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Reborn into A Slash GameCh45 - The Lost Divine Ruins


Suo Fei didn’t feel much when he was playing the game. However, now that he was in Yalance, he was filled with emotions when he looked up at those faces that were somewhat familiar but yet so foreign.

He looked at the nine lil’ shous from the nine great races. If they weren’t young masters or princes, then they were leaders or kings. All of them had high status. They were at the topmost rung of Yalance when it came to power and wealth. yD pX3

And he, was actually able to draw them into his arm. Tsk tsk, Suo Fei almost fell in love with himself!

So cool, wild and domineering! This is the real ultimate gong!

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He looked at the real ultimate gong beside him who had not conquered even one of them. Sigh... Suo Fei felt that it was a great pity. Unfortunately, the way to seduce the lil’ shous could not be taught. It could only depend on his perceptiveness. He couldn’t do anything to help Samael.

Manzy Argoux, whom he hadn’t seen for two years, seemed to become more taciturn and unfriendly. He was not alone. There were about five or six elves who went with him. It could be seen from their appearances that they were undoubtedly Pureblood elves. Manzy’s indifferent gaze had been fixed on the huge crack. He didn’t talk to anyone. His silver eyes used to be like snowflakes that emitted a slight chill in the air. However, now, they were a frozen hue, sending a biting chill to the air. 10YSmc

When Suo Fei saw Manzy from afar, he silently disguised himself into an ordinary demon as an elf was slightly eye-catching. It would be better to keep a low profile by being inconspicuous.

The key figure of the great races stood in front of the crack, but they did not communicate much. The Celestials and the Elves were very close, but no one dared to provoke Manzy due to his unapproachable demeanor. The Celestials and the Demons had been nemesis since time immemorial. At this time, they did not come to blows but merely coldly eyed each other.

They had sufficient IQ. Creating a ruckus at this moment would only benefit the third parties behind them. Nobody would be stupid enough to provoke others on their own volition.

The clan members behind them were even more self-disciplined and strived to behave in front of their family heads. They were not stupid enough to cause trouble. Therefore, although the crack was surrounded by a swarming crowd of people, it was awfully quiet, which was a sharp contrast to the bustle on the ground.


Suo Fei and Samael were at the outermost periphery. In the beginning, he wanted to be the first to enter so that he could hurriedly seize the artifact. However, seeing the current situation, it wouldn’t be the best idea for them.

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Putting aside the situation within the crack, not one of the people in front of it were to be trifled with. Even if they could charge in with difficulty and successfully obtain the artifact, they would have to face the joint attack of these great races, and would definitely pull the aggro to the maximum level.

Hence, they must not rush. The artifact might not necessarily end up in the hands of the first to obtain it.

For this matter, they must keep their cool. Ksz0oU

Suo Fei carefully sized up his lil’ shous.

He had completely ended his relationship with Manzy Argoux whereas the Trolls’ lil’ shou was unreliable as his adoptive father Balnor was still ready for action and they still had not ended their feud that was caused by Aryan.

The young master of the Sylph race was too unpredictable. He never played his cards according to reason. Suo Fei could still humour him back when he was still his lil’ shou. But when it came to working together… Suo Fei would definitely be pitted to death by him.

The Dwarves’ favourability towards Suo Fei was already maxed out and Tilly, who was the most difficult to deal with, had already been dealt with. Thus, Tilly’s son would be reliable. However, this kid’s thoughts were somewhat unconventional and it truly was not easy to keep up with his whimsical thoughts. OMLPe3

The Celestials and Demons were worth considering, but these two were each other’s nemesis and only one of them could be chosen. The question is, which one should they choose?

Sigh. After deliberating on the matter, Suo Fei still gave up the idea of making friends with one of them. Although he knew their preferences very well, there were too many uncertainties. Having undue confidence in his own judgment would only make matters worse.

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Could it be… Suo Fei immediately understood that they used a Disguise Spell. Grantlyn’s group certainly knew how to. They must have blended into the crowd after disguising themselves.

Veb Mfl rlifcais gfwlcvfv tlwrfio: Zera yf nlulijca jujlcra ragjcufgr!

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Not long after, Suo Fei could finally ease his worries. O8ZizJ

A rumbling sound was heard. Then, the originally narrow crack gradually widened like a gaping mouth. All the clamour was stilled in an instant. Just like the center of a vortex, a tremendous pulling force came and everything that surrounded it, be it a person or thing, was sucked in.

It came too abruptly and too quickly. The ‘elites’ who were near the crack were the first to disappear in front of everyone. Suo Fei and Samael had been spared because they were at the periphery.

What the f**k, what the hell is going on here? Why is the ominous feeling that it wouldn’t be good to enter the place growing stronger?

Other secret places were typically extremely ambiguous and bashful. One wouldn’t be able to enter them even after teasing them in every possible way. This divine ruins, on the other hand, was so forthcoming, directly sucking people in. bLoKCH

Suo Fei silently complained: I definitely said secret place, not chrysanthemum. Please don’t misinterpret it!

Suo Fei grasped the little cub’s head and began ranting, “Lord Devourer, we’re in this together. You’re not fooling me, are you? We enter this thingie to hunt for treasure and not to be eaten, right?”

