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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh114 - Winning The Fight


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Xiong Ye was worried about Zhou Ji, but at this moment, Zhou Ji’s thoughts were filled with nothing but the giant whale in front of him right now. QpRaNF

His eyes were red, and his heart was filled with nothing but the desire to fight. Even if he wasn’t at home in the sea, making it difficult to put his full strength into play, he was still completely fearless.

He was in a crazed state; how could he be conscious enough to feel fear?

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He didn’t hesitate at all to charge after the blue whale when it escaped into the sea. Because he was also very big, he didn’t drown when they entered shallow water.

The sea was under the blue whale’s control, and it controlled the waves to pound at his body continuously. Water entered his eyes and nose, but he was completely unaffected by the whale’s desperate attacks as he focused completely on beating down that blue whale, his energy attacking outwards in a frenzy. EutgzW

Although Zhou Ji hadn’t been a Beast King for very long, he was still very strong. Not only that, he could also make use of his abilities and spiritual strength.

At first, the whale had thought that it would definitely be able to kill Zhou Ji with ease, but as a result… he ended up being the one who was beaten to the point of having no energy left to retaliate with.

Since when did the Beast God Temple have such a powerful Beast King? The whale wanted to go and hide in the sea again, thinking that it could use its advantage in the sea to remain invincible while killing Zhou Ji from there, but then…

Zhou Ji turned into his human form and glided over the surface of the water with the help of his energy. Finally, he latched onto the giant whale’s back and landed an accurate punch to the whale’s blowhole.


The blue whale rolled and struggled, but Zhou Ji didn’t hold back at all as he attacked continuously, even producing some kelp in the sea to tie the whale down.

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This Beast King whose animal form was a whale did not have high combat ability on land and could only rely on its body to crush others to death, but it was supposed to be invincible in the sea. However, it was just unlucky enough to encounter Zhou Ji.

Spiritual powers, plant abilities, and energy formed a three-pronged attack, and combined with Zhou Ji’s desperate, frenzied fighting style… this whale wouldn’t be able to hold on even if it was more powerful than it currently was.

“The Beast God Temple is such a bully!” olu6Rb

“Stop it!”

“Damned Beast God Temple…”


The whale roared out from time to time, the sound of its cries filling the skies, but it was to no avail. Zhou Ji, who had already turned back into his human form, was firmly ‘glued’ to him regardless of how he tried to dodge or hide, attacking and leaving wound after wound on his body. nB7zRP

As for him, it was really difficult to attack this ‘little guy’ who was attached to him and attacking his huge body.

The huge whale finally couldn’t take it anymore. He felt that he would definitely die if this went on…

He finally decided to make peace, “Let me go! I’ll give you a Beast God Fruit as long as you let me go!”

Zhou Ji was still unresponsive, his eyes red as he continued to attack, ripping off a chunk of flesh from the giant whale. 0O2dpU

The giant whale was desperate by now. He was losing blood at a very rapid pace, and if it went on like this, it wouldn’t be long before he died…

He wasn’t even able to maintain his animal form anymore, transforming back into his human form.

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“I’ve run rampant in this ocean for decades, yet unexpectedly…” He let out a long sigh, feeling incredible sadness over his impending demise. He didn’t even notice that he had been too careless and had run too close to the territory of a huge sea behemoth.

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Beastmen could become stronger by absorbing the crystal core of mutated animals, and these kinds of mutated animals could also grow stronger by devouring beastmen.

This behemoth was really about to pick up a great deal this time. 4V5Aoz

The person whose animal form was that of a blue whale really thought that he was about to die. He had never thought that right at that moment, the person chasing him would suddenly change course and charge towards the giant sea behemoth.

Zhou Ji, who had entered a battle frenzy, was filled with nothing but thoughts of battle. When faced with a strong opponent, he would naturally ignore the previous weak and dying opponent that he had been fighting.

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At this moment, he forgot all about his first opponent and started fighting against that sea behemoth.

The man whose animal form was a whale was dumbfounded when he saw this scene. dwhP7L

This person whose animal form was a whale was named Feng. He had been born to a large tribe on the Beastman Continent.

