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Transmigrating into the Reborn Male Lead's Ex-BoyfriendCh29 - He’s Got Abs and His Body’s Nice


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara 9BDF2H

Thank you Lin for the kofi 💕

As soon as Song Jiabao spoke, everyone’s eyes had already gathered onto Xiao Yuanmu.

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Xiao Yuanmu’s entrance earlier had attracted a lot of gazes. Although the stars of the argument were Song Jiabao and Song Xuanhe, people would still occasionally glance at him. After all, humans were forever chasers of beauty. It was very difficult to control oneself when faced with someone so beautiful.

Therefore, when they heard this piece of gossip regarding the rich, the people’s gazes on Xiao Yuanmu became even more enthusiastic than theirs had been on Song Xuanhe when his identity had been revealed. S9cxAw

People would occasionally hear of gossip regarding the rich and powerful on the news. However, they’d never heard of this kind of “Tyrannical President forcing someone to be their lover” story before.

The reception hall was in complete pin-drop silence. Neither Song Xuanhe nor Xiao Yuanmu spoke either.

When Song Jiabao saw this, he smiled maliciously. He asked, “Was I mistaken?”

Song Xuanhe barked out a cold laugh. He was about to speak when he saw Xiao Yuanmu come over. The other then stood in front of him, naturally pulled Song Xuanhe’s hand out of Guo Tao’s, and held it in his own.


This series of actions were quick and smooth. Everyone’s eyes followed Xiao Yuanmu, finally settling on his and Song Xuanhe’s intertwined hands in the end.

Xiao Yuanmu didn’t even bother glancing at Song Jiabao. He looked at Guo Tao and said in a flat tone, “You should let go if you’re done greeting.”

Everyone: ….

Since the beginning, Song Xuanhe hadn’t felt anything, being stared at like this. But now that his hand was being held by Xiao Yuanmu in front of everyone, he suddenly felt uncomfortable. FPI2nV

Song Xuanhe struggled for a moment, wanting to pull his hand away. However, although it didn’t look like Xiao Yuanmu was using much force, Song Xuanhe could not throw off his hold.

There were too many people here, and Song xiao shaoye cared about keeping up appearances. So, he could only purse his lips and look away. He said to Guo Tao, “I didn’t know that Song Jiabao was your partner. If I had known, I would have given you a heads-up. If you were to suffer losses later on, I’d feel responsible.”

Xiao Yuanmu and Song Xuanhe didn’t look at Song Jiabao even once. They didn’t reply to his question either. Despite that, no one believed what Song Jiabao had said just now.

Just by seeing the natural way that they interacted with each other, as long as you weren’t blind, you’d know that what Song Jiabao had said, that Song Xuanhe had “used his family’s influence to force Xiao Yuanmu to be with him” was complete baloney. jdYrfF

Would a man who was being forced assert his place as the boyfriend, just because he had seen another person hold his partner’s hand for a few seconds?

Moreover, if they hadn’t seen wrong, the one who was struggling to get out of the other’s hold was the Song Group’s little young master. If you had told them that it was this tall, handsome man who was forcing Song Xiao Shaoye to be with him, well, it would be more believable. Song Xiao Shaoye forcing the other man though was a ridiculous idea.

Furthermore, there was such a strong, lovey-dovey air between them. Could a couple, where one party was being forced, emit such an aura?

It was one thing for Song Jiabao to lie through his teeth, but did he take them for fools as well? ehyJG8

However, Song xiao shaoye’s skill in provoking people was indeed great. Wasn’t this saying that Song Jiabao’s newly opened company would eventually lose money and go bankrupt?

When Guo Tao heard this, his smile froze. Although he and Song Xuanhe were both rich second generations and had also been roommates in university, the differences between their familial situations were vastly different. They each had their own social circles, so they actually weren’t that close. They were just a bit closer than ordinary schoolmates would be.

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Guo Tao was not very happy to hear Song Xuanhe say such a thing on the day of his company’s opening reception. However, he was a smooth fellow and didn’t show any of his discontent. Instead, he played it off and joked, “He’s just a small investor. Of course I wouldn’t have specifically mentioned him. I heard that you really like to drink Romanée-Conti. I just so happen to have a bottle. I’ve been meaning to give it to you as a gift. I’ll have someone bring it to you when you leave.”

