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Reborn into A Slash GameCh27 - The Devil Has Awakened


Aryan stared at Suo Fei and quickly pleaded: “As long as you let me go, I will definitely take you to Vixanne Evans! I will also tell you everything I know!”

Although it was an urgent plea, he refused to divulge any more information and steadfastly emphasized only these two points. xk01Vj

However, these two points alone were enough as they were Suo Fei’s most fatal points.

Thoughts buzzed around in his head. He never trusted Manzy. Ignoring Manzy and Sofey Evans’s past and only considering their few brief encounters after coming to this world, his behaviour was enough to make Suo Fei vigilant.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Such a fickle and unpredictable person, how could he trust him?

When Manzy offered to take him to see Vixanne, he knew that it wasn’t a trap, but at the same time, he had to consider the wide disparity of strength between him and Samael. If Manzy wanted to harm him, it was completely unnecessary for him to lie and deceive him. He could directly use violence and he wouldn’t even be able to escape. KuCX1S

However, Suo Fei’s thoughts changed after learning that his body had a skill.

If Manzy knew his physique and wanted to use him, Manzy would naturally have to act familiar and deceive him that he is more than willing to serve him.

Thinking this way, Suo Fei really couldn’t help but want to complain. Having such a Mary Sue skill, it would be difficult for him not to be a Mary Sue!

So, how much does Aryan know?


Wait… Suo Fei’s mind churned and realised that Aryan surely knew less than he imagined. It is clear that Aryan recognised Sofey Evans, so the life-changing news he brought was naturally what Sofey Evans wanted to know. It might not necessarily be what Suo Fei wanted to know!

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From Manzy Argoux’ attitude, he believed that Sofey Evans was deeply in love with him, so deep that he could get away with cheating by coaxing him. He could tell from Manzy’s self-confidence that the original Sofey Evans truly loved Manzy.

What Aryan wanted to tell Suo Fei was probably something like: ‘Manzy doesn’t love you. Manzy only wants to use you.’ Aryan didn’t even have to explain exactly how Manzy wants to use him. For the deeply infatuated Sofey Evans, simply knowing that it wasn’t true love was enough for him to fall apart. How could he still care about such matters?

Unfortunately, he’s Suo Fei now. HlgvMR

Therefore, he once again stoically rejected Aryan, “I don’t need you to.”

He did not expect to be rejected twice. Aryan gaped at Suo Fei in shock. The elf in front of him had short, silver hair and silver eyes. Although he wore simple clothing, it couldn’t conceal his natural bearing. This is the remnant of a family that had existed for thousands of years. He lived in wealth and honour for decades. Even though he had become a down-and-out with no home to return to, it didn’t change the fact that he is of noble bloodline.

Why are some people born to stand out from the crowd? He could stand tall without effort, trampling those who are struggling to climb up the social ladder with silent ridicule.

You’ve already fallen to dust, so why are you still assuming an air of superiority? a4Tr7o

Bloodline? One of the remaining Pureblood elf?

Why? Why don’t you die?

Aryan drew himself upright. The cowardice and fear on his face vanished. He looked straight ahead and revealed the secret that he had been hiding deep inside.

“Don’t you want to know where your father is?” VUXMqx

“Don’t you want to know why he betrayed you and Vixanne?”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“… jcv, kts tf mea vbkc atf Lbis Kgff jcv vfragbsfv atf fwybvlwfca bo atf Sinfc mijc’r rbei?

“Gbc’a sbe kjca ab xcbk atfrf atlcur?”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Veb Mfl kjr rbwfktja regqglrfv. Lf olzfv tlr fsfr bc Cgsjc, rajglcu vlgfmais lcab tlr fsfr. d4IX2b

How could he know this?

Coafg Veb Mfl mjwf ab atlr kbgiv, atfgf kfgf bcis akb atlcur atja ifoa tlw ecjyif ab gfijz. Ycf kjr Nlzjccf’r rjofas, jcv atf batfg kjr tlr tjagfv abkjgvr Xgjcaisc. Pa kjr atfrf akb atlcur atja wjvf tlw rb vlragfrrfv.

Moreover, in Suo Fei’s mind, he wanted to treat Vixanne well. On one hand, he was grateful to her for looking after him even if it was only a short period of time. On the other hand, he bore Sofey’s responsibility. Although he didn’t know where the original Sofey Evans went, he had already transmigrated into his body so he should at least take on this obligation.

