Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh101 - Giant Elephant


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The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe were all full of regret now. zIljUW

They had thought that their newly dead tribal chief was already the strongest, but unexpectedly, in this world there was actually a powerhouse who could casually crush a multitude of people to death.

Compared with the giant beast in front of them, the big bear who had killed their tribal chief didn’t seem significant at all! That bear wasn’t even as big as this giant beast’s leg!

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The Big Bear Tribe had a powerhouse like this, but the Giant Tiger Tribe had actually gone and blindly offended them…

But at this time, it was too late for regrets. That powerhouse only needed to roll around casually to flatten all of them into meat patties. XtLv1a

The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe wept and begged for mercy, but it was completely useless…

Before, it had taken Xiong Ye and the others a lot of effort to kill three hundred people from the Giant Tiger Tribe. Now…

There wasn’t even a single survivor.

Not only that, after killing everyone that it could see, the giant mammoth whipped its trunk and swept away a good many trees before starting on the dinosaurs in the vicinity.


The Giant Tiger Tribe had so many people, and they had all lived here, so most of the dinosaurs that could be hunted had already been killed and eaten. There were only a few larger, older dinosaurs left, but at this time, these dinosaurs also suffered a catastrophe and weren’t even given a chance to escape.

There was a very powerful Torosaurus in the Giant Tiger Tribe’s territory. Ordinary Torosauruses were generally not longer than eight meters, and typically weighed less than ten tons, but this Torosaurus had suddenly grown a lot bigger for some unknown reason many years ago. Now, its body was over fifteen meters long, and it weighed over twenty tons.

Even the horns on its head were much harder and sharper than before.

Nobody had ever gone to disturb it ever since it had changed. The only thing that was rather troublesome was that it wasn’t attracted to any of the ordinary male Torosaurus, so it hadn’t had any offspring in all the years of its life. 4onTFQ

Yes, this was a female Torosaurus.

It had originally been leisurely grazing and hadn’t expected that a terrifying pressure would come from a certain direction… This Torosaurus trembled for a while, and then pumped its legs and fled.

However, there was a giant beast heading in its direction no matter how far it ran. Its trunk swept out, immediately knocking the Torosaurus unconscious, and then it was sent to its death.

For a while, the earth trembled, and the mountains shook. uRjyAh

Green Hill Tribe.

After Xiong Ye was poisoned, the people of the Green Hill Tribe became particularly anxious, “The Green Hill Tribe’s poison is very strong. Those who were poisoned die soon after.”

“Will anything happen to Xiong Ye?”

“I pray for the Beast God’s blessing…” P8MDkr


It was obvious based on Xiong Ye’s strength that his position within the Big Bear Tribe wasn’t low. If something happened to a person like this… The people of the Green Hill Tribe were very much afraid that they would be blamed.

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Zhu Zhan was also very worried.

Poison was very troublesome; although Xiong Ye had eaten a lot of detoxifying herbs and had constantly been squeezing blood out of the wound, he was still very worried and afraid that something might happen to Xiong Ye. bZTN93

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Xiong Ye… was indeed really amazing! XRtgJu

“Xiong Ye, how do you feel?” Zhu Zhan asked.

“A little weak and dizzy.” Xiong Ye replied. It was rather strange; he had clearly only squeezed blood out of his wound for a little while after being poisoned, but he had ended up losing a lot of blood, and a large area was soaked in it.

Of course, this was also a good thing, as the poisoned blood had all been drained out…

However, this left him a little dizzy for the moment. bLsBYd

“You’ve bled so much, of course you’re dizzy… Strange, does this poison stop wounds from clotting?” Zhu Zhan speculated, but he soon discovered that after the strangely-colored poisoned blood stopped flowing out, Xiong Ye’s wound had already started to scab up.

Xiong Ye was healing very fast. He was really a truly miraculous person!

Zhu Zhan’s expression was complicated as he looked at Xiong Ye. He was just about to speak when someone else spoke up, “Something doesn’t feel right.”

