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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh115 - Doubt


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Hai Feng had nothing to say. eoXp9m

When he had gone to attack those people from the Big Bear Tribe before, he had indeed heard the person in front of him shout that they weren’t from the Beast God Temple.

However, he hadn’t believed him at the time.

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There were no powerhouses like this in the wild forest. Where could this person have come from if he wasn’t from the Beast God Temple?

He had been so focused on getting back at the Beast God Temple for attacking him in the past that he had completely ignored those words. Ano ZN

But now… he was currently tied up, and there was no need for the person in front of him to deceive him now.

Therefore… this person really wasn’t from the Beast God Temple. Since he was the one who had attacked the other party first, did that mean that he was the one who had caused himself to be beaten half to death?

Hai Feng suddenly didn’t know what kind of expression he should show. It was to the point where he didn’t want to believe that this was true, “All Beast Kings belong to the Beast God Temple. Pottery is also something that only the Beast God Temple has. How could you not be from the Beast God Temple?”

“I have always lived in the wild forest. Not only have I never been to the Beast God Temple, I haven’t even been to the Beastman Continent before. As for pottery, who said that only the Beast God Temple can have it? We also have it in our tribe.” Zhou Ji’s mood had already calmed down by now. After all, based on the current situation, the other side was more unfortunate than he was.


Hai Feng believed him.

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And it was because he believed him that he felt particularly uncomfortable at this moment.

What had he done?! Why did he have to charge forward and start a fight? He had almost lost his life! He might even lose his life in a short moment!

Hai Feng felt really bad, but Zhou Ji actually felt that casually drifting about and floating on the sea was quite comfortable… “Where is this Beast God Fruit you mentioned?” s0uDIr

“On an island that only I know about.” Hai Feng said, “Can you really let me go after I give you the Beast God Fruit?”

“Yes.” Zhou Ji replied. He couldn’t do anything to him now and could only let him go. Also, if he was really able to obtain a Beast God Fruit and give it to Xiong Ye to eat, Xiong Ye would be able to transform into a Beast King. When the time came, he could have just Xiong Ye go up and fight instead.

This whale was very large, but it also had a fatal weakness due to its size… For example, when he had attached himself to this person’s flesh, this person hadn’t had any way to attack him, making him quite easy to fight.

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“Why didn’t you stop when I begged for mercy before?” Hai Feng was a little upset. He hadn’t been as injured as he was now when he had first started begging for mercy! zpJHAr

“P kjr jyrbgyfv lc atf oluta ja atf alwf jcv vlvc’a cbalmf.” Itbe Al’r gfqis kjr nfgs mjiw.

Ljl Mfcu: “……”

Qtlif Itbe Al kjr oibjalcu bc atf rfj, atf qfbqif bo atf Dlu Dfjg Kglyf ibbxfv bea ja atf mjiw rfj jcv yfmjwf lcmgfjrlcuis kbgglfv.

Ca olgra, atfs mbeiv ralii rff atf uljca fifqtjca olutalcu jujlcra atf ktjif, yea atf akb yfjrar tjv atfc ubcf oegatfg jcv oegatfg lcab atf bmfjc, jcv atfc… bcis atf ktjif mbeiv yf rffc mbwlcu bea bo atf regojmf bo atf kjafg fnfgs cbk jcv atfc. HwjCzg

Had it not been for the fact that the whale looked to be in a bad state and appeared to still be fighting, Xiong Ye would have wanted to go out into the sea immediately to look for Zhou Ji!

They couldn’t see the giant elephant anymore. Had something happened to Zhou Ji?

Everyone was worried, but then even the whale couldn’t be seen anymore… They had probably gone out to the deep sea.

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The surface of the sea sparkled under the light of the two bright moons, but it also seemed to be dyed in a deep ink color… Xiong Ye turned to the people of the Big Bear Tribe, “Go and chop down some wood. We’re making a raft!” dROSch

A few days ago, Zhou Ji had constantly been studying how to make a raft and had even made some models. At the time, Xiong Ye had also played around with them, and he now wanted to make one so that he could go and find Zhou Ji.

Xiong Qi and the others all went out to chop wood, but Xiong Ye remained on the cliffs where the people of the Beach Tribe used to live, silently watching the distant sea.

Zhou Ji hadn’t returned yet, and he was extremely concerned, but… That whale also hadn’t returned. Didn’t that mean that Zhou Ji was actually fine?

The people of the Big Bear Tribe soon brought back some wood. Xiong Ye turned into his animal form and used his claws to drill holes in the wood. dJmD9W

Zhu Zhan took in the situation and said, “There’s no need for you to worry. Zhou Ji is very strong and will definitely be alright.”

Xiong Ye concentrated his energy into his thirty centimeter long claws and soon finished drilling the holes. He turned back into his human form and put on his animal hide skirt, “I know Zhou Ji will be fine, but he can’t swim. I need to quickly go and bring him back.”

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The fact that Zhou Ji was unable to swim was something everyone knew. Or in other words… Based on Zhou Ji’s previous performance, other than being able to make food and recognize plants, it had appeared that he couldn’t do anything else.