Grantlyn’s matter was just as important. The huge cut from his left shoulder to his right waist was still slightly painful until now! He held no feelings towards Grantlyn, this thing. Between them, there’s only a deep-seated hatred that could only be appeased with blood! q sQ1i

Now, Aryan dropped these two bombshells at the same time. Therefore, Suo Fei couldn’t help but waver.

Aryan looked at Suo Fei and spoke with composure, “You come with me to my bedroom and I’ll tell you everything.”

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Suo Fei had yet to speak when Samael said, “We’ll go together.”

Aryan’s eyes batted before refusing, “I’ll only tell Sofey Evans.” TM5w6g

“I won’t let the two of you be alone.” Samael smiled and indifferently continued, “Either I come or you need not tell him anymore. You are not the only one who knows these things.”

Aryan squinted his eyes. He had seen the viciousness of the demon before his eyes. He knew that this was already his bottom line so he relented, “Alright, let’s go together.”

Aryan walked in front, followed by Samael. Suo Fei was the last in line with Samael separating Aryan and Suo Fei the whole time.

The distance from the restaurant to the master bedroom was not short. There were human imperial guards patrolling on the way, but these guards’ fighting strength was at the level of an ant compared to the demon in front of him. Aryan wouldn’t be stupid enough to ask for help here. D5drWf

They walked all the way to the master bedroom. Then, Aryan looked at Suo Fei and began, “Manzy Argoux has been using you. He never loved you.”

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“These things don’t matter to me. I only want to know about Vixanne and Grantlyn,” Suo Fei interrupted him.

Aryan smiled meaningfully. He then spoke in a low voice, “Vixanne Evans…” His voice became lower and lower, as if he was talking to himself.

Suo Fei couldn’t hear him clearly so he couldn’t help but inch forward. He vaguely heard him mutter, “Grantlyn Evans, he’s committing a sacrilege…” 1ShaKP

Committing a sacrilege? Suo Fei couldn’t hear the latter part of what he had said. He was just about to ask when he suddenly felt something cold on his back. His heart jolted, knowing something was wrong. Without any warning, he felt a brief pain in the neck.

Suo Fei’s mind started to become fuzzy. Is he poisoned again? No! It’s not poison!

He felt his body falling into a soft but cold embrace before completely losing consciousness.

A man donned in black clothing silently appeared, his long blue hair fluttering behind him. He had fair skin and a beautiful but ice-cold face. Not even a tiny bit of emotion could be seen. Most importantly, it’s simply impossible to determine his gender. fIAsUp

Everything happened in an instant. The blue-haired person was faster than everyone present could imagine. He didn’t seem strong, but he one-handedly caused Suo Fei to faint.

Before he acted, even Samael didn’t receive anything unusual. By the time he reacted, Suo Fei had already fallen into the enemy’s hands.

Aryan stood behind the blue-haired person. He smiled at Samael and crooned, “Want him to live? You know what you should do.”

Samael looked at him stolidly. The next moment, the Asura Blade was forcibly suppressed. The dagger slipped out of his hand and fell to the ground. 7JuBdv

Aryan didn’t pick it up. His eyes flashed with viciousness as he looked at the dagger on the ground, “That’s far from enough.”

Suo Fei was awakened by the dousing of a bucket of cold water on him. He had not opened his eyes yet, but he felt that his hands and feet were tied up. His mouth was also sealed so only his eyes could move.

He confusedly opened his eyes and was greeted by Aryan’s smiling face. Seeing this face again, Suo Fei’s heart was utterly filled with loathing.

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He was still careless! AekXyW

Aryan was not the least disgruntled by the blatant loathing in his eyes. He smilingly slapped Suo Fei’s face with the back of his hand, leaving a red handprint on Suo Fei’s face. He didn’t hold back his strength at all.

Suo Fei was filled with pain. His teeth just happened to bite his tongue, piercing him with an even sharper pain.

Aryan was extremely pleased. He slapped him again with the back of his hand on the other side of Suo Fei’s cheek and watched it leave two symmetrical handprints. He immediately spoke with satisfaction, “Obediently watch. Watch how both of you will die.”

It was only then that Suo Fei realised that they were already in a different place. The room was empty and there wasn’t any furniture. It was dark except for the complicated array that was drawn on the floor, its intricate lines flashing in the darkness. a 80GB

The silhouette in the centre of the array made Suo Fei’s eyes widen.

It’s Samael!

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The Asura Blade was activated, hovering directly above him. Samael’s arms and legs were chained by a spell. Blood flowed out of his limbs ceaselessly, which was greedily sucked by the spell. The whole place was dyed with blood.