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The little cub’s head was in a lot of pain due to being grabbed, but when he heard Suo Fei call him lord, he immediately burst with joy and quickly replied, “Right! This is a treasury.”

As soon as it spoke, a stronger pulling force came. This time, Suo Fei and his group couldn’t escape and were wholly sucked in. HoPdyN

Suo Fei was somewhat flustered amidst the whirring sound. Fortunately, Samael was behind him, embracing him in his arms. When Suo Fei discovered that someone was supporting him, he suddenly felt that the weightlessness was not so scary.

After a wave of dizziness passed, it seemed that they had entered inside the crack.

Suo Fei opened his eyes and was immediately shocked by the sight.

He had envisaged the place for the past few days, but he had not expected that there would be such a beautiful sight inside the crack. Dj0J9K

The sky was the purest of blue. It was a bright azure blue, which seemed as if it could cleanse the soul of anyone who catches sight of it. It didn’t need any source of light. This clear sky was the brightest and the most beautiful, enshrouding the place with warm and gentle radiance.

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Valinor had been regarded as the most beautiful place in Yalance, but compared to this, Valinor’s beauty seemed too striking and too resplendent. It lacked tranquility and serenity.

Suo Fei admired in amazement. The sky was such a familiar color, but it was thousand times more beautiful. The mountains were high, and the peaks were lofty. The birds sang their sweetest songs, and the enchanting fragrance of flowers wafted through the air. The buildings were not piled with gems but were completely made of wood. Some were even wholly made of plants. With a huge flower bed and an exquisite treehouse, it seemed like a beautiful fairytale. It made people feel soft and warm from the bottom of their hearts.

However, not the slightest breath of life could be found in such a beautiful place. 2nXRfs

There was no breath of life nor any sign of activity. It was like a freeze-frame of a magnificent landscape.

Suo Fei who was in a trance suddenly heard Samael say something.

He turned to look at Samael, only to find that he was still clinging onto him like an octopus. He quickly let go of Samael in embarrassment, but Samael continued to embrace his waist, motionless.

Suo Fei asked him, “What did you just say?” OVC 70

Samael’s eyes were looking straight ahead, his purple eyes reflecting the beautiful scene in front of him. He seemed to be recalling something, “I’ve been here.”

Been here? Suo Fei was stunned. How could that be?

He was just about to ask when a sudden shout rang out, “Oh my god!”

Suo Fei’s attention was drawn to the source of the sound and was suddenly stupefied. YfF80r

Then, cries of surprise in various languages of all the races rang out continuously.

Indeed, it was too shocking. It was a mountain, a mountain that reached the sky. It was towering beyond anyone could imagine. However, that was not the main point.

The main point was, it was a mountain of gold, silver, pearls and other treasures!

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It was a real mountain of treasure, not a mountain that was merely exaggeratedly decorated. 2jBzat

After seeing the scene in front of him, Suo Fei thought, I would never dare say the word ‘blinded’ by the future.

Compared with this mountain of treasure, other things would be embarrassed to claim that they could blind people’s eyes!

Everyone was dumbfounded in the face of such wealth. After being absent-minded for a few seconds, they swarmed towards the mountain of treasure.

Everyone’s eyes flashed with greed and desire. They could still remain rational when facing ten thousand gold coins, a hundred thousand gold coins, or even a million gold coins. However, when such a large amount of wealth appeared, anyone would go crazy for it. KUXgnI

At that moment, Suo Fei was itching to hurriedly fly over and fill up his interspatial bag. However, his remaining sanity allowed him to come to his senses.

Don’t forget where you are.

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He silently gripped the dagger in his hands, extremely vigilant.

When the first wave of people reached the mountain of treasure, they began to madly take away the valuable treasures. Then, the second wave swarmed in, and the third wave, and the fourth wave… YDwXod

Suo Fei’s vigilance seemed ridiculous.

In just a short span of a few minutes, the mountain was no longer visible. It was covered by a dense crowd of people. Suo Fei stood from afar and could see them clearly.

Words couldn’t describe how frightening the scene was.

The mountain of treasure was like a huge cake that released an aroma that was beyond comparison, attracting countless ants. YKbeXg

Each and everyone who crowded around the mountain were like ants, surrounding the mountain of treasure completely. The dense and numerous ants wriggled around, extremely revolting.

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Suo Fei stared straight at it. Samael, on the other hand, had fallen into silence. The coldness in his eyes had dropped to the freezing point. Immense wrath rose from the bottom of his heart, burning through the layers upon layers of ice within.

The mountain of treasure stood unshakeable. The avaricious crowd was no longer satisfied with sharing the treasures with others and disputes gradually arose. Then, it abruptly changed when the first drop of blood was spilled.

The pure sky, the beautiful landscape and the mountain of treasure that was as dazzling as a mirror, all of it were like glass that shattered with a crash at this moment. UNLBZ4

Black cracks appeared in the sky one after another. Sharp shattering sounds blared ceaselessly.

There was a loud noise, and finally, everything shattered, like a beautiful dream.

Absolute silence and endless darkness surrounded them.

After everything came to a standstill for half a second, a faint trace of light emerged. Then, they were met with a bone-chilling scene. 0tVpK7

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