But now that Xiong Ye had said this… Zhu Zhan spoke up, “He’s already a Beast King. It doesn’t matter if he knows how to swim or not.” Beast Kings were so powerful that it was a simple matter for them to stay on the water! D7tx8I

Xiong Ye didn’t speak. Instead, he tore apart an animal hide and used it to tie the pieces of wood together.

At this time, One-Eyed Wolf suddenly spoke up, “Why are you so worried about that Zhou Ji? He’s been lying to you all along, and he doesn’t care about you at all. He’s only been toying with you.”

Xiong Ye replied, “Stop talking nonsense. Zhou Ji treats me particularly well!” Even if Zhou Ji had lied to him, he definitely cared about him!

Not only did Xiong Ye feel this way, the people of the Big Bear Tribe also thought so. xyNE5m

Although Zhou Ji had lied to them… How could he not care about Xiong Ye? He was clearly so strong, but he was still with Xiong Ye and made food for him. That was true love!

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Xiong Qi even felt that his original thoughts that Zhou Ji had gotten together with Xiong Ye for the sake of having food to eat, and that Zhou Ji didn’t deserve Xiong Ye, were too far off the mark. Zhou Ji was so strong; in fact, it was Xiong Ye who didn’t deserve Zhou Ji, right?

“He’s good to you? He treats you so well that he doesn’t even tell you about his own strength? You were the one taking care of him on the way here, right? I think he doesn’t place any importance on you at all.” One-Eyed Wolf continued, “Even if he’s really good to you now, so what? He’s so strong. What about you? What do you amount to? He’ll abandon you sooner or later.”

Xiong Ye replied, “No way. We are mates who have the blessing of the Beast God. We’ll be together forever.” XAl14n

Zhou Ji had always been helping him. He was clearly so strong, but he was willing to form a mated pair with him… How could Zhou Ji not like him?

“You’ll be together forever as long as you’re a mated pair? What kind of joke are you blabbering about?! I was mates with that bastard before, but wasn’t he still able to make a move against me?” One-Eyed Wolf sneered, “He switched mates a long time ago!”

“Mated pairs formed with the Beast God as witness can never be separated!” Xiong Ye insisted.

“There’s no such thing. How could the Beast God care about this kind of thing!” One-Eyed Wolf said. oRmEQ4

Xiong Ye was angered by One-Eyed Wolf’s words, “I’m going to hit you if you keep talking nonsense!”

“I’m not speaking nonsense. This was always the case! I think that Zhou Ji has never cared about any of you at all. He was just looking for a group of people to serve him!” One-Eyed Wolf turned to Zhu Zhan, “Zhu Zhan, you even felt grateful to him because he suggested making a raft… Haha, he’s a Beast King. If he was really willing to help you, it would be an easy thing for him to take you across the river. In fact, he’s just not willing to help you! Yet you treat him like he’s a good person!”

Zhu Zhan’s expression changed when he heard One-Eyed Wolf’s words.

He had already thought of this even before One-Eyed Wolf had brought it up, and he was indeed a bit unhappy about this lynqIX

He wanted to go back to save his wife and children, and it was possible that only one out of ten would make it out alive, but if Zhou Ji was willing to help… based on Zhou Ji’s strength, it was completely possible for him to easily send him to the opposite shore.

However, Zhou Ji hadn’t done so.

Zhou Ji had always been hiding his strength and didn’t want to help him at all.

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Zhu Zhan also knew that there was no reason for Zhou Ji to help him, but there was no doubt that it still left him feeling discontent. BuQOz6

“It’s definitely not that Zhou Ji is unwilling to help. There must be other reasons.” Xiong Ye said, “It might be that he can’t casually make use of that power at all!”

“If he has a reason for it, why didn’t he say so?” One-Eyed Wolf argued, “I think he’s just lying to you all. You treat him as a mate, but maybe he just treats you as a plaything.”

One-Eyed Wolf really didn’t feel like there were any kind of deep feelings between Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji.

How could a Beast King like an intermediate level Beast Warrior? YkWI0a

Her expression was full of irony, but in the next second, Xiong Ye had punched her in the face.

Women in the Big Bear Tribe were very powerful. A mother bear who was raising a cub could win against a male bear that was of the same size. Xiong Ye had never felt that it was taboo to beat a woman; One-Eyed Wolf made him unhappy, so he immediately started a fight.

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The two sides started fighting. Although they didn’t shift into their animal forms, every punch they exchanged landed on flesh.

The people of the Big Bear Tribe were a little dazed by the fight. Zhu Zhan was stunned for a moment. When he recovered, he went up to catch hold of One-Eyed Wolf, tossing her onto the ground, “Can’t you speak a little less?” 2GS3Nl

“My mouth is my own. Why can’t I speak?” One-Eyed Wolf retorted, “Zhu Zhan, could it be that you believe in the nonsense that mates can’t betray each other?”

Of course Zhu Zhan didn’t believe it.

Xiong Ye noticed Zhu Zhan’s expression, and his heart sank.

Zhou Ji was indeed very good to him, but he was so powerful… Was he really serious about being his mate? 4KhvAx

However, no matter what, it was more important to quickly go and bring Zhou Ji back.

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Xiong Ye went back to building the raft.

Juurensha: Awwww XY, don’t worry, ZJ only likes you!
xiin: One-Eyed Wolf is a bitch.


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