Song Xuanhe’s eyes lit up at that. The only thing he had in common with the original host was their love of wine. The difference was that the original host loved collecting wine while Song Xuanhe loved tasting wine. This world was about the same as his own whether it was history, technology, or the division of the countries’ borders. Therefore, the famous wineries in his original world were famous here as well. 9J4Yf3

“Okay.” Song Xuanhe’s eyes curved into a smile. He hadn’t really cared about Guo Tao before and thus didn’t plan on meddling, but since the other was gifting him a bottle of wine, it would only do to reciprocate. At the very least, he could not just stand-by while he got screwed over.

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Song Xuanhe pulled Xiao Yuanmu, who wouldn’t let go, forward half a step. He whispered in Guo Tao’s ears, “There’s something wrong with Song Jiabao’s initial investment. I’d recommend you check it out.”

Xeb Kjb kjr rajgaifv. Lf reymbcrmlberis mjra j ibbx ja atf ilnlv Vbcu Aljyjb jcv atfc delfais jrxfv Vbcu Wejctf, “Efjiis?”

Vbcu Wejctf kjcafv ab rjs rbwfatlcu firf, yea Wljb Tejcwe qertfv vbkc bc tlr rtbeivfg jcv qeiifv tlw yjmx j yla. Lf aegcfv ab uijgf ja Wljb Tejcwe jcv atfc rjlv ab Xeb Kjb, “Ujswfca obg atf klcf.” J3fIBQ

After that, he nodded to Guo Tao and then pulled Xiao Yuanmu towards Zhou Nan’s direction.

Guo Tao stood in place, bewildered and uncertain. Although he wasn’t that close to Song Xuanhe, he also knew that the other was not the type to lie to him. However, the matter of the initial investment…although he was a partner, he wasn’t involved with this. So even if something was wrong on Song Jiabao’s end, it shouldn’t affect him.

But, Song Xuanhe had gone out of his way to give him a heads-up. This meant that things were not as simple as he thought.

The wine he had gifted Song Xuanhe was meant to bring them a bit closer so that the other would be more amiable to discussions later on. Although that particular dry red wine wasn’t very old, its auction price still would reach six figures. That meant that the value of the information Song Xuanhe had given him was still yet to be seen. En93y8

Song Xuanhe didn’t care what Guo Tao was thinking after he had given his warning. But when he looked at the furious Song Jiabao, he paused and said, “Cousin, although Uncle has brought another son home, you don’t have to feel too heartbroken over it. After all, old people like children. As a son, you should be sympathetic to the old. Don’t be so headstrong.”

After saying this, Song Xuanhe patted Song Jiabao’s shoulder. If you hadn’t just seen him mercilessly tear into Song Jiabao, you’d have thought that they were actually on good terms.

Song Jiabao’s expression worsened upon hearing this. When he spoke, it sounded like each word was being squeezed out from between his teeth. “Song Xuanhe, don’t act so pleased with yourself. Who cares if you think of yourself as the successor of the Song Group? In the end, your family’s company will belong to Song Xuanlin. When the time comes, you won’t fare any better than me.”

Song Xuanhe took his hand back and sighed as if feeling sorry for the other. “Cousin, you don’t have to worry. I’ve never had any desire to take over the company. Why would I bother if someone else is willing to take care of me? When the time comes, the shares I’ll inherit will be enough for me to live in luxury. Although you don’t have any full siblings, half-brothers are still family. Guide the one who was brought back well. Perhaps the little one will be willing to give you a share.” 8vxOh2

Every word stabbed at Song Jiabao’s heart like knives. They exposed his darkest fear and what he cared about the most. He glared at Song Xuanhe, gaze dripping with poison. If it wasn’t because he still had his reason, he would be itching to hack him into pieces.

Song Xuanhe met Song Jiabao’s gaze with an innocent smile. He pointed to the back and said, “Cousin is the host. There are still guests. I’ll do my own thing over here.”

Xiao Yuanmu watched the whole thing quietly. He saw Song Xuanhe sneer and deride Song Jiabao, saw him put on an act, and saw him pretend to be innocent despite being unable to hide how his eyes exposed how pleased he was with himself. As Xiao Yuanmu watched Song Xuanhe and Song Jiabao cross verbal swords, a faint but genuine smile appeared on his lips.

He had nearly forgotten just how long it had been since he had been this happy. lHwdmA

Was it since his first rebirth, or when his parents had begged him to concede the successor position to his younger brother, who had nearly killed him, or when the Xiao Family’s relatives had been splitting hairs with the board of directors—they had shed the grace and calm they showed to the outside and had nearly resorted to violence over a tiny bit of profit.