It was an indescribably strange sight. tpvrXg

Suo Fei watched with great trepidation. They were forcibly terminating the contract between Samael and the Asura Blade. In order to not impair the power of the Asura Blade, Aryan actually wanted to drain all the blood out of Samael’s body.

Since the Asura Blade recognised its master by a drop of blood, it would only return to its uncontracted state when its master completely lost their blood.

The clothes on Samael’s upper body had already been torn. The exposed skin was white as snow, unsullied by even a drop of blood. Weakness permeated his whole body. His head was drooping down, black hair falling over his forehead. His pair of beautiful eyes could not be seen. It gave a sense of unreality.

An excruciating pain engulfed Suo Fei’s heart. It was obvious why things had come to this point. When he was attacked, Aryan must have held him hostage to threaten Samael. MYsa0m

But… Why would Samael go to this extent for him? They clearly met by chance and the time they spent together was unbelievably short. He could have left him behind and fled. If he wanted to leave, no one could have stopped him!

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Suddenly, a scene flashed through Suo Fei’s mind. A young little demon was abandoned by a human a hundred li away. Then, step by step, he walked back to the village. When he saw the human again, the fatigued little demon wearing ragged clothing smiled slightly.  The scene in Suo Fei’s mind froze. After that scene, Samael’s trust and sincerity were broken by the human because of the human’s ignorant fear.

Suo Fei felt that his heart was tangled into a mess. Samael never thought of hurting anyone, but fate played jokes on him again and again, forcing his hands to spill the blood of many people again and again.

Just like now… dRWeAv

Suo Fei immediately returned to reality.

No! No way! This can’t go on!

Suo Fei was tightly tied up. He struggled intensely. His mouth was muzzled so he could only let out a vague whimper.

Aryan impatiently looked at him. He ruthlessly kicked him before spatting out with disgust, “Feeling distressed? Tsk tsk, such deep affection is truly disgusting. But, you need not hurry, you can die together in a moment.” QL80vZ

Deep affection, my arse! Go die, you f**cker! Ah no, the two who will die together will be you and me, you f**cker! What the f**k! Jus thinking about it f**king nauseates me!

Suo Fei stared at him with reproachful eyes. If looks could kill, Aryan would have already been hacked into a million pieces.

Aryan, this idiot, he surely has no idea what trouble he’s in!

Samael definitely won’t die. Instead, if this goes on, the entire Mauer city would be destroyed with not a single survivor! lNYIaZ

When Suo Fei operated Samael to clear the game, he discovered that Samael had a heaven-defying skill. When his immeasurable HP nears zero, this skill would be activated. It had a wide AoE. Moreover, this vicious skill attacked indiscriminately.

How exactly was it indiscriminate? Whether one was good or bad, friend or foe, all living beings within the attack range wouldn’t be able to escape.

In reality, when Samael’s immeasurable HP neared zero, he would lose control of his consciousness. Furthermore, his attack damage would be off the charts, and his kill count would be maxed out.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

No one would be able to survive, alright?! iNAjWm

The ignorant villagers had once activated the skill back when Samael was a child. At that time, the entire village was annihilated. Samael’s ability, at this moment, had already soared to unknown heights. Wouldn’t his fighting strength be as powerful as a nuclear weapon?

The elf’s strength was too weak. Suo Fei simply couldn’t break free. But at this time, he suddenly felt fluffy fur behind him… Its the little cub!

When did it come in? The little cub struggled to tear the rope that tied Suo Fei up in an attempt to rescue him. Suo Fei was moved to tears. Little thing, if we make out of here alive, I will let you eat to your heart’s content.

The little cub’s teeth were not only for show so gnawing through the rope was as easy as falling off a log. KSlME5

As soon as Suo Fei’s hands were freed, he immediately tore the paper seal off his mouth, but he was unable to utter even a single word.

… It’s too late.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The primeval demon, who had kept his head down the entire time, looked up. His purple eyes had already been dyed into a deep crimson by blood. The Devil… had awakened.

T/N: I will release April’s 2nd bonus ch on 15th April :bloblul: S9c3yG

Translator's Note

The raws actually lit. translates it to “defying the heaven”, which is also a pretty accurate description (not gonna spoil tho :p)

Translator's Note

The earlier parts of the paragraph didn’t have any pronouns but author used ‘his’ here so yea~

Translator's Note

area of effect: the area around the caster that is affected upon casting of the skill.

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