Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh118 - Confessing


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

“I’m fine now.” Zhou Ji glanced at the dark sludge of medicine in Xiong Ye’s hand and emphasized this point once again. GSp1W8

Xiong Ye had fed him a lot of medicine when he was unconscious, and his mouth was still filled with that bitter taste. He really didn’t want to have any more of this medicine now.

“You’ll only get better faster if you drink the medicine. This medicine helps replenish your blood.” Xiong Ye said. Zhou Ji had spat out blood and been covered in bloody wounds; he was really worried.

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Zhou Ji wanted to refuse again, but he then saw Xiong Ye’s face clearly.

Xiong Ye hadn’t slept for two nights now, and he had even gone out to look for him in the sea… He had washed Zhou Ji and cleaned him up, but Xiong Ye himself was still covered in the fishy scent of the sea, his eyes red, and he currently looked very awkward. 5ged2A

Zhou Ji’s heart softened immediately. He accepted the bowl of medicine and drank it down. In any case, this medicine wouldn’t harm him even if it didn’t do him any good.

As a result, he had only just finished drinking down the bowl of medicine when Xiong Ye continued, “Zhou Ji, I made a lot of medicine. Should I pour you another bowl?”

Zhou Ji: “……”

After eating such a large, Beast King level crystal core and becoming an existence even more powerful than a Beast King, Zhou Ji would now be completely fine no matter what unless he went crazy again. As for drinking medicine… forget it.


Zhou Ji suggested, “The Beast God has already restored my body completely. If there’s any medicine left, you can give it to that Hai Feng to drink.”

Zhou Ji had previously helped Hai Feng heal the injuries on his face, but the injuries on his body had been completely ignored. Nobody had helped him clean his wounds or given him anything to eat for an entire day… Hai Feng wasn’t in a good state.

Of course, Hai Feng was still a Beast King and wouldn’t die from this. He should be capable of recovering enough to go find food for himself even if he was left ignored like this for a few more days. After eating, he would slowly be able to heal on his own.

The bodies of Beast Kings were really very sturdy! hw92Ll

However, he was a considerate person. Seeing that Hai Feng had so much difficulty recovering… He would let Hai Feng have some medicine.

“Are you truly alright?” Xiong Ye asked.

“I’m really fine now. The injuries on my body are all gone.” Zhou Ji let XIong Ye see the healed wounds on his body.

“But before, you…” XEGcHj

“I wasn’t able to bear so much energy, which is why I became like this…” Zhou Ji frowned slightly as he spoke, thinking about how he should explain.

Xiong Ye hadn’t been the only person by his side when Zhou Ji woke up. Zhu Zhan, Xiong Qi, and the others were all waiting nearby. At this time, Zhu Zhan spoke up, “So you’ve become so strong because the Beast God granted you such powerful strength?”

If that was the case, then it made sense why Zhou Ji was normally so weak but could suddenly explode with so much power––it must be that the Beast God had given him strength!

Zhu Zhan felt that if Zhou Ji was normally so strong, he wouldn’t purposely appear to be so weak no matter what. That meant that it was likely that he could only become so strong because he could communicate with the Beast God and gain strength at a critical moment. SMxkH9

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Xiong Ye was very moved when he thought of this. He added, “Zhou Ji, do you feel really bad after receiving that power? You always attack trees and such…” tmZAeH

The people around them once again showed another look of sudden understanding––no wonder Zhou Ji would slaughter things like he’d gone crazy. So it was actually because he felt really uncomfortable?

Zhou Ji: “……” Any explanation he came up with probably wouldn’t be as good as what these people made up in their minds.

Zhou Ji had previously been worried that someone would take advantage of his circumstances once they became known, using what they knew to deliberately make him go crazy, but he wasn’t worried about that now.

Zhou Ji coughed, then said, “It feels very bad when I fight. Sometimes, I’m unable to control myself and want to destroy everything around me…” bis4lX

Zhu Zhan and the others all ‘understood’ now.

Normally, Zhou Ji was indeed very weak, but at critical moments, he could ask the Beast God to grant him strength.

Of course, powerful strength wasn’t so easy to obtain, so after becoming stronger, he would become a little out of control. Not only would he kill dinosaurs, he would even destroy trees before stopping.

No wonder Zhou Ji hid this… Asking him to fight like this was really making things difficult for him. xg0uBE

He didn’t even kill bugs normally!

Everyone started speaking up, “Zhou Ji, it’s better if you don’t use this power casually in the future.”

“We must protect you well later on! So that you don’t have to do this in the future!”

“Thank you for saving us before!” pQiAGg


Zhou Ji: “…..” He really hadn’t thought that ‘confessing’ would be so simple!

However, while he could gloss over this matter with others, he couldn’t do it to Xiong Ye. He should tell Xiong Ye the truth.

Although he had already been mated to Xiong Ye the first time he went into a frenzy, they hadn’t spent much time together, and so he had chosen to hide the truth. Later on, he didn’t know how to talk about it. Now… he could take the opportunity to explain his situation clearly to Xiong Ye. adOGVc

Of course, he had to wait until there was nobody else around before doing so.

Zhou Ji sat up and said, “I’m really fine now. Give the medicine to that Hai Feng to eat. He’s already converted and believes in the Beast God now and will do as I say in the future.”

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“Alright!” Zhu Zhan agreed when he heard this.

