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Reborn into A Slash GameCh16 - Vixanne…


They rolled over… then they rolled back…

I’d say, you, big bro on the left. You’re supposed to be overbearing and powerful. What are you rolling around for? Not only would your image be destroyed, you would also stir up dust! Is it good or not?! And you lil’ bro, you on the right. You don’t even have any fur. What are you shaking around for? Also, you with the smooth fur, shaking your smooth fur here and there, it looks scary alright! FUVWjw

Lastly… Nightmare Fiend baobei, what did you come here for? Join the excitement? You have no skin and fur. Not even a body! What are you selling meng for?

This scene… Suo Fei facepalmed. If his roasting skills had attack damage, it would be as powerful as an atomic bomb! But there were really too many things to rant about. Even if he ranted for three days straight, he could still continue ranting.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As such, Suo Fei gave up. If he went on, he would have already turned blind and spent all the roasts of his lifetime right here.

To ensure that he still had something to do for the rest of his life (sure enough, you’re a full-time ranter), Suo Fei compromised. He looked at Samael and asked him after a slight pause, “Can I share the beast meat with them?” Samael owned the beast so he had to ask. Kw6Tba

Samael: “…..As you wish.”

Samael could still maintain his stoic and cold attitude and did not laugh under the circumstances. ‘This is definitely a talent,’ Suo Fei muttered inwardly but the expression on his face revealed his thoughts.

After receiving his permission, Suo Fei stepped forward. With a broad sweep of his arm, he instructed, “Okay, okay. Stop rolling around. Line up. Stop whining. Good. Wait. Everyone will get their share!”

He had no doubts regarding the IQ of the crowd of ferocious beasts. They could even sell meng, they would definitely understand what he had said. 58piSl

Sure enough, the beasts stood up obediently. As for lining up? In this society, the strong prey on the weak. The low-grade little beasts dared not move forward at all. There were not many high-grade ferocious beasts but each of them had distinctive features, widely broadening his knowledge.

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Seeing that Suo Fei wanted to save the beasts, the little cub volunteered to arrange their line-up sequence. Despite its small size, it had a high prestige. Even the high-grade ferocious beasts at the front were courteous to some extent, surprising Suo Fei.

The Ten-Coloured Cockatrice had little meat so it was difficult to divide the meat for all of them. Suo Fei racked his brains and an idea occurred to him. He threw the meat and bones into a large cauldron, then added a lot of water to boil the soup.

As long as it had a hint of beast core essence, it would provide resistance to the miasma. However, the more dilute its concentration, the shorter its effectiveness would be. In this case where it was boiled into a soup, although the duration could not be accurately determined, it would still be effective for at least five to six years. 8u1Dgm

Five to six years is not a long time for the Elves but it is enough for the cave to raise another Ten-Coloured that would, again, maintain the ecological balance between the Myriad Poison Forest and the cave.

Suo Fei was not aware of this. The reason why he divided the beast meat was not so much because he was a fur-con or he was being soft-hearted, but because he needed to score some brownie points.

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Moreover, the two of them broke the ecological balance of the place for their own selfish reasons. As a modern person, Suo Fei knew perfectly well that destroying the ecological balance would bring about numerous disasters. It was unavoidable but Suo Fei was willing to put some effort to minimise the damage.

After two days, all the surviving ferocious beasts more or less got their share of the meat soup. Suo Fei solved the issue of their survival, so they also pointed the way out of the forest.

There were four exits in the Knuhl Forest, which lead to the Humans, the Beastkins, the Trolls, and the Dwarves respectively.

Suo Fei wanted to return to Valinor, but he couldn’t remember which territory was closer. He searched his memory in vain, before deciding to travel to the Human territory. XmoN53

Among the nine great races, the life span of the Humans was the shortest, but their race was the largest in number. In addition, because of their versatility, they could get along well with all the other races and had the best access to information.

When Suo Fei and Samael left the Knuhl Forest, a large number of gigantic ferocious beasts came to see them off, right to the border of the Knuhl Forest.

An adventurer saw this magnificent feat by chance, scaring him shitless. Later, a rumour circulated in Yalance that an S-tier Beast-tamer had appeared. It was said that he was an Elven boy with unparalleled beauty.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Suo Fei: Hehe. jYPXOq


After leaving the Knuhl Forest, Suo Fei looked at the little cub that was only the size of two palms, walking with its head held high like a mighty and overbearing Laozi. He somewhat didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

This guy was rather complicated. From the ferocious beasts’ attitude towards it, Suo Fei thought that it would stay in the Knuhl Forest. Who knew that when he and Samael left, it followed them as if it was a matter of course.

Suo Fei poked it with his foot, “What are you doing here?” 3X Mtl

The little cub replied but Suo Fei could only hear its roar.

Suo Fei: …..

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He turned to ask Samael, “Can you speak the beast language?”