His life had been very happy before he reached the age of ten. However, when he turned ten years old, he had awakened and become a ‘fish’.

There had never been an animal form like his in their tribe. His parents had been very shocked and confused about why this could happen, so they had taken him to visit the Beast God Temple in an attempt to figure out what his animal form was and how to raise him.

Yet as a result, the people of the Beast God Temple said that he had awakened as a fish because he was cursed, then told his parents to throw him away. UCiBQ

His mother had been unwilling, but his father had really thrown him out.

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The life he lived after that had been very difficult. At first, he had lived on land according to how he had been raised, but he had ended up almost starving to death. Left with no other choice, he had turned into his animal form and gone into the water.

His animal form was very large. Since then, he had no longer gone hungry and was able to eat fish every day. He grew bigger and bigger…

When he reached adulthood eight years later, he wanted to go back and find his family. He returned to his childhood tribe, but his parents had split apart a long time ago, and they both had other children and didn’t want to welcome a cursed child like him at all. He could only depart again under everyone’s defensive gazes. pfqW0r

He became a homeless person.

Not only that, his animal form was too big… He could no longer live in those small rivers, and once again, with no other choice, he went to live in the river that separated the Beastman Continent from the wild forest.

Because he was large enough, he was able to survive even though he encountered some dangers in the river.

He felt that this kind of life was very good, and he lived there quite happily. Occasionally, he would become a little hot-blooded and even escort some of the people who had been exiled to the opposite shore. PYbk3Z

Unfortunately, some of the people he helped were people who the Beast God Temple wanted to kill, so he was then discovered by the Beast God Temple.

The people of the Beast God Temple thought that he was a demon, and actually found some high level Beast Warriors to attack him. At the time, he had only been an intermediate level Beast Warrior!

He was beaten to the point where he was injured all over, and if it hadn’t been for the fact that those high level Beast Warriors weren’t very good at fighting in the water, he would probably have died a long time ago.

Later on, he went and hid in the sea. He slowly grew stronger and continued to live on. YqvHb

He also discovered that the sea was the place he liked to live in the most.

He had always hated the Beast God Temple, but he hadn’t gone to make trouble for them––his fighting power was too poor when he was on land.

And the experience of being under siege had left him with a lingering fear of the Beast God Temple.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Beach Tribe had originally been a small tribe in the wild forest side of the river. He helped them out, and these people started to believe in him and offer him food. d 87OU

He lived in the sea and had always swallowed the fish and such whole when he ate them, so he had never eaten anything delicious. He really enjoyed the tributes from the Beach Tribe, so he started to seriously protect the Beach Tribe and finally became the Beach Tribe’s Sea God.

That day, he had originally went to the Beach Tribe to accept their offerings, but when he saw the pottery pot that was only available from the Beast God Temple, he thought that people from the Beast God Temple might have come to make trouble for him. That thought had led him to go and look into the matter further.

When he discovered that there was a powerhouse amongst the people in the so-called Big Bear Tribe, he became very certain––the Beast God Temple must be here to make trouble for him again!

He was extremely furious and took the initiative to launch an attack. Unexpectedly, not only was he beaten to the point where he  almost died, the person who had done this to him still had the strength to continue attacking… 5yjMqr

The huge whale who had taken ‘Hai’ as a surname and was named ‘Hai Feng’ floated in the middle of the sea, feeling rather confused.

After that, a wave swept over, and he drifted off into the distance.

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Hai Feng really wanted a few more waves to come and sweep him really far away––he wanted to escape from that huge elephant!

Unfortunately, the waves slowly grew smaller and smaller, and he was simply too seriously injured to move. 6lyrTL

While Hai Feng was feeling desperate, Zhou Ji had braved injuries himself and had killed that huge sea behemoth who was equally powerful as a Beast King. He had also regained consciousness, and at this time, his strength was already exhausted, weakness filling his entire body.

That was bad enough, but he was still at the bottom of the ocean… Previously, he had kept the sea at bay with energy so that he wouldn’t be affected, but the energy in his body was almost exhausted by now.