Zhou Ji’s current situation made him unsuitable to send him across the river, but the same couldn’t be said for Hai Feng! w YNgW

If Hai Feng was going to obey Zhou Ji in the future…

Zhu Zhan was delighted as he rushed over to feed Hai Feng medicine.

Although Hai Feng was starving, he had already recovered a little and was just planning to get up to find himself something to eat when Zhu Zhan came over, carrying a bowl of something that smelled quite horrible.

“What’s the matter?” Hai Feng was guarded as he looked at Zhu Zhan. E6pTt5

“Lord Hai, drink some medicine.” Zhu Zhan said.

Did this person want him to drink this strange smelling thing? Hai Feng refused immediately, “No.”

“Drinking this medicine is good for your health. Hurry and drink it.” Zhou Ji had also come over. In fact, based on Hai Feng’s strength, this medicine wasn’t very useful for him, but since the medicine had already been made, it couldn’t just be left there to waste.

Zhou Ji was also afraid that Hai Feng might take advantage of his strength to escape or do something harmful to them, so he used his spiritual powers to ‘pressure’ him a little. YJeSxj

Powerful energy and spiritual powers pressed against him, and a feeling of having inferior strength rose up… Hai Feng wanted to shed tears, “I’ll drink it!” Why did he feel that Zhou Ji had become stronger?!

He hadn’t been able to beat him before, and now, he had even less of a chance… Hai Feng could only cry as he drank down the medicine.

That medicine tasted too bitter and was too difficult to choke down. Hai Feng felt that he would be poisoned… And then he discovered that not only had he not been poisoned, this medicine was very warm in his stomach after he drank it down, making him feel quite comfortable––he had just been lying there before, starving and thirsty, but for better or worse, he now had something in his stomach.

This person really hadn’t planned to poison him! Hai Feng inexplicably started to feel grateful. Mal1Ez

As a result, he had just started to feel a little gratitude when he heard Zhou Ji say, “There’s still more medicine. Let him drink it all.”

Hai Feng: “……”

After Hai Feng had drunk down a whole bellyful of medicine, Zhou Ji finally showed some real compassion, “Give him something to eat… Let everyone else go and feed them too.” The people of the Beach Tribe had been tied up and left to starve for nearly two days. It wouldn’t be good to continue letting them go hungry.

“Alright!” The people of the Big Bear Tribe all started to get busy after they heard Zhou Ji’s words. dST4uq

Zhou Ji was awake! They were now fearless.

Of course, those who had heard Zhou Ji’s explanation earlier were a little worried––although Zhou Ji could borrow power from the Beast God, it was very difficult for him and would leave him injured…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Zhou Ji, should we tie up this Hai Feng? Will he fight us after he recovers from his injuries? If at the time, you…” Xiong Ye asked.

Hai Feng was very powerful, and his hearing and vision were both very good. He had heard what Zhou Ji had said to Xiong Ye, Zhu Zhan, and the others, and couldn’t help letting out a snort from his nose now. s2qRif

The energy this person had in his body had always been very powerful! His words had all been lies!

He really wanted to tell everyone about this, but he didn’t dare to speak up. After Zhou Ji glanced over, he could only say, “I won’t fight you guys. I’ve already decided to believe in the Beast God and do as Zhou Ji says.”

Xiong Ye didn’t bring it up again after that.

And at this time, the people of the Beach Tribe as well as One-Eyed Wolf and her people had all been set free. mxPRdz

Zhou Ji didn’t know that One-Eyed Wolf had previously spoken some provocative words, but he wasn’t surprised to find that she’d been tied up and had all her joints dislocated––this woman was quite troublesome and must have caused trouble for Xiong Ye.

One-Eyed Wolf didn’t dare say anything else now that Zhou Ji was back. She simply went to roast meat to eat after she was released, acting incredibly well behaved.

However, despite her acting this way, Xiong Ye inevitably remembered the words that she’d said after seeing her, and his spirits fell again.

“Xiong Ye, let’s look for a place to wash up?” Zhou Ji looked at Xiong Ye. Xiong Ye had helped wipe him clean earlier, but wiping wasn’t as effective as a real bath, and Xiong Ye’s body was also quite dirty. F2zhlU

He felt that they could find a place to wash up, and he also had some things he wanted to say to Xiong Ye in private.

“Alright.” Xiong Ye agreed.

The two of them left the camp and found a river nearby to bathe in.

Zhou Ji started, “Xiong Ye, I’m sorry. I lied to you before.” vf5Ddh

“It’s all right.”

Although Xiong Ye said that it was fine, he looked a little absent minded and a little unhappy… Zhou Ji rubbed his head, “I’ll tell you everything about me, and I won’t lie to you in the future.” After being together for so long, he had come to like Xiong Ye more and more. He was already unwilling to let him go, and since that was the case, being honest wasn’t a big deal.

If Xiong Ye really did something unforgivable to him… If he had no choice, they would just die together.

Zhou Ji also knew that his thoughts were a bit extreme, but that was really how he felt. Of course, Xiong Ye liked him so much, he was certain that he wouldn’t do anything like that to him. fFc1KO

“You really won’t lie to me?” Xiong Ye asked Zhou Ji.

“Really.” Zhou Ji confirmed. In fact, he could also tell Xiong Ye about the fact that there was no Beast God in this world. He didn’t want Xiong Ye to be thanking the Beast God all the time…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiong Ye asked, “Is it true that you can’t separate after becoming a mated pair?”

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