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translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

That knife had been an ordinary stone knife. At best, it was a little sharper with a better edge. prhA8N

Using a knife like that to kill wasn’t easy, but it was different if it was poisoned.

Xiong Ye’s wound hurt so much. He looked towards his stomach and saw that the wound had already swelled up. At the same time, his breathing became laborious, and his entire body felt uncomfortable.

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He immediately realized that he had been poisoned.

He had used poison to deal with the Barosaurus before and hadn’t expected that he would now be poisoned himself… Xiong Ye began to squeeze the wound to try and force out the poisoned blood. MqnxkK

Zhou Ji had told him of some methods to treat poison, such as tying a bandage around the leg if one’s foot had been bitten by a poisonous snake so that the poisoned blood wouldn’t spread through the entire body, but it was his stomach that was now injured. What was he supposed to do?

Additionally, Zhou Ji had given him some detoxifying herbs, but he had placed them into a bundle and had others carry it while they were chasing after the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe. They weren’t with him right now… After speaking up about his poisoned state, he gritted his teeth and added, “Herbs!”

Zhu Zhan heard Xiong Ye’s words and immediately added, “There are detoxifying herbs in the bundle. Take them out quickly!”

Everyone rushed over to get herbs for Xiong Ye, and at this time, Xiong Qi had already caught the person who had harmed Xiong Ye, “What poison did you use?”


That person was still laughing, and as he was laughing, he eventually passed away. At this time, the people of the Green Hill Tribe finally realized, “He’s not a slave, he’s a person from the Giant Tiger Tribe!”

The people of the Giant Tiger Tribe had left, making the slaves so happy that they hadn’t noticed that people from the Giant Tiger Tribe had mixed in amongst them…

It was inevitable; there were over two thousand people in the Giant Tiger Tribe, and not everyone was qualified to have slaves, so they didn’t recognize every single person in the tribe.

“Damn it!” Xiong Qi tossed the man’s corpse to the ground and looked at Xiong Ye in worry. 10mPtI

This man was a member of the Giant Tiger Tribe, and his reason for trying to kill Xiong Ye was very clear.

He was avenging Hu Tian.

Zhu Zhan tore open the bundles they had brought, and Xiong Ye quickly ate the detoxifying herbs that he had brought with him while simultaneously concentrating all of his energy near the wound.

The mystery man who had taught him how to cultivate had said that the energy was very useful and could be used for many things. BKbIdG

After Xiong Ye did these things, he indeed got a lot better.

He didn’t know if it was because the detoxifying herbs had played a role, or whether it was due to the energy, but gradually, the suffocating feeling that made him gasp for breath when he was poisoned slowly disappeared.

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He still felt very weak, but he no longer felt like he would die.

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During Zhou Ji’s scan, he really did find another person that had been left behind––amongst these slaves, there was another person whose physical condition was too good. He showed no signs of starvation, and not only that, he looked very happy when he saw Xiong Ye lying there. It was very different from the looks on the slaves’ faces.

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“Damn the Giant Tiger Tribe!”

“Is there anyone else who has mixed in amongst us?” tgK 0l

“Let’s quickly investigate!”


The slaves of the Giant Tiger Tribe started to identify the people around them, and the fake man slipped into hiding behind a house.

Zhou Ji narrowed his eyes. d5FOYp

The person from the Giant Tiger Tribe who had mixed in with the slaves was trying to find a chance to escape when he found himself caught all of a sudden. Not only that, his entire body seemed to be wrapped in sticky water, and not only was he unable to struggle, he couldn’t even open his mouth to speak. Only his eyes opened wide in panic.

After that, he ‘flew’ upwards and was picked up…

Zhou Ji carried this person and headed towards the place the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe had fled to.

His heart was filled with violence; those feelings of despair from his life during the apocalypse welled up with him, so much so that he wanted to destroy everything around him. YCfJSi

He was finding it difficult to hold back, this was really bad…

Zhou Ji sped up.

The Giant Tiger Tribe had continued traveling overnight and had already gone a long way.

After walking for a night, the weak and elderly of the tribe couldn’t go any further. Their group stopped to rest and brought out some food to eat. AFcadq

The atmosphere amongst the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe was terrible. Everyone in the tribe had long faces––they had lost their tribal chief, lost three hundred of their top warriors, and had even been driven out… What should they do now?