He would die if he couldn’t reach the surface of the sea soon!

Zhou Ji felt that he was going to be crushed to death by the pressure of the sea, and was just about to head towards the surface when he suddenly thought of something. GL1mXC

He could still hold on for a moment. He only had a little strength left, but he would become weaker and weaker as time went by. When that happened, he would still be in the sea and might drown if he was even a little bit too careless, turning into someone else’s food.

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When he thought of this, Zhou Ji abruptly recalled something. He gritted his teeth and used his remaining strength to dig out the crystal core that was inside the sea behemoth, shoving it into his mouth.

A huge amount of energy spread out through his body, accompanied by the bitter taste of seawater… Zhou Ji knew that he would now be alright and finally closed his eyes, allowing himself to be pushed back up to the surface of the water by the buoyancy of the sea.

His body had run out of energy and could no longer keep the sea at bay; his eyes hurt from contact with the seawater, and his mouth and nose were filled with water. His trachea burned as though there was a fire in his throat… s7SMbI

Fortunately, the sea behemoth’s crystal core carried a very powerful energy that nourished and sustained his body.

Zhou Ji let the waves push him around, drifting along––in a few hours, he would be able to recover somewhat. By then, he could start making his way back.

As he floated, Zhou Ji suddenly discovered that someone was nearby. He looked over and saw a pale, grim-faced person covered in wounds in the water not far from him, floating with the waves just like he was.

That person’s entire face was swollen, his nose huge, and his eyes only able to open as tiny slits. R7fbuW

Zhou Ji didn’t recognize this face at all, but this aura was very familiar to him.

Wasn’t this the whale who had attacked them out of the blue? It was because of this guy that his identity had suddenly been exposed. He had even gone crazy again and had almost died!

He had thought that he had already killed this person… But that wasn’t the case?

If it hadn’t been for the fact that his illness had improved a little bit, and he was able to regain consciousness a little bit earlier, he might really have drowned in the sea by now. gL8S0f

Zhou Ji sneered in his heart. He had already decided to wait until he had recovered a little before looking for a way to obtain revenge.

Hai Feng’s expression was full of hopelessness.

Where exactly had this Beast King come from?! It was already a big deal that he could beat him up to this point while fighting in the water, but after almost beating him to death, he actually still had the strength left to deal with a sea behemoth that was on the same level as a Beast King.

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For this man to show up here whole and healthy… Did that mean that he had already killed that sea beast? AZJlO8

Did that mean that he… wouldn’t live for long either?

Hai Feng had over thought things.

Now that he was conscious, Zhou Ji wouldn’t go and try to kill him again. After all, he would go into another frenzy if he attacked again.

However, it was absolutely necessary to capture Hai Feng. Wkj5zD

Zhou Ji had swallowed the crystal core of a Beast King-level sea beast and had more or less recovered some of his energy. He produced a strand of kelp and used it to tie Hai Feng up.

Hai Feng quickly started to plead, “I’m begging you to let me go. I can give you a lot of things, I have a Beast God Fruit…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He had no strength left now, and the other party could kill him simply by lifting a finger… Hai Feng could only repeat what he had said before as he begged for mercy.

The other party hadn’t reacted at all when he had said these things before, so he had thought that it would be useless again this time. Unexpectedly, it was the opposite from what he thought. 87MsPU

After he said these things, that powerful beastman actually said, “You have a Beast God Fruit?”

“I do! I’ll give it to you as long as you let me go!” Hai Feng said.

Zhou Ji raised his brows, “As long as you give it to me, I’ll let you go.” He had always wanted to obtain a Beast God Fruit for Xiong Ye. It would be wonderful if this person really had one.

“Are you truly willing to let me go? Aren’t you afraid of offending the Beast God Temple?” Hai Feng was both surprised and delighted. eOZi62

Zhou Ji replied, “I already said before that I’m not from the Beast God Temple.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Hai Feng: “……”

Juurensha: You know, Hai Feng’s backstory is actually pretty sad. 
xiin: *stage whisper* the Beast God Temple are the bad guys~


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