, so I didn’t go back.” Hai Feng said. He then worried, “Now… The people of the Beast God Temple say that I’m a devil. Will they come to try and kill me again?”

Zhu Zhan was rather helpless, “You’re a Beast King now. What’s there to be afraid of?”

“What’s the use of me being a Beast King? Won’t I still get beaten up? Also, the Beast God Temple should have a lot of Beast Kings, right?” Hai Feng said. Zhou Ji was so powerful; the Beast Kings of the Beast God Temple might be even more powerful. If he’d known what was going to happen, he’d have eaten the Beast God Fruit himself so that he could become a little stronger… VPyBdM

Zhu Zhan said, “Don’t worry. Isn’t Zhou Ji here?”

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“True!” Hai Feng was instantly relieved when he heard this.

Everyone continued chatting as they arrived at the other shore.

In order to make it easier for everyone to move things, Hai Feng even put in a lot of effort to get onto the shore, beaching himself as best he could. lhVzs3

A big fish like that… made people want to see how it tasted when they saw it.

Zhou Ji observed Hai Feng’s animal form and felt that it would taste pretty good if it could be eaten. It looked like there was a thick layer of fat…

Hai Feng shivered unconsciously, not knowing what had just happened.

Some powerful dinosaurs would appear in by the river from time to time, and there would also be crocodiles or other things in the water. Adding on the fact that this was a place for exiles… There were no beastmen living by the river. Zys2U5

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

The group didn’t encounter any trouble while they were moving things onshore… Oh, a few large dinosaurs showed up in the middle, but although those dinosaurs swaggered over boldly, after they saw Hai Feng who was lying down on the shore, they turned around and ran away without looking back. Hai Feng found it a bit regretful, “Those dinosaurs looked like they would taste pretty good.”

“Tbe mjc mjamt atfw jcv fja atfw lc j yla.” Itbe Al rja bc tlr fzmierlnf mtjlg, atfc abbx bea atf qijca olyfgr fzagjmafv ogbw nlcfr ab rajga kfjnlcu mibatlcu.

Ugfnlberis, tf tjv revvfcis rtloafv lcab tlr jclwji obgw jcv vfragbsfv tlr bkc mibatlcu. Lf qijccfv ab wjxf jcbatfg rfa. Cirb, Wlbcu Tf tjv jigfjvs yfmbwf j Dfjra Blcu jcv rtbeiv vgfrr wbgf cfjais… Lf mbeiv wjxf fnfc yfaafg ibbxlcu mibatlcu cbk.

Hai Feng heard Zhou Ji’s words and was a little aggrieved, “I can’t move on the shore after taking on my animal form. There’s no way for me to catch prey.” vm0yWx

Zhou Ji: “……”

A Beast King actually went so far as to say that he couldn’t catch prey after taking on his animal form? Was the energy in his body just put there for show?

Zhou Ji said, “I didn’t change into my animal form when I beat you before.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Hai Feng was very sincere when he exclaimed, “You’re truly amazing!” lXhLdC

Zhou Ji: “……”

Zhou Ji felt that it was necessary to teach Hai Feng some knowledge about how to use energy.

Of course, he was too lazy to teach. He could just have Xiong Ye do it.

As for Xiong Ye… He was teaching Xiong Ye at night. Other than teaching him how to cultivate, he was also teaching him how to recognize words and do math. FToiJm

The way Xiong Ye looked when he racked his brain to learn was very cute, so even if it was useless for Xiong Ye to learn things like how to calculate linear equations with two unknowns and such, he still taught it.

While teaching, he also cultivated their feelings.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

For example, Xiong Ye would be kissed if he couldn’t answer a question. If he could answer the question, he would get a few more kisses. In any case, there were always kisses!

The people of the Big Bear Tribe finished organizing everything, and Hai Feng changed back into his human form. They were preparing to leave the riverside when One-Eyed Wolf and her group finally struggled ashore from the other bank, each and every one of them utterly exhausted. xJhjfw

Zhou Ji and the others didn’t speak to them and left directly. As for One-Eyed Wolf and her group, they didn’t try to follow, either.

They had never been on the same team. After crossing the river, they were bound to separate.

“Where’s the Giant Pig Tribe?” Zhou Ji asked Zhu Zhan. They didn’t have any important matters to attend to when they came to the Beastman Continent, so they intended to go and check out the Giant Pig Tribe.