He had already gotten used to finding happiness in business instead. He would feel accomplished every time he won a deal. But, those accomplishments were made up of too many things. The parts that could make you happy were miniscule to the point where he could barely feel it.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He had been so unhappy that, when he had just woken up, a strange feeling of satisfaction and joy had accompanied both the unfamiliar and familiar memories. It made him feel like everything wasn’t real. He had even subconsciously tried to suppress that strange feeling, to face the world he would soon open his eyes to with the most vigilant and rational approach that he could have.

However, what he had now suddenly realized was that there was nothing wrong with these memories. Regardless of what kind of person Song Xuanhe had been, at least his existence now could make him feel happiness. DIEvxy

Even if this happiness were to disappear in the near-future, that didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy it now—enjoy the strange, uncertain, but genuine emotion.

Xiao Yuanmu was pulled over to Zhou Nan’s table by Song Xuanhe. When Zhou Nan caught sight of their intertwined hands, he couldn’t help but scoff. He said to Song Xuanhe, “You’re abusing the single dogs or even slaughtering them right now. Can’t you have a shred of sympathy for us?”

Song Xuanhe only then remembered that he was still holding hands with Xiao Yuanmu. He quickly pulled his hand away. He didn’t think that this time, it would be so easy to get free. It had been so easy that Song Xuanhe couldn’t help but look up at Xiao Yuanmu.

Catching his gaze, Xiao Yuanmu withdrew his smile. He peered downwards and said in a cool voice, “What’s wrong?” u1i 6P

“Nothing.” Song Xuanhe looked away. He picked up a glass containing an iced cocktail from a passing waiter with his hand from which he could still feel Xiao Yuanmu’s body heat. The icy liquid drained down his throat. Only then did he look up and say with a slightly cold voice, “Don’t grab my hand so casually like that again.”

Xiao Yuanmu held back all emotions in his eyes. You could not tell what he was feeling. His clear and cool voice carried an innocent tone, however. “Aren’t we a couple?”

Song Xuanhe was speechless at that. Honestly speaking, he really didn’t think that they were a couple. Although they had kissed, and they lived together, the kiss had been forced, and what couple had separate rooms? At most, they were roommates.

Moreover, he hadn’t thought that Xiao Yuanmu would ever admit to being a couple with him. P5SgkZ

Song Xuanhe didn’t speak, but Zhou Nan couldn’t keep watching this. He thought that Xiao Yuanmu was much better than those messes who Song Xuanhe used to date. At least this one seemed like a decent person. Although he seemed a little cold, his neither servile nor overbearing attitude was very good. He made quite a good match with Song Xuanhe.

When he first saw Song Xuanhe and Xiao Yuanmu, he had been a bit skeptical about their relationship seeing how they weren’t particularly intimate. However, after seeing what had happened at Qian Qin’s birthday party and today, his doubt had been completely dispelled. Although they were not as sticky as other couples, the air around them was the same. Although Zhou Nan could not say that he was extremely experienced, he still had more experience in the love department than the average person. It was impossible for him to mistake this.

It was just that there was something Zhou Nan had been curious about lately. In the rumours and from what he’d personally seen before, it had been Song Xuanhe who had chased after Xiao Yuanmu. But looking at them now, it appeared that Xiao Yuanmu liked Song Xuanhe more. Meanwhile, Song Xuanhe was a bit cold to Xiao Yuanmu.

Based on what he knew of Song Xuanhe’s history, he knew that the other would only ever be interested for a short amount of time. He guessed that Song Xuanhe was already bored of Xiao Yuanmu. kYCAWX

When Zhou Nan thought of this, he couldn’t help but say, “That’s right. It’s normal for lovers to hold hands. What are you grumbling and acting all embarrassed about?”

Xiao Yuanmu was probably the best partner that Song Er, this fellow, could ever find. After all, everyone knew that Song Er dated people based on their appearances. Xiao Yuanmu’s appearance was the peak of human beauty. At least, Zhou Nan had never seen a celebrity more good-looking than him. If Song Er were to annoy the other to the point of breaking up, it would be really difficult to win Xiao Yuanmu back.

As his friend, Zhou Nan thought that it was his responsibility to warn Song Xuanhe.

However, Song Xuanhe didn’t seem to understand his good intentions. He retorted, “Who said lovers had to hold hands? I don’t like it. Don’t hold my hand for no reason ever again.” BwKEej

Zhou Nan coughed twice. When he saw Song Xuanhe glance at him, he gave him a look with his eyes.