Yalance had a common language used by all races. Especially after co-existing for thousands of years, the common language had become infinitely popular.  However, each race also had their own language. Each of their languages came with a unique ability. The Elves could communicate using Elvish with plants through spiritual energy, whereas the Beastkins could communicate using the beast language with ferocious beasts. R8M2V6

Samael frowned. The translation of the little cub’s words were: You stupid servant! How dare you be so rude to me! Forget it, this divine beast is a greater man than you are so I will let you go for now. Also, there were only a few high-grade ferocious beasts left in the Knuhl Forest. You already killed the rest. Why should I stay there and starve to death?

“No,” Samael replied after a pause.

Suo Fei sighed. It can’t be helped then.

It was only years later that Suo Fei remembered that not only could Samael speak the beast language, he even fully mastered the languages of the nine great races! This was an innate skill, otherwise how could he conquer the nine little shous?! It was just that Samael found translating troublesome. But at that time, Suo Fei had already bought a language skillbook and was already able to fluently exchange verbal jabs with the little cub, thus it was too late to make a fuss about it. wba9gI

The territory of the Humans was called Attis. Because of their uniqueness, where their vast population had contrasting ideas, Attis had three major cities and their leaders were the three City Lords.

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The life span of the Humans was the shortest among the races, with an average life span of about 100 years. But, the Humans reproduce the fastest out of all the nine races. Therefore, the human race also had the highest population in Yalance.

Not only were they superior in numbers, but they also had strong faith. Although they were weak as f**k, they had high psychic talent. It was different from the Celestials whose psychic powers were strong from the start. Humans had untapped potential but their psychic powers were very ordinary. Once developed, humans at their zenith could even surpass the psychic powers of the Celestials. However, this was a miracle that would only appear once every thousand years.

However, Humans were amenable to other races and had excellent adaptability. After conducting exchanges with all the other races for the past ten thousand years, they were able to possess their own cultivation method to improve their physical abilities and even their life span. GioAhs

The City Lords of the three major cities were among the best. They could live up to five-hundred years and if they continued cultivating, they could prolong their life span ceaselessly. On the downside, they would lose their ability to reproduce. This was the perpetual cycle of give and take.

The Knuhl Jungle bordered on one of the three major cities ⁠— Mauer City. Suo Fei saw the city gate from afar.

He felt fortunate in his heart. Aryan Mauer, the City Lord of Mauer City, was the first little shou he had conquered, his super moe and adorable shou. It was very easy to subdue him. Aryan immediately submitted under the ultimate gong’s extremely overbearing aura the first time they met.

Wait… Suo Fei who was happily fantasizing, suddenly realised that he wasn’t playing the game. Furthermore, the ultimate gong was now someone else. oh1Y7d

Suo Fei glared at Samael with indignation. Could it be that his adorable shou would fall into the other’s hands?!

I’m not willing!

His eyes failed to hide his emotions. Samael turned his gaze to him, sensing his anxiousness

As soon as his gaze met those purple eyes, Suo Fei hurriedly looked away… Even if he was unwilling, what could he do about it? Should he tell Samael, ‘Boy, we have been through life and death together. The little shou in this city is mine. Don’t rob him away. Blah blah blah’? jyRJm8

Samael would most likely think that he’s an idiot.

The Humans were the most open-minded among the nine great races. They did not prevent any races from entering their territory. They would be allowed to enter as long as they registered and paid a few silver coins.

However, Suo Fei had some apprehensions. The tragedy of Valinor must have spread all over Yalance. The Elves must have already cast an inescapable net, watching out for him who had earlier slipped through their net.

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His appearance stood out from the masses. Even though the Human territory had a large stream of people, there was no guarantee he would be left unnoticed by observant people. CL 3K7

Therefore, as soon as he left the Knuhl Forest, he cast a spell to change the colour of his eye-catching silver eyes and silver hair. This was all thanks to Vixanne’s mindfulness. In the interspatial bag, there was a bookshelf filled with books. At first, Suo Fei had no time to read them but after reading them, he discovered that all of them were spellbooks. It recorded all kinds of spells, from low-grade to high-grade.

Sofey Evans was the young master of the Evans family. Despite being a Pureblood elf, his magic affinity and agility were not high, but it was still higher than the ordinary humans. It was easy to practice some simple spells.

The transfiguration spell was one of those simple spells which made it easy to be seen through. His transformed appearance could only fool the city guards and ordinary people.

However, he had still underestimated the sensation brought about by the matter. ituNhG

As soon as he entered Mauer City, he was blinded by the overwhelming number of newspapers. The front-page headlines were all about Valinor, including news about how the life of the Evans Family had turned upside down.

Suo Fei took a quick glance and his face immediately paled.

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“The prosperous Evans Family declines with the fall of the Holy Tree.”

“Under the wrath of the Elven King, the whole family executed.” neXC4z

Vixanne… Was she dead after all?


Translator's Note

(usually) the highest tier in a game.

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