“To the west. We’ll first head west, then find somewhere to ask further.” Zhu Zhan said. mxrQlc

After Zhu Zhan said so, everyone began to head west.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The forest around them was no different from the forest they used to live in, but at this time, the people of the Big Bear Tribe still felt that something was different.

“So this is what the Beastman Continent is like!”

“Say, do you guys think that the priests of the Beast God Temple can really communicate with the Beast God?” BCKYc2

“Is there a lot of good food here?”

“Does clothing from the big tribes look even better than Zhou Ji’s?”


Xiong Qi and others talked non-stop, and even Xiong Ye was very curious about everything around them. brQBZS

Unfortunately, he looked left and right for a long time and still couldn’t find anything that made this forest any different from the one he’d spent his childhood in.

They hadn’t traveled far when Zhou Ji called for a stop.

He had discovered a type of edible vegetable and had people dig it up on the spot, preparing to cook it later.

This Beastman Continent did contain some new plants, but he didn’t know if they had wheat and rice. TvLeiX

Zhou Ji rather missed cooked rice and steamed buns.

The group walked on for two days before finding traces of beastmen activity. By this time, they had already lost much of their curiosity towards the Beastman Continent and were only curious about what the tribes on the Beastman Continent were like.

Xiong Ye sniffed the scents in the air, then led everyone in a certain direction.

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The Grass Tribe was a small tribe. They had attached themselves to the Giant Rhinoceros Tribe and lived in the Giant Rhinoceros Tribe’s territory. Every year, they would pay tribute in the form of food and receive the protection of the Giant Rhinoceros Tribe. kimsGX

On that day, the men of the tribe were out gathering edible vegetables when they suddenly heard a disturbance and went on alert immediately.

“I smelled beastmen strangers. It’s a very big group.” One of the men from the Grass Tribe said.

The people of the Grass Tribe were relieved when they learned that they were beastmen.

The Giant Rhinoceros Tribe had a Beast King. This allowed the small tribes that relied on the Giant Rhinoceros Tribe for protection to also live very well without having to worry about being bullied. RJBMz0

However, if other tribesmen came, they would have to entertain them. It was still alright if it was a small tribe whose strength was similar to theirs, but if it was people from a large tribe, then they would have to go to great lengths to entertain them.

The people of the Grass Tribe didn’t dare to act as though they weren’t aware of the newcomers and immediately walked towards the group that had entered their territory.

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They soon saw the group of travelers, and they knew right away that they must have come from a large tribe.

Look, those people were so strong and sturdy! Look, they had so many goods with them! Look, that leader was wearing such good looking clothes! UxF7Ku

These people even appeared to be very strict about their hierarchy, to the point where someone was sitting in a carriage… Generally, only large tribes would do such a thing.

The person inside the carriage was most likely the young chief of some large tribe.

The people of the Grass Tribe were secretly distressed––so many people had come their way, and they would probably have to come up with a lot of food to entertain them. As for that big master, they didn’t know what his temper would be like; would he be difficult to deal with?

When the people of the Grass Tribe noticed the people of the Big Bear Tribe, the people of the Big Bear Tribe had also noticed the Grass Tribe. adU64G

The beastmen in front of them were a little small and thin, and didn’t have much muscle on their bodies… However, they were carrying baskets and should be people from the gathering team, so it was normal if they looked a little weak.

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“Hello, we’re from the Big Bear Tribe. You are?” Xiong Qi inquired.

“We are from the Grass Tribe.” The people from the Grass Tribe hurried to reply, then felt a little suspicious––what tribe was the Big Bear Tribe? They hadn’t heard of it before!

“We’ve come a long way, can we take a rest in your tribe?” Xiong Qi continued. dbBFcn

“Of course, of course.” The people of the Grass Tribe answered quickly. Although entertaining these people might cost them a lot of food, they didn’t dare to refuse…

However, they hadn’t heard of the name Big Bear Tribe. Did that mean that they didn’t have to bring out the best of their food for them?

For example, these people could be served coarse rice instead of delicious corn.

Juurensha: Aw Hai Feng, someone teach him some stuff
xiin: so innocent… it really shows that he’d spent all his time growing up alone… 9JOX2G

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