Song Xuanhe didn’t understand what Zhou Nan was trying to say with his eyes. His gaze fell on him for two seconds before moving away.

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Xiao Yuanmu’s eyes fell on Song Xuanhe’s slightly red ears. He then quietly said, “Okay.”

There was no discontent in his expression or voice. There was even a bit of warmth in his eyes as he gazed downwards. Zhou Nan’s expression froze for two seconds. Now he knew why people said not to interfere in other people’s relationships. lCTimX

In this couple, one was willing to attack, and the other was willing to take it. Neither would appreciate his efforts.

Zhou Nan rolled his eyes and finished his drink in one go. He then said, “I’m going to head over there. Won’t disturb you two anymore.”

Song Xuanhe glanced at him, expression dull. He didn’t even pretend to urge Zhou Nan to stay. He just said, “Go quickly.”

Zhou Nan gnashed his teeth. He understood why Song Jiabao hated Song Er, this youngster. If he had known this earlier, he would have helped and cheered for Song Jiabao to put this youngster in his place a bit. DId6o2

When Song Xuanhe saw that Zhou Nan hadn’t moved despite saying that he was going to leave, he couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you leaving?”

Zhou Nan: ….

“I’m going!”

Song Xuanhe couldn’t stop himself from smiling when he saw Zhou Nan stomping off in anger. Zhou Nan was really like one of his childhood friends from his original world. His words were sharp, but his heart was warm. As long as he considered you one of his own, he would never hold a grudge against you. But, it’s exactly because of this trait that they would very easily be stabbed in the back by someone close to them. bmtwUo

His only childhood friend, who had also been his best friend, had died because of that.

That stupid fellow hadn’t showed any hatred nor had he acted upset right until his death. When he had breathed his last, he still had remembered to remind Song Xuanhe to take care of himself. He told him that being alive was actually a wonderful thing.

Song Xuanhe didn’t know if living was wonderful or not. All he knew was that the last person he could fully trust had left him.

Song Xuanhe looked away and dismissed his memories from back then. He focused on waiting for the plot to begin. 82qlhm

He didn’t want Zhou Nan to stay here. He had ushered the other away because of the upcoming scene. Today was the first and only time Xiao Yuanmu would feel another’s kindness since getting together with Song Xuanhe.

Song Xuanhe kept drinking his alcohol. The empty cocktails were whisked away by the waiters. A short moment later, he would grab another glass from another passing waiter. The alcohol content of the cocktails was not high. Although he had drunk quite a number of glasses, he didn’t feel the slightest bit tipsy.

Xiao Yuanmu watched as Song Xuanhe lowered his gaze, thinking about who knows what. The other drank glass after glass. Although Xiao Yuanmu could not read any expression from the other’s face, he could tell that the other was feeling very unwell.

Nothing had happened just now. That meant the source of his upset was whatever Song Xuanhe was thinking of. So, just what was it that was making him look so weak and lonely? EDgBmx

Was it because of someone or something?

Song Xuanhe grabbed another drink. Xiao Yuanmu’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. He was about to grab the glass out of his hands, but before he could move, a familiar silhouette appeared in his line of view.

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At the same time, the System’s voice rang in Song Xuanhe’s head:【Xiao Yuanmu’s white moonlight has appeared. He’s behind you. He’ll reach you two in less than five seconds.】

“White Moonlight” was something Song Xuanhe had taught the System. Originally, the System hadn’t understood, but after searching the internet, it discovered that this term was very fitting. Therefore, from then on, it would use the moniker, “White Moonlight,” to refer to Bai Mo. JUW0 L

Song Xuanhe put down the glass, rubbing the bottom of it with his finger. He had yet to take his hand back when he felt someone come up from behind him, stopping next to him.

A clear, rich voice sounded next to him. “May I ask if you are Song ershao, Song Xuanhe?”

Song Xuanhe turned his head and saw the appearance of the person who had been speaking. It was a fairly good-looking but still ordinary-looking young man. Probably because the other had very pale skin, when he wore a suit, he looked even younger.

Seeing that Song Xuanhe wasn’t speaking, Bai Mo blinked. “Song ershao?” 6hlGsX

Song Xuanhe brought his gaze back and smiled. “That’s me.”