It was especially true for the children and the elderly and weak of the tribe. Their lives had been very good before thanks to the slaves that looked after them, but now that they had been on the road for an entire night, they really couldn’t hold up anymore!

Quite a few people let out heartfelt sighs and mixed among them were some children’s cries.

As for the powerful people from the tribe, they had gathered together and were currently causing a stir. Qcph1d

They all wanted to be the leader.

“I’m the strongest!”

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“My strength isn’t bad either!”

“The leader of the Giant Tiger Tribe should be someone with a tiger animal form!” y6WkpS

“My animal form is the same as the former tribal chief.”


These people argued endlessly, but at the end there was some wiser heads who stopped them, “At this kind of time, we shouldn’t start infighting! The most important thing is to get out of here first!”

The men who were arguing just now finally stopped. Someone took a bite of roasted meat and said angrily, “That damned Big Bear Tribe! I’m going to kill them all one day!” RgSrcH

When others heard this, they all agreed one after another. They all hated the people of the Big Bear Tribe to death.

They were still talking when someone suddenly spoke up, “That Xiong Ye who killed the tribal chief might be dead by now.”

“What do you mean? “ Everyone looked towards the person who spoke.

“I instructed two people to stay behind and try to kill Xiong Ye with a poisoned knife.” That person said, “I wanted to avenge the tribal chief!” bUJvri

Most of the people present became excited, but others were given a scare, “Are you crazy? What if you end up upsetting the people of the Big Bear Tribe…”

“We’ve already come such a long way. How can they catch and kill us?” That person sneered.

A lot of people stood by his side, saying to that person who was worried, “You don’t have to be so careful… The main group from the Big Bear Tribe hasn’t even arrived yet!”

“If Xiong Ye is really going to die, they will probably end up in chaos for a while and definitely won’t have time to make trouble for us.” sC3pJF

“We should definitely kill that Xiong Ye! Our tribal chief can’t have died for nothing.”


“Didn’t Fu Xiao say that there was a powerhouse in the Big Bear Tribe?” That careful person from the tribe continued, “What if he catches up to us…”

“The Big Bear Tribe has two people that are as strong as the tribal chief and are already powerful enough to reach the skies. How could they have someone even stronger?” Someone else spoke up with absolute certainty in their tone. wN5jzf

Others nodded one after the other when they heard this.

In their eyes, Hu Tian was already the most powerful! It had already shocked them when the Big Bear Tribe had two such powerful people in their tribe; how could there be anyone who was even stronger?!

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These people were just thinking this when something suddenly came flying towards them. They hurriedly scurried aside and dodged it, then saw that it was a person who had come from the sky and landed amongst them, creating a shallow depression in the ground, the impact turning that figure into a mess of blood and flesh.

This person… was probably dead. PRZB0v

They didn’t have time to try and see who that person was before looking over in the direction from which that man had been thrown.

A man wrapped in leaves that even covered his face stood on the branches not far away from them.

That man stood at the very top of the tree, but surprisingly, the top of the tree didn’t cave under his weight. It seemed as though he was very, very light.

“Truthfully, I don’t really want to kill people…” This person spoke slowly. His voice wasn’t very loud, but oddly enough, everyone could still hear it. XlPBwi

Even before the people of the Giant Tiger Tribe could react, the man had become a giant beast that was as big as a meat mountain and dropped down towards them.

This giant beast was even bigger than the biggest dinosaur they’d ever seen!

There was actually a beastman with such a large animal form in this world?

There was actually a beastman this powerful in this world? duw5xh

Many of the people from the Giant Tiger Tribe were smashed to death in an instant, and the rest of them fled wildly but still couldn’t escape.

All sorts of vines danced around the giant beast’s body. They were able to catch people and drag them back!

They had no ability to resist at all.

Before their deaths, the strong warriors of the Giant Tiger Tribe all thought about what Fu Xiao had said back then when he had fled from the Little Brook Tribe. C2KkVT

He had said that there was a very, very powerful person in the Big Bear Tribe.

They had always thought that it was false, but unexpectedly, it was true.

Would they have gone and offended the Big Bear Tribe if they had known that it was true earlier on?

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