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Reborn into A Slash GameCh15 - Sell Meng for Survival


Seeing that Samael had consumed the beast core, Suo Fei breathed a sigh of relief. He sprang up to his feet and ran back to the ferocious beast.

Such beautiful fur, he had to quickly store it before it turned bad! 9bTEXK

With his past experience, he could already use the blade deftly. The proficiency level of his [Skinning] skill definitely increased, it might even be close to the level cap. After getting used to seeing the blood, it did not seem to be as scary as before. Besides, the fur was rather unusual. There was not even a speck of dust to be seen. Although he didn’t know its characteristics, looking at its gorgeous appearance, it was definitely more fashionable than the fur of the Frostflame Beast.

The transformed Ten-Coloured Cockatrice was not huge, but it was still twice the size of Suo Fei. However, Suo Fei, who had already practiced with the hill-like Frostflame Beast, thought that this was a cinch.

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The process of skinning, deboning and meat-cutting was smooth and effortless. In the blink of an eye, everything was arranged into the interspatial bag neatly.

Patting the bag on his chest, Suo Fei grinned broadly. He finally had a sense of security now that he had an interspatial bag filled with good stuff. U4h6eY

Just as he was feeling proud of himself, violent convulsions were heard in the quiet cave.

The sound became louder and louder with each passing second, as if there were a stampede of horses galloping. It was deafening.

Suo Fei swiveled his head to find where the sound came from and was dumbfounded by the sight that met his eyes.

S-so many! So many ferocious beasts were rushing to him!


It was like a bullfight in which countless crazy bulls sprinted towards the red cloth, and the red cloth was Suo Fei.

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There was no room for him to escape. Soon, the ferocious beast would trample him to pieces.

In a flash, Samael appeared in front of him and activated the Asura Blade. With a slash of his pitch-black blade, he drew a line between them on the ground.

The ferocious beasts abruptly stopped and threw a guarded look at Samael. bFcnGS

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Veb Mfl kjr raeccfv ys atf rlaejalbc. Vbwfktja ecmfgajlc, tf wegwegfv, “Qtja lc atf kbgiv lr tjqqfclcu?”

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It is. Its fur and its everything are even in his pouch, but what did it matter? Did these big group of ferocious beasts come to mourn?

Vjwjfi mifjgfv tlr mbcoerlbc, “Ktf Kfc-Jbibegfv Jbmxjaglmf erfv ab uejgv atf mjnf. Vlcmf la lr vfjv, atf kjafg megajlc ja atf mjnf fcagjcmf kbeiv cb ibcufg tjnf jcs reqqbga. Ycmf atf wljrwj lcnjvfr, Bceti Mbgfra kbeiv cb ibcufg tjnf j gfoeuf.” H5ZaK6

“The water curtain was its doing?”

“Its excrement, to be exact.”

Suo Fei’s whole face turned green.

Well, that’s not the point. The point is that they have broken the ecological balance between the Knuhl Forest and the cave. The group of inhabitants before his eyes would likely be poisoned. Wait. A dreadful question popped up in his mind. tbv3WE

He was too impulsive earlier. How could he give all of the beast core to Samael and not save some for himself? Now, wouldn’t he end up being poisoned together with the ferocious beasts?

Hey, hey, hey. Can you let me [LOAD] the game? Please help…

Clearly, Samael also realised this problem and suddenly cut his wrist. Then, he extended his bleeding wrist to Suo Fei. “Drink it. You will be resistant to poison for a short time.”

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Suo Fei blinked, and blinked again. Then, he went to drink without any psychological burden. But just as his mouth touched Samael’s wrist, the cut was gone. The arm was as smooth and clean as ever. gAB9nx

Suo Fei was stunned. What a godly healing power.

Samael frowned. He made another cut. Again, the wound healed even before Suo Fei got to suck some blood. There was not even any scar. It was truly amazing!

The two dawdled but the water curtain would not wait for them. It began to dwindle and the miasma started pouring in. Some of the weaker ferocious beasts had already fallen down.

It had not reached Suo Fei yet, but the gas scattered extremely fast. Since it was a confined space, it was only a matter of time before the whole place was pervaded. Suo Fei had to think quickly in the face of despair. As he could not drink Samael’s blood, he thought of the ferocious beast’s meat in his pouch. sYN7cM

At that time, when he took the beast core, a third of the beast core had already dissolved into its meat. Hence, the meat may have the ability to resist poison.

Time was of the essence. Suo Fei quickly took out a piece of meat. He didn’t care whether the raw meat was delicious or not. He clamped his nose shut and forced to swallow it.

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Well, not only was it fresh, but it also tasted like sashimi. When the beast meat reached his stomach, a cool and refreshing feeling surged. He felt the air was a lot fresher, so it seemed to be effective.

Suo Fei described the whole matter to Samael who nodded in assent, confirming his assumption. OvCNP7

The Ten-Coloured Cockatrice was innately resistant to the miasma of the Myriad Poison Forest. Its beast core had the strongest resistance. Consuming the beast core itself would give everlasting immunity. On the other hand, the beast meat soaked with beast core essence was not as effective, nevertheless, it could provide immunity for at least a decade.

After the matter was settled, Suo Fei felt dizzy looking at the ferocious beasts that were starting to become violent. He suddenly had a terrible headache. He turned to Samael and asked, “What should we do?”

Samael gripped his Asura Blade and twirled it in his hand. In a hushed tone, he said, “Kill.” It was like saying ‘If its cabbage, cut it all. If its pork, fry it all.’

Cut, your arse! Fry, your arse! Bro, how could it be so simple? All the ferocious beasts in the Knuhl Forest were gathered here, how could you kill them all? Vcht B

However, Samael seemed serious…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Suo Fei was speechless and then he happened to see a familiar face at the corner of his eyes. That smooth and shiny fur, that round figure, as well as those four strong, powerful, fat little legs. Isn’t that the ungrateful little cub that abandoned its master?

The young cub seemed to be poisoned, as it lay listless. At this time, it also saw Suo Fei. It was stunned at first, not expecting that he was still alive. Then, it discovered the difference between Suo Fei and Samael. Although the little cub was small in size, it had lived for so many years. What had it not seen? Hence, it immediately understood.

It reflected on the past and remembered Suo Fei’s love for Frostflame Beast’s fur. After relaxing its heart, it leaped right in front of the vast army of ferocious beasts, whining. 46nVoU

When it saw that Suo Fei’s eyes fell on him, its big, agate-like eyes immediately became watery, and its fur suddenly became golden and glittering, more dazzling than the sun. Then, it stretched out its four legs then rolled over. With this roll, his fur looked softer, smoother, and more charming.

Suo Fei’s heart was pierced by Cupid’s Arrow. Too… too cute! I really want to pat it over and over!

The cub was very understanding. It immediately jumped into Suo Fei’s arms and let Suo Fei fulfill his urge. While it was nestled in Suo Fei’s arm, it gave a pretentious cough.

Suo Fei: Do not ask me why the little beast suddenly started coughing. It’s genuine. See, he’s as weak as Lin meimei. 1n4Ko5

The soft-hearted Suo Fei naturally understood why this little thing was trying so hard to put on an act. Although this thing ruthlessly abandoned its master in the past, that was because their master-servant relationship was not deep. At a critical moment, it was reasonable that it would run to save its own life.

With so much beast meat, sharing a bit would not be a problem. So, Suo Fei pulled a small piece of beast meat and fed it to the little cub.

The little cub ate the beast meat and was full of energy as the poison was eliminated from its body. It rubbed against Suo Fei before jumping down with satisfaction.

The ferocious beasts across them could see its actions clearly. fVl6BG

Then… Suo Fei saw the most unforgettable scene in his entire life.

Across him, across the divide marked by sword Qi, there were countless ferocious beasts of all ages and sizes. Most importantly, among the furs of various colours, there were soft ones, tough ones, and even semi-tough and semi-soft ones. All kinds of ferocious beasts emulated the little cub one after another. They blinked their eyes, whined, shook their fur, and rolled.

They rolled over… rolled back… shook their fur… kicked their legs.

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Crowd of ferocious beasts: The Devourer taught us that circumstances are more powerful than individuals. We must sell meng for survival. kU4FCE

T/N: I wouldn’t be able to make SWOCs anymore ;-; but good news: I will be updating every 5 days from now on~

Translator's Note

FL in Dream of the Red Chamber, Lin Daiyu. Known for having a weak constitution from young.

Translator's Note

act cute

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    Thx for the ch \(≧▽≦)/ And nice to hear that we get a new ch faster :3 Thx~

  2. It’s too bad that there won’t be any more SWOCs because they were another part of the update to look forward to, but I appreciate that you even made the previous SWOCs! Thanks for that; they made me laugh, haha.

    I love that all the beasts are trying to sell meng… too funny!

    Thanks for translating!

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