After saying so, the man even turned into his animal form to lay down on the ground for a while before switching back to his human form, “The earth is moving. There’s a very, very large dinosaur!” NgYn4m

Beastmen preferred to build their residences on higher ground so that they could better observe their surroundings. The place where the Green Hill Tribe was located was on relatively high terrain, and once they felt that something was wrong, they immediately climbed up the mountain so that they could look into the distance and check out the situation.

It was too far, so they couldn’t see the situation clearly, but they knew that there must be something powerful raging in the distance.

“Could this disturbance be caused by a Beast King fighting a giant dinosaur?” Zhu Zhan’s expression was full of shock. Giant dinosaurs generally wouldn’t fight since they all had their own territory. On the other hand, it was Beast Kings who would go and make trouble for them.

Only… How could there be a Beast King in the wild forest on this side of the river? KXmwTv

On the Beastman Continent, there was a total of six Beast Kings, each with a different animal form. In the wild forest, based on what Zhu Zhan knew of the place, there shouldn’t be any Beast Kings at all.

This place wasn’t very big, and not very many beastmen lived here. Everyone’s living conditions were poor, and it was already considered very good for them to have a medium level Beast Warrior. It was very difficult for a Beast King to emerge from here.

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Hold on though, that wasn’t necessarily the case. Taking the people of the Big Bear Tribe as an example, their living environment wasn’t any worse than that of the beastmen on the Beastman Continent.

However, the Big Bear Tribe couldn’t possibly have a Beast King… xEHBL7

If that was the case, then could it be that a Beast King from the Beastman Continent had come over to this side of the river?

Zhu Zhan looked out into the distance, his face reflecting his excitement.

Xiong Qi was also very excited, “Could it be that this disturbance is caused by that Lord again? Is it possible for us to go over and pick up meat to eat after a while?”

“What Lord are you talking about?” Zhu Zhan asked. FWv6Pi

Xiong Qi immediately recounted what had happened to the Big Bear Tribe previously.

Everyone from the Big Bear Tribe knew about this, but Zhu Zhan hadn’t specifically asked about this before, and nobody had made it a point to tell him. It wasn’t until now that Xiong Qi recounted a vivid tale of previous events.

“Long teeth, long nose…. Is it Xiang Tian?” Zhu Zhan immediately thought of a person.

The Elephant Tribe was counted amongst one of the giant tribes of the Beastman Continent. WJ3dKx

And the Elephant Tribe’s tribal chief was Xiang Tian.

Over the years, Xiang Tian had always been living in seclusion and rarely emerged. There were rumors that he didn’t usually stay with the Elephant Tribe. Could it be that he had run over to the wild forest?

“Xiang Tian?” Xiong Ye inquired. He was a little weak right now, but Niu Er had carried him on his back and had also brought him to the top of the mountain.

He was with Xiong Qi; he felt that the cause of this disturbance should be the same person who had originally gone into a frenzy near their tribe. KcP4yY

And he had another reason for coming to this conclusion––that man had shown up a few days ago and taught him a few things.

Only, he didn’t know what had happened to him now. Could it be that he was feeling bad again?

He had asked the man about some of these situations before when he was learning from this person, but that person had never said anything and had left him in the dark…

“Xiang Tian is the tribal chief of the Elephant Tribe. He is a Beast King, and his animal form is an elephant… According to your description, that person’s animal form is also an elephant. I think he might be Xiang Tian. “ Zhu Zhan said. cFI2CY

Xiong Ye marked down the name ‘Xiang Tian’ in his heart, then said, “Something might have happened to him… Should we go check it out?”

Zhu Zhan was a little hesitant.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Beast Kings wouldn’t make a move casually. If a Beast King kicked up such a fuss, it could only mean that they had encountered an opponent that was comparable to themselves. If they went over there under those circumstances… Weren’t they just looking to die?

However, he also wanted to go. zkJDae

He wanted to go back to the Beastman Continent, but this wasn’t an easy thing to do. At the very least, he would need to wait until he became a high level Beast Warrior.

However, if he could get to know a Beast King…

Zhu Zhan: “Let’s go and see!”

Everyone decided to go over and see, but Xiong Ye wasn’t in a good state… Zhu Zhan suggested, “I’ll bring people over to take a look. Xiong Ye, you stay behind.” efaTJb

“I’m going too.” Xiong Ye insisted. That man had taught him many things, and he should go check it out at least.

“Your body…” Zhu Zhan was rather hesitant.

“Have Niu Er carry me there.” Xiong Ye said. His elder brother Niu Er’s speed wasn’t great, but his endurance was top-class, and it wouldn’t be difficult for him to carry him while walking.

“Alright. Come if you want to.” Zhu Zhan said. He couldn’t control what Xiong Ye did, so if Xiong Ye wanted to go, then he wouldn’t concern himself with it too much. 8HutaU

After everything was confirmed, they headed off in that direction. As they went, some people noticed that something was wrong.

This route…. This was the direction that the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe had fled.

“The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe should be up ahead, but I don’t know if they’ve encountered that Lord Xiang Tian yet.” Xiong Qi glanced at Xiong Ye as he spoke.

Back then, Shi Li had addressed that person that was suspected to be Zhou Ji’s father as ‘Lord Xiang’. Could they be the same person? 4896AS

If it was the same person… Did that mean that Zhou Ji’s father was a Beast King? Zhou Ji was too amazing!

However, although Xiong Qi thought these things, everyone was in a hurry to get to the disturbance so he didn’t say much.

In fact, he didn’t have to say anything… Xiong Ye was also thinking about this right now.

Nobody in their tribe had an elephant animal form, and there also wasn’t anyone with that form in the surrounding tribes, so he really didn’t know if that giant beast was originally an elephant. zv6bPB

Now that he knew… Could that person really be Zhou Ji’s father?!

Although he didn’t seem to be the same height, perhaps he had a way to change that.

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Also… If that was really the case, then it made sense for that person to teach him how to cultivate.

He was Zhou Ji’s mate. That person must be hoping that he could become a little stronger to better protect Zhou Ji. jBSyDl

Everyone was considering all these things as they went. After traveling for over an hour, they were able to clearly sense the earth trembling under their feet.

The disturbance that the man was making was really very big…

The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe had walked for an entire night yesterday and covered a lot of ground, but because they were bringing along their families and dependents, not only did they have their elderly and weak with them, they also had to carry a lot of things and hadn’t actually gotten that far.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that Xiong Ye had lost too much blood from being poisoned, he would probably have been able to catch up to the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe if he ran at full strength for a little over an hour. UCkicg

Now… Their pace hadn’t been that quick, but they were still able to catch up after running for three hours.

However, they decided to climb up a big tree before reaching their destination to survey  the giant beast off in the distance.

That giant beast was very, very big, and everywhere it went, all the trees had toppled over…

“Too strong…” Zhu Zhan said, “That’s indeed an elephant, but it’s different from the elephants I’ve seen before. It actually has fur!” 3FoM1X

Zhu Zhan had never seen Xiang Tian’s animal form, and at this moment, he only felt that… Beast Kings were indeed different from others.

Only… The other party wasn’t fighting with similar level dinosaurs. Instead, he was making a mess by himself… What was he doing?

Zhu Zhan was extremely confused.

Xiong Ye was full of worship, “How powerful…” NyKt1E

Xiong Qi nodded in agreement. He had never seen such a powerful animal form!

Everyone continued to push forward, but they only arrived at their destination three hours later. When they got there, they discovered that the raging beast had disappeared, leaving behind nothing but a mess.

At the same time, they smelled a strong scent of blood and saw some extremely cruel scenes.

The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe were all dead, and they had died in such terrible ways that nobody could bear to look at it directly! BRJ02S

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