Bai Mo sighed in relief, seeing that he hadn’t been mistaken. He smiled. “I thought I spoke to the wrong person. Yuan ge has a bottle of wine stored in my father’s wine cellar. He wanted my father to give it to you, but Father had something pop up, so I came to let you know. Just come find me when you are ready to leave.”

“Thank you.” The corner of Song Xuanhe’s lips rose. He asked, “Are you President Bai’s son?”

Bai Mo nodded. When he smiled, two tiger teeth were revealed. “Yes. My name is Bai Mo, the Mo from “end.” I’ve been abroad for school and have just returned.” 7FVaG8

Song Xuanhe nodded and heard Bai Mo continue. “Who’s your friend?”

Xiao Yuanmu’s gaze was dark. He hid the inscrutable emotion in his eyes and then slightly curled his lips into a smile. “Hello, I’m Xiao Yuanmu.”

Bai Mo widened his eyes slightly, making his average face look a bit cute. He smiled. “Yuanmu? Your parents must really love you to give you a name like that.”

Xiao Yuanmu lowered his gaze and said in an indifferent tone, “I’m an orphan.” Gd8bDr

“I’m sorry.” Bai Mo immediately apologized and then said, “Regardless, I think that the person who gave you that name must have loved you a lot. And, you have already met the expectations of the person who picked out your name.”

Xiao Yuanmu’s gaze fell onto Bai Mo. A long time later, a faint smile appeared on his face. “Is that so?”

“Of course.” Bai Mo smiled back. “Unlike my name. They called me Bai Mo just because I’m the youngest. How half-hearted.”

Xiao Yuanmu’s lips quirked up. Song Xuanhe looked away, a passage of text that he’d already seen before emerged in his head. 【Whenever he recalled this, a light would burst through his endless dark memories, causing Xiao Yuanmu’s heart, which he had hidden away, to remember that pure kindness that had not been tainted with any desires for profit or pity.】 50qLx1

“Right.” Bai Mo turned to look at Song Xuanhe and smiled. “I heard that you liked to collect wine. I have several bottles of collector’s editions. When you go pick up your wine, I can take you over there. I heard that you have a huge collection as well. If it’s convenient, can I come see your wine cellar?”

Bai Mo’s voice was mellow with a liveliness to it that only young people had. It made him seem all the more younger and made it easy for people to develop goodwill towards him. It was very hard to reject this request, especially because he wasn’t asking for much.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, Song Xuanhe flashed a smile back and mercilessly rejected him. “It’s inconvenient.”

Bai Mo was startled, having been rejected. But, there was neither resentment nor awkwardness on his face. Instead, he scratched his face, embarrassed. He said, “Sorry, I guess I asked for something I shouldn’t have.” lKbpIU

Song Xuanhe nodded slightly as if agreeing that the other’s words just now had been really rude.

But, Bai Mo showed no signs of anger. He laughed. “Regardless, I hope that you can help me take a look at the wines when you go get yours. Father says that you are very insightful when it comes to wine, so I was hoping you could help me differentiate the wines we bought.”

He was very polite, his voice carrying a bit of a fawning tone. But, Song Xuanhe showed him no consideration. He said, “Sorry, I don’t have the time.”

At that moment, Bai Mo’s expression changed slightly. He pressed his lips into a straight line. Although he was upset at having been rejected twice, he still smiled and said, “We met for the first time today. Indeed, I’m acting too familiar. Since it’s like this, I won’t bother Song shao anymore. Remember to call for me when you want to get the wine.” PuDwyK

Song Xuanhe nodded, unenthusiastic. His expression was one of indifference. He didn’t say anything else to the other.

Bai Mo smiled helplessly. He turned to look at Xiao Yuanmu and flashed his two tiger teeth. He said, “Mr. Xiao, let’s meet again if we have the chance.”

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Kara: He better not come anywhere near our Mumu!! (ง •̀_•́)ง Mumu is SXH’s only!! I also don’t think this Bai Mo is as pure of a white moonlight as the story makes him out to be…..Someone who hides their feelings so easily is not that simple….(¬з¬) tKfQJm

Translator's Note

Like someone you pine over but cannot have.

Translator's Note

Second young master.

Translator's Note

This is what the raws say. I don’t know if it’s meant to be a different person or it’s a typo.

Translator's Note

It’s referring to when your upper canines are more sharp than the average persons. Some people think it’s cute.

Translator's Note

末尾 – mowei

Translator's Note

I actually found a baike page for this lol. Yuanmu is a term that means ‘extremely beautiful, silent, reserved’. Really fits